be nice to plants

In the next animal crossing, I’d love to add more to the exteriors. Like hanging plants dangling from your roof, or a little porch with chairs. And even for pwps; wouldn’t it be nice to have pots around that you could fill with loads of plants? Just an idea I had…

Everyone, meet my new gardener friend!! I came across him on a street near the beach. he was cutting a long branch and getting rid of its twigs so I asked him what he was going to do with it. apparently, as he told me, he has many fruit orchards and he’s going to use the stick as a support to one of his trees. he’s a graduate of agriculture and we had a loong chat about plants and crops. he has a lot of precious knowledge about nature. he gave me some tips about how to make weather predictions by observing animals (seaguls and a local bird whose name I forgot). He told me about how long some seeds take to germinate. and he asks me how long does parsley take and I said “idk, around three days??” and he got so offended. like “whatt??? three days? really? it takes(insert correct info here, 17 I think) and that’s how long it takes me. it will take you 21” okay okayyy . I’m a stupid child😂 anyway then we talk about fruit trees and he talks about how he picks the mulberries, how he tried grafting a fruit tree with the wild variety but failed (but his dad used to know how to) and where he gets all the herb and veggie plantlets that he sells (and which ones do I want and how many) and he talks about his grandchildren. his first wife who was Italian and lives in Italy now (who was an amazing person but he didn’t treat her right and is very sorry about it). where her daughter is working. how he walks all day long on the seaside and to many other places. Apparently he has many regular customers (like this professor who comes for the particular local edible and the other who asked for the etc but it’s not their season anymore and so on). anyway then we got something to eat at the end. I really enjoyed our conversation. I guess he did too coz he promised to save a whole fig tree’s fruit just for me:3 (there’s this local type of quirky figs in İstanbul) anyway, I already feel like I’ve had all the figs on the tree^_^ ❤️🌿


Burros Tail🐴

Watering day!💦💦
Its done quite a bit of new growth since I’ve gotten it. I planted the little buds that were knocked off and sure enough they’re starting to grow into their own plants! Im so excited ☺️ The leaves have gotten fatter and where they start to branch off is progressing nicely. I tried doing a half off propagation (I dont know if there’s a specific name for it, my bad) by gently breaking the leaf half off but half on still, and that little guy has some roots and a little green bulb starting to grow off it! 🤗 I’m hoping for a nice full long plant in a few years and I have a feeling if I keep giving it the proper love and attention it will thrive 💚💚💚



I took a break from my plant comic… to draw another plant comic

My creative process is definitely not as smooth as it looks here, but this is more or less how I got around to starting FP!

(Also the venus flytraps are definitely a reference to Little Shop of Horrors)