be my latern

ok so i’ve been reading…. and i found details on one of our christian traditions… that i loved and revERED as a kid…… basically only happened in my small area (which explains a lot of confusion with my bf who didnt do these things) aND… ok this is the kicker…. on st martin’s day we have lantern parades. as kids. we dress cozy, get some lanterns, are led by a guy in a big coat (on a horse or more recently hobby horse) and go from door to door singing and get candies its basically our halloween (but we dont threaten tricks, we just sing. some old ppl enjoy more than one song, its so sweet, u can telll they fuckin love hearin kids sing n having fun. bleSSED BE)

the kicker

it dates back to pagan beliefs of the fuckin wild hunt. the guy in the cloak we were told was martin luther is apparently wotan who leads us lil souls.. and our lights are of the lanterns are the lights of the souls of the deAD.
we’re literally gearing up to this day each autumn/winter and we’re basically cosplaying a bunch of people that died of unnatural causes and follow fuckin odin around. not to mention the singing is close to the wails and noises that are reported on accompanying the wild hunt.


“Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots to find my lost piece.” 

I used a stencil made by Rally the Cheetah of Knuckles because I thought I would be a perfect opportunity to reference Pumpkin Hill :P