be proud of your life


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Everything is temporary.


D-0 until #HAPPYRAVIDAY ravi’s ranking of VIXX’s cute member [#6 RAVI]

Fairy Tail "One Magic”theory and Capricorn ??? (sorta)

~~this is kinda just for fun, super short, has no conclusion because I’m a horrible writer (like shit I, myself don’t even know where I’m going with this) but if you read this and see where I’m coming from feel free to take this info and make a real theory on this!!! cuz I suck!!!!~~

So let’s cut right to the chase 

I believe that Capricorn, Lucy and the One Magic are all somehow are all going to come together/or connected. and maybe lucy might save the day

Just going give some bullets~

  • Lucy’s mom, Layla Heartfilia believes that The One Magic is love and told that to Lucy as well. (Mavis also believes this)
  • Capricorn and Lucy talked about this during training for the Grand Magic Games

  • Capricorn afterwords smiles at her and tells her he likes her idea.

SPEAKING OF CAPRICORN, who haven’t we seen in this entire arc ??????

We haven’t even seen her star dress for it yet (which I’ve said a million times that I’m dying to see it like just imagine her kicking ass in a lil suit) 

Anyway call me annoying, crazy whatever but there has to be a reason Mashima hasn’t showed us yet.


The fact we have yet to see Capricorn and Lucy’s last star dress, that Lucy has only talked to Capricorn about One Magic, that Natsu’s awake now and that one universe is undone and Team Natsu is now heading to the guild where ZEREF is

I don’t know I just feel like Mashima is planning something big… 

or I could just be completely wrong and off but I mean it’s fun to guess :p

ANyway I’m done sorry if this was shitty and made no sense or if you’ve already read a theory similar but please comment if you have more to add or just anything to say<3 

Define success on your own terms. Achieve it by your own rules & build a life you’re proud to live.

Louis, I hope the reaction to this single is MASSIVE, I hope the reviews are positive, I hope this become a HIT, I hope to hear your voice in clubs and concerts, I hope you can have your career far away from those people that kept you in chains for years and years. I hope you are happy and satisfied with the work, I hope you get only the best people around you to work with who sees you for what you are, understands you and loves working wtih you. I hope everyone around you has only kind words and love for your persona, I hope people and press start to take you seriously, I hope you are going to smile and look alive for like the second time in a year and from now on forever. You deserve nothing but the best in any way and in any aspect of your life. I am really proud of you. 

“There are people in this world that you’ll come across. Most of them will come and go from your life.
And there are those rare people who come along and make a really big impact on your life.

They’re the ones who have so much love to give. They care so much about you, and they always go unnoticed by others. These people are the ones who always get the shitty end of the stick, the ones who are scared to be used and hurt again. They’re also very unappreciated, and often get taken for granted. They can have so much shit on their plate, and still find the strength within themselves to get through the day.

But let me tell you, these people are true blessings. They make life so much more enjoyable, and fun.
If you come across one of these people on your life journey, please do not let them go. They appreciate the fact that you’re also there for them in their time of need.”


she’s now my bestfriend



addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite scene — lilo + valentine’s day

I stare at our clasped hands while she says, “We want more. We do, right?” 

“Right.” I’ve expressed as much over the years. I can do this again, I always say. I’d have another. Because my son hasn’t kicked me down. When I look at him, I might as well be flying.

“Then we have to start trying and planning or else it’ll never happen. We’re too good at procrastinating, and we can’t procrastinate on this. It’s our family.” She takes a breath, not finished yet. “And I decided to tell you today because I’d rather make this decision on my worst day than my best. I need to remember that there will be plenty of bad, shitty days, and those bad, shitty days can’t derail my future… our future.” 

My eyes burn, my emotions flooding me at once. Jesus Christ. I’m going to cry, and she’s not even crying. “Lily Hale.” I wipe a tear that escapes. “Way to be better at Valentine’s Day than me.”