be postitive

Guess what? My ordered books finally arrived so I can start getting prepared for university (basic knowledge) And yes, they look a bit used, but I always buy used books 💫 Let’s start studying, so summer holidays are going to be very productive. (What about a 100 days of productivity challenge?…)

Getting better will be the hardest choice you ever make in your life.
It would be easy to let this consume you.
It would be easy to sit complacently, willingly,
as you fall farther and farther from yourself.
It would be so easy to buy into the lie
that you are stuck here forever
and fighting back would be futile because
my god, you are already so tired.

Getting better will be the scariest choice you will make in your life.
There’s no poetic way of describing the fear that chokes you
as you think about what it would be like
to tell someone about this monster.
No beautiful way of wording the terror that consumes you
as you walk up to that person and open your mouth,
spilling this secret you’ve kept locked up tight for so long.

Getting better will be the hardest and
the scariest choice you ever make.
It will also be the best.
You will know it was the best
every morning you see the sunrise.
You will know it was the best
every time you hear your best friend laughing.
You will know it was the best with every birthday,
every New Year, every last day of school.
Every time you look back and see just how far you’ve come.
You will know it was the best choice you ever could have made
every single day of your life,
and I promise you won’t ever regret it.

—  choices // c.r.h.

2/100 Days of Productivity || 22.02.17 || Mechanisms of Point Mutations

Can anyone guess what my favourite colour is?

With dinner in the slow cooker and a successful morning of studying done, I think I’m entitled to an hour of relaxing with a book ;)

Yes, my notes are unfinished. Yes, there are probably some mistakes :P


Sorry ya’ll. I have shit do to for the next 92 days. Meet prep. And my squat is garbage especially.

But here’s some pulls:
Sumo 185
Squat 175
Bar bench warm up
Conv:230(extra ugly.)

Not like any of you give a shit since you’re just here to jerk off but don’t really except a whole lot from me for the upcoming days. Especially nudes, unless you’re buying 😂.