be my men :(

It says a lot about the fandom’s priorities where the biggest f/f ship is judged harshly and treated like the shipping version of Hester Prynne, but the two largest ships supported by fujoshis doesn’t get the same amount of scrutiny and treatment.

So me and my mama at Walmart buying liquor and I leave to go check out the sangria. I look down the aisle and see a man talking to her, so I slowly stroll up to see wush poppin. 

So I roll up, tell me why this man is flirting hella hard under the guise of asking for vodka suggestions. My wine mom is also a vodka aunt, so she’s telling him about her faves and probably laying the niceness on thick cus he fine. My boy just grinning, blushing n shit, slipped in a “you’re still cute” at something my mom said, and I’m just like

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And my mom is just out here give all kinds of carefree cute vibes, feeling herself and soaking up this fine man’s harmless attention and I’m like

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He ended up buying the vodka she said was her fave (stolichnaya brand) and saying oh he’ll let her know how it is when he know full well he has nan contact information on her and my mama just giggled up a fucking storm before we left.

It was just really nice to see that. And I just felt I had to share my mama still out here pulling fucking weight cus he was fine.

i wish men would stop sexualizing the relationship between my best friend and i, she is literally a second away from being my sister and yet there have been two times, that at least i know of, where a man has blatantly specialized us, to our faces with the phrase, “y'all probably fucking on the low” like wow