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its been a while since I posted anythin voltron so have a pidge doodle


SasoSaku Month, day 22: Through a Child’s Eye

“How did you two even get the coat? And the knife? And the Netflix access to Grey’s Anatomy?!”

Thank you for the 1000+ notes on this omg….these kids are a mess but I’m glad so many people love them

Moral of the story please don’t copy everything your parents do!!!!!


Artist rec: Post Malone

Fav songs: White Iversen, rockstar, congratulations

Drop Everything Now (Meet Me in the Pouring Rain)

Summary: Phil never planned for a rainstorm to intrude on Dan’s second ever visit to Manchester–but maybe that’s exactly what they need to push them closer than ever.

Rating: G

Word Count: 5108

Warnings: vv light hurt/comfort

A/N: Literally when I saw the art for this fic, I just knew I had to write it–cuddly 2009!phan on a rainy day? Sign me the heck up!! Huge thanks to Jess @furryhowell for the simple yet wonderful idea and Courtney @danceswithsweaters for her lovely support when I got stuck and for giving this fic the finishing polish it needed–and both for putting up with my busy procrastinating ass! You can find Jess’ fantastic art here and I really hope that you love it as much as I do because it’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t not scream about it. I hope you enjoy!!

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