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All aboard the fluff train, folks! I headcannon Amy’s got a thing about fluffy chests or just fluffy things in general (I recall @e-vay having a comic related to that). Po Shadow ;3

The death of a beautiful woman is the most gossiped topic in the world

bruised soul falls into a splendid tear.
pixies wings spreading to soiled victims
golden balloons in heaven’s tombstones.
heart is kind and heart is cruel.
in the beginning there were
just sensual dreams and love butterflies spinning,
in the heat of madness just
troubadours poems and blurring smog,
in the end just doomed solitude and ominous smoke.
somehow I still am addicted to you.
somehow after misleading misfortunes
I still am in love with you.
guilt in my head at last vanishing,
search for my crucified shadow in a paradise lost.


So, the fic I wrote when I was 16, Shadows of My Heart turned 6 years old today, and well I just had to celebrate with something that’s just as lame as that fic was.  

Highlights of that fic include me: demonizing Keith to the extreme, making Kate nothing more than a bubbly airhead, making Rhythmi a broody child, and my personal favorite, the Friend Zone™

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Hi there! I was just rereading the Ampersand series and see that you haven't posted the fourth (and final?) chapter yet. Is that still in the works? I know you've been busy with Pure and, of course, we all want you to get back to Come on Baby Light My Fire! But I think I speak for more than myself in saying that a little bow around the Ampersand series would be nice. Pretty please?

Ugh. You speak for me, too on this, Anon. So prepare yourself for some sorry excuses and whining below the gif and the cut.

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Ok so um, I'm trying to start a book of shadows and lots of crazy things have been happening in my circle of friends (paranormal things) and it's creepy but it doesn't bother me, I find it interesting but my friends told me to stop with my book of shadows but it's my therapy. And I told them I'll do what I want because it's my hobby and they were like "you have demon summoning spells in there" like yeah, I do, not to use it now, just because it's so interesting to me. What do I do

I would literally bet money that you working in your BOS is not what’s causing paranormal things to happen to your friends. Don’t worry, maybe they should cleanse their spaces, it might just be paranoia or even kind spirits if it is actually paranormal.

pet death cw

hey guys i lost prius today. he was old and had always had health problems and I knew he wouldn’t be on this plane long. but he was still my little man, my familiar, my constant shadow for 11 years. i know he’s still with me, but not having him in the physical sense… is devastating, to say the least. so if i seem distant that’s why.

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Top five real/fictional people you would like to have tickle you!

Wow good question! Here we go! I’m including two real, and three fictional, so buckle up.

1. My boyfriend, @shadows-caress. I hope this one would be a little obvious. But to be fair if it’s not, I’ve wanted him to ler me since I met him. He’s wonderful, handsome, and so teasy. He knows just what to say to get my knees weak. I adore him. 
2. My best friend, @an0nymz. I have a special bond with my space pal, and I think him lering me will strengthen our friendship. And I’m pretty sure my boyfriend approves of me getting (playfully) wrecked to pieces. As much as I will deny it…..Z is probably the only other person besides my bf who could do so without even touching me. 
3. Norman Reedus. I love him. He’s such a badass, but the biggest teddy bear ever. His muscles definitely make me weak and mmm. Yes.
4. David Tennant. Ever since seeing him as the Doctor….he’s so flipping sexy when he’s mad (just like Norman) And I think all that passion and anger would make for a fun tickle time.
5. Ryan Renolds. He’s handsome, hilarious and I think is the only person who could out sarcasm me. Wreck me. 

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Hello! I'm a med studant in brazil (3rd year), next week i'm going to see my first surgery and i'm worried about it! I am afraid of fainting in the middle of the surgery (i'd get very ashamed) Do you have any tips about not fainting during surgeries?


I haven’t done a surgery rotation, but I did watch a few surgeries while shadowing. My advice is simple make sure you eat something before hand (focus on sugar and protein), and if you feel like you are going to faint, simply excuse yourself- most surgeons (and the entire team) would rather have you leave to collect yourself, than have to deal with an unconscious medical student collapsing- not to mention the potential for knocking into people or equipment if you do fall.

If the smells bother you focus on breathing through your mouth, and if you begin to feel ill, distract yourself. Count backwards from  a hundred by sevens, review the cranial nerves, list as many gram negative organisms as you can. Getting your mind off things might help and if your just observing or holding something, nobody will notice.

That’s it for now, I’ve also heard of people watching the same procedure online, or learning it via surgery textbooks to desensitize, but I haven’t tried those myself. Good luck. And if you faint don’t be embarrassed that is a very normal and human reaction- nobody will judge you for it (unless their complete jerks).

Most people in medicine adjust to the gore just fine. Good luck and please let me know how it went after! <3

a redraw of this year old thing!! had a lot of fun w this one despite having to kick my own ass for a whole month in order to actually finish it