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YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK! Half of yesterday and all of my morning today! But it came out so good! Planning on working on one with Mark and not Dark, then maybe Wilfred Warfstache next but depends if I’m busy.

Been wanting to draw something for ‘A date with Markiplier’ since I love it, it’s awesome and so well planned out! *w* They all did such an amazing job! And it made my Valentine’s day, besides me and my family doing a small gift giving thing we do, it made up for that school day I had. 

I wanna put this on redbubble, but until then I’ll make a post about it! Hope you guys like it! ^w^


I tried

i only did one of pidge cause im not quite sure how to edit her as a boy? i mean, shes already done that herself so i was kinda thinking if she was a boy who had to disguise himself as a girl maybe??idk 


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁


My stuff for the Primary Big Bang! I was one of the artists for the great fic Make a Wish by @klance-my-way, so this is what I’ve been working on lately. Everyone should go check it out! ♡

If you wanna see what everyone else has been working on (and you should) just head over to @voltronbigbang to have a look-see! *:・゚✧ 


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in this case, he was with bangtan

and the version of himself he saw was alone…

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in this case he was with bangtan

and the version of himself he saw was alone…

the fact that there seem to be two Jungkooks in both MVs indicate that there may be some sort of time travel or alternate realities in play here ((which follows my previous theory that YNWA is about two different realities/outcomes of a choice))

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Back in 2015 i would look at jimin gifs and sigh all happy and in love like a delusional ass jimin stan and now, whenever that demon roll up on my dash i roll my eyes and keep scrollin like it took me a year and half to realize but jimin rly snake asf like i had to drop his ass for my baby yoongi like ladies dont let plump lips and big ass fool u man.

if there was a way to pin a post to tumblr, this would be the post i’d pin