be of our space world

Groups Trump has harmed:
• Refugees and asylum seekers
• Muslims
• Native Americans
• Working class Americans (including the coal miners)
• Syrian civilians
• Transgender people
• People of color
• Immigrants
• Servicemen and servicewomen
• Basically all the animals
• Flowers & trees
• The ocean
• Outer space (emotionally traumatized)
• His children

Groups he hasn’t harmed
• Russian hackers
• His corporate “friends”

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Add to your electronic bookshelf with these free e-books from NASA!

1. The Saturn System Through the Eyes of Cassini

This work features 100 images highlighting Cassini’s 13-year tour at the ringed giant.

2. Earth as Art 

Explore our beautiful home world as seen from space.

3. Meatballs and more 

Emblems of Exploration showcases the rich history of space and aeronautic logos.

4. Ready for Our Close Up

Hubble Focus: Our Amazing Solar System showcases the wonders of our galactic neighborhood.

5. NASA’s First A 

This book dives into the role aeronautics plays in our mission of engineering and exploration.

6. See More 

Making the Invisible Visible outlines the rich history of infrared astronomy.

7. Ready for a Deeper Dive? 

The NASA Systems Engineering Handbook describes how we get the job done.

8. Spoiler Alert

The space race really heats up in the third volume of famed Russian spacecraft designer Boris Chertok memoirs. Chertok, who worked under the legendary Sergey Korolev, continues his fascinating narrative on the early history of the Soviet space program, from 1961 to 1967 in Rockets and People III.

9. Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The second volume of Walking to Olympus explores the 21st century evolution of spacewalks.

10. No Library Card Needed 

Find your own great read in NASA’s free e-book library.

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okay so since the carmilla fandom is basically dead / going into hibernation until the movie i figured i’d make a fic rec post just for fun (and then go drown myself in riverdale), going from my favourites to decent ones:

white blank page - angsty college sports au and the dopest thing ever

exposure - slow burn and internal suffering and emotions it is gorgeous, college au again but carmilla does photography

i’ll keep you safe if you keep me wild - bounty hunter carmilla moves to the country and an adorable love story 

pens - one shot (which is unusual bc i normally hate them) but its a subway strangers kinda thing

chasing ghosts - post military laura comes back to hometown, spoiler carmilla has a daughter shit gets real fluffy tbh but there’s also some angst

clockwork - i honestly don’t remember this one that well but apparently i liked it so heres a flower shop au 

pandemic - weird infection dystopian thriller au thing but holy shit the plot twist in this one is wild, also i cried at the end soooooo (happy tears i think)

this distant image of our tiny world - space au in a mars colony, hear me out, holy shit the setting is so well described and you can imagine this all so well its beautiful

the minister’s daughter - lgbt christian community, it’s acc quite sweet

absolution - short hollence-hollstein cheat fic, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure

your mom called, you left your game at home - softball rivals and mucho angst turned hate sex??? turned dating (I’m spotting a trend here)

music to my ears - high school band and orchestra au don’t judge it’s cute alright

the road to home - road trip au with a v slow romance but hey ho its a good one

where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - fluffy but mostly plot based hogwarts au yet i ended up enjoying it v much so give it a go

the triwizard tournament - another sappy and soft but more hollstein centric hogwarts au why not

on our last leg - olympic running au, a v v v long one shot i believe

this just can’t be summer love - pretty writing, hawaii romance one shot

four walls - like a fucking action novel holy shit y’all

strangers - incomplete fwb story but damn i wish there was more

(of all persisting stars) - their first time from both povs 

the mirror between us - an okay one shot but i loved the twist

[also not with haste, back to back, god knows it’s not what we would choose to do, she smelled like lilacs, no space among the clouds, maybe the spark between us can light my cigarette, touched by stars, just stay with me, meet me halfway to your heart, gossip column, the sun dont set if we keep heading west]

okay I’m done (for now) (or maybe not wow this takes a long time)

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Eey could you recommend me some podcasts?

My friend I could recommend you many podcasts! Seeing as I don’t know what you’re particularly looking for I’m going to separate them into rough groups :)

Obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list and there are DEFINITELY crossovers. If you want more info on any let me know and I’ll go more in depth!

- Inkwyrm
- Wolf 359
- The Penumbra Podcast
- EOS 10
- The Strange Case of Starship Iris
- The Bright Sessions
- ars Paradoxica
- Hush
- MarsCorp
- LifeAfter
- SubverCity Transmit
- Within the Wires
- The Elysium Project
- You Are Here
- Radiation World
- Sayer
- Space Log
- Adventures of MechaBetty
- Our Fair City

- The Shadowvane Podcast
- Archive 81
- Small Town Horror
- The Magnus Archives
- Mabel
- We’re Alive
- The NoSleep Podcast
- The Lift
- The Deep Vault
- Spines
- Darkest Night
- The Meat Blockade
- Help Me
- Sable

Surreal Shit
- The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
- Welcome to Night Vale
- The Bridge
- Uncanny County
- Greater Boston
- Return Home
- Alice isn’t Dead
- Charlie’s Mailbox
- The Behemoth
- The Alexandria Archives

- Tales of THATTOWN
- Kakos Industries
- King Falls AM
- Wooden Overcoats
- The Rogue’s Gallery
- Supervillain Corner
- Spire
- Qwerpline
- Thrilling Adventure Hour

Journalists Getting into Trouble
- Rabbits
- The Black Tapes
- Passage
- Drywater
- Tanis
- Augustine
- The Tunnels Podcast
- Limetown

The Future is Fucked
- Rover Red
- Liberty: Critical Research
- Freed

- Astonishing Legends
- The Night Time Podcast
- Bizarre States
- Myths and Legends
- Anything Ghost Show
- Lore
- Flash Forward
- The Generation Why Podcast
- Detective
- The Mythology Podcast
- Strange Podcast
- Unexplained
- Stuff to Blow your Mind
- Mysterious Universe

6 Ways NASA Space Communications Connect Astronauts to Earth

1. When Astronauts Phone Home, the Space Network Answers 

Operated by our Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, this communications system enables all types of Earth-to-astronaut communication.  The Space Network is a complex system of ground station terminals and satellites. The satellites, called ‘Tracking and Data Relay Satellites’ or TDRS, provide continuous communications for human spaceflight 24/7/365. The information this network relays includes astronaut communication with Mission Control in Houston, posting live video of spacewalks and live interviews with schools, even posting Tweets on Twitter and doing Facebook posts. The Space Network can even broadcast live 4K, ultra-HD video right from the station. You can now watch an astronaut eat a space taco in high definition. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

2. The Space Network Also Communicates Science Data 

Astronauts on the Space Station perform experiments on the station that will enable our Journey to Mars and other future human space missions. For example, astronaut Peggy Whitson works on a bone cell study that could lead to better preventative care or therapeutic treatments for people suffering bone loss as a result of bone diseases like osteopenia and osteoporosis, or for patients on prolonged bed rest. All that fantastic data is sent back to Earth via our Space Network for scientists around the world to analyze and build on.

3. The Space Network Transmits Spacecraft Health Data

The Space Network not only lets us communicate with the astronauts, it also tracks the ‘health’ of the spacecraft, be it the International Space Station where the astronauts are living, a cargo vehicle servicing the space station, or even, in the near future, crewed vehicles to other worlds. We deliver data on a spacecraft’s state of health, from power generation levels and avionics status to carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, and more to Mission Control 24/7/365.

4. The Space Network Helps Monitor Spacecraft Location

The International Space Station Is pretty big, but space is bigger. The Space Network enables flight controllers on the ground to provide a GPS-type service for the Space Station, letting them track the exact location of the space station at all times as it orbits the Earth. It also allows us Earth-bound folk to get real-time text updates when the Space Station is flying overhead. If you want to track the station, sign up here:

5. The Space Network Supports Launch Vehicles

Goddard’s Space Network also controls all the communications for all the missions that go to the space station. That includes command and telemetry services during launches, free flight, berthing and un-berthing to the station, as well as re-entry and landing back to Earth. 

6. The Space Network Is Also Looking Toward the Future

It’s also helping to test vehicles that will carry astronauts to other worlds. Currently, they are working with teams for our Space Launch System and commercial crew vehicles. The first flights for these vehicles will occur in 2018 and 2019, setting us on the road to Journey to Mars! This image shows the Orion capsule that will aid in our continuous march into space. 

What’s Next for the Space Network? 

We’re continuing to grow! Watch out for the launch of a new TDRS spacecraft in August 2017! TDRS-M is coming. Check out more info here and join our countdown to TDRS launch:


A made up world to live in.
🌳: draw a character napping under a tree

@anxiousgod​ here is the gross weirdo! Unluckily for him something like napping under a real tree wouldn’t be possible ;P


use your violent iron claws to break the lock that closes the space between our worlds, and come forth to bring destruction to our enemies!  –– gandora, the dragon of destruction!

“Yugi uses a silent/toy deck that focuses mainly on cards that have effects that happen gradually throughout the duel, like ‘silent wwordsman LV0′  &&  ‘ground erosion’  ..   for last resorts, he moves on to his ‘gandora the dragon of destruction’.”

Context: Me and two members of my family love dnd, the rest of the family has other interests.. so we talk in private. This is all OOC between an exclusively-rogue player, a fighter, and the DM. We had a developed world space by now, with our own history running about 150 years deep or more, our own characters, random encounters with Batman and Starbucks. Anyway, we hadn’t yet had a session together, nor did we have a full party that also played the same version, since we played 3.5e.

Rogue (Xavier): What if I steal the Elf queen of whats-the-town?

DM: That is your distant cousin, and you’d have to make a lot of good rolls for me to let you.

Fighter (unnamed): What if I help Xavier?

DM: ….

Rogue: And! What if we get ice cream?

DM: ice cream doesn’t exist yet.

Rogue: *laughing* neither does toilet paper, but hey! We don’t question that one!

Fighter: …I’m going inside….

((Afterwards, the rogue and dm had a lengthy, in-depth conversation on toilet paper and acceptable substitutes.))


A reference to my previous post –>

Anyway, this seems pretty significant. The dark hole above Poni Island looks ridiculously similar to the hole above Sinnoh.

And you know where that portal leads to? The Distortion World. Where Giratina resides.

If any of you played the epilogue to Sun and Moon, you have to catch all of the remaining Ultra Beasts.

However, what if Looker did not track all of the remaining beasts? What if the rip that allowed the UBs push their way to our world from Ultra Space never completely closed?

With something so dangerous and catastrophic as other dimensional beings colliding with us causes a huge problem. This should not have happened. It can upset the balance of SPACE and TIME.

Palkia, the deity of space. Dialga, the deity of time. Giratina, the balance between space and time.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s story, could Giratina have sensed the intense disruption of Ultra Space’s collision with our world?

Note, the remakes are named ULTRA Sun and ULTRA Moon. The Ultra Space must have not closed completely.

We, the player, are obviously not strong enough to conquer the Ultra Beasts with just determination and the bond with our own Pokémon.

In Pokémon Platinum, Cynthia, Sinnoh’s Champion, helped and guided us into the Distortion World to contact Giratina.

In Sun and Moon, we can find her at the Battle Tree. At first I thought that was just Game Freak acknowledging Diamond and Pearl.

However, now that this purple void has appeared above Alola, I feel Cynthia must’ve sensed something.

Maybe she will guide us once again to the Distortion World and contact Giratina to fight a much larger threat.

However, Giratina may not be strong enough to do this on his own.

Maybe, just maybe, Giratina will have Palkia and Dialga fight along his side, and finally repair the rip.

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hey hypaa this probably is kind of a weird ask but do you ever get sad being black in fandom? i am & whenever i read fic for.. idk ffxv w readers and such, there will always be a throwaway line that lets me know the author didnt really have black or brown girls in mind. and i can't really fault them for that? but i wish i could write well enough (or was at least brave enough to try?) to do something like that for black girls. ik this is random (sorry!!) but it's been on my mind a lot lately

Honestly, thanks for bringing this up, and don’t apologize for doing so, because it’s a major problem not only in this fandom, but in society in general. If we’re not being fetishized, then we’re forgotten in a sea of lighter, brighter faces that are coined as being the default, the epitome of beauty and all that matters.

It’s something that I try to avoid in my own reader inserts, and most of the reason why I love writing reader inserts anyway because I honestly want the reader to be immersed in what’s going on. I want them to be able to put themselves in the story without having to change intrinsically in order to do so. This is also why I like being relatable in my works, have the reader be more like we all are in everyday life in thoughts and actions rather than some persona that people may be in awe of but can’t really connect to.

This is also the reason why, unless I have a vested interest in the character itself, I do not vibe with OC centered fics. I mean, they’re not black or brown so how can I really connect with the vast majority of them, when as a black woman, I am constantly bombarded with imagery and media and the societal expectation that I should revere and emphasize with Eurocentric beauty standards and mindsets? I may be getting a bit too woke for Tumblr rn (everyone on FB already knows how much of an unapologetic black feminist I can be and I’ve lost many “friends” because of my stances), but like… our struggle is real, fam. There’s improvements every day, but in the words of Maxine Waters:

POC, especially in fandoms, gotta reclaim time. Otherwise, we will be effortlessly erased and no one will think anything of it.

That being said, I wanna write a lil black!reader series with all the bros. I just gotta wait till my muse comes up with something extra asf as set up to make them so great. :D

Dear aliens, please avoid earth at all cost. Possible dangers include being shot because you look intimidating, harassment from humancentric mouth breathers (avoid social media), being held at the airport based on your personal beliefs (check the US first amendment), and unnecessary bathroom drama. If you find yourself in our solar system, just keep on flying.

An Anonymous Earthling👽💕

I am just a speck, on a speck, orbiting another speck, with a bunch of other specks, in the middle of galactic specklessness. What I think and feel doesn’t matter at all. But then, I thought, wait, I have a brain just ‘this’ big, and with that you can imagine all of this, you can know the cosmos and your place within it, you can know your place in space, and that is wonderful, that is remarkable, that is venerable. Being a speck is worthy of respect.
So class of 2015 here’s wishing you the joy of discovery; keep reaching, keep seeking, keep using your abilities to bring out the best in those around you, and let them bring out the best in you. Become the next great generation, you can and you will, dare I say it, change the world.
—  Bill Nye
Pete Wentz on reinvention, neuroses, and success post-emo
  • How’s M A  N   I    A coming along?

Pete Wentz: It’s good! Since we announced that we were going to take some time and push it back, I think that’s really allowed us to make a record that we are passionate about. I think that we always sound pretty sonically different on almost every record, although there are some exceptions. Between Save Rock and Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho there’s less of that gap. I think that delay has allowed us to recalibrate and make something that we want to go around the world for a year and play and perform.

  • People always say after every single record ‘Fall Out Boy have changed!’ but you never said you were one particular thing anyway. People said you changed from emo, but you always just did your own thing anyway.

Pete Wentz: Yeah! Like, listen, when Jay Z was the president of our record label we wanted to make songs that sounded like Jay Z and they just happened to sound like ‘Arms Race’ or whatever. We’re a band that were always too heavy for most pop music and too pop for a lot of heavy music, so we sit in our own little space in the world. Every record people are like, ‘what happened? You’re so different!’ or whatever and I’m like, ‘oh my god’, I never knew we were going to have to go through that forever.I mean, I appreciate it because I know what it’s like. I love The Clash and David Bowie, and they always changed so much. That’s cool but if you fall in love with an era and you don’t know if the next one is going to be any good or compelling or meaningless to you, that’s hard. But when I step back and I look back at David Bowie as a whole, I’m like, ‘this guy’s career is amazing and I can like all of these different parts of him that are so different’, you know? And I hope that we could have like, one iota of that. Of that feeling. One tiny piece of that as a band would mean a ton.

  •  You can’t stay the same. It felt even back then as if you kind of didn’t want to be pushed into that kind of hole or marketed in that way, anyway, right?

Pete Wentz: Right. Yeah! I think that we’ve always kind of been the band that we’ve been. This is all there is, you know? Hopefully that’s enough for somebody. I think that sonically we change but we want to emit a similar feeling for people or have people to feel a similar way. I always want to kind of be – I mean, we can’t play the game for you or live your life for you, but I want to be the orange slices after the game, you know? When kids play soccer or football and they get orange slices and juice boxes after, I want to be that for everybody.

  • I’m mostly just impressed with how you’ve managed to do that, because there are so many bands from that time who did just keep trying to do the same thing and it doesn’t work.

Pete Wentz: I think there’s room for all of us. Whatever anybody wants to do is totally cool to me. Your life and your band and that kind of thing. But to me, I think that any time you get involved in pop culture or pop art or whatever, the responsibility to the audience is to push people to listen to or see things they wouldn’t otherwise. That’s a thing I’ve always been proudest of, that we always push our sound and sometimes we push it too far and sometimes I understand that because we’re meant to make you feel something, you know? I want kids to know that there are rock bands that can play in arenas and festivals and are also played on pop radio at the same time. Like a contemporary rock band. That’s one of the reasons why we do what we do. 

  • You’ve done a pretty good job of keeping people happy

Pete Wentz: Oh, thank you. Sometimes it goes the wrong way and we know that. I know we put out ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ and that song was polarising and we knew before we put it out that it was going to be polarising. Sometimes when you try things that are different sometimes you’re not going to get it. You’re not going to get everybody every single time.


Photography : @pamelalittky

  • It’s like what you say about David Bowie. I love David Bowie, I named my dog after him, but there are still albums that I don’t like.

Pete Wentz: I did too! (laughs) I think the amazing thing about that, and it’s the same thing with The Clash to me is that the body of work is so diverse and there’s so much of it that you’re like, ‘I love these ones, I don’t like this one as much’, but you’re able to do that versus if it’s all kind of the same. Imagine if you grow out of it and there’s just nothing else there? It’s a one note kind of thing and that’s the danger of doing that. Of course the danger of changing is that you change and maybe people are going to have a hard time to change with you and maybe you’ll change into something that your fans can’t follow. That’s a dangerous thing too. Our job as humans is to evolve. You’re not supposed to be like your parents, you’re supposed to be better than your parents. We’re not supposed to be like The Clash. That’s a super important mission.

  • When you went away and came back, it was four years. Music and the world and your scene became very different in that time. It would have been weird if you came back and did the exact same thing all over again

Pete Wentz: Totally. I can think about it honestly now and it just wouldn’t have worked the way we wanted it to. I think that we all went away and did our own things. Every once in a while when I’m talking to somebody, they’ll say, ‘why don’t you just keep doing Take This to Your Grave?’ and I’m like, it would just be really inauthentic for us to do it. If we tried to do it right now it would come out so weird because we’ve experienced the world and it’s been 13 or 14 years and we’re different. If we tried to do it, it would come out like a parakeet. It would seem like a bad copy.

  • You’re so much older and you have kids and you’ve been famous, you can’t really pretend to feel that way.

Pete Wentz: It would be really hard. You can’t go back, you know? I’ve watched bands that I loved growing up try to do that and it’s just really hard because you are just a different person. You lived in a van and it was just a different era in your life

  • I feel like as well as your music, the thing that’s helped you guys have that longevity is that you’ve been so good – especially you – with the business side of it. You’ve always had a lot of different things going on, like your clothing and record labels Clandestine and DCD2.

Pete Wentz: Oh, yeah. I appreciate you saying that. I think that I don’t only think in terms of the songs. We try with the music and some things don’t work and some things do and some things don’t work in the way they’re supposed to, but I love hanging out and doing things with other people who are creative and know how their industries work. I love seeing the ways people minds work and taking part in that. Lots of times I do that in a very amateur kind of way because I’m just learning a lot of it, but it’s really fascinating to see other industries and the way people go about their thing, their craft. 

  •  It seems to me that lately you’re a lot happier and chiller than you’ve ever been. Do you think that’s impacted where you’re going with the music?

Pete Wentz: I think so. When I was in my 20s it was really easy for me to tap into really big emotions, but I didn’t really understand the subtlety of neuroses. Because there are little ones and little things that we all kind of have, and I think about that and I think that that influenced a lot of things we wrote on this record. There’s a subtlety there about all the little twitches and flaws that interconnect us as human beings. The same little things and anxieties that I have I’m sure that some kid in Scotland or some kid in Florida has similar things, you know? They interconnect us and that’s what makes us human beings. I’ve chosen to focus on and write about that this time around. Yeah, I think it does influence it. It’s harder to tap into those really big, raw emotions now but those are really easy to tap into when you’re a 22-year-old guy writing.

Lead photo Marcus Maschwitz

The signs as Disneyland rides

aries: matterhorn
taurus: thunder mountain
gemini: buzz lightyear astro blasters
cancer: the haunted mansion
leo: pirates of the caribbean
virgo: splash mountain
libra: the teacups
scorpio: autopia
sagittarius: indiana jones adventure
capricorn: space mountain
aquarius: tom sawyer island
pisces: it’s a small world

Cancer is born under the sway of Spirit’s timing. Her half crescent moon smile waxes and wanes, as she hears the longings of Kairos to indulge in the spaces between our worlds, to slip between the numbers on the clock into a world where the past, present, and the future collide in one grand ensemble. The individual can perceive the timing of the cosmos. She is full of kairos moments - memories that never fade, the feeling of being cradled by arms as
the ticking clock turns into an infinite orchestra. This takes place in God’s temple, it opens up a home for Cancer. The duality of Cancer, that is Capricorn, rules chronicle time. 

Originally posted by spaceeblack

There is an intimacy with synchronicity if she learns to view the world through her two full moon eyes and the one in between, listening to the calls of the Spirit to feel the reverberation of music in her ear, taste the caramel of sunsets, and feel the milk dripping from the moon. 


Humans are weird

So I’ve seen a lot of these posts recently and I thought I’d add to the collection.

-Humans adapt to situations well, for example, I can’t find the article, but basically the NHS was using snapchat to send patient updates, scans etc to other Doctors and Nurses because it was quicker and easier than faxing the information, regardless of the fact they weren’t supposed to. Humans find ways to make things easier and quicker, regardless of the rules.

-Something I’ve been thinking on for a while, Alien Abductions. So what if aliens saw us, on our death world being space orcs and was like yeahh nahh to the straight forwards approach. I’ve seen some alien abduction stories, and most of them contain testing or creating half human babies. What if they did that so when they do introduce themselves they send the half humans in, because they saw what we did to members of our own species over looks, so what would we do to them?

-Another thing I was thinking about was monsters, or more accurately the phrase or similar ones. “They’ve monsters” ect referring to particularly nasty humans. What if aliens think that there’s a subspecies of humans called monsters, that they’re violent and inflict pain but look exactly like humans? E.g. Hitler, terrorists, abusers etc.

Just some thoughts I had to share. Feel free to use any of this, but link me if you do.

I feel like I’ve known you for years. Like we’re connected. Like I was put on this Earth to find you. Our love is so big the world doesn’t have space for it. I feel it leaking into our sheets when we’re in bed. There is so much love between us it should be named it’s own country and have its own currency. I think I’ve known you since the beginning of time. It just took me a little bit to remember, but I see it now. You were always with me. Everywhere I’ve ever stepped, you were with me. I love you in loads. In shouts. In the potholes on the streets. I love you in flat tires. There are worlds where we’ve never met. Worlds where you and I passed each other by and we never knew it. Worlds where I never saw your face. But in this one I hold your hand and we run away together and we never come back.

What sort of biographies was Lucretia writing that she got picked for a space mission? 

Our world biographers tend to have an easy time of it these days, or at least aren’t expected to be in on the action directly, but our girl Lucretia was a Fantasy Biographer, and that might mean things were a little rougher. As the McElroys point out, any world where a big portion of the population has devastating magical powers is going to be a little rough and tumble. Therefore I would like to suggest that maybe she was less of a library dweller and more of a low-tech war correspondent. 

She was the girl they sent when they needed someone on hand to document a dragon’s rampage or the defeat of an evil warlord; with enough magic to keep herself safe, an ability to write just about anywhere, and a supernaturally level head in a crisis. Shy little Lucretia was never directly in the action but she saw a lot of it. She started getting attached to adventuring parties as a teenager. Need someone to document your heroic quest? Rather than a loud bard or a fragile old historian you could bring one, low maintenance, fairly self sufficient young woman. Give her food and a bedroll and a sold fifty percent of the book royalties and you have a best seller on your hands. 

Her crew members had her pegged as the sort of person who would faint at the sight of blood, and in fact weren’t quite sure why the IPRE had picked her until there was a food fight in the cafeteria and she was the only person to come out of it unscathed and with a blow-by-blow understanding of who started it. (Taako.) She would scale a three story tree just to get a good vantage point of the test flights of their ship. Every once in a while she would casually name-drop some bloody fight she recorded or quietly and sadly mention the time she was trailing an adventuring team and they all got slaughtered by bandits. (Lucretia escaped by offering to write the bandit leader’s memoirs.) She still cringed at the sight of blood and didn’t talk much, but everyone’s respect for her skyrocketed after that. 

I looked at you like you hung the moon, you looked at me like I painted the stars; and then we kissed.
—  The sky was overcast so we made our own galaxy