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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…


You’re not concerned about this? Concerned? Well, you say you’ll be teaching me to fight. But if every man fights differently, seems to me what you’ll really be teaching me is how to defeat you.

I’ll take my chances.


#elfweek day 2: favourite female elf

I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air.


soooo university is absolutely kicking my butt around the block and back again. 

i just needed to pop in super quick and put out a psa: 

because of this, i will not be doing the annual christmas graphics to my followers. i’m so sorry, guys - i love doing that so much, and i literally look forward to it every year - you guys put in such a fabulous variety of requests and i get to play in photoshop and go nuts and i love it. 

but considering i currently have had to pretty much cut off my entire social life, spend 6-7 days at school working (tho i only have classes on 3 days), and have three times now forgotten to eat and shower on certain days because of project overload, i cannot fit a single other thing in. :(

and if my queue runs out - which it probably definitely will because i have no time to fill it back up - just know that i’m not dead, i’m just studenting as hard as i can, and i’ll see y’all in december when the semester is over. XD

(for more specifics/me taking a moment to vent, continue below the cut)

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