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“This is our home now, so you’ll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.

So, here goes, my second reinterpretation of an AOW comic book cover. Issue #124…with a most important addition that was missing in the originals.

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Are you ready for Murder on the Orient Express?

  • Yuri: It's not like you ever do anything athletic besides skating.
  • Viktor [suggestively]: Well that's not entirely true now, is it?
  • Yuri: Fine, nothing that involves you removing your scarf.
  • Viktor: That was one time. It was chilly.

I think “aging up fictional characters is morally wrong” is one of the more mind-bogglingly unsustainable claims you can make, but, if you’re going to make it, Homestuck is a particularly bad fandom to try it in.

Like, claim put forth to me today: “Rose Lalonde was never canonically depicted as an adult.”

This is not just wrong, but, Homestuck being the ridiculous comic it is, manages to be wrong on TWO counts. Rose was depicted as an adult in the alpha timeline, and she was also depicted as an adult at the end of the comic, where she got married and created a million alien babies with her alien wife.

I don’t have any conclusions to draw from this I just. Had to say it. I have so much trouble understanding how people don’t immediately drop this idea from the sheer cognitive dissonance.


the disney movie nobody asked for


Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not

Today, I came across someone claiming that when you make your original characters suffer in your stories, that makes you an abuser, and people shouldn’t declare original characters their ‘babies’ and then put them in harmful/dangerous situations.

We did it. We finally did it.

We’ve reached peak delusion.

Fiction = Reality.

Congratulations, Tumblr.