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Can you imagine if one day Charles Xavier does show up in a future season and David just becomes so confused and stressed and everything becomes even louder and he starts curling in on himself, but then suddenly without any warning everything stops. He doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before, and he’s afraid to even think the thought, but hell. He’s pretty sure he’s completely healthy right now. Charles explains that he won’t keep him in that state for long, but he just wants to talk to his son in a more comfortable way, and David just has tears in his eyes as he whispers to himself “it’s so quiet..” with a small laugh of disbelief.

Voltage Writing Prompt #13 [ REQUEST: Ichthys/Leon]

13. “Either ask her out or I will do it for you!”

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“He may be a god but he sure is helpless in the face of her charms.” Ichthys grins while the others nod in agreement, “I can hear you!” Leon rises his voice in distance, Ichthys sticks his tongue out and escalates, “Either ask her out or I will do it for you!” Leon doesn’t bother replying and heads to his room thinking why on earth would he ask a human out? Like hell he’s into a stupid goldfish like her, so reckless and …….. cute. No, shaking his head, Leon pushes his thought out of his head and continues his work at the wishing pool.

The next day Leo finishes work late, everyone gather round the living room and Leon knows she’s here. “Can’t you all quiet down?” Karno and Huedhaut are the only one who turn around to acknowledge him, “Looks like he’s making a move on her.” Dui’s words have caught Leon’s attention and follow their gazes to the balcony, she’s with Ichthys , precisely, his arms are wrapped around her waist, his lips so close to her ear and whispering whatever nonsense to make her blushes.

Leon could feel his blood boiling at the sight, she should be in his arms, he should be the one who makes her speechless, to touch her, to feel her every inch of soft skin. The next thing he knows his hand is already gripping her wrists and pins her to his bed. “What were you doing out there with Ichthys ?”

“He was showing me the stars.” She says nervously while Leon’s fingers slowly strokes her cheek and leaving trails of kisses on her neck. “So this is your soft spot?” He smirks, “Le..Leon..stop.” She whimpers, “Leon!!.” Her cry seems rather satisfying but Leon pauses anyway, “Don’t you have something to say to me?” Her eyes meet his, “You just pull me into your room and push me to your bed? I am not that kind of woman!”

“Pfff,” The god of Leo kisses her on the lips, exploring her with his tongue and hands, “Can’t you feel it?” He answers shortly, hands still busy from finding her spot. “I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me.” She insists, letting out a sigh, Leon breaks away and shows his star sign, “This is as precious as my life, no one else has ever seen it but you.” His fingers find their way to her lace panties, drawing small circles as she bites her lower lip tightly, “My heart belong to you, no one else.” As soon as he finishes his confession, he snaps his fingers and she’s completely naked, “Now, where should I begin?’

NOTES: I cannot remember what Ichthys’s like so sorry I turn this into Leon’s fic. Sorry 

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♕ with warren

Warren Worthington iii + holding hands

A/N: fun fact i love all roller coasters, especially the giant fuck off huge ones

“No. No I’m not going on that fucking roller coaster. I’ll do literally any other one, but not that one,” you say decisively, backing away from the line that curls through the barriers, snaking out towards you. Warren grins at you and you cross your arms and glare at him. “No.”

“C’mon. What if I buy you ice cream after? Or I’ll go on the spinning tea cups with you,” he cajoles you, stepping closer. “It’ll be fun. And I won’t try and make you do any others. Please?” 

“No! I don’t want to. It’s big and scary and what if I fall off, or it-”

“You won’t fall off it,” he interjects patiently. Pleeeeaaase go on it with me. I don’t want to go by myself and I think you’ll have fun and if you fall off I’ll catch you because I have wings. Remember?” He’s basically pouting down at you with the full force of his big blue eyes and it’s getting harder to keep saying no as you scowl up at him. 

“But it’s gigantic and terrifying,” you try again and Warren turns to look back at it, pretending to consider his options. 

“What if I hold your hand?” He asks, and you sigh and glance between him and the roller coaster. You’ve been pining after him for long enough that you’re pretty sure he’s the only one who hasn’t noticed, and as off-putting as the sight of the gigantic roller coaster looming over the two of you is, the idea of clinging on to Warren is a more tempting prospect. 

“Fine,” you concede with a sigh and Warren lights up in an excited grin, reaching for your hand and lacing his fingers with yours as he tugs you towards the line. 

“You’re the best. I’ll hold your hand the entire time and buy you ice cream after as well,” he promises delightedly and you can’t help the fond smile tugging at your lips as you follow after him. 

“Yeah, you’d better, bird boy.”

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How about a mutant au?

I’m mostly interested in the backstories this AU offers. Like we obviously got Abuela in charge of wherever it is mutants can live and learn about their powers (like the X-mansion or some kind of barrio-esque place) and Daniela and the Rosario’s could be teachers for the younger ones.

But as for the others, like I said earlier, imagine their backstories! Like, seven year old Usnavi arrives at the front door carrying his baby cousin Sonny because Sonny’s parents gave him up or died, and Usnavi’s parents sent them both there because they couldn’t keep them safe; Lil’ Benny accidently stumbling into the front yard because he’s being chased by the police; Lil’ Nina and Lincoln having been born in the mansion and maybe they’re the ones who help Benny hide; Lil’ Vanessa being sent by her mom because her father was a mutant and was killed; Teen!Carla being found and take in by Daniela a while back, and maybe is training under her to be a teacher for the younger mutants; and lil’ Pete having run away from home and hearing about this place where mutants can be safe and finding his way there. I’m still unsure about the powers, but imagine the barrio babs growing up and maybe forming their own pseudo-x-men group and all of them just living happily in that big mansion as a giant family with super power shenanigans.