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harry didn't break the internet with the another man drop lmao when you check the google trends the amount of people who searched him up that day and the following weeks was less than half the amount of searches he got when yachtgate happened. because the general public doesn't give a shit about him expressing himself, or him in a floral suit. they like scandals and messy relationships which is why he used to be everywhere in 2013, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I feel like some people think that gp loves Harry like we do and are obsessed with him and his career like we are but that’s really how it works? gp does like him a lot and mostly know about him and only him (the typicals zayn and harry are the only good ones to make a successful  solo career), but they’re not like us that reblog his AM pics every week and talk about him in a movie or about his solo music all the time because we’re all excited about. Literally, a non fan will read some Harry news, skip to the next and tomorrow they won’t even remember about it (especially if some other celebrity drops something/there’s a scandal). But if they are constantly reading articles about his solo music being x and then being yand the next week being z, they’ll start to get like??? Is this kid dropping something or… and that’s what I’m talking about it. I saw comments of people annoyed about all this rumors and wondering if he’s really going to drop music at all? Because nothing is confirmed ever and Harry never said anything himself. GP doesn’t care deeply like us, but some people (key word here, some, not all) do wonder. My cousin is a casual fan of only Harry and she asked me last week “is Harry dropping music for sure this time or is just another lie?”. Sometimes I think people are too focused on how fandom works and forget gp isn’t the same as us 

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Hey! Idk if this is weird but lately I've been more comfortable not wearing makeup, like I went a whole week without wearing makeup to college woo! (Omg it's so easy to get ready lol) but I'm thinking I want to not wear makeup to my next therapy app that is sometime in April. I kinda want to show my t that I'm comfortable without makeup and she if she'll comment on it. I like to dress up and look good for t but this time I think I'm gonna look natural lol what do u think

Hi there, I think this is fantastic! You should definitely give the au natural look in therapy a go (: Congrats on becoming more comfortable with your appearance - that can be quite difficult to do so you rock!

MBTI + Tops and Bottoms

ENFP: Either pillow princess or powerbottom, depending on how they feel that day

INFP: Pretends to be a top, but you so much as touch their shoulder and they turn into the neediest bottom ever

ISTP: service top

ESTP: selfish top

INTP: vers

ENTP: vers and down for anything

ISTJ: service top

ISFJ: service bottom

ESFJ: His/Her Royal Highness Pillow Princess

ESTJ: tireless service top

INTJ: p o w e r b o t t o m

ENTJ: scary top

ENFJ: enthusiastic service top

INFJ: vers, but only either an attentive service top or an emotional bottom

ISFP: Anything and everything you want if you ask nicely and give them a scooby snack after

ESFP: Just happy to be there


                                    Glory to Mankind.

My hand slipped—-but it was torn with what it wanted so it did two designs for him. NieR Automata has taken over my life and I weep for this game. I just had too design a thing for Prompto, but I definitely had a hard time trying to come up with something for his YorHa outfit more than the Resistance one! I like both though, y’all gotta stop me from creating AU’s for this man. It’s not healthy LOL