be obnoxious

…AAAND artist of the year goes to mark minhyung absolutely fully capable lee of neo culture technology for participating in 4 comebacks, aka 4 mini albums worth of self written raps, 1 rap survival program (while promoting in 2 different units simultaneously), 2 sm station songs, all while being a 17/18 year old high school student

this ‘I can’t wait for the McElroys do to something shitty’ mindset 100% comes from this toxic environment where y’all have to justify why you do or don’t like something based on ‘problematic’ behavior

if you instinctively get annoyed with something and it’s not ‘problematic’ you idiots start wishing it was so you can take the ‘moral highground’ to mock and belittle the fans out of existence

remember when @danielhowell wore savannah brown merch and it was actually the best thing ever

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