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Polynesian AU stuff

So, I think I should start making theme posts for my Polynesian AU or as you like to call it Moana AU (both variants are welcome). Since many of you seemed pretty much interested in this story I’ll try to give you a brief idea of what this whole thing is about.

Sorry for my clumsy English :)

Timeline. The story is set about one and a half century after Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart and everything became hell. All the monsters released from Lalotai and darkness spreading quickly and destroying islands made many tribes search for safe areas to stay, and if they used to be more peaceful back then when the ocean was a safer place now they had to fight for their land and protect it from the newcomers. Overall, sailing wasn’t forbidden but people were slowly losing that special connection with the ocean their ancestry used to have.

Turtles. And that’s where we should start speaking about the turts. In this AU all four brothers (not blood-related) are sons of Tu - god of war in Polynesian mythology. There’s a legend (made up of course) that when the number of tribe wars and monster attacks increased other gods made Tu help the people. He decided to send his guardians which would protect people from Lalotai monsters and maybe prevent some war cases. Following what the legend tells the strongest of female sea turtles (turtles are considered to be a symbol of strength and war) gave their eggs to Tu and he placed them on small islands in different regions. One of those islands was our turtles’ birthplace.

Firstly, their names are different in this story. I tried to choose the most fitting ones.

  • Leo is a green sea turtle named Lono which means “peace and prosperity
  • Raph is a leatherback sea turtle named Rapa which means “giant”
  • Donnie is also a green sea turtle named Roro which means “brain” (there’s a lack of names and even words starting with D in Maori and Hawaiian languages so I had to put up with this variant, it isn’t half bad I think)
  • Mikey is a loggerhead sea turtle named Maika which means “good”

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a study in communication [jyn/cassian, rogue one]

part 5 of the semantics series

When the convenient reason for living together disappears, it becomes painfully obvious that they haven’t really talked this through.

“She was there all morning, K,” says Cassian, mild, his hand still warm against her leg. “Is something up?”

K2 tilts his head. “I did not mean your room, Cassian. I was speaking about Jyn’s room.”

They all stare at him. Given that she and Cassian have been bunking together for nearly a month—which, despite their never addressing it in public, seems to be common knowledge on base—this is all making very little sense.

“You’re positive you’re not short-circuiting?” Jyn asks, now feeling somewhat concerned.

“I’m not short-circuiting,” K2 snaps. “Are you?”

“K—” Cassian warns.

“Power has been restored to the south quadrant,” K2 explains, as though appalled the rest of them are only just finding out about such important news. “Everyone is returning to their original quarters. Your room is yours again.”

Jyn is skilled at masking her reactions by now; she’s had years of practice. Her stomach clenches involuntarily, and her heart stutters pointlessly against her chest, but she keeps her face even. She doesn’t so much as blink.

Beneath the table, Cassian’s hand stiffens against her thigh.

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  • Lance: *rolls over in bed and nudges keith* hey,,,babe,,you love me right?how much??
  • Keith: *half asleep* what the fuck lance,,,ofc I love you
  • Lance: yh I know but how much?? Like, to the moon? To infinity and beyond? How far does your love for me go exactly?
  • Keith: *rolls over to face Lance* I love you more than everyone,everything and the universe combined.You are the best thing that's ever happened to me.
  • [cue flustered Lance and embarrassed Keith as the reality of what he just said sinks in]

So for the next week or so, I will posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

Day 1: Stanford Pines



Kurogane is both a ninja AND the world’s biggest ninja fan. No matter which world he’s in

Kurogane is also the only person ridiculous enough that they can actually pull that off in the first place.

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