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Pink Is The Warmest Colour

In which Yoongi is a legendary rapper known as Agust D and falls in lust-love with popular idol and the nation’s sweetheart Park Jimin who initially hated him because Yoongi was so rude and arrogant sometimes that he’s almost always the topic of controversy, but one thing lead to another and before either of them knew it, there was something more between them.

-Nothing similar to the movie ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’, the name just suited the story too much for me to not use it-


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I would like to point out that sheith shippers (or anyone who ships him with any of the paladins tbh) might still call Shiro ‘Space Dad’ but he’s not their literal fucking dad and that the paladins are actually not children. He is the ‘dad friend’. The friend who makes sure everyone else is safe and mediates and protects and makes bad jokes and does other dad-type things. In my group of friends we have a ‘mom friend’ who is literally the same age as us. Space Dad does not mean literal dad, it doesn’t mean he’s their father or their father figure. He’s the dad friend. It’s an actual thing.

Made some Arcade Tandem fan art for @walkingmelonsaaa

They just started uploading their playthrough of Zelda II so I figured I’d do some Zelda themed fanart!

Also go watch it and subscribe to them everyone they’re wonderful!

EDIT: of course IMMEDIATELY after i upload it i notice she doesn’t have any hair behind her head how did i just now see that smh


I was totally in a creative dry spell but my mom bought me a bottle of lemonade tea(by the way I practically live for lemonade tea) and I just stared at the bottle and got hit with both the inspiration and motivation that is so impossible to get at the same time. I made a septic eye tank lamp (with a little help from my dad for wiring and cutting the wood for the stand) and I LOVE IT!!!! I’m soooo happy with how it turned out!!!!

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name – meg!!
age – fifteen
height – 162 cm or 5′3-4
ult bias(es) – park jimmy n min suga
nicknames – meggo, egg, gecko, meggerz, meggles, baby m,,,,, etc
zodiac sign – libro
ethnicity – uh my nationality is american but i’m like,,,, 60% irish
favorite fruit – watermelon
favorite season – autumn bc pretty n a e s t h e t i c
favorite color – mmmm mm m various colors of green, purple, black/white
coffee, tea or hot cocoa – coffee!!!! i lov mi bitter liquid gold
favorite animal(s) – doggos!!!!!!! n otters :((
dream trip – france / italy / thailand
number of blankets you sleep with – uno
dogs or cats – doggos are supreme
side blog(s) @jeonscovers n @yeonude n @jeonsomn
follower count – 717 or whateva
when did you start this blog – june 2016 but i’ve been on tumblr longer lol get me out of here

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Eyh. Just wanna say that I love my girlfriend. I love her with all my heart and soul. Maybe she’s not a superhero, maybe she’s not perfect, I don’t know, and I don’t care because she is the brightest star in my galaxy, she’s the most powerful ball of fire and life in my universe. She shines so bright, she makes my sorrows disappear. The world is still difficult, I still have anxiety and I still cry. But it doesn’t matter. Because she is by my side. And with her by my side, everything is possible. Together, we’re invincible.

I am very much in love with my girlfriend, @galapae, and I want the whole world to know