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Favourite Magical Girl pairings

Well, since I’m bored I figured I’d do this.

10. Ichigo X Masaya (Tokyo Mew Mew)

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9. Lucia X Kaito (Mermaid Melody)

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8. Doremi X Kotake (Ojamajo Doremi) (Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a gif of them so here a still picture instead)

7. Chibiusa X Helios (Sailor Moon)

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6. Fakir X Ahiru and Rue X Mytho (Princess Tutu)

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5. Utena X Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

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4. Pudding X Taruto (Tokyo Mew Mew)

3. Haruka X Kanata (Go! Princess Pretty Cure)

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2. Kyoko X Sayaka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

1.Haruka/Sailor Uranus X Michiru/Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

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Sometimes when I watch a Leo movie I look for scenes where he looks really young like when he was in Titanic. I love adult a lot, i think it because Titanic was the first movie I watched. 


Here’s a post of the full UtenaMoon series I’ve been doing for the past few months. You might have noticed that I switched up Tuxedo Anthy’s lyrics, because I hadn’t seen the Utena movie prior to doing that piece, and those lyrics replaced my really awkward kanji writing quite well. I really love both of these shows a lot, and I enjoyed making these pieces! You can find all of these on my [Redbubble] store (I want to buy all the things…)

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Ok something very exciting happened to me last night. I have been on another planet literally since and just can’t keep it to myself anymore. I ran it by some friends on here I trust a ton (sslarrysettingsail, bromanceshmomance, and pianolouis) and decided to go ahead and share. It’s super long though, so you may want to grab a beverage and get comfy.

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Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


Steven Universe

You can lynch me all you want but I will raise this question: Do kids really need to exposed to be to homosexuality?

I’m just asking because I really like this show but I feel that I can’t enjoy the story enough because everything has to be about this LGBT topic when the story is about something else. It’s just like when I started on Hetalia all over again but at least Hetalia is seinen anime/manga (aka for adult men) and it isn’t really yaoi, just a yaoi fangirl-magnet. Plus not everyone is comfortable with this, as shown with what happened with the UK edits.

Is one homophobic/wrong for thinking that kids shouldn’t be thinking about sexuality? There is time for everything. For kids, this should be a period for cartoons and sweets and having fun. They can worry about real-life issues later in their lives. Imo, maybe this kind of show would even be fine for teens who are discovering their sexuality and you want to tell them that it’s OK if they find attraction to the same sex but cartoons are things that really young children could be exposed to. And you can’t blame parents on this because parents will want to assume that cartoons on CN that aren’t Adult Swim are meant to be for children.

Also, I mostly feel like Steven Universe is restrained by its “children’s show” status more than anything. Just to make a statement, these guys have created a show that will need to “get crap past the radar” to have its message. And they have for the most part, but I really feel that it could have been more explicit if it wasn’t a “children’s show”.

If this was an adult’s show, it would be able to show its content without worrying about the censors and be more explicit. And not just about the LGBT stuff, about the show in general. It would have been pretty revolutionary as an adult show too because adult animation is mostly known for vulgar humor and lack of a storyline like with Family Guy and South Park.

Just saying.

If you are going to comment on this or reblog and reply, please don’t be rude. I wasn’t trying to be rude. Was I rude? You can tell me if I was rude. I really wasn’t trying to be rude.

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