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Glenn Casiraghi; Goodbye

Love Letter Fanfiction;

{GREE-BASED/ Inspired by a poem}
This is how I imagined MC’s final letter to Glenn would be like.

Dear Glenn,

There were so many words I wished to tell you, so many thoughts I had wanted to convey to you, and so many more days I wished I could have spent with you.

We both knew that time is short but remember, what really matters were all these times we had together, all these beautiful memories that we had created together. At least we had a significant amount of time together in our lives.

Glenn, remember these days?

Remember the day when we first met? You were the strange, untouchable boy, the mysterious cousin of my friend. I was so hesitant to approach you but you ended up being the one speaking to me. You were kind, you were gentle and you were friendly.

Remember the day when we met again for the second time in our lives? By the most extraordinary turn of fate, we met in Nobel Michel, of all the places we could have met. You had built a wall around you by then, but yet you were still the same gentleman I had always known. You kept staring at me, you didn’t tell me the truth but you remembered everything.

Remember how I had forgotten all about you but yet you still waited for me patiently? I was and still am immensely guilty about this but even until these days, you kept assuring me that it was fine. It was a mere two weeks in the summer but you had remembered everything single thing about me.

Remember how you looked when I told you my memories had come back to me? You wouldn’t know, of course, but I remembered your face. You were so happy, so so delighted. Even after that, you told that it was fine even if I had forgotten about you, because you were sure that I would love you again. You were one cheeky man full of unexpected confidence.

Remember how we fell in love once more? I confessed to you that you had been my first love, the forgotten boy from my lost memories, and you shyly admitted that I was yours too. But you told me you had fallen in love with the current me, while you had loved the past me, you loved the present me as well.

Remember that summer day you made me that sunflower crown when we were still young? Your fingers were clumsy yet you persisted on making one for me. You told me I was a princess and you promised to have only me as your princess, and you did. Despite all of the hardships and numerous obstacles we had faced, every single one telling us that it was impossible, you refused to give up on our love. We did it, Glenn, I was your princess in the end.

Remember how you had always helped me with my shoes? I would never forget on how you would comment on my being clumsy, and how irritated you would seem to be, but you had never once complained, always putting my shoes on for me. You would be annoyed but your touch was always so gentle.

Remember how you cried during our wedding? You refused to admit it, but I saw those quiet tears in your glistening eyes. I knew you were the one, Glenn, and words couldn’t express how much I loved you too. You were always so shy but you had brazenly kissed me in front of everyone during the party.

Remember how pained you looked when I was in labour? It was as if you were the one giving birth, and I remembered every single touch of yours, gentle and soft, handling me like a fragile doll.

Remember how you were so afraid of holding our baby? I had to calm you down but I knew, you would make the best father ever. You had the softest smile when you gazed at our child, you were awkward but you were kind, you were protective.

You were the one, you were mine.

I am so sorry that my memories have to end here. I love you so much and you meant the world to me. I was ready to give up my dreams for yours, but you never did allow me to. We thought we would never see the end when we first started our relationship, but we had a happy ending.

Don’t ever stop loving because I am gone, remember me fondly, but don’t get swallowed by grief. We both know that it was inevitable, so don’t ever blame yourself.

Thank you for being with me until the end, for the time we had together, for your love.

So please, remember me at my finest, and not at my weakest.

With love,

Should I play Prince Joshua's Sequel?

Hi, I’m thinking about playing Josh’s sequel tomorrow, and I’ve heard it’s really sweet. I’m wondering though, is there drama or a lot of it? I just want to know ahead of time, if she’s going to have to be dealing with either another woman trying to hook up with Prince Joshua or the citizens of Dresvan not liking her/not liking the idea of a commoner for a princess? Also, were there any sad and/or depressing moments? I just want to prepare myself if there are.

I don’t mind drama towards her having to learn to be a princess (like with training), I’m just kind of sick right now of women trying to go after the male love interest (MSB ticked me off with their hot spring event), or having to deal with snide remarks about her being a commoner.

Thank you so much for your help. :)

Headcanon: Trade Secret Flower Bath

My headcanon is that Ren (from My Forged Wedding) and Prince Edward  (from Be My Princess) are either friends or very good acquaintances, because it was thanks to Edward’s talk about how putting flowers in the bath was very romantic and made the girl he loves very happy…plus it helped him to share a bath with her. Ren after hearing that decided to try it out for himself (thus where the CG of Ren with a bath full of roses comes in), so ever since then the two men trade tips every now and again when it comes to romance.

Opinion Time: Be My Princess Non-Gree (Prolouge only)

Ok, this is my first time stating my opinion on a game, so it’s probably going to short and have rambling. It’s not meant to be informative or a review, I just felt like writing this.


My first thoughts when I saw it: What were they on/who did they ask to give an opinion for Western audiences. I didn’t like the looks of the guys, and frankly they disturbed me. I only planned on downloading it so I could review it on iTunes.


After a few days: I started getting used to the faces of the characters, but not really in a good way (I guess), um, when I look at the characters I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel like squeling, or melting or smiling like an idiot like I do with the 2D guys that Voltage had given us.


I finally caved and played the prologue, it wasn’t bad. I like the storyline and while it is different from the GREE version (from what I’ve heard and seen through spoiler pics), I would play both versions just because they are both different storylines. But, my problem is still with the princes, while playing the prologue I was either laughing/snickering at the expressions they made (which sometimes creeped me out), or just covering the top of the screen (while leaving the words visible). Also, I found it sad that while I was enjoying the background, I had actually thought/was worried that a character would show up and get in the way of the background (I really didn’t want to think like that).

Final thoughts: Even though I like the story, and I would honestly play both versions (Gree and non-Gree), I honestly can’t bring myself to spend money on the English non-Gree version (now once I learn more Japanese I’ll probably wind up playing the Japanese version). Even if the story is great, if I’m not willing to really look at the Princes/ignore their presence, then I can’t justify spending money on it.

Trust me, I love Voltage for giving us amazing games and even for translating them into English so we can play them and I do thank them for trying to appeal to the Western Audiences. No matter what, I like their old art style and I truly feel like no matter how much times goes on I can’t buy BMP non-GREE because even though I can look at them, I still don’t have that feeling that makes me want to buy it. Although if they did something where we could switch from old to new, or new to old art styles then I’d buy it because I could have the new storyline and the old art style.


Anyways, if you continued to read all of this, thank you very much for reading this and I hope you guys have a nice day.