be quiet kim


looks like Doyoung has gotten too serious his “mom” role 😂😂


since the beginning, you’ve charmed us all with your authenticity, unique voice, incredible acting, handsome smile and well- you being you. happy birthday to that boy who fell down but always got back up. happy birthday to that man who is still a mama’s boy. happy birthday to that kid who still eats triangle kimbap as a snack. happy birthday to the “cold city boy” with the soft heart. happy birthday to the idol who continued with promotions and filming despite having an injured knee. 

happy birthday to infinite’s “quiet” paper crane maker, kim myungsoo ♡

When someone keeps asking questions while I’m watching a drama...
“Stay quiet” - Kim Seokjin (ft. Yoongi)

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“Are you gonna be a good girl for daddy and stay quiet princess?” Jin’s soft voice echoed through your ear, sending goosebumps down your back. You were vulnerable, hands ties behind your back, face down, blindfolded, ass in the air, at his mercy.

“Yes…” your voice only came out as a soft whisper instead of a confident one as you were hoping.


“Have you forgotten your manners baby girl?” His large hands came up to smooth your now red ass cheek.

Yes d-daddy. I’ll be a good girl for you”

Hmm, stay quiet then princess”, you couldn’t see it but you knew he had a smirk on his ridiculously handsome face. Stay quiet? How the fuck were you supposed to do that when he know’s just how to make you moan.

Fuck!” snapping out of your thoughts, Jin had placed a vibrator on your wet pussy, but followed by another smack to your ass. 

Tsk tsk baby girl, what did I say to you?”

“T-to stay quiet daddy…”

“Hmm, looks like you’re disobeying daddy princess, should I just not let you cum? Is that what you want baby girl?” his hand came to your hair and pulled it so now your naked body was pressed up against his clothes chest. 

No! No daddy, p-please let me cum! I’ll b-be a good girl for daddy!”

- - - -

Yoongi’s eyes widened, his dick becoming hard from the site he saw. “Fuck why couldn’t they close the door…” he thought. He went to close the door but obviously, the door had to creak, making Seokjin turn his head towards the door.

F-fuck! Sorry hyung…I- I just went t-to uh close the d..door but-”

Seokjin just smirked towards the younger male. “How about it princess. Look’s like we’ve got a guest joining us”.

- - - - 

Okay this was so crappy, i’m a very shitty writer for any genre buuuut anywayyy. First post! 

Imagine Chanyeol playing every single EXO song using only a recorder. Through sheer will and determination, he succeeds. No less than a minute after finishing, Kyungsoo barges in, snatches the recorder, and cracks it in half with his bare hands.
As Chanyeol gazes in horror at the broken instrument, Kyungsoo mutters, “I would’ve done this earlier, but Junmyeon wanted me to be polite.”


Never stop smiling, the world wouldn’t be a happy place without it \(^.^)/

Happy Birthday, handsome

Day 2: Can’t Sleep

Haha what even is this, I don’t know, it got away from me. Welcome to the “Soul is a secret anonymous street artist” AU. It’s long. It’s also unbeta’d, so. Yeah.

Maka couldn’t sleep. The sputtering radiator in the apartment was on the fritz, making all nature of hellish whistling and rattling. Her room would get stuffy as the armpit of hell until she kicked off her mountain of quilts, then plunge in temperature until her teeth chattered and she bundled up again. Rinse, repeat, flail in fury.

It didn’t help at all that Kim’s girlfriend was spending the night again. Jackie did her very best to be courteous and quiet, but Kim always took it as a personal challenge, and the walls were paper thin.

The piercing glow of her phone’s screen told her it was 1:36am and she gave up. Sleep would not come. But god damn it, if she couldn’t have sleep, she would have ice cream. It might be close to freezing outside, but that never stopped her. Sweet treats should be cold.

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