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Recycling old glass bottles and containers: A practical guide.

I never see any posts about recycling glass containers. This how I personally prep my containers for magic/water collecting use:

  • Vegetable oil (or any kind of Oil you have laying around)
  • Rubbing Alcohol 
  • Sponge
  • Dish Soap (that cuts grease)
  • Kitchen Sink 
  • A piece of plastic that’s hard and flat for scraping  (optional)

First place your container in the kitchen sink and rub it liberally with with oil to soften any labels or sticky adhesive. Grab a piece of plastic or even your fingernail and use it to gently scrape off any paper or residue. Repeat oil and scraping steps until container looks clean. Next wash your container with Dish soap and warm water. Once it’s thoroughly clean set it to the side to dry. Finally take a bit of rubbing alcohol to disinfect the bottle to make sure it’s free from any bacteria.

General Tips:

* Use bottles with plastic screw tops if you plan on storing water for an extended period of time. Ditto if you plan on keeping the container in a moist place (such as a shower or the outdoors). Anything with a metal top or metal cage WILL rust. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Here’s an example of a container I use for my bathtime glamour soap.

This is an old spice container with a plastic screw on lid. Completely waterproof and it keeps my tub rust free.

* Rubbing Alcohol is a fantastic way to disinfect and will kill nasty bacteria so this way you won’t have to worry about mildew/mold growing in your bottle and will keep your bottle contents “fresher” longer.


DIY Sea Shell Candles🕯🌊 made from recycled birthday candles

I’m sure there are plenty of posts like this one, but I’m just proud that I made some myself! So here’s my process!

What I used:

~ Old birthday candles
~ Shells (Mine were mussel shells)
~ Essential Oils of your choice(I used chamomile & peppermint)
~ A peeler, knife or scissors
~ Something to melt the wax in(I was lucky enough to have metal measuring cups)
~ A clothes pin to keep the wick up

Here’s how to do it!

Originally I was just trying to get the white design off the candles, so I could have homemade looking colored candles for spells. I ended up breaking a few of them while trying to peel the design off so I just used the left over candle and reused the wick for my sea shell candles!

🕯First I scraped the design off(carefully), and kept them in piles of the color. You’ll have to break one of the candles for the wick. One wick will work for two sea shells unless your shells are larger.

🕯Second I put the scraps of wax into the metal measuring cup and placed that on a pan on the stove to heat it and melt. Once melted, I tossed a few drops of my essential oils into the wax to make it smell good. I used chamomile(for calming, success, & easing anxiety) & peppermint(for healing, love, cleansing, and that extra little boost I need sometimes!) But feel free to add whatever you like!

🕯Third I poured the wax into the shells carefully. You may want to make sure the shells are evenly placed, maybe put something on one side to balance it so the wax doesn’t spill out. Then, while the wax is still hot I used a clothes pin to put the wick in and left it to dry. Once dry, your shell doesn’t have to be level(unless you filled it to the top - then your wax will shift when lighted!)

That’s it! It was super simple and easy and quick. Now I also have some great, mini and homemade looking spell candles as well as some aromatherapeutic sea shell candles for my desk while I work & read. Enjoy your sea shell candles my fellow witches! 🌙

Blessed be🥀