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shout out to lesbians who used to identify as bi and shout out to bi girls who used to identify as lesbians. you aren’t playing into the negative stereotypes of bi people “choosing a side” or lesbians “liking men if they try hard enough” you’re figuring out something about yourself and you should feel proud

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hey hunnie 😊 You look stunning! I'm working out 4 times a week for like 1,5 - 2 hours. I can see my abs, but I'd like to lose a bit more weight (lost 40 pounds since last year) (my arms and legs look huge compared to my stomach). I do a combination of Cardio, Hiit & Strengh. I'm very curious about what you eat (if you're counting cals, how many do you eat). And maybe your stats. If you don't like to answer that's totally fine 😊❤

Hiii love! Oh my gosh that is absolutely incredible you should be so proud of yourself!! It sounds like you have an amazing workout regime and as far as I can tell you are completely killing it in the gym. So my faq has some information about the type of meals/groceries I typically eat in a day if you’re curious, but I wrote it so long ago I’ll do a little update here! (I should really update my faq now that I think about it) So, I used to count calories around my senior year of high school because I was focused on bulking at that point and wanted to make sure I was consuming enough calories with that goal in mind. However, it became really burdensome over time. That being said, I do think it was a good experiment, if you will, because it really taught me a lot about portion size and a balanced diet and so switching to intuitive eating, which I do now, was much easier because of that base line portion understanding. I strive for an 80/20 balance in my daily diet. Personally, I love how eating healthy, nutrient dense food makes my body feel, but I do have an INTENSE sweet tooth (real life, I had a 2 day hangover this weekend, didn’t leave my bed for 36 hours, and made it through 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s and 1 Tellenti) so I always make sure to fit in sweets and cravings here and there (usually on the weekend when I go out to eat with friends or go out drinking at night). I’m in college, so drinking is a factor (I probably drink 2-3 times a week during the school year, 1-2 times a week during the summer) so that’s why flexibility is so important to me. And I am 5′9 and personally I don’t like to share how many calories I eat in a day (to be honest I don’t even know right now haha I try to just listen to my body and I am focused on kind of maintaining my physique right now rather than being in a surplus or deficit) or my weight because so many things from body composition, genetics, to your metabolism/workouts affect how many calories you need and I just don’t want anyone to unnecessarily compare their intake or weight to mine (you’re very sweet to give me the option to answer though!)

That being said, here’s what a typical intake looks like for me:

-Breakfast: I always always have oatmeal with nut butter (Justin’s almond butter is my ultimate love) and coffee. I will never tire of this combo. I take one magnesium and one multi-vitamin with it.

-Lunch/dinner: I switch up my meals so I don’t get bored but I love making huge loaded salads with romaine lettuce, veggies (brussel sprouts, mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers, cucumber, carrots, celery, etc), fruit, nuts, raisins, croutons, and a great vinaigrette and some type of meat, I like to grill meat with different seasonings/fruit salsas and have some type of carb on the side and veggies, I like breakfast for dinner in the form of eggs (scrambled, omelets, poached, hard boiled) w/ english muffins and fruit, fish w/ fruit salsa, soup (goulash, chicken, miso, I’ll try almost any soup tbh), and then I like to get creative and make things like cauliflower stir fry or spiralized veggies or just trying random recipes that I find online that put a spin on traditionally ‘healthy’ foods. I also have a super foods green supplement that I’ll take if I’ve been eating more processed food than usual and want to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients in.

-Snacks: Power Crunch bars (my favorite protein bar ever), Fit Crunch bars, Quest bars, cereal (might low key be my biggest carb source of the day haha I looovee cereal and usually have a bowl before bed…I just try to find ones that aren’t too high in sugar), fruit, granola, veggies and humus, oatmeal, greek yogurt (recently made greek yogurt popsicles w/ granola and frozen grapes, which were amazing), eggs, trail mix, protein shakes, bread w/ jam or nut butter, rice cakes w/ nut butter/jam/fruit

And then if I’m craving something sweet I might have ice cream or a cookie after dinner or go out for dinner and order whatever I like! Hope this helps and definitely keep me updated on your fitness journey and message me any more questions you have! xx

Secret Love Song (G.D Imagine)

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Listen to Secret Love Song by Little mix for The Feels😭😭

Readers P.O.V.

“Grayson I’ve had enough with your bull shit” I say to Grayson while I packed my bags in our shared apartment “this is the second time you’ve cheated on me! Are you proud of yourself?! Now that you’ve broken my heart again?!” “I didn’t cheat those are just rumors, baby….” he says as he gets closer and tries to hold my hand but I jerk it away “Grayson stop lying to me!” I say as single tear drops to my cheek “baby…” “I’m staying with my sister, she’s picking me up in 15 minutes” I say with zero emotion. Grayson’s head drops “Y/N please don’t leave me” I turn to face him and say “why don’t you hold me in the street hm? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?” I fold my arms waiting for a response, but when I didn’t hear one I grabbed my bags but before I get to the door I say “Good Bye Grayson” I open the door and walk outside, I could hear Grayson screaming my name but I don’t bother looking back

Grayson’s P.O.V. I fucked up again. I keep screaming her name but she keeps walking, why do I even care? She’s just a girl I met two months ago, right? I’m not sure I’ve never felt this way before, there’s something her and I’m letting her getting away. Wait am I crying? Shit I’ve never cried over a girl before, I start running, I can’t let her go. When I finally catch up to her I grab her arm and spin her around so that she’s facing me “Please don’t leave me Y/N, I love you” we both freeze, did I just say that? Didn’t have time to process it so I took the chance and crashed my lips with hers, she hesitated at first but then proceeded to wrapping her arms around my neck while I wrap my arms around her waist, that’s when I realize: I want her to be my forever
But before I had the chance to tell her, she pulled away “Grayson I can’t…. you broke my” she said, it broke MY heart when she said that. She ran away and got in a car before I could say anything. She drove away and I fell on my knees and started crying, what did she do to me?! I feel a hand on my should and turn to see Ethan “come on bro get up, what’s wrong?” He asked “she left bro and it’s all my fault…” I got up as Ethan pulled me into a hug what am I gonna do without her…

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rae, youre an amazing, wonderful and absolutely BEAUTIFUL person on the inside and out, and i seriously love to see you standing up for yourself. im so proud of you, youre doing amazing 💕💕💕

ily anon 😭


A few cartoons that featured POC leads. Feel free to add any others that you know of!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: You are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people, like getting better at a video game or putting together a nice outfit for the next morning or finishing a book. You deserve to feel proud for your accomplishment.

Remember to take care of yourself and treat yourself gently. You’re human, you’re imperfect, and we all make mistakes. It’s okay. Just remember to be patient with yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*
CANCER: Lately it seems like everywhere you look there’s another promise shattering at your feet and you can’t even think about cleaning it up yet because that makes it official. That makes it irreparable. You want to hang onto the person you were when these pacts were made, when you still believed that the people you loved were incapable of hurting you. I know it’s difficult to accept that the summer night buzzing with cicadas in your chest is going to fade to autumn, and then to winter. But sometimes you need to let things die in order to try again, and that doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means that you’re choosing yourself over the shards at your feet.

LEO: It’s terrible that no matter the length of time that you manage to hold onto something beautiful, it always takes twice that amount of time to forget about it. It’s been weeks since your heart was ripped from your chest and you’re still dreaming nightly about icicles and dark movie theaters and other things that can’t stay. I know that this is something you’ve heard before and have refused to believe, but you deserve people that don’t leave. You deserve people that know what to do with everything that you give them. You deserve more than what you think you do.

VIRGO: You’re starting to wonder if you really made the right decision, all of those months ago. Forgetting the love that you buried under an unmarked gravestone has been more difficult than you thought it would be, even with your cement-infused heart. How long has it been since you’ve washed your mirror? You should know better than anybody that trying to evaluate yourself under a sheen of dirt is next to impossible. It’s okay to go back through the photo albums just like it’s okay to discard anything that makes you feel as though you’re trying to run through quicksand. Choose for yourself.

LIBRA: There’s a big part of you that wants to climb atop the nearest mountain and scream until your voice gives out. Scream until your efforts make a difference. Scream until your family decides to let you make your own choices. Scream until the world notices you. Scream until something, anything, works out. I don’t blame you for feeling angry or upset, or as though you’ve been shorted happiness that you deserved to get back. Things haven’t been working out but you need to remember that it isn’t your fault. It isn’t always your fault. Don’t bottle up your frustrations.

SCORPIO: You’ve brushed so much under the rug that it’s become noticeable. There’s now a lump to avoid in the center of your floor and the only thing left to do is confront it. But it’s been so long since you’ve let yourself ruminate on the cobwebs in your memory that you’re scared to acknowledge the spiders that made them. There’s no telling what’s waiting for you, and putting it off is so much easier, I know. You’re so much stronger than you think you are, though. You survived the mess its first time around and you’ll survive it throughout its victory lap. The house will feel so much safer once you get this done.

SAGITTARIUS: The best and worst days of your life tangle up so often that you’re beginning to wonder if they’re secret lovers. It seems like you can only ever be rewarded after something is taken away, like your happiness is a set of scales that somebody with a bad sense of humor is in charge of regulating. The fact that you manage to prosper despite these odds is a reason to be proud of yourself each and every day. I know that you don’t hear this too often, but I mean it when I say that you’re doing incredibly well despite the moonless nights you’ve had to endure. Don’t be afraid to let joy run rampant in your life. She’s kind.

CAPRICORN: The future feels like an avalanche that’s barreling towards you without any sign of slowing down and lately laying down in front of it has been looking like a better and better option. I know that it’s discouraging to see people younger than you are putting their life together without an instruction manual, but it’s okay to not know how everything is supposed to connect yet. You have so much time to determine who you want to be, and where you want to be it. Anybody that pushes you to think faster isn’t worth the effort to think about them. Stand tall when the storm hits, you’ll be surprised by how much you can handle.

AQUARIUS: It’s difficult to mask your impatience when it comes to personal reinvention. You’ve been waiting for so long to feel this free and susceptible to the world, you want your skin to pick up its pace: shed and regrow into something that feels more like a home and less like a body. You’re forgetting that everything meaningful takes time to reach its zenith. You know, you deserve something that doesn’t bite back when you try to feed it. And this time the universe is actually attempting to give you that. Good things are here, embrace them.

PISCES: You’ve been feeling more grateful than ever for the experiences you’ve had and the people that you’ve met, and I’m so happy that you’ve been feeling that type of light. Too often you’ve found yourself in situations not worth remembering and with people not worth your friendship, but not now. It’s okay to let your guard down, to bask in the rays of what you’ve sown. It’s improbable to believe that you will never again feel the wound of sadness, but it’s okay to live as though you won’t. You’re allowed to be happy about what you have.

ARIES: You’ve never felt this free before. It’s almost as if the past few years were all just leading up to this current era of your life. With all of this change I know that it can be difficult to decide what you should keep in your life versus what you should discard, but you have to trust yourself and your instincts. It may be easy to prioritize the happiness of those around you but prioritizing yourself should always come first. If something is causing you great stress, you’re allowed to get rid of it. You’re allowed to do what’s best for you.

TAURUS: Lately the past has been digging into you like a shovel to the earth and you’re tired of waking up with new reasons to remember what you’ve been trying to forget. The good news is that these incoming negative thoughts are no longer a cruel surprise. The bad news is that these incoming negative thoughts are no longer a cruel surprise. Sure, the distance between you and the last person you gave a piece of yourself to might be endlessly fluctuating and uncertain in its boundaries, but that doesn’t mean its grip is powerful enough to stop someone like you from thriving. Go on a road trip. Control your own space. Tell yourself that it’s okay to let go of what’s already let go of you.

GEMINI: You’ve been finding yourself on your own a lot more than usual and this isn’t something you’ve been coping with in the healthiest of ways. It doesn’t seem fair that you always have to wonder about your expiration date, about how long it’ll take for people to deem you rotten and toss you in the trash. I don’t want to lie and say that this will definitely be the last time that you lose someone you believed to be permanent, because it most likely won’t be. But I can assure you, the people that are capable of meshing with your vibrant personality will know how to stick around. You don’t have to worry about being alone forever.

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Everything is temporary.