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Love wins, folks

So on June 26 two years ago, gay marriage got legalized in all states of america and I don’t even live there but for some reason I still remember the date. I know this is really late for pride month considering it’s already the last week but I swear I didn’t forget and I wanted to make something special since I know this month is special for tons of people (including me!)

Also, thanks to @windex-noises and @sassycsap for the suggesting ideas for what they should wear bc it made this 10x a lot more fun to do. 

Note to those who can’t watch the video, try going to this


So, with a blessing from our great dad, I present to you Keith and Lance from Runner AU made by the dynamic duo @wolfpainters and @wittyy-name !!

Lance is a show off and Keith is pinning as usual.

What goes on behind those swerving eyes
And fast mind
Do you think of all of those you have half- loved
And Tore apart
Simply to get a glimpse of their light
That you will never have
—  E.M

In honor of pride month, I designed some pride flag themed robots! Robots are my favorite things to draw, so combining them with something for Pride was something really special to me.
Sorry for the big ol watermark – I plan on making these into stickers in the future!
I might make more as well if people like them, but for now, here’s GayBot, BiBot, PanBot, TransBot and AceBot! :)

*Do not repost, please!*



With @helenavizzini @jadexmallory @emmaxsteen and local kindergarten 🦋

me, fretting: okay but what happens if the angara as a race are just the jardaan’s consciousness inside their bio-engineered bodies to escape the scourge or whoever made it, but something happened and they’ve repressed or forgotten who they are? what if the jardaan were never organic beings, but some kind of fully self aware AI collective that wanted to be organic? and all this is why the angara can ‘reincarnate’, because they’re a floating consciousness drawn to angaran bodies?  what happens when they inevitably remember who they are? shit, what happens if jaal’s consciousness is someone important to the jardaan? what if he used to be integral to the species, or the ‘transplant’ program? he’s always talking about feeling things bigger than himself going on on the edges of existence, what if that’s foreshadowing his own personal future involvement? what if his adorable star map projection in his room, the one he made as a kid which he states isn’t accurate, what if that’s foreshadowing? is that how heleus used to look? or how it will look in the near future after some horrible jardaan-flavoured doomsday event? is a romanced jaal going to have to break ryder’s heart by leaving them or dying or otherwise sacrificing himself?

also me: i bet you two limes and a pencil sharpener bioware hasn’t thought this much into it. it’s not that deep and you’re always wrong. stop it.