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The “fan movie” thoughts.

Here’s the thing about the Supernatural “fan movie”. They shot themselves in the foot by having a fan unjustly banned from a con and and then blocking hundreds of fans who said no, this is wrong (Clif, his wife at the time, Mitch, etc., all went on blocking sprees). We’re not going to support a film whose creators treat us that way. Also, putting people in the film who are notorious for bullying, threatening, cajoling fans and being nasty to actors while gossiping about families and secret gay marriages is not a good tone (Kelios, anyone?). They’re also working with WinchesterBros, owned and operated by similar people associated with Kelios who routinely exclude actors and fans they don’t like while claiming to be an all-inclusive fan site. Lastly, the amount of money they want us to donate is more than renting a feature on iTunes. It seems grabby. So if they’re noticing the lack of immediate support, maybe they should ask themselves why. I’ll just be over here not watching the movie like a bad fan.

Variety review @guylodge

Hardy’s astonishing, award-caliber twin turn as the notorious Kray brothers deepens and darkens Brian Helgeland’s biopic.

There are two good reasons to make what might otherwise seem an inessential new biopic of Ronnie and Reggie Kray — and both of them, as it happens, take the formidable form ofTom Hardy. Playing both the infamously savage Cockney crime lords in a dazzling feat of thespian self-splicing to rival Jeremy Irons in “Dead Ringers,” Hardy’s inspired twin turn elevates and complicates the otherwise straightforward terrain of “Legend,” in which U.S. writer-helmer Brian Helgeland gives London’s East End gangland a slightly touristic candy-coating of Swinging ’60s glamor. While Helgeland’s script lacks the wit and grit of his Oscar-winning job on “L.A. Confidential,” this lengthy, engrossing underworld saga creditably attempts to work a female perspective — that of Reggie’s innocent wife, Frances — into these laddish proceedings. If the Hardy Boys’ film-swallowing contribution ultimately thwarts the effort, that can’t be helped.

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Some things you may not have known about Michael Clarke Duncan…

He use to work security for celebrities such as LL Cool J and Will Smith, including The Notorious BIG, quitting after BIG’s death.

These connections helped get him cast in bit and background roles, such as playing craps with Chris Tucker in the “THAT’S MY BIKE” scene from Friday.
Mike was discovered working out in an LA gym by Michael Bay and was invited to audition for Armageddon. He said that he couldn’t believe he was auditioning for such big names and when they cast him in the room he immediately started crying. “My momma is gonna be so proud of me.”

Ben Affleck and Bay have said that Big Mike’s first day on Armageddon was rough, and that he was doing the character completely wrong. It took Bay to pull him aside and tell him that he wanted Mike to BE HIMSELF for him to pull off the lovable character of Bear, a favorite from the film who gets some of the biggest laughs.

Armageddon costar Bruce Willis recommended Duncan for his famous role in The Green Mile. The performance earned him an Oscar and a Globe nomination, among others.

To play Kingpin in Daredevil he added 40lbs onto his 6'5" body for the role. Not being able to regain the weight in 2004 was a factor in his character not returning in Elektra, though he was interested. It was around this time that Mike became a vegetarian and activist for the fair treatment of animals.

Friends have said that he never got a big head as a result of his career success and what they miss most about him is his laugh.

December 10, 1957 - September 3, 2012

I ultimately preferred Stanford dragging Stanley away, but I had to draw at least one panel’s worth of Ford with Darwin’s blissed-out expression.

South Carolina state prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the 21-year old white man charged with gunning down nine black worshippers in a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Associated Press reports that according to court documents, Scarlett A. Wilson, the South Carolina state solicitor overseeing the case, has indicated her office plans to pursue the death penalty because more than two people were killed during the massacre.

Prosecutors say Roof targeted the historic black church “in order to make his attack more notorious”

Standalone recommendations

I’m notorious for starting, but not finishing, series. I can’t commit, so for that reason I love standalone novels. So if anyone else is in the same boat as me and loves standalone’s, I’ve made a list of some of my favourites. There’s a surprising amount of contemporary on here, and a lot of historical fiction, but I guess those types of books work well as standalone’s, where as high fantasy doesn’t work so well, hence the zero presence. If anyone else has any recs to add on, feel free, I’m always looking for new books. It’s quite a long list with the covers so I’ll put it under a read more:

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Top 10 bias tag

Tagged by notorious-gonzo long over due sorry x)

Well then fuck XD  :

1.    T.O.P – The first bias ever in KPOP. I like rappers okay, there will be some along the way x0D. I love the way he rapped, the sound of his voice and the more I „researched“ liked him even thos he’s a strange lil’ thing. Foodie and ART enthusiast.

2.    Zico – Bignose big lip. At first I didn’t find him that special but damn the peformances this boy makes, woah. I’m in awe how much he works and how much dedication he has put in his music and the music Block B makes and then some more for his solo things. Also he’s an aeygo idiot. Bless him.

3.    Dok2 – Cheesy as it might be, he came from nothing ( HE SAYS IT IN ALMOST EVERYSONG, tiny master x’’D) but take it from this instance, he made it. He worked his tiny ass of to achieve his dream and stayed clear from drugs and other shit. Also cat daddy.

4.    Yongguk Bang – if you didn’t already know he was mute for  ( Ithink) the first 4 years of his life and adored his grandparents. Has a twin. Has a rocking sister. And still he’s the rock of BAP and an amazing artist. Cute and sexy af but still radiates something inspiring even tho you see him through a screen. Mary me? pLs? I love rammen too oppa!!! X’D

5.    Nochang - I’m new to him but the lyrcs. His songs are weird, there’s random noises, his screaming, movie clips but it’s fascinating af. You can’t stop listening till the end once you start his songs. I wished the sensitive baldie got happy already, he’s too damn sad AND REPLY TO MY DM ON IG BALDIE.

6.    Bobby- he ain’t even debuted yet and he had soo much. (Go and achieve more with Ikon). He’s cute he’s talented HE SLAYES AS A RAPPER. I really liked him since the first mentions of his name and face.

7.    Cheetah – the Queen, the Omma. To me Cheetah is a cat and raps like one, seriously from a singer surviving all that shit and making it? Congrats dear, you deserve it.

8.    Kim Namjoon – BTS’s leader, god of destruction and insanely smart. Who thinks rapper’s are idiots that flash around chains and their money ( Yah Dok2 put your can’t down, don’t party that hard xD).

9.    Ravi – Ah ravhioli, my birthday sharing bias ( Feb 15th). I kinda waaas happy he didn’t last too long in SMTM. Don’t get me wrong I’m a starlight but Ravi I want to see more of you rap outside of Vixx, you can make music that’s great to masses and you cant make raps why don’t you do moreee. Argh

10. Black Nut – let me guess the number of unfollows. Meh. Now then why Black Nut? He’s not the „standard“ hot or cute idol nor rapper for that matter. He has controversial lyrcs and acts like an idiot sometimes. Thanks to SMTM4 we got a glimpse of his relationship with his mom and dad, the way swings took him under his arm and the value he had ( even thos Brand New fucked up but meh for that right now) and you still tell me he’s shit? He’s a person who might have made mistakes but so did you all hating on him without even know him properly. I wish to see him grow as an artis and rapper and show his potential, cause boy he can rap.  

yeah, rappers xD me weaknes, imma tag ohmuhrice khhaffxtion khia-ria vita-savant automaticdlck iwanttehspaghetti 19930215 gohnhome khiphop-stories chestnut-pig onlyblockb jinprncss bulletproof-boyscouts yonggukwhy

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Tell me about the OC it's 4 AM I wanna laugh

Lol idk what you’re expecting. OC is chill. Especially where I live tbh. It’s perfect. I’m in the suburbs but I still have the beach, mountains, dessert, city, farms and everything I could possibly want to go to in less than or about an hour or so drive. And I’m in an area where little Arabia is 5 minutes from my house and little India is 15 minutes. So I can have lamb kebab wrap and hookah AND samosas and falooda really easily. Plus I have Disney land not so far away and a city notorious for many halal restaurants. Plus not a lot of traffic and relatively nice people. Idk I love where I am

the lightbearers :::: chapter 27

summary: Steampunk AU. When bounty hunter Emma Swan is commissioned by Robert Gold, powerful and mysterious president of the Royal Society of English Magicians, to take down notorious airship pirate Captain Killian Jones, it lands them in a web of political and magical intrigue, dark secrets, and the dangerous London underworld - as well as their unwanted attraction to each other. Multi-chapter, slow burn.
rating: M
status: WIP
available: and AO3
previous: chapter 26

Emma awoke with winter morning light on her face, shining through her closed eyelids in a warm cherry glow. She was deliriously comfortable, liquid and boneless, sprawled out in a pile of impossibly soft pillows and quilts, and for a long moment, she was completely befuddled as to how such an agreeable circumstance could have possibly obtained, given her recent jumble of memories, of running and fighting and falling and collapsing stone and howling voids, the great stone countenance of the golem and the countervailing, colliding currents of magic in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace. Then the return journey and the Night Market and the portal and the arrival in Norway, the supper with Jafar and the threat of Gold taking over the world and Walsh with his quack tonic and a dark corridor and –

Oh God. Her eyes shot open, half in disbelief and half in desperate hope, as she reached out to grope at the place in the bed beside her and find nothing but a lingering warmth in the sheets. As sense returned, she saw Killian Jones sitting by the window in a dressing gown he had apparently swiped from the half-open wardrobe, carelessly belted at his waist to reveal most of his chest. The way he looked in the fall of sunlight almost stopped her heart, especially when he lifted his head, saw she was awake, and broke out into an almost shy smile. “Good morning, Swan.”

“Good morning,” Emma squeaked, mortified at herself for sounding like a blushing virgin. She had briefly feared it had just been a dream, and as always, she would be alone when she woke. But he got up so quickly and trotted back to the bed, shucking the dressing gown and crawling in next to her, that the thought popped like a fragile soap bubble. She reached for him as he rolled toward her, wrapping her in his arms, and they kissed for a long moment, deep and slow, then again, giggling, as she threaded her fingers into his magnificently disheveled hair. She wanted to lie like that forever, his weight and warmth atop her, their legs twisted in the covers, and plainly he had no objections to doing likewise. But he had just shifted his weight, good hand moving to stroke her, when there was a loud knock on the door and without ado, it burst open.

Killian shouted, trying to roll himself up in the sheet, but evidently not fast enough. “Oh God, I’m blind!” Eyes ostentatiously screwed up, Will Scarlet staggered backwards. “Blind!”

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Hello, loves

So I’ve been thinking recently about a serious redo of this blog. Since there are now WELL over 10,000 of you following it and I’m now a few months away from becoming LadyKayACTUALLYMD I figured I should start going through and changing up how things work here – both to make it conducive to me continuing blogging as a resident AND to make it more enjoyable/user friendly for you guys. 

I feel like I do a lot of things on this blog (because I’m notorious for starting new projects and then abandoning them when I get too busy). 

I’m thinking I should strip down and do fewer things and do them really really well. Obviously, whatever shape this blog takes in the future will continue to be weird and random and full of crazy things about my life. 

BUT PLEASE HELP ME (either answer in comments below or send messages!)

I want your input about all of it!!! 

What do you enjoy seeing most on this blog? 

What do you want to see more/less of? 


It may sounds strange, but I honestly think tuition and student loan debt have skyrocketed because of changes to bankruptcy law.

Dates to think about when looking at the graphs above:

1978 - Student loans no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy for five years after graduation. 

1990 - The five year wait period before student loans are dischargeable is extended to seven years. 

1998 - The law is changed to prevent all student loans from being dischargeable in bankruptcy except in the case of “undue hardship” (something notoriously difficult to prove). 

2005 - The law is amended to include private loans.

I’m sure people might read this and think students just want to shrug off their debt, because they’re lazy, worthless, (fill in the blank with something insulting) people, but it’s actually not about whether students would declare bankruptcy. It’s about whether lenders account for the possibility when deciding how much to lend. 

Think about it. Usually, lenders only lend what they think you can pay back (which is why your first credit card probably had a really low limit). That’s because they’ll lose out if you default. But if you can never discharge that debt (and, even better, if your parents co-signed and they can never discharge the debt either) then the lender has nothing to worry about. They can hand you the checkbook and let you write whatever you (or, more accurately, your college) want. There are even protections in place (for the lender; student loan borrowers have very few protections) that allow them to garnish wages and social security benefits if you aren’t paying your student loans. 

Colleges, then, have no reason to keep costs down, because you can pay anything they charge. They’ll just arrange “financial aid” for you. 

Parents still want their kids to go to college, so they’ll encourage them to take on the debt, and probably even share the burden of it. 

Kids have no idea what they’re doing, so they’ll take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt without having any real understanding of what that means. 

This is what happens when you remove the checks from a system. Student loans have to be dischargeable through bankruptcy, so that lenders have a reason to limit how much they’ll loan, which would force colleges to keep tuition down, which would allow for people to go to college without mortgaging their future. 


Still want pet photos? Theses are my fur babies, and they all have the funniest personalities. The tabby is the oldest at 3, her name is Charlie Sheen and is notorious for eating plastic wrappers, she also likes to chew on all my piercings. The calico is 2, her name is Scully and she can and will stay in the same spot for over 12 hours without moving, and screams at you if the water bowl is ever empty. Then there’s Wally, he’s a Labrador retriever/border collie mix, he loves the rain and splashing in big puddles and is great at playing fetch, he’ll be turning 2 on January 1st. Last but not least, there’s Lilith/lily, she’ll be 1 on January 6th, and is a pitbull/lab/German Shepard. She loves to sit in the bathroom with me while I take baths, and will try and drink my bath water when I’m not paying attention. When she’s not drinking bath water, she enjoys passing the time by running up and down stairs.

And yes, they all love their pictures being taken. They also all love to cuddle for hours on end.


Witches Of Twinbrook; Part 79}

- Mystic ♃Blonde♃  -

Mystic Acarna failed! The purple, blue haired demon still stands strong. The purple demon, also known as the executioner steps back from attacking the witch at a halting command of a mysterious female voice  STOP! I shall finish the witch executioner! ” The voice says. Flames turn crimson as the woman approaches Joanna. Joanna is filled with fear, the demon listened to this powerful voice like a love spell. It was the notorious mystic ♃blonde♃!
Female voice: “ YOU! Thou is foolish to set foot in Valhalla {evil laughter} My legions. My iron golems, witchcraft keeps them bound and loyal, malice alloyed into their demonic souls dives them on. They know no mercy, no feeling, no remorse. They only know how to kill... My babies, my demons. Beware Joanna I am not forgiving.
Joanna: “ ENCHANTRESS!!? ”
The Enchantress lived in Valhalla, a powerful witch sent mad by the demonic energy of the underworld. Those who see her face get enchanted by her beauty. She had long blonde hair, adorned in envious serpent green.
Enchantress: “ Good to see you again, Joanna. ”