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Dating Alex Summers Would Include ...

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  • He likes to take you for dinner, even if it’s just to a diner for date nights
  • Alex putting his leather jacket around you when you get cold because he loves a cliché
  • Making out in the back of his car
  • Going to the movies together and Alex getting really excited
  • He’s always telling you about his little brother and stories of what they used to do when they were little
  • He likes it when you watch him work out, especially when you’re outside in the sunshine and he can watch you swimming laps too
  • Him cannonballing into the pool to cool off
  • Lots of kissing because he’s just so happy you’re his
  • Tickle fights
  • Alex brings you flowers when he picks you up for dates
  • He picks them from Charles’ garden much to Charles’ annoyance
  • But Charles doesn’t actually mind that much as he’s quite happy that Alex is happy
  • You timing the races between him and Hank
  • Him getting a little jealous when you cheer for Hank and the time he’s just beaten
  • Taking loads of photos together
  • You can tell at what point in the relationship each of these photos were taken as Alex’s expressions get increasingly goofier and sweeter as your relationship goes on
  • Watching cartoons in bed on a Saturday morning after Alex brings in cereal (the only thing he can ‘cook’)

…finally got to see “Moonlight” today. left the theater feeling Some Kinda Way that’s really hard for me to articulate, but i feel like i can count on one hand how many times any movie has ever made me feel the things that “Moonlight” has.


i really want to sit down and journal about it at the very least, but i don’t have the energy right now and i most certainly don’t have the time. tomorrow is a big day– school starts For Realz, so i’ll be meeting and teaching my students for the first time– meaning i need to get my exhausted ass into bed asap.

i will say, however, that Japan has really surprised me with its reception of “Moonlight” for numerous reasons that i also want to journal about. for one, even though “Moonlight” is now at the end of its run in Japan with only one screening a day for the rest of April before disappearing from theaters entirely, the screening in the smallish theater that i was at today was all but sold out. also, being the linguaphile that i am, it was intriguing for me to see a movie spoken in AAVE subtitled in Japanese for the first (and likely only) time on the big screen in Japan. amidst everything else that was going through my mind while watching the movie, i noted how the translator chose to translate certain things, feeling a mild sense of validation and approval over how the translator handled the f slur in particular #BecauseJapan.

it’s rare for me to be determined to own a hard copy of any movie, but that’s exactly how i feel about this movie and once i do, i’ll promptly rewatch it at least two more times.

  • Bendy: *points vaguely off the page* Try that door over there.
  • Henry: *points with the hand holding the page as he's walking down the hallway* that one?
  • Bendy: No, *points in another direction* That one!
  • Henry: *points across the hall* that one.
  • Bendy: No!
  • Henry: *keeps walking*
  • Bendy: You just passed it!! Can't you see where I'm pointing?!?
  • Henry: Bendy you're literally pointing at the wall.

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Top five chanbaek moments 🌹🌹


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randomly picked cause there are too many moments and i could die if i keep on looking for gifs, i’m too weak for them

thank you my dear ^^

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And so their legacy grew….