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  • Richard Spencer, the notorious white nationalist, was met by hundreds of student protesters Tuesday evening during his speaking engagement at Texas A&M University. 
  • Police officers, equipped with helmets and protective shields, clashed with protesters who were blocking the banquet hall in College Station, Texas, where Spencer was speaking.
  • A Facebook Live uploaded by Texas A&M senior Hana Zeenath Khan shows police officers clashing with protesters. They are heard chanting “the whole world is watching.”

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Don't try to cut in the drive-thru line.

This was a while back but me and a former co-worker would always go to the coffee shop drive-thru (Tim Hortons) to get coffee and some breakfast sandwiches.

This particular store was notorious for being very busy. It’s a Tim Hortons and a Wendy’s built together so there was 2 drive-thrus on either side of the building, there is also a gas station to make things worse.

So one day my co-worker was driving and I was in the passenger seat waiting in line to enter the drive-thru. This asshole creeps in from the side of the line and tries to slowly drive in and get in front of us in the line, there are many cars behind and in front of us. My co-worker honked at him while gesturing “what the fuck are you doing”, guy is like “its ok to let someone in” with a shitty grin and just kept on creeping. This guy didn’t even ask if it was OK to get in front of us, he just friggin started driving like a douche with no intention to stop.

My and co-worker were having none of that. I get out of the car and stand right in front of his hood! Whatcha gonna do now bitch!! My co worker eventually moved into the drive through and I got back into the car. I also saw the cars behind wouldn’t let him through either so he was just standing there!!

It felt really good when I was in front of his car, just seeing the look on his face.

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Infatuation (pt4)

“Watching him walk smoothly from the porch and down the street, I waited until his tall figure disappeared into the darkness before I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. A pink blush prominent on my cheeks.

A/N - HEY GUYS so i loved writing this chapter!!! my fave so far! i hope you guys like this too bc ahhh!! this is actually going so well, thanks for all the support guys ^^^ - Kaitlin

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Genre: Fluffy? Angsty? Fuckboy!Taehyung, Fuckboy!BTS

Members: Taehyung x Reader, All of BTS at some point

Word count: 2572

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Brando a rapist?

Marlon Brando is being denounced as a rapist for an anal sex scene in Last Tango in Paris. If you read the article in the Daily Mail (UK) that is the source for the story, Maria Schneider says she cried “even though what Marlon was doing wasn’t real.”  (Here’s a link to the source:  She said she “felt a little bit raped”, but she means emotionally.

People are making condemnations in angry tweets and Facebook posts (and here on Tumblr, too), but they haven’t read Maria Schneider’s story. There was no actual rape. It was a simulated sex scene. I’m not saying Schneider was treated well. Young actors - young women especially - are notoriously exploited by directors. That’s a horrible thing. Brando and Bertolucci may well be assholes, but that’s quite different from being a rapist.

I know I’ll regret getting into this controversy, but please read the article linked above before sending me angry messages.

Dude, he can justify all he wants, but the writing was still sloppy and out of character, wish realm or not. If you have to do this much clarifying and tap dancing to impart what you’re trying to say, you’re not saying it well

My dude has just got to quit with this whole dangling of future payoff. And I’m not just talking with Captain Swan. CS (or lack thereof) was actually my smallest issue with this episode. But they are consistently promising answers and closure on storylines, and consistently not delivering. Too much seems to get cut or happen offscreen or simply get jammed into 30 seconds at the end of the episode through clunky exposition. 

(Note: I’m in no way demanding he bend storytelling to fan will. They absolutely should not. But boyfriend notoriously does bend his public comments and dialogue to bait various factions of the fandom in a way that is clearly an effort to entice viewership. And that shit ain’t cool.)

I understand the Once universe is complex, but as an überfan that’s been watching/obsessed for 6 years now, if I can’t keep up without massive clarification via fan metas or writer interviews…who the fuck can?

Do not get me wrong. I am still a massive fan. And I will continue to tune in every week, hopeful and excited. Because I’m sure we will have great moments to come. But the show tends to whiff more than it hits these days, which is typical for an aging show. So I guess it’s more that the rose colored glasses have slipped down my nose, allowing for a more realistic view of what the show is and a little less patience for being fed crap.

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Magnus Bane was a notoriously powerful warlock, even with the jabs and teasing from his friends, most people knew not to mess with the man who’d made a habit of causing natural disasters as a child. Even if they had been completely by accident.

Somehow, though, Valentine Morgenstern seemed as if he hadn’t gotten the memo.

A low growl escaped Magnus throat as he glared at the Circle goon who had the nerve to come into his apartment and try to attack him. Again. With a flick of his wrist, Magnus sent the man flying into the wall and for just a moment his cat eyes flashed — he really wasn’t in the mood for this. “One of these days, Valentine will learn to stop sending people after me.” He hissed, and with another wave of his hand the man was flying across the loft and into a bookshelf that promptly collapsed on him. This time he didn’t get back up — unconscious, probably. Still Magnus growled once more and knocked him against a few more walls for good measure.


German Officer Helmet Cover

Manufactured in the German Empire c.~1914-15.
Canvas, sheet steel and leather, used to cover a Pickelhaube’s shiny details in the trenches.
Although many nations still retained the use of archaic shiney helmet, right from the start of World War 1 they were provided with dull cloth covers to avoid being used as target. This type of camouflage was notoriously used by the French cuirassier who were also issued one for their namesake breastplates.


Klance Aesthetic: Starfighter AU

“I’ve always been the best,if you slow me down don’t think I won’t leave you behind. But if you can keep up…I’ll show you something nice.”

Forced together by military command, Navigator Lance ‘Pisces’ McClain is paired with the notorious fighter Keith 'Aries’ Kogane who has next to no concept of 'respect’. Between using their starfighter Leonis to waste Galra fleets and nightly reoccuring power struggles, Lance begins to notice increasingly odd behaviour from his partner the closer they get to attacking the Galran Central Command System. He tries to ignore it, tries to make up probably excuses, he really does. After all, 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ is just a stupid Earth saying, right?

Ft. Commander Alfor, Lead Fighter Shiro, Lead Navigator Allura, Navigator Pidge, and Fighter Hunk.

How To Open And De-Seed A Pomegranate

Gimme Some Oven writes:

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore these little gems (that literally look like cute little gems, right?!).  And during the short time of year that they’re in season, I always keep at least a few pomegranates stocked in my fridge so that I can sprinkle them on salads, mix them into one of my favorite salsas, brighten up some tacos, garnish some sangria or cocktails or ice cream, or — my favorite — just pop them as a snack like candy.  So good!!

That said, though, pomegranates definitely make you work for it, and can be notoriously tricky (and messy) to open.  So today, I thought I want to share with you my favorite two methods for safely opening a pomegranate and getting all of those delicious little gems (did you know they’re technically called “arils”) out of the shell and into your recipe…without splattering bright red pomegranate juice all over you in the process.

Do you know both methods?


A retail store called Rockin’ R Outfitters in Colchester, Illinois is having a tiger cub from the notorious Brown’s Oakridge Zoo at its store this Sunday for cub petting. Please call and email Rachel at 309-833-1555 and and politely ask her to cancel the cub. Cub handling is cruel, not cool.

Learn more about cub handling at

Learn about Brown’s Oakridge Zoo at

santova  asked:

So western society is notoriously monogamous and while it's less so now there was a larger emphasis on marrying until death do you part in our culture. With our colorful friends and their 3 sort of castes are there any norms or expectations for relationships and raising young?

The Idul on: LOVE

as with everything else, it varies across the cultures!
So let’s start with ICE

Have a concept of romance similar to western ideas! Find a partner, just one, they will be the other that fufills Special emotional and physical needs. Monogamous.
Not very…Sex positive? Recreational Foolin Around is seen as kind of Weird…romance and sex are not tied to each other, but they kind of have that mindset of “should only be for procreation, not Fun”. Also if you’re gonna make baby birds make them only with That One.
There is a concept of Marriage! When u find that one and only…..keep em…… (though marriages are also seen somewhat like a contract between two successful business partners)

ALSO, pda is frowned upon a bit. Keep it to yourself unless you’re one of those married powercouples that seem to rule the world.

The general mentality is very much the Many over the individual. More family/community oriented, w plenty of communal n extended family kind of living set ups…
SO while they do have Marriage and Romantic relationships, marriages are of convenience more often than love.
So like…it’s not uncommon to marry a family friend for whatever benefit they’ll bring, then Pursue a romantic relationship with someone else. Romance and marriage are not tied together
Also tend to be monogamous!

Once again the odd ones out: no concept of “"romance”“
There are Friends, Close Friends, Sexy Friends, Friends You Would Die For, and Blood Relatives.
Bonding is encouraged!! Especially among Teeth, who tend to be especially…free..amongst squads (flocks?), bc the stronger the connection w your warpack the better you’ll do. That kinda thing…
Would be viewed as Poly as Hell (generally).
The sexy part of relationships..also encouraged! Making baby birds however, is a Duty, not a..Couple’s Next Step kind of thing (blood parents don’t raise the children anyway). So if ur able to, try not to make a baby, but feel free to have fun if it brings u Closer to someone.
They tend to be pretty outwardly affectionate! And all around a more social society, which visiting Tetmin tend to find jarring……

ah but there is a Time and a place for Affectionate activities…in case I’m making it sound like a pile of bird hippies…work work work duty duty duty comes First.


Jehanparnasse Aesthetic: Idol AU

“He’s cute…”
“Our comeback is riding on him don’t you dare fuck this up ‘Parnasse.

When internationally acclaimed dancer Jehan Prouvaire is called in to choreograph a routine for an idol group, the last thing he expected was to be dealing with the notorious top Diva himself. Here’s hoping Montparnasse forgot all about The Thing in middle school…
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A random one shot I (kiera here) wrote

Words: 1,031

Warnings: A few f-bombs. Sorry not sorry

Summary: After catching your boyfriend, Benson, cheating on you, you took some time off at The Blind Pig, only to be continuously hit on by a dude. Unexpectedly, a young man came to help, and offered his company to you, which you gladly excepted.

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long stories // newt scamander

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December 7, 1916 - David Lloyd George Becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain

Pictured - The notorious DLG. Lloyd George was known for his fiery oratory and stubborn views. Unlike Asquith he was energetic and dynamic, and prone to meddling with his generals, with brought him into conflict with General Haig.

David Lloyd George replaced the late Lord Kitchener as Britain’s Secretary for State for War in 1916. The Welsh Liberal was a gifted politician, and one of the few men in the British cabinet thought to have any aptitude for war - as Minister of Munitions he had helped resolve the Shell Crisis one year prior. Lloyd George’s skill, however, reflected threateningly against the Prime Minister, H.H. Asquith, who was seen as sluggish and uninspired in his handling of the conflict. When Asquith asserted himself and decided to form a new War Cabinet in December, Lloyd George rebelled, along with Andrew Bonar Law, the leader of the Conservatives, Arthur Balfour, the First Lord of the Admiralty, and with the support of Lord Northcliffe, the owner of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail.

Faced with this united front, Asquith resigned on December 5, after eight years in office. On the 7th Lloyd George accepted his position as new Prime Minister. His reign would continue until 1922. As PM Lloyd George proved much more energetic than “Old Squiff”, but his dyamism and fondness for meddling in military strategy brought him into direct conflict with Britain’s generals, particularly Sir Douglas Haig. Lloyd George hated Haig and thought he was a butcher, and in 1918 would go so far as to withhold reinforcements from the Western Front so Haig could not have them. 

rockett-to-the-purple-moon  asked:

In MS, Edward doesn't seem to address why he had to sit through that first Bio class with Bella. If the thirst was SO BAD why not just leave the room instead of suffering there for 50 minutes? Surely a detention for cutting class or claiming to be sick would be better than committing any of the murders he was planning when sitting next to Bella! He doesn't say the teachers were already suspicious of his attendance record this month, that he had to be on best behavior - nothing.

You would think like “I’m going to be sick” and running from the room would have been easier than sitting there and enduring it, right? As weird as it sounds, though, I would almost bet that thought never occurred to SM when she wrote it, and I speak from experience.

My parents are notoriously leery of buying things online, so they’ll often give me money to buy things for them so they don’t have to give out their credit card numbers. Once, when I was in college, they wanted me to buy concert tickets for them. They were going to go on sale at a certain date at 10am and I was like “I can do it but I have class at 10am so I won’t be able to do it right then, so you might not get the best seats” and like until a friend was like “… you could just go to class late” it NEVER OCCURRED to me to do that because I was (who am I kidding, AM) such a huge nerd and goody two shoes that like, going late to class or even skipping it entirely was just not a solution my brain was gonna come up with.

So I could imagine a scenario when SM just honestly didn’t think of that as a solution to Edward’s problem. lol But yeah–some reasoning would have been helpful here, a suspicious teacher, too many recent absences, something. If she DID think of it and just dismissed it, then it was obviously for heightened

I wonder if like, Emmett, was all “wait so you just sat there for 50 minutes in agony trying not to kill everyone? You could have just left, bro. You’re not a real high school student.”

24 days of Books (7)

There are 18 days to Christmas and I thought I would do something a little bit different. So, everyday till Christmas I will post a book recommendation. It will be a math or math related book of course ^_^ Enjoy

‘It must be Beautiful – Great Equations of Modern Science’ edited by Graham Farmelo

“It Must Be Beautiful is a wide-ranging collection of writings that lift the lid on some of the most influential — and notorious — equations of all time. This book brings together gifted scientists and writers, including Nobel Prize winners, to interpret the scientific work of the 20th century and place it in historical perspective. Each essay presents the essence of an equation, explains why it is fundamental, defines its scope and limitations, and finally states its importance in the wider intellectual and popular culture.

Each equation (beginning with E=mc²) is lucidly explained, but what makes this unlikely book readable is that the scientists and mathematicians are given flesh – and – blood reality, as prone to drink, infidelities, and sins as are poets and politicians” (by Harper’s Magazine)

To make you curious about the book, here are some articles that you can find: ‘The Logistic Map’ by Robert May ( he is President of the Royal Society and Professor of Zoology at Oxford University. He was appointed Lord May of Oxford in 2001 and to the Order of Merit in 2005); ‘The Mathematics of Evolution’ by John Maynard Smith (Emeritus Professor of Biology at Sussex University); ‘The Einstein Equation of General Relativity’ by Roger Penrose ( Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. He was knighted in 1994 and was appointed to the Order of Merit in 2000); and more. Discovery talked about them as ‘experts from the world of science [who] explain, with remarkable passion, the attraction (and frustration) of working with equations’.  

In conclusion, the book shows that ‘Mathematics possesses not only truth but supreme beauty’ (Bertrand Russell) and also that ‘inside every ugly  fact is a beautiful theory trying to escape’ (Professor Steve Jones). You can purchase the book from here ( don’t forget to use the ‘Look inside’ from Amazon, to read the first essay from the book).

Level of mathematics:  This book is really incredible easy to read. Bare in mind the fact that it was recommended to me in my first year of university and I wasn’t sure if I could read it or not, because (obviously) my level was not high enough for some strong equations. But their explanations are fantastic, captivating and (more important) easy to comprehend.