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HELLO. today is the day that i’m gonna cry forever because i need money.

half of the money i had for a important cosplay (friends are counting on me) disappeared somehow and i can’t find anywhere— i’m such an useless person 

i have less than 7 days to get enough money and buy my stuff and also help them, idk what to do, so i’ll be opening cheap commissions–

its ok if you cant help, but please, reblog? i need help, i really do. i understand that my art is not good enough, but please, i’m desperate, i already died from crying too much because i feel awful

okay, i can’t do those very amazing commission posts with those images and stuff but i’ll be selling drawings like these for 6$ (3$ for additional character)

and like these for 8$ (4$ for additional character). i’ll work more on the coloring, promise~

if you wish, you can add 2$ to your buy and you’ll receive a bonus simple colored sketch/doodle. it’ll be a bit messy and like, a headshot/bust.

♦ i do ocs, fanart
♦ i do semi-nsfw, gore
♦ i don’t do too complicated characters, mechas, furries
♦ (TBA)

payment will be through Paypal. 

donations are as well very appreciated

any questions, IM me. not ask. 

i promise i’ll be doing a better post when i have time, but i’m desperate. 

SKAM Questions

(Just inbox me the number and I’ll answer any of the questions!)

1. Favourite character
2. Favourite sesong
3. Least favourite ship
4. OTP
5. Favourite friendship
6. Favourite group
7. Favourite episode from each season
8. Favourite actor/actress
9. Favourite line
10. Favourite scene from season ____
11. Opinion on season 4
12. Least favourite character
13. Top 5 SKAM songs
14. Scene you cried at
15. Scene you cried laughing at
16. Favourite Norwegian quote to say
17. _____ vs ______ (send the blanks)
18. Least favourite moment
19. Most underrated character
20. Most overrated character
21. Favourite line of _____ character
22. Favourite visual
23. Favourite Hey Briskeby Video
24. Favourite _____ outfit
25. What you’ve learned from SKAM


I would not be true to myself if I didn’t make a post talking about the 3J performance from BTS’s Home Party. So here we go.

First, let me say that I desperately need a full fancam/bangtan bomb of this performance since the vlive version has a lot of awkward cuts and framing that makes it difficult to see a lot of the more intricate moves. Don’t get me wrong, this is already a mind blowing performance, but the bomb version will be even better. I saw something about CH+ getting individual fancams? If that happens let me know. I honestly might become a CH+ subscriber just for that because honestly, this performance. My god.

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anonymous asked:

look i'm gay as all hell tbh but um (and what i'm about to say is embarrassing and sinful) in 'hero or hatecrime'.. hearing glenn say the word 'cunt' ... he just... idk... it sounds so hot the way he says it... like i dont want to be That Person but if glenn swore at me in person like that, it would full on 100% make me *** lmaooooooo

ok so i really hate that word but you inspired me to rewatch that part in “hero or hate crime” and DEAR GOD the way glenn says it has no right being that hot. in my disgusting opinion he can make any curse word sound pleasing (i hate to bring up coffee town, but he says “fuck” like every other scene and it’s unbelievably hot!!!! i hate myself!!!!) so like… everything you said = Big Mood


hey  !! uhm, I don’t know how old this post may be, but could you please credit @doritomeatbag ?? they work really hard on their work :“^)

  1. i have no idea who that is
  2. i have been making these comics for literal years now, if anyone is stealing my artwork it should be obvious by now
  3. don’t claim art theft on something you’re not sure of

Please tell me we get some actual spoilers next week, not some weird vague ones or little hints from people that know something about this upcoming storyline, but actual spoilers about what is about to happen.  

All this differentiating between speculation and what is actually confirmed is getting really exhausting

Hansol - Topp Dogg

Hello fellow K-Pop fans of tumblr, I’d like to make an announcement.

Recently, a member from a group that I occasionally listen to had an Instagram live. On his live he was discussing how he wanted to kill himself, and was walking dangerously close to the edge of a busy road. Some of you already know who I’m talking about. If you don’t, I’m talking about Hansol from Topp Dogg.

If you don’t know about Topp Dogg, I don’t blame you, I didn’t know about them until early last year.

Topp Dogg have been around since 2013, and I don’t think a single music video of theirs ever reached past 1 or 2 million views ( sometimes not even that many ). They also had 4 members quit, one went on Produce 101. They’ve never done well popularity wise and they’re about to disband.

This is seriously depressing if you remember that these boys have probably trained their whole lives to be apart of the idol industry. Gave up having normal teenage lives maybe even childhoods, training, dieting, loosing sleep, being separated from family for long periods of time. They did all of that, and they didn’t even know if they were going to make it into a group or be kicked out.

I feel terrible for not taking more time to get to know this group better, because they are big sweethearts who are very talented and hardworking. When I heard about Hansol, I felt my heart break. I was close to tears. He’s such a beautiful boy with a contagious smile and laugh, and hearing that he’s suicidal is nothing but scary.

I ask that if you are religious please pray for Hansol, leave positive comment on his Instagram.

If this group does end up disbanding, I don’t want them going out like this. Please check out their music, stream it, watch their mvs. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but these boys deserve so much better. I want to give them better.


Pool Games Inc 2.0

“So this had been Pool Games Inc, we did it a second year, we won’t do it a third year probably…based on the reaction to this one.”

“Think twice before you ask us every day for a year to do a sequel to a video, cause this is what happens.”