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Demon!AU Jungkook Smut? >~>

for the 160901 drabble game. ♡

title: victory (m)

word count: 1441

a/n: listen….. I am actually so tempted to create a full series for this AU because I had so much fun writing this skdfjha I LOVE DEMON AUS URGH. this was partially based on a prompt I saw a while back but I don’t have the link ;;; anyways I hope you like it anon!!

warnings: depictions of gore, death, etc.

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”There’s a letter up there, I just know it,” she says in a voice filled with such hope that he doesn’t speak. “There’s one waiting up there for me to read.”

He nods and smiles politely; he doesn’t want to break that innocence. It’s a sweet naivety, one he hadn’t seen in a long time, and he wants to preserve it. So, he asks,

“What are you going to do?”

She beams. “I’ll keep wishing until the note appears.” Her eyes are locked on a falling star, glittering brilliantly, and his breath catches, as he fell for her. He is no different from a star, but she’s his galaxy.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #52 // Note on Constellations

Born Today, August 29, in 1915, the Legendary Ingrid Bergman…

“Are you suggesting that this is a knife I hold in my hand? Have you gone mad, my husband?” - Ingrid Bergman as Paula Alquist in Gaslight

Over 50 film and television roles… 3 Oscar Wins (Best Actress for Gaslight and Anastasia plus Best Supporting Actress for Murder on the Orient Express) plus 4 Best Actress Nominations (For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Bells St. Mary’s, Joan of Arc, Autumn Sonata) and so many more… Casablanca, Spellbound, Notorious, Cactus Flower, Saratoga Trunk, Indiscreet…

Captain Canary: Imagine #36 “Howling for You”

Imagine:  The Snart family has been notoriously known for their unique hunting skills.  For generations, they were sworn to protect Central City from the supernatural phenomena’s that threaten their way of living.  

While patrolling, Leonard is nearly attacked by a group of invaders, only to be saved by a lone wolf.  The wolf, injured from the attack, is taken back to their headquarters were Leonard begins to see the wolf take its human form.

Leonard knows he shouldn’t get attached, but there is something about this she-wolf that has him tethered.

lmfao that last post…

I’m not laughing at it but I’m laughing at how bad I am at set up/organization/upselling and talking to people who are cool while fighting off table barnacles.

Artists on the majority are like weird little gollums who create wonderful things. Some of them are good at going out into the sunlight and conversing with total strangers. Some are a weird inbetween. Some are BAD. AT. PEOPLE. I’ve been at cons where no one is selling and cons where even the most flimsiest of art/product is selling like hot cakes. Depends on the con but sometimes some artists can’t fake it til you make it the entire weekend. I was lucky to have a brainwashing training at Disney AND Starbucks.

But a good rule to go by is that if an artist is obviously swamped that’s probably not the best time to ask for personal things. Come back later. They aren’t going anywhere.

If its a con like AX which is NOTORIOUS for theft, don’t be wigged out if the artist is watching their table like a hawk. (I tape anything that can be snatched down….which bites me in the butt if I want to sell display pieces lol)

I am CONSISTENTLY late on setting up on the first day. I’m only just now getting the hang of it lol. I consistently forget to bring plastic bags for prints, and I never know what to do with the bazillion postcards I have.

For AX I didn’t have all my merch out until the last day lol I’m pretty good at talking to strangers at cons but I will run out of steam and energy at some point. Lol I was so swamped at AX I asked one of my customers(that sounds terrible to say?) to run and get a stevetony charm for me. But they were sold out lol

Krusca was super great and brought so many snacks. SO MANY SNACKS as gifts to the artists.

Bring snacks or water or caffeinated beverages to artists. They usually appreciate that as much as buying their merch.

In other news! Please visit me at Yaoicon and Comikaze! I’ll aslo have a table next year for Emerald City Comic Con, Silicon Valley Comic Con and Anime Expo (probably comikaze again). I’m still trying to get a response from Wondercon ….I also wanna do Flame Con and Heroes Con.

I have a band story:
So my high school’s football team is notorious for losing and never scoring. We haven’t won a game since my freshman year and haven’t scored since my junior year. This season we left the second game early (not because we were losing, but because earlier there was a lightning delay and by the time 3rd quarter started it already after midnight) and as we passed the scoreboard on the bus, we noticed that we had finally scored. They didn’t have any instruments, but they still sang our schools fight song. I never loved my band so much. 😭

Cute slice of life scenes for the anipoke fandom to consider:

Travelers figuring out how to pack their items for maximum storage and good weight distribution

Arguing over backpack brands because fuck you Thick Fat brand backpacks have the nicest padding in the straps but Sand Stream bags are notorious for being the best at resisting the elements

Different characters discuss the difference between traditional animals and Pokemon and the morality on how they treat each

Challenging each other to make a joke with the name of every Pokemon in their party

Characters bothering each other when they’re waiting for a gym to open

Strangers sharing the Pokemon center rooms when space is running short

New trainers realizing they’ve worn groves into their pokeballs by holding certain ones constantly or that there’s finger print stains on them and that’s how they recognize their Pokemon without opening the ball.

Commercials for pokeball holsters in pretty much anywhere you’d expect a gun or a knife holster.

i make the lowest hourly pay in my store after one other person who is notorious for being USELESS and never doing anything, while im constantly going out of my way to do things i’m not responsible for and covering other people’s asses and i honestly need to just force myself to STOP doing more than is expected of me until management learns to appreciate me and actually realize how much i do. i’ve been in my department longer than anyone now besides the manager there and i make the least by one full dollar per hour at the very least. new hires make an entire dollar more than me. when one specific manager closes, i end up being responsible for recovering the ENTIRE store on top of closing my department, and stress myself out when i’m not capable of doing three people’s work and the store looks like a mess. i do way more than is necessary for me and it’s leading to way too much stress for me and not enough payoff and i’m tired of doing shit for other people when they don’t care.

FMLS 90 Day 27 and 28

Day 27: Share one, non-tumblr thing that motivates and inspires you. 

These two lovely people right here:

My son and my husband are my life and I want to be around for them.  I also want to be a good role model for my son so that he can have a healthy relationship with food. These two inspire me to be better and to not give up on my goals!

Day 28:  Weekly report time.  

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I weighed-in yesterday at Weight Watchers and was up again.  I tracked pretty well last week, although I did have a few slip ups. I just can’t quite believe that the scale has only gone up over the last 2 weeks. Oh well, I’ve had a day to let it sink in, and I choose to keep fighting and to keep trying. My goal this week is to track everything! I’m notorious for tracking most of the day, but that’s clearly not working for me right now so I have to up my game. I’m also thinking about joining my husband’s gym this week. Here it goes to another week!

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This one is so notorious that you doubtless know of it already, but I have to ask. What about Foodfight?

FOODFIGHT……… .. … .  I’ll be honest, I haven’t made it through the whole thing. I was alone and I think it takes 2+ people to watch it, otherwise you’ll go crazy and loose your mind. 

If I make it through some day, I’ll write a review summarizing my thoughts on this…. horror