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Saturday’s Stud

Get Inspired For A Six-Pack From This Slavic Stud.

Davor Garić…

He’s A Croat Cutie…

One Hot Daddy!

Woof, Baby!

Another awesome piece by @eepz!

I commissioned that after seeing all the glorious art on their blog especially this one which I also mentioned as a reference =>

Eepz luckily had time to not only draw the auction offerings for “Fandom Loves Puerto Rico” but also this.

My prompt included that the color palette should be blue tones which did happen. But Eepz also sent this version which I like even more.

In case you can’t see it properly: it’s a knife in Bucky’s hand - yes, *the* knife :-)

They’re doing so many interviews, they don’t do so many interviews in their own goddamn country and instead of asking them stuff about their love myself campaign, about their music, it anything relevant we get people asking them who their celeb crush is over and over and over again ahhh. Don’t get me wrong I was grateful the first couple of times they asked it but the novelty is wearing off fast and they’re not even halfway done with this trip


Saturday Studs


‘Nuf Said.

so I’m starting to think I might be just into women

just saw someone on Facebook post a picture of their child who had just baked something yummy and her mom posted a caption with the tag “#wifeyskills.”

your child is TEN. stop doing this. stop telling girls that when they do something typically feminine (i.e. baking, cooking, cleaning, laundry) that they have “wife skills” or will “make a good wife one day.”

congratulate her on her amazing cooking or baking skills, or her talent and creativity, or her brilliance. stop telling young girls that they’re going to make good wives one day. we do not exist to please men.