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Guys, I realise most of you are US based and don’t realise this, but the next General Election in the UK will decide what we as a country want out of our system. 

We literally have the most left wing manifesto out of the labour party we’ve seen in years - they’re finally not just a centrist, almost policy for policy but slightly more left version of the tories. 

However, right-wing media is attempting to destroy our left wing leader. They’re smearing him left, right and centre. Hopelessly trying to make him out to be an ‘incapable leader’, as though ANY of the leaders we’ve had in the past few decades were the most respectable of people. 

Our right wing leader is essentially Cruella De Vil down to wanting to lift the ban on fox hunting. 

Can we talk about this more as a site?

You all blogged for Trump vs Clinton. Now can we pay attention to the rise of the right wing else where? Our left wing is promising nationalisation, free education and taxing the rich to fill our gaps but people still want to vote Tory despite them looking to privatise our health care, rip it to shreds first by giving their friends jobs in management and toss our education system up in the air. All because 1) Not enough people are voting and 2) the right wing is playing dirty tricks. 

What happens in our General Election decides how the UK interacts with Trump. Currently, Theresa is a loyal lap dog without a back bone to speak of. Be aware that politics in other countries exists.

72% of 18 to 24 year olds voted in the UK elections yesterday.
Today, Theresa May faces a hung parliament (there is not clear winner with a majority) and a DECREASED number of seats when she called this election because she thought she could strengthen her majority.
And that, kids, is why we should vote. We make a fucking different. Today we could have been facing a country where our internet is monitored, our human rights are stripped away, and the most vulnerable in our society are disgustingly exploited by the government. Instead, now, there is HOPE.

Please get out and vote on Thursday. Theresa May and the Tories are counting on you to just not be bothered and stay home instead. No vote is a vote for the Tories in this election. It’s a vote for cuts to schools and hospitals and a cut to the taxes of the wealthiest people in society while the poor, sick and disabled are left to freeze and starve. No vote is a vote to take food away from children to give tax breaks to the rich.

Prove them wrong on Thursday. Make them regret their arrogance. Do something radical and VOTE.

sometimes it frustrates me how god damn american this website is like the UK is having a general election tomorrow and i’ve seen like 4 posts about it but when it was the US election my dash was entirely US politics and it’s so damn frustrating 

like y’all reblogged so many posts about not voting for trump when the UK has the equivalent (theresa may) of her running tomorrow and it’s projected that she’ll win because young people wont vote and if this site cared enough about politics that weren’t US based then maybe we could convince more young people on here to vote (cos we all know tumblr’s demographic is mostly young people) 

anyway vote labour tomorrow in the general election, please actually go out and vote