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3 Billion Dollars [Part 11] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: idk for this one honestly. angst?

Warning: swearing, graphic imagery, probably incorrect medical stuff, mentions of blood, my writing in general

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A/N: I’m so sorry. So much stuff happened this weekend and I got barely any writing done. I swear I’ll work on more stuff I promise. I have a few request I’m working on and will hopefully be posted this week. I also have a very rough draft of like two series so yeah. I’m sorry my life’s a mess. Enjoy! Please leave me stuff in my inbox I love getting things! I kinda really need some motivation to finish my last few scenarios. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


You rushed to Ji Yong’s side, kneeling down over him. He groaned on the floor, blood pooling out of his arm. The boys quickly surrounded him. You put your hands on him, lightly holding him down too quickly look at the wound. Ji Yong clutched his shoulder, putting pressure on it as he groaned and shouted out in pain.

“Ji Yong move your arm,” you say, trying to pry his hand away from his shoulder. He glared at you, his grip on his shoulder getting tighter.

“I don’t know if you can fucking tell, but I just FUCKING GOT SHOT. NO THANKS TO YOUR FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND,” he yelled. You rolled your eyes and continued to try to pry his hands away.

“If you didn’t know, I went to medical school,” you say, pulling his arm. He shouted out in pain and you rolled your eyes. “So shut up, let go of your arm, and let me fucking heal you.”

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Summer On a Plate

It’s summer, and yeah it’s almost never awfully hot in Detroit (to me this is not hot) but I’m going tropical. It’s more about feeling like you’re on vacation than it is cooling down, but we can do a little of that as well! Today, lunch is a mix of sweet, spicy, and chilled. No stove tops for this one!

Tropical Tofu Salad

  • 2- 1 lb packages of firm tofu, drained and pressed
  • 5 TBSP low sodium soy sauce
  • 4 TBSP cane vinegar (after tasting this I think rice vinegar would be a fine substitute)
  • juice of a lemon and a little of its zest
  • 2 red chili peppers
  • 1 bundle of green onions, tops
  • ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Directions: Prepare your tofu. Completely drain and press it, then cut it into chunks and set it aside in a mixing bowl. In a food processor, mill the coconut flakes into an even finer flake so your texture-hating significant other will eat it. Then set it aside. Skip if you’re all about that texture. Now, combine the soy sauce, cane vinegar, lemon juice, lemon zest, red chilies, and green onions and whiz it around until it’s well combined and the vegetables well chopped. Pour over the chunked tofu and then combine the marinade into it by mashing with a fork. Let it set in the fridge for several hours before serving so the flavors can marry. Serve with the breads, toppings, and spreads of your choice! Try to work with the flavor profile though, a’ight? Pinky promise?

Chilled Chili-Mango-Melon Soup

  • flesh of a medium cantaloupe, scooped out
  • 2 cups frozen mango, thawed (you can use fresh but I seriously suck at cutting them)
  • 1 red chili pepper, deseeded
  • 1 “ ginger root piece, peeled
  • 2 TBSP water
  • 1 cup canned coconut milk
  • 1 tsp molasses (optional)

Directions: In a food processor, combine the ginger root and red chili pepper with the water until it’s as homogeneous as you can get it. Add the coconut milk and molasses, then combine once again to hopefully get the first bit milled even finer. Start adding in the cantaloupe and mango in batches until fully combined. Let chill in the fridge for a few hours before serving so the flavors can marry.

Flutter - Ch. 6

Oh Sehun/Reader
Genre: Fluff/Romance/Smut (eventually)
Word Count: 2,169

Previous Chapter

The ‘girls night out’ was just as wild as you expected from Jieun.

It started off civil enough with dinner in a gorgeous restaurant, but two hours later you were in a private room in a club trying to make sure Jieun doesn’t fall down from the table, where she was dancing barefoot with a bottle of wine in her hand. 

Half an hour later she was sitting next to you again, crying that she misses Minseok, and you took that as your cue to call it a night. 

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Birthday Treat-Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: The reader bakes Jughead a birthday cake and shenanigans ensue.
Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader
Fandom: Riverdale
Word Count:782
Warnings: A few swears and a wee bit smutty.
Y/N= your name
L/N= your last name
Y/H/C= your hair colour
Y/C/E= your colour eyes

“Y/N L/N, I hate to break it to you but there is no way that someone of your height can reach the top shelf.” Jughead says teasingly a small smile forming on his face.

“Don’t underestimate me,” she retorts with a disarmingly friendly smile.

The young boy takes a small step whilst his hands adopt a mock surrender position. His eyes watch Y/N’s very movement as she flexes her legs before crouching down and leaping towards the top shelf only to miss it by a few centimetres.

“You’re taking this very seriously,” he remarks.

“Of course I am!!” She exclaims indignantly.

Y/N turned around in a huff and began to move the large heavy dining room chair towards the shelf.

“Sweetheart, you do realise that I can reach the shelf.”

The teenage girl ignored her boyfriend and continued to drag the chair across the tiles and towards the kitchen shelves.

“I don’t understand why this is so important to you anyway,” he continues.

In an instant Y/N swivels to face him, hands on her hips as a look of disbelief fills her face. She cranes her neck to look up at her boyfriend and in turn exemplifies the height difference even more.

“It’s your birthday,” she emphasises.

A loud snort is let out by the birthday boy in question as he rolls his eyes.

“I hate my birthday but I won’t turn down a cake,” he exclaims before grudgingly grabbing Y/N’s needed ingredients off of the top shelf.

“Thank you!“She squeals.

Jughead leans back onto the marble kitchen bench top as he watches his girlfriend prepare the chocolate cake batter.

Her tanned arms stir the mixture together and her nimble fingers pour in the last ingredient, with the concoction complete Jughead leans over to dip his finger into the bowl so he can taste the brew.

"Mhm, tastes great already” he moans.

The Y/C/E girl sends him a glare for dipping his dirty fingers into her precious masterpiece as she pours it into the cake tin. With the cake now in the oven Y/N sets the timer and takes a step back as she brushes her dirty hands on her apron.

The harsh clang of the oven door motivates Jughead to grab his girlfriend from behind and tickle her sides.

Raucous laughter fills the room as Y/N desperately tries to evade Jughead’s ministrations and which ultimately ends up with pair landing on the living room couch in an attempt to escape the others tickling hands.

The couple lay down on the plush sofa with Y/N laying under Jughead’s body, she begins to play with his belt buckle and success in taking it off and throwing it over the couch.

With Jughead’s hands placed on both of Y/N’s hips, holding her down, he leans down towards her rose coloured lips and places a tender kiss on them.

Y/N embraces the sudden gesture and wraps her arms around his body effectively pulling him closer to her body as she deepens the kiss.

Jughead’s lips begin to slowly make their way from Y/N’s mouth down to her neck as he leaves dark purple hickeys as evidence of his ministrations.

His large hands become tangled in Y/H/C hair as he runs his fingers through it pulling her head closer towards the crook of his neck.

Y/N let’s out a low moan as his lips connect with the sensitive part of her collarbone, her hips arching forward into his.

“Fuck,” Jughead moans deeply as Y/N’s hand traces the hem of his pants and ventures closer and closer towards his jeans zipper.

Suddenly the harsh ding of the oven bell goes of and instantaneously the pair spring apart from each other with guilt etched upon their faces.

Slowly put steadily the two make their way towards the oven, hand in hand, and retrieve Jughead’s beloved chocolate cake.

Y/N places the cake tin on the bench and sticks a sharp knife into it to see if it’s cooked. When the knife sinks in perfectly and no batter clings to the knife she moves it closer to the window so it will cool quicker.

Taking her oven mitts off Y/N turns around to find her boyfriend shirtless and biting his bottom lip.

“Now that we don’t have anymore interruptions, how about we take this upstairs?” He inquires with a smirk on his face.

Y/N raises an eyebrow before making her way towards her bedroom with her boyfriend close behind. As the pair fall back upon the bed Y/N moves to straddle Jughead and leans down to his face.

“Having a good time Birthday Boy?”

He let’s out a laugh before answering.

“I believe that it’s about to get even better.”

Authors Note: Sickly Sweet Part 2 will be up shortly as well as another Riverdale Imagine.

drunken fairytales, part two - a Tom Holland imagine

So here’s part two of ’drunken fairytales’, requested by @pammy17 ! I was going to write this last night, thinking that I would be kept awake from nerves awaiting GCSE results, but surprisingly, I feel asleep straight away! My results were brill, and now I want to finish my little saga before going away <3

Part One

Summary: Y/N awakes from the previous night, and the two friends contemplate revealing their true feelings for each other.

Warnings: fluff, mentions of abuse, bit of swearing (let me know if I missed any!)

Word Count: approx. 1100

Y/N = your name, Y/E/C = your eye colour, Y/H/C = your hair colour


Y/N’s eyelids gently lifted themselves, surrounding her in a sleepy haze. A late morning light filled the room, and she felt oddly at peace, for some reason. She slowly sat up; her head instantly pounding, her body aching, and her right arm seized up.

Wincing in pain, she checked the time on her phone, and noticed the note and book placed neatly next to it.

Thank you for rescuing me last night x

Tom heard his phone vibrate, and he couldn’t contain his smile. She did remember it was me. He felt a little bit special, and his heart softly ached a little.

I couldn’t leave you like that, you’re only too welcome x

Glad you enjoyed the book, fancy a discussion this evening? x

Sounds great, 8 sound good? x

Look forward to it. x

Y/N’s heart leapt inside. Maybe it’s finally our time, she thought to herself.

Tom was just hoping that Y/N didn’t recall his story-telling skills (or lack of, in his opinion) from late the night before. But at least he was seeing her this evening. At least she was safe.



Tom walked briskly up to Y/N’s door and knocked gently. She barely took five seconds to answer.

She opened the door with a graceful enthusiasm, excited to thank her friend for all that he had done for her.

“Hi! Come in.”

“Cheers,” Tom replied, stepping into the apartment and noting the reform in background music since the previous night.

“Can I offer you something to drink?”

“I’d love a tea if you’re making one.”

“Well I’ll be keeping off the wine for a while, so a tea sounds lovely,” Y/N laughed a little, but Tom could see that the scars were still fresh.

She put the kettle on and prepared some mugs.

“I hate to bring him up, but have you dealt with Theo?” Tom threw the question into the empty space, “because if you haven’t, I will.”

Y/N paused for a moment.

“Don’t worry; he knows he’s not welcome here. He’s not worth your time. But thank you.”

“Anytime. Being Spider-Man helps with the whole ‘beat up dickheads’ thing.”

Y/N chuckled, pouring out the hot water.

“Any excuse to mention it, huh,” she prodded jokingly.

“I’m being serious! The job has its perks!”

The pair laughed together, and Y/N handed Tom his mug, leading them to the sofa. They placed themselves in their usual spots: Y/N with one foot tucked under the opposite thigh, the other leg dangling off the sofa, her hands cradling the mug in her lap; Tom on the other hand leant back on the sofa, stretching out his legs under the coffee table.

They studied each other for a moment.

Y/N took in Tom’s face and it’s purity, particularly his brown curls and chocolate orbs that she could stare into all day given half a chance. How had she kept her feelings to herself for so long?

Tom checked Y/N over meticulously: her lips had returned to their usual softness, no longer chapped; her nose was as perfect as ever; and the puffiness around her eyes had completely disappeared, leaving behind no trace of ever being there at all. Her smile however, had not yet returned to it’s full glow, and her irises themselves still displayed small specs of hurt and anguish. But she was much better, especially now that Tom was there.

“I just wanted to say thank you again for last night. I can’t-”

“Y/N, seriously, don’t worry about it. It was the least I could do. You don’t need to thank me at all. I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

“I do: what you did…”

“No, I need to thank you for introducing me to Animal Farm! It was amazing! That ending, though…”

“I know right! It’s sheer brilliance. I’ll have to get you to read 1984 next.”

“Sounds great,” Tom beamed.

They smiled at each other, a hidden connection hinted at.

“Y/N…I hate to ask…but that mark on your arm…”

Y/N glanced at it briefly: “Oh, that. It’s fine.”

“Did…did he hit you?” Tom instantly regretted asking. Too soon, Holland, you idiot.

Y/N swallowed hard, moving her head slightly, and allowing her gorgeous Y/H/C hair to fall daintily across her face.

“He…I…I don’t…”

Tom leant forward, locking his forefinger with hers.

“It’s okay, Y/N, you can talk to me.”

She hesitated for a moment.

“He didn’t mean it. It…was a rash moment. He’s sorry, he did say it a lot. It doesn’t even hurt that much anymore.”

Tom leant back, releasing her finger. He took her word for it; from what he could see under her rolled-up shirt sleeve, the redness had reduced at least slightly. She didn’t look to be in nearly as much pain as the night before.

“Oh, and thanks for soaking the cushion, and for helping me to bed last night as well.” Y/N said, attempting to compose herself by sipping her tea, placing it on the table, and resting her head on her hand that was comfortably leaning on the sofa head. “I would never have made if it hadn’t been for you.”

“No worries, really,” Tom took a long swig out of his tea. “You seem to remember a lot more about last night than I thought you would.”

“Yeah, I know. I remember the exact moment I fell asleep, after you told me that fairytale.”

Tom swallowed. Shit.

“I didn’t understand it at the time, I was so drunk. But I remember it now. The princess and the knight…did you make it up? It was amazing.”

She had been looking into the distance beyond the coffee table. Tom drank more of his tea, before shakily placing the mug on the table. She couldn’t wait for a response.

“You know…you never told me how the story ends.”

Tom looked into Y/N’s eyes. She was so hopeful that what he had said had been true. She wasn’t sure anymore.

But Tom knew that this was his chance.

Suddenly, before he could even try to question himself, his hands were cupping her cheeks and his lips were pressed against hers. She was surprised at first, but after a few seconds, she eased into the kiss.

It was tender, full of love, and everything they hadn’t said. Their lips moved together but against each other, working in perfect tandem. Before they knew it, their tongues began to battle too, and Y/N’s hands moved to Tom’s shoulders, strengthening the kiss. Sensations and inclinations burned through their veins as their innocent kiss became more and more passionate. After a few sweet minutes, they pulled apart.

“That’s how it ends.” Tom said, smiling wide, heart pounding.

“I think I have the perfect line to end the story,” Y/N whispered confidently.

Tom relaxed his arms lightly around Y/N’s back - almost like second nature - and let his forehead gently rest against hers, his pupils darting lovingly around her face, though they kept returning to her own eyes. She returned the loving looks, never feeling more content and alive.

“I’m dying to hear it, buttercup,” he said quietly, looking admirably into her beautiful Y/E/C orbs, eagerly anticipating her answer.

She let a few more agonising seconds pass by.

“And they all lived happily ever after.”

She lightly rubbed her nose against his, while he whispered: “I couldn’t have put it better myself.”

Their lips connected once again, explaining everything all at once. They had always understood each other like no one else, but this was something beyond both of their wildest dreams.

Happily ever after, indeed.

So that’s it everyone! I’m quite happy with this part; it was changed a lot through editing, which definitely improved it! Let me know of any *constructive* feedback! Also, feel free to send me some requests; I can’t promise anything but l will at least try most ideas! (I’ll write some guidelines soon.) Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! xx


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“Y/N will you quit.” Joe said pushing you away from him. “Please I’m trying to work.” 

“You’ve been working for ages Joe” You pouted, crossing your arms as you looked down at your boyfriend who was hunched over in his chair, laptop propped open on the desk in front of him.

“Yes I know, I have deadlines that need to be met. Just give me a few hours and I’ll be done.” 

“You said that yesterday and here you are, still sat in front of your computer.” 

Joe turned around to look at you, sending an apologetic look your way. “Love I know, I’m sorry.”

“You will be.” You mumbled before leaving the room.

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Way To Celebrate (OTBS Gangbang)

Fandom: Our Two Bedroom Story
Category: Smut
Character: Minato, Kaoru, Chiaki, Shusei and Akiyoshi
Notes: GANGBANG.. This has been in my head for some time but I already forgot most details >.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

One thing about being in the share house with your colleagues, you don’t need to worry about getting drunk when the bed is only few steps away and all the guys are pretty decent, well apart from Chiaki. So you don’t have to think twice when they decide to throw a celebration party for your recent award, your and Minato’s award to be exact. But, whatever, it’s your first official recognition as a journalist, you’re thankful to have Minato as a partner to work on such meaningful article.

“TO GET WHAT?” You yell incredulously.

“I’m just saying you need to be careful. You alone with all the guys with all the alcohol…” Tam smiles with concern.

“But still… I wouldn’t get…” You couldn’t stomach the word out of your throat but your best friend Tam has finished the sentence for you.

“Gangbanged! You may get gangbanged!’”

“Oh my god, Tam shut up!!!” You slam your redden cheeks to clam yourself down but Tam has already planted a seed in your head. Of course you’ve fantasied them in your dream or when you’re helping with yourself in the shower. You live with six hotties, how can you not? But the thought of being fucked by all of them at once? No, it has never crossed your mind until now.

“Yo!! Stop spacing out!” Minato hits your head with a bunch of papers and shakes you back to brainstorming about the new project. It’s hard to focus but secretly pinching your thighs under the table sure help a little.

Why!! Why does Tam has to say something like that?! It’s not like you are the type to be engage in some hardcore sexual activity. They wouldn’t think the same thing, would they?

From the look on Minato’s face, he kind of fits the type although you’re sure there are only certain positions he’d agree to do.

“I know I’m good looking but could you quit staring and get back to work?!” Minato smirks at you after flicking your forehead.

You apologize and put up with the endless meeting for another hour till the chief editor comes to rescue you for some grocery shopping. The growler is exceptionally cute when he’s shy, he blushes whenever his hand accidentally touches yours. Gangbang, Akiyoshi? Not a chance!

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New Years Kisses 2.0

2017, one hour ago:

John was sitting in the corner, having a mug of mint ice cream and a cup of lemonade and reading an old magazine from Laf’s basket of ‘literary stuff I need to throw away’, and playing a game he made up called ‘how many people at this party can John identify’. He wasn’t much enjoying himself, but sitting in a corner did have it’s advantages- such as not talking to Alex.

He hadn’t talked to Alex much in the last year. No one but John noticed. Laf may have, but he didn’t comment on it, which meant he probably didn’t. There weren’t many things Laf didn’t comment on.

Lemonade doesn’t taste well with mint, John noted.

Alex walked over, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t wanted, but John thought he could probably tell John didn’t want him over here. Even Alex wasn’t usually that clueless about other people.

Alex sat down by John, leaning on his shoulder, and said, “How’re you?” he didn’t really sound like he cared about the answer, more like he wanted to say something, and he had decided that small talk was the best option.

“Okay, I guess. You?”

“Meh.” Alex rested an arm on his leg. “Laf’s on about something with his boyfriend, and I saw you over here looking lonely, so I decided to help you.”

“Nice to know that I’m a good charity case.”

“Aw, c’mon, you know that’s not what I meant.”


“I’ve missed you, you know. We haven’t talked in forever.”

“Oh, is that my fault?” John turned away.

Alex grabbed his shoulder. “I never said it was! I just-” he frowned. “I missed you, dammit.”

“Oh.” John shrugged. “Bye, Alex.”

Alex stared at him, then stood up with a huff and walked over to Thomas.

John watched him go- almost wistfully, although he told himself it was just melancholy over not seeing Alex in a year. And it’s not like this- Alex just walking away- was a new phenomenon. It’d been happening for years. Six years, to be exact. And John had a good reason for driving Alex away, he told himself. Alex just didn’t know it.

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Metal Torture - Chapter 30

@spillinginkwithlove @thefirethatfreezesme @clownxqueenxofxgotham @missmaryallison @suckerforsmilex @jayded-dreams @ofquinnism @sookieblack12 @thegoldenuzi @teggles07 @kirsty-lou666 @fortify-undeny @mustlove6277 @lennyfrommars @lexi6277 @blackroseyaz @wolfgirl1074 @mypassionxmypride

AN: I apologize for the wait and the short length of the chapter. The power went out and I lost a good chunk of what I’d written and had a mini meltdown. I’ll have the next part by tomorrow. I’m positive I’ve missed someone with the tags, so comment and let me know if you’re interested for the future chapters. 😙💚❤💚


Joker’s POV

Everything was crashing around me, the agony of what I’d done to her and what had been done to us making me collapse into a pile upon the floor. My knees were drawn close and I couldn’t control my breathing, my chest aching and heavy. My brain buzzed with activity, voices and demons screaming at me in unison, a symphony of chaos and nonsense making me delirious. My hands, balled into fists, pummeled at my head, only causing more confusion, and a sound came from me that I didn’t recognize. I was in turmoil.

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gdifbkadb  asked:

can i request an arranged marriage where the s/o is really sweet and shy, but the guys treated her like trash but she still treats them nicely? and slowly the guys start to love her and feel guilty for all the shitty things they did :') for Oikawa, Tsukishima and Kuroo :3 THank youUu!

Here it is after a long period of time. I got a bit carried away when writing Oikawa’s part. :)

-Admin Lana


Oikawa Tooru:

Oikawa never gazed at you with nothing more than contempt in his eyes, viewing you like his previous suitors; gold digging women who were hungry for his money or his title, and nothing else. Being the son of a king made him target for these types of people therefore it was inevitable that he held disdain for anyone that came forward. Although it wasn’t your fault that you had been forced into such a position, seeing as how you were a member of a royal family as well. It was only natural that you were to be married off to the infamous Oikawa Tooru.

Upon your first meeting, the prince was charming and all smiles, easily winning over the hearts of your parents putting any doubts they had about him to rest. However when the two of you were alone, an entirely different side to the man appeared, his old self completely unrecognisable as if he hadn’t been there at all. He became cold and uncaring, shutting you out and ignoring you completely. The only time when he’d so much as spare you a glance was during social functions where he was required to be seen with his wife-the soon to be queen. It saddens you to think that he wouldn’t even give you a chance to prove yourself, and as far as you could see, the future wasn’t looking too bright.

Checking yourself once more in the mirror, you rushed through the doors knowing how punctual Oikawa was. If there was anything he hated more than you, it was being late. The grand staircase seemed to elongate as you walked down the steps, eyes locking with his cold brown ones.

He hurriedly looked away, muttering under his breath a rough, “Let’s go.” You watched his back with a forlorn expression, silently wishing that he’d eventually warm up to you.

The crowds erupted in frenzied cheers upon your arrival, and once again the charming side of Oikawa appeared. He stepped out of the limousine first, carefully helping you out with a smile that could have fooled you, but you knew better than that. He wanted nothing to do with you. Nonetheless, you weaved your arm through his and proceeded down the walkway into the manor where a dinner was being held in your honour.

Not being open to large crowds, you found yourself gravitating to the outskirts of the party, watching as the prince laughed and mingled with people matching his status, most of which were noble women. It didn’t take a genius to know that it was all for show, but the animosity he showed towards you went beyond what anyone thought. A sudden surge of confidence overtook you, and knowing that it wouldn’t last long against your shy nature, you took the opportunity to voice your opinions. Oikawa seemed to be in tune with your thoughts perfectly, his form retreating through the crowds and out onto the balcony.

If he noticed your presence, Oikawa didn’t acknowledge it. It took several attempts of calling his name before he responded, all without looking at you.

“What do you want now?” His voice was icy, chilling you to the bone, but you stood next to him.

“I-I just want to understand something about us-about this relationship.” The corner of his lips turned upwards at you quivering voice, but you didn’t allow that to deter you. “Why do you hate me so much? I’ve never done anything to you.”

The air between you was thick with tension, and the only noise that filled the space was the chattering of people just beyond the doors. An unreadable expression overtook his features as he crept closer, his arms caging your body in between him and the railing.

“I know what kind of woman you are. It’s not something you can hide. I’ve had a string of lovers before you, and they were just like you, shy and innocent looking, until their true colours are revealed,” he growled and you could see the hurt reflected in his eyes. You wanted to defend yourself, but knew that he wouldn’t believe you. “All they wanted was my money or the chance to become a queen. The lot of you sicken me.” He pushed away from you as if repelled by an unseen force, making his way back to the party.

The breath that you had been holding slowly eased from your chest leaving you with an empty feeling of loneliness. How could you convince him that you weren’t like all the others?

The next morning Oikawa awoke to an empty bed, and he was suddenly hopeful that you had finally left. Those dreams were shattered when he entered the kitchen to see you pouring batter into a pan. He was confused as to why the servants weren’t making breakfast, it was their job after all, but he couldn’t be bothered to be worried with your affairs. The male went off in his own direction, but before he could make an exit, you addressed him with a bright smile as you always did.

“Good morning! Did you sleep well? I made you breakfast if you’d like.” The cheery tone in your voice confused him even more. How could you possibly be so nice to him after the way he treated you last night. Did you have a case of amnesia he didn’t know about?

Cautiously, Oikawa approached the table, scanning over the plate you had prepared; fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, and a stack of buttered pancakes. He hated to admit that it looked delicious, but he couldn’t help the biting remark that poured from his mouth.

“Did you poison it?”

Your movements faltered for a moment before you resumed mixing the batter, smile unwavering from your face. “No, I’d never do that. I care for you too much to do that.” Your back was turned to him, but you didn’t miss the almost inaudible gasp that left his mouth.

Oikawa gaped at you in disbelief, unable to believe that despite his ruthless attitude to you, you still had love for him. Was it all a con, or were these genuine emotions?

After breakfast, the soon-to-be King found himself swamped in paperwork and official documents that needed to be signed before day’s end. The back of his eyes stung as he removed the glasses to rub at his eyes. The task was irritatingly tedious and silently cursed at the abundance of work he was given. A knock resounded from the door, and he called out for the person to enter.

You peered in, that familiar soft smile tugging at your lips as you entered, holding a tray filled with tea and his favourite sweets. “I thought you might need a break. You’ve been at this for quite some time.”

Oikawa sipped at the hot beverage in relief. “Thank you.”

It was a simple phrase of gratitude, but it spoke volumes to you. In the months that you had been married, not once had he thanked you let alone been nice. The sudden change of heart was something you welcomed wholeheartedly.

Oikawa watched as your face brightened, and the smile grew even larger. It seemed like his kindness had a big effect on you. Taking your leave, you shut the door quietly behind you, a small bounce in your step.

The rest of the duration in the study wasn’t spent signing documents and what not, his mind was too consumed with you. A wave of guilt began to eat at his heart as he carefully ran over the events over the past few months. On the day of the wedding, he hardly even looked at you, barely pressing a kiss to your cheek as you became his wife. Then the honeymoon was spent locked away in the hotel room while you had to enjoy it by yourself. During dinners or galas, he’d smile in front of outsiders, but as soon as he was left alone with you, he treated you like shit for lack of a better word. There were times where he’d hear you cry yourself to sleep at night. Running a hand through his tresses, the realisation of how horrible he treated you. Not once did you speak out against his brazen behaviour, you took it all with a smile and continued to be a loving wife. He had to make this right.

The search to find you didn’t last long. It was late into the evening so you were preparing for bed. Not expecting to see him, you greeted him with surprise laced in your voice.

“Are you done with work already? I can call for the servants to run you a bath if you-”

“I’m sorry.” Your eyes widened in surprise at his sudden outburst, his form settling close to you. “I’ve been an asshole, but I’ve been too blind to see it. You’re not like those other women who only snag me for status or money. You’ve been nothing but kind to me and took my irrational behaviour in stride, not mentioning it at all. I’m not sure how to make it up to you, but I will.” The look of resolve was strong and you knew he meant every word of his apology.

“So does this mean you’ll finally start treating me as your wife?”

“Hey, I have to fall in love with you first.” He laughed jokingly, and you laughed along with him. That’s the first time he’s smiled at you.

Little does the prince know that he was falling for you in more ways than one.

Tsukishima Kei:

Tsukishima was not known for charming smiles or genuine compliments, but you didn’t expect his personality to be quite so brutal. He was quick to spew snarky comments or give back-handed compliments, completely impervious to your feelings. Although that didn’t seem to deter the sweet smiles you’d flash despite the scowl permanently plastered on his face every time he was in your presence. Being married to the blonde seemed like imprisonment, but you simply chalked it up to not knowing him well enough yet.

“My five year old nephew can cook better than this.” Tsukishima spat, pushing away the food in disgust. Your heart sank at his biting words, shrinking back into the chair. You had spent an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen preparing a meal to your husband’s liking, but it seems like all attempts were in vain.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to do something nice for you.” But you always appeared to be doing selfless acts for the man, yet he refused to acknowledge the extent of your kindness. He watched as you stalked away dejectedly before disappearing around the corridor. An unfamiliar feeling washed over him as glanced at where you once sat and the wasted food before him.

That night the two of laid in bed with a large amount of space in between, and even though his behaviour towards you was vile, you had still bid him a good night before drifting off. It baffled him how you still put up with him. He knew he was an asshole and refused to change his ways, and yet you’d still greet him with a smile each and everyday. It wasn’t you that he was angry with, but he ended up taking his frustration out on you.

You didn’t deserve this.

You deserved far better.

It was taking every ounce of willpower to swallow his pride and face you, but he knew it was only right. He found you sitting at the edge of the bed, shoulders slumped; he knew that you were crying. When you noticed the footsteps nearing you, you hurriedly wiped at the tears streaming your face, hoping that Tsukishima wouldn’t notice.

A pang of guilt struck him as he gazed at your face, your eyes refusing to meet his golden hues.

“I’m not very good at this, and there’s a chance it will come out not as I intended, but you need to know.” The male began, swallowing at the lump in his throat, suddenly growing uncharacteristically bashful. “I’m sorry for being such an asshole, you don’t deserve this. It’s not you that I’m upset with, I just don’t agree with being forced into a situation like this.” At this you turned your head to look at him, sincerity reflected in his eyes.

“Neither of us like it, but we can at least give it a try, right?” You suggested, and you sweat you could see the hint of a smile tugging at his lips.

“If you think you can handle me Chibi.”

Kuroo Tetsurou:

There was a slew of women who would kill to be in your shoes, but everything was not as it seemed. Kuroo was an attractive man, no arguments there, but he was foul when it came to you. There was no end to his teasing, and sometimes you felt as if he meant to hurt you. It seemed that he still hasn’t warmed up to the idea of you being his wife, and to be frank, you weren’t sure if you wanted to be his wife either, but politics were politics.

“I always dreamed of marrying a woman like that.” Kuroo crooned, eyes glued to the large screen in front of you. You rolled your eyes at his comment, used to the passes he made at other women. It would be a lie to say that it didn’t bother you, of course it envied you to see your husband ogling someone other than yourself. With a huff you quickly excused yourself wanting to distance yourself as soon as possible.

The water in the tub was warm, and a glass of wine was perched on the rim. It confused you as to why you were still so kind to a man like Kuroo, but it was all in hopes that he’d someday accept you as a wife and a lover. As if on queue the male entered the bathroom, eyebrows raising as his gaze flitted between you and the bath.

“What’s this? Trying to get me out of my clothes already?” He grinned, teasing smirk stretched across his face once more as his fingers began unbuttoning his shirt.

“No, not at all. I figured you’d be tired after work so I wanted to make sure you didn’t have to wait for a bath.” You admitted, and suddenly Kuroo felt like an ass, which he was.

He was the type of man who wasn’t ashamed to admit when he was wrong. There were many incidents where he could go back and recall where he had treated you as nothing more than filth.

“You’re too sweet for me _____.” At first you would have passed off his words as an attempt to pull you into bed, but the expression on his face read otherwise. “You’ve done nothing but try to care and love me, yet here I am being a jerk. I’m sorry.” The sincerity to his words warred your heart, and it was at that moment that you could see new doors opening up.

“I won’t forgive you right away, but we’ll work on it.”

All you needed was time.

Unremarkable Morning Mood


For: Jac

Summary: A slice-of-life look into the domestic life and relationship of Kaede and Maki. It’s just another one of those unremarkable days that are still undeniably precious.

Warnings: Suggestive at times and some sexual themes, but nothing that’s like, problematic, so…??

Note: The twitter link didn’t seem to lead anywhere, so I really, really hope this still gets seen. ;; I wasn’t sure what to write so I thought I’d just go for nursery rhymes fluff in a domestic au. honestly, I do think it’s pretty cute. I hope that you see it and that you like it!! :’D (I hope the title is okay; I wonder if I should change it later :/)

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Dostoevsky Gothic:

— Your coworker’s eyes are narrow and mocking. He looks at you for hours, from shoe-tip to forehead, from coat sleeve to fingernails. He looks at you as you tap your splintered cane against the floor. His lips twitch in distaste at the dirt under your nails, at the scratches on your cane, the patches on your coat. You see him bare his teeth at the whip marks on your neck. You feel his skin prickle when he eyes you. You cannot tolerate him much longer. It takes you four months, but finally you manage it: you get up - dirty coat, splintered cane and all - and stand in front of him. He doesn’t blink. Does he not see you? Are you invisible? Do you in fact not exist? How dares he not even blink? How dares he not be repulsed by the sight you present? You raise your hand - the one that holds the cane - raise it right above his head. You let the cane go. As it clangs and clutters to his feet, you open your hand, displaying all the dirt of your fingernails right in front of his eyes. He looks at you. He doesn’t blink. You can see the worms that crawl inside his eyesockets. That’s what he is: a diet of worms. And you’re no better. It’s six o’ clock and the office is beginning to empty. The man gets up, touches your shoulder so you let him pass, bids you good day. You stand there, incredulous. He’s touched your shoulder. He’s pushed you aside. Pushed you. And he wasn’t even properly disgusted. You go home, pour yourself a drink, and prepare the noose.

— You hate yourself for entering the brothel. A woman comes to you and you don’t even ask her name; you give her all your money and let her lead you to the establishment’s best room. You lie face down on the bed for hours. When she asks you what you want, you ask for the story of her life. She speaks and speaks. Until the sun sets and rises again and you would do anything to shut her up, just shut her up, for the love of God, shut up. It’s two days later and she’s still talking and now you really hate her. When she comes back from the bathroom, you slam her against the door, tear the crucifix from the wall, and go down on your knee. Will she marry you? She will. For the following 50 years you go to sleep at night hoping she’ll stab you in the back.

— You adopted your servant because he was clever. You didn’t know he was clever then, but you tell people you did. It’s better than telling them you adopted him because, seeing the spiteful glint that came over his eyes when he looked at you, you were hoping he would eventually poison your lunch. He never did. He couldn’t even do that much for you, the worthless vermin. You’re an old man. You don’t have the energy to hate much anymore. You only mistreat him to make sure the hateful glint remains in his eyes.

— They may have understood that you killed the woman. They might label you a killer. They may throw you inside a jail. Let them. They’re not worth your time. They can never understand that killing doesn’t make you an outlaw. You don’t live outside the law, you live above it. They may have understood you killed the woman. But what do they really understand?


Jyn Erso made being livid into an art form.

He could feel the rage sizzling off her from half the mess hall away; she fixed him with icy stares when they were being briefed on an upcoming mission; when he tried to speak with her she delivered four or five cutting words before brushing him off entirely. Cassian could appreciate the drama of it all, even as he felt his own ire prickling over the situation. She was angry, and he was a convenient target for that anger. More than just that, if he was being honest with himself. So Cassian swallowed his frustration and let Jyn be angry.

For a few days, anyway. Until a casual tip from Baze pointed Cassian towards the cantina, where Jyn was drinking - and probably looking for a fight.

It was one thing to let her be angry with him, a justifiable anger considering how much he’d blocked her lately from making reckless decisions while they were all still recovering from their Scarif ordeal. It was an entirely different thing to let her take that anger out on some unsuspecting drunk.

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words unspoken

The first time he comes back, he asks if he can stay at her apartment for the night. She gives him a smile and said yes and does not ask any questions, asking him to wait for her while she helps Shikamaru file their mission report first. The walk towards her apartment was quiet but comfortable until, surprisingly, he asks if she doesn’t plan to stop by the hospital for the required post-mission assessment. She giggles at this, tells him that she is one of the top leads of the administrative staff and she doesn’t report to anyone but herself and Tsunade so she will be fine. She points at the diamond seal on her forehead and assures him that she will be good as new by tomorrow. He nods in apprehension and remains silent for the rest of the walk and Sakura does not mind and does not bring up his unexplainable action upon her arrival in the Hokage office—of the hug that was too brief for her to process and reciprocate.

She watches as he awkwardly settles himself on her couch and she offers him a blanket and some pillows, reminding him that he should not hesitate to ask for anything else and to make himself as comfortable as much as possible. She finds it hard to sleep that night, knowing he is just on the other side of the wall of her room, but the previous mission finally takes its toll on her and she lets her eyes close for a second.

She wakes up the next day and almost forgets the events that transpired the night before, is only reminded of it when she sees the pillows on the couch with the blanket neatly folded on top of it. A piece of paper lays on it, and she takes it and reads the short note and smiles.

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Sehun - How?

#14 : “how can i hate someone that i’m in love with?”

masterlist // get to know me

“Jagiya, no!” Sehun shouts as you pour a glass of ice cold water on his back. The lazy boy has been doing nothing, but stare and use his phone for the past few hours he was here.

     It’s rare for Sehun to have time off these days because of the hectic preparations EXO has to do for their upcoming concerts in North America, so when Sehun ever gets the chance to spend time with you, you indulge yourself in every second you had with Oh Sehun. Sadly, that’s not what he did. He was constantly tapping away on his phone, updating his social media, talking to friends, or watching videos online.

     After first, you thought it was a bad idea. You knew how angry Sehun would be if you did so, but you wanted to take off his mind from his phone. Without thinking twice, you immediately ran to the kitchen and crept behind Sehun, pouring the ice water into his back.

“Jagiya, what’d you do that?!” Sehun angrily asks as he takes off his soaking wet shirt.

“I wanted you to put down your phone and it worked.” You smile as you answer him, hoping he would laugh it off. Instead, you were greeted with an angry look on his face and rage in his eyes.

“I fucking hate you.” He says, clutching his phone and rushing off to the bathroom.

      The words Sehun said didn’t really affect you, but you were saddened by his reaction. How could he want to just use his phone during the few precious moments he had left with you before he left for the tour?

     A heavy weight laid on your heart as you took in the thought that Sehun didn’t want to spend time with you. You walk towards your bedroom and locked the door, giving exactly what Sehun wanted: to be alone.

“Jagiya? Are you awake?” Sehun asks, wrapping his arms around you.

“How did you get in? I locked the door.” You stir away from him, not wanting his touch.

“I had a spare key for all the rooms in your apartment.” Sehun reminds you, making you smile as you remember Sehun worrying about you being alone.

“I wanted to say sorry for what happened early. I should have been spending more time with you, especially since the tour is coming.” Sehun says, bringing you closer to him.

“It’s okay, you can spend time with your phone. You hate me anyways. Right, Sehun?”

     Sehun’s face drops at your words, but he doesn’t quit on getting you to accept his apology. Tucking away a stray strand of hair, he kisses you softly. You struggle in not responding, but the way he held your cheek in his hand and his lips moving on yours made you weak. Soon enough, you give up and kiss him back, slowly and sweetly.

“How can I hate someone that I’m in love with?” Sehun says as he kisses you. He caresses your cheek as he pulls away.

“I love you, jagiya.” Sehun tells you, waiting for your response.

     Sehun’s eyes start to dull as you keep him waiting. His hand pulls away from your cheek as he looks back on the mattress, regret filled his eyes. You place back your lips on Sehun’s as his answer.

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You can mess me up with angst pls but have a fluff ending maybe so I don't die? (: -kihyun anon

I can’t promise a fluffy ending but i can promise you won’t die. Angst is definitely my weakest genre. like by a lot :(

original request:  Can i request a kihyun scenario where you just fuck me upppp please I cannot handle this boy rn! You can do whatever you want with the plot just mess with my feels pls i cri

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You Made Me Feel So… (Kihyun)

Warning: Some swearing.

A/N: I was really skeptical about doing this because I take my lyrics very seriously and I’m absolutely terrified of them being stolen and like claimed by someone else before i ever have the courage to record them… that being said I’m swallowing my fear for the sake of the story and adding original lyrics that I wrote. Meaning they belong to me! They are my intellectual property! Please don’t take my lyrics ):

The butterflies in your stomach are ridiculous. This is by no means your first show. In fact you’ve preformed several time. Small night clubs and bars love your voice and often call you whenever they need live vocals. This felt different for some reason though. Who are you kidding you know exactly why it feels different. It’s because it’s the first show Kihyun will be attending.

The two of you have been friends for several years. Naturally you’d developed feelings. How could you not when he’s just so… perfect. Everything from his smile, to his voice. His honesty, and loyalty to his friends. His sense of humor and the way he just seemed to brighten any room, no matter the previous mood.

“Y/N!” You heard his voice call. He’d made it. You turn around with a ginormous smile on your face, ready to greet the man of your dreams. That smile is quick to fall as you see the girl hanging from his arm.

Yoon HaNa. She’s an up-and-coming singer planning to kill the scene with her ‘innovative’ cute but sexy concept and ‘impressionable’ vocals. To you she’s sub-par at best. Her hooks are catchy but her harmonies are sloppy, her lyrics hold no substance and she sings with no emotion. Not to mention the whole “I’m cute, now look at my butt” concept is beyond played out. You know who she is. You’d been around her several times. She, like you, was friends with all of Monsta X, and ha been for several months now. But what you don’t know is why she’s latched to your Kihyun.

“Y/N!” Kihyun calls again making you snap back to reality. You muster up the most realistic natural smile you can.

“You made it!” You enthuse, and hug him tightly.

He returns your affection before pulling back and gesturing toward HaNa. “HaNa is a really big fan. I figured your show would be the perfect setting for our first official date.” He beams. He looks happy.

You catch yourself before your smile falls, “You two are dating?”

HaNa smiles, “Yeah. He made things official yesterday. I didn’t even know he was interested.” She giggles.

“Yeah, me neither.” You laugh.

“Y/N. Show time.” Your manager calls.

You nod in his direction and turn back to face Kihyun and HaNa, “Well… I hope  you guys enjoy the show. I’ll see you after, right?”

“No actually. We’re leaving right after to grab dinner. We’ll hang out some other time.” Kihyun smiles.

You nod and make your way to the stage. How were you going to pull this off? How could you go up on stage and sing all of your happy songs while your heart is breaking? How?

You’d gotten through your main set… barely. The crowd could tell you were less then proud of your performance. You’d watched Kihyun and HaNa the entire time as they curled up into each other against the bar, whispering back and forth, and gleefully laughing. Your heart broke piece by piece as you imagined yourself in her position… where you should be.

Kihyun and you made eye contact. He nodded at you to tell you he and HaNa were leaving… You smile and watch as he wraps his arms around her waist and lead you to the exit.

Once they’re gone…. you sigh, Into your microphone. The crowd is looking at you expectantly.

“Look I know I’ve given a less than impressive show o far…” You say as you look out at the bored faces. “Let me make it up to you… Mike,” you call out to your guitarist friend who always helped you during shows. “Just play whatever. Make it slow and mellow.”

And he did. It was simple and easy to follow. Without need for your instruction the keyboard player and the drummer both joined in, then the saxophone player. The house DJ even began to add some synthesizers. A mellow R&B beat filled the entire bar.. and you let your emotions pour out.

“Is that your girlfriend..

Over there with the long hair

and brown eyes

slim waist, and slim thighs.”

Kihyun enters the bar again. He’d forgotten his jacket and was just returning to get it. Then he heard the music. A beat he’d never heard before was bouncing off the walls of the small space, and lyrics he’d never heard you prepare were spilling from your lips. He stilled and watched you. Eyes closed in concentration as your feelings poured out.

“She’s an aspiring singer with no talent, but sucking dick and not gagging

she hates all your favorite movies and she acts just like a groupie.”

He started to get upset… it was pretty clear you were talking about HaNa. and yet he stayed to listen… and as your lyrics continued on, he finally began to understand.

“I’ll just gt rid of my feelings

I’ll slowly swallow my pride

Can only hope in the process that i choke on it and die

So I don’t witness this shit show

Where I;m taken for granted

Where I’m labeled as a friend

and she labels you her man.”

Kihyun watches on in amazement, Your eyes have yet to open and you lightly begin to sway letting the music carry you. Your voice is as beautiful as it normally is, which surprises him because he’d be the first to say your performance earlier wasn’t as good as normal.

“Like she care’s bout your opinions

lends an ear when no one listens

Like she knows your insecurities 

like how your mouth goes crooked when you smile

I find it charming though, always have and always will

but I realize more and more I’m just the girl that’s her for years.”

Kihyun finally snaps into his senses and grabs his coat. He can’t dwell on your lyrics. If he does… he’ll be trapped here with his thoughts forever. Instead of on a date with… the girl of his dreams…

“And for some reason i can’t cope

Think I hid it for too long babe.”

Your eyes open and fall to where Kihyun and HaNa had been sitting. To your surprise Kihyun is standing there. Staring directly at you. The instruments are still playing all around you and you quickly search your brain for words.

“You made me feel so..” Your mind falls short and use lose the words… So you repeat them.

“You made me feel so…” But again the words fall short. Kihyun and you keep eye contact and your feelings begin to well up. He’s the first to break and he quickly begins to exit the bar once again.

“And now I can’t…” You finish coolly and wipe at you eyes.

The small space erupts in applause. You give a tight lipped smile and bow toward the audience. You turn to face your friends that are on stage with you. Mike gives a sympathetic smile and pulls you into a tight hug which you’re quick to accept. You need it.

Hope you enjoyed!! If you aren’t happy with the ending I could make a fluffy part 2. I just lacked ideas on ways to make this fluffy. By all means send in a request with some suggestions. And remember, all request are currently open.

- admin aj

An Odd Christmas Eve

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Merry Christmas Eve and happy first day of Hannukah! This is the first Christmas fic! 

Send feedback, asks, and requests!


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Needed Me Pt. 6

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Wasn’t expectig the blow up of part 5, so this small chapter is to give me time to write the next one. Sadly, no smut in this one :( but confessions come close, right?

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

He grabbed your wrist.
“Please what?!” You yanked your arm out of his grip and stomped down the bleachers.

Hours of text.
Constant energy drinks.
Clockwork yawns.
Throbbing headaches.
Yet you haven’t even read over sixty pages.
Your focus was diverted elsewhere.
Stiles wanted to kill Theo.
Malia wanted to kill Theo.
Lydia disliked the brown-eyed demon.
Kira was too busy swooning over Scott.
Who hates you.
You who is full to the brim of guilt.
Sounds like an awesome sitcom.
Rubbing your eyes for the fifth time, you got up and walked over to make some coffee.
A black and two sugars.
Sometimes doused in creamer and milk.
But not tonight.
Theo was a sneaky son of a bitch.
He loved proving himself.
Especially now.
“Can you pour me a cup?”
“I’m sorry. Is that what you want to hear?”
You took a sip of your coffee.
The bitterness prepared you for a silver tongue.
“Why the hell do you care what I want? ”
“Because I care about you,  Y/N”
“That’s rich, because if you really did,  you wouldn’t have screwed over my best friend”
“Stiles may be your friend now but we were closer than that and I don’t want you to pull away from me”
“Kind of too late isn’t it?”
By this time, you stood proud in front of Theo, making complete eye contact.
Scott walked in the room and sized us up.
“What’s going on in here?”
“Nothing, Scott, now why don’t you go back to –”
“I love you, Y/N. And I’m sorry for hurting those close to you. But I swear, I will never hurt you.”
Theo kissed the top of your forehead and looked at Scott.
“Let’s find out what we’re dealing with.”

Reading proved impossible now.
He just told me he loved me.
And he meant it.
His aura shifts when he lies but it remained consistent.
Why tell me now?
Why not later?
Ugh, the feels.
I could feel his eyes on me.
Not just Theo’s.
I tried to ignore it.
The next twenty pages put me out like a light.
Surging memories seeped through as I fell into limbo.

She fell asleep.
I have to wake her up before she remembers last night.
She doesn’t seem like siding with me if she  sees me with the dread doctors.
Scott won’t sleep.
He’s watching me subtly.
Stiles on the other hand, is watching me like a hawk.
There’s no doubt he didn’t hear me say I love you to Y/N.
I do.
She’s all I can ever think about.
I don’t care what she is.
I’m hooked.
I need her.
I can’t have her hate me.
Please don’t hate me.
Finally, he’s asleep.
And so is everyone else.
I shook Y/N slightly.
She moaned awake and jumped once she saw me.
What came out of her mouth next made my heart quiver in fear.
“I know what you did.”

Part Four // Part Five

Press Restart?


Matt hadn’t caught on immediately to the noise of the others returning, only till they came nearing closer to where he was. He blinked behind his goggles while pausing in what he was doing, wondering what was going on. Through the time Mello and the others had been gone, he had been actually doing what he been told to do. Of course, at lot of times through it, he had been thinking of Mello, wondering where him and those guys had gone. What was Mello even doing now.

Suddenly, he saw as Mello came into the room he was in while going into another, calling for him to follow him in doing so. Matt clearly got a bit concern at catching Mello had been limping. What the hell had happen? The gamer eventually followed Mello into the bathroom that he now actually discovered was back there.

Matt came to find Mello perched upon the counter in his boxer briefs. It inwardly surprised Matt to become greeted with this sight of him. But still, what clearly grabbed more of his attention was the evident bleeding gash upon his thigh at the moment. Matt found his mouth fall open a bit, shocked. “Shit..” He muttered while looking at Mello pick at it, wondering if he needed him to get him anything now. He surely wouldn’t want the blond to bleed too death. However, it seemed Mello had other things on his mind like questioning about if somebody had bothered him while he had been gone.  The gamer wanted to yell at Mello  ‘Fuck that, dude you’re bleeding!’. But he couldn’t go about it in that way obviously. The gamer rather forced himself to remain composed now. Mello was surprisingly being very calm about it after all.

“…No..” Matt eventually answered lowly while still looking and being concern of that gash.

He saw Mello seem to prepare himself and pour a bottle of the liquor contents onto the gash now. It all was pretty disturbing. Matt had to admit. Right now, he saw he was trying so hard to remain calm with the wound looking as bad as it was. At least in his eyes it looked pretty bad. Furthermore, he knew he really hated to see Mello in so much pain. However, Mello also seemed rather knowledgeable at what he was doing with the wound, giving himself a feeling that this clearly hadn’t been a first with him getting hurt like it.

After asking for his lighter, Matt got out of his thoughts for the moment to promptly  fish through his jean pocket and pass the lighter over to Mello. If Mello knew what he was doing then Matt saw he would allow him to do it.

Through the whole excruciating process, eventually,  Matt felt Mello’s eyes finally go on him as he became done. Matt bit a little at his bottom lip, his eyes straying away as he wasn’t even able to look at Mello after all what he just done in front of him. He knew Mello wouldn’t be able to notice it obviously. At hearing his words, he found out he was still trying to chase after Kira, still maybe trying to avenge L’s death… Possibly even still trying to beat Near…

Matt knew he couldn’t say the same for himself on any of it. As when he left Wammy’s, he thought he gave up all of that shit, not wanting anything to do with it anymore. It brought up memories he tried to get rid of and in the end found out that he really couldn’t get rid of at all. His focus looked back over at Mello upon the thought. “…How long have you been doing this?” Matt found himself asking aloud before thinking over of if he should to Mello now. It was said through a quiet and leveled voice, despite how he clearly felt inside at the moment. The gamer really wanted to know of how long had Mello been a part of it after all. How long had he been possibly getting hurt through it. Matt inwardly was no doubt concern and wouldn’t want anything bad to ever happen to Mello after all.

Mello was relieved when Matt had a good first day. Although he was acting really weird, and wouldn’t look at him. He noticed some sort of sympathy from Matt, and maybe he doesn’t completely hate him after all. That gave him some hope that they could be close again. 

Putting pressure on the wound, he looked up at the other with a smirk. It was cute when he finally slipped up on his composure. It was clear that through out this process, Matt had been a bit uncomfortable. This however gave Mello the faux confidence in his decision to leave Matt behind. Maybe he shouldn’t go into too much detail about his past in the mafia. 

“Rod found me a few weeks after I flew out from Wammys.” Though his plans to use the mafia with the Kira case didn’t seem to work out as planned, he definitely was doing more drug scandals than detective work. He looked up at the other with a cheeky grin, “It’s…I mean this place is the LA mafia, Matty.” Hopefully Matt wouldn’t be too pissed off that he was dragged into this, but he was just a hacker. He didn’t have to pledge anything to them. 

It was just then that a busted looking Chip walked in with a duffel bag over his shoulder. “Hitting on the new kid already? You’re moving fast, Boss.” The guy grinned at Matt, before unzipping the bag to show it was filled with cash. Mello raised a brow, “I told you to pull out.” Not that he wasn’t happy with the outcome, he just didn’t need one of his top men getting killed. “Frank got shot, he’s in with the doctor now.” 

Slowly getting off the counter, he sent Chip to go get cleaned up before they went to go see Frank. “Good job though.” Nodding one last time before turning to Matt once he was gone, “Do you have extra pants in your car?” It felt like a question he shouldn’t be asking since they were still not on okay terms, but he really didn’t want to be walking around in his underwear. 

“Hey!” He yelled out at Matt as he was leaving, “When did you start smoking?” Mello wasn’t one that should be talking with drugs and booze being a daily thing, but he didn’t want Matt to be a smoker. Matt shouldn’t have even come here, he was too good for this place. Mello always saw Matt as better than himself, even when the gamer couldn’t see it himself. Sure he didn’t study as much as the blond, but Mello knew that if Matt wanted to be top at Wammys he could have. Which Mello sometimes secretly was grateful that Matt let him beat him.