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The Ex Mess

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Request: The reader is an engineer of the stellar fleet and left with Doctor McCoy on mission, the mission is to find his ex-wife who is exploring a new planet with her current husband, but as always he is in a bad mood and you like him but do not admit And finds this way of him very attractive, but always ends up beating him because of his rude way and this mission ends up leaving you jealous of Doctor McCoy with the ex-wife and you end up revealing your feelings for him and now which Will Doctor McCoy’s reaction be? - @lia-barnes

Prompts: “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”, “You gonna kiss me or can I finish my sandwich?”, “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”, “He’s too attractive. I don’t trust him.“, “On a scale of one to ten… how illegal do you think doing this is?”

A/N: So apparently AOS Bones was married to someone named Pamela Branch instead of Jocelyn, but that dumb and no one cares so we’re going to pretend that they didn’t changed that. 

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Kard reaction to you kissing them in front of the others

Matthew// BM:

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Matthew would be deadass dumbfounded. He wouldn’t know how to react to your sudden kiss. He might kiss you back or he might just stare into the distance

J.esph // Taehyeong

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 Taehyeong ……. my lovely son taehyeong….. This boy would most likely kiss you right back with no shame and when you leave he would rub it in everyone’s faces


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Forget my boiiiiiiiii matt she would be kind of embarrassed. Not of you of course,but of what the others may say about her getting some mcloving rom her lover and wife/husband to be


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“Baby….please… not here” Just like Soomin, she would be shy and kind of embarrassed. She won’t be able to look at the others for a week straight.  


*Requested* Elijah and the reader were together and married before he was turned, so when he was turned she was too. And when Elijah comes to Mystic Falls (with Y/N) to help Elena with Klaus, Elena walks in on the couple having a cute moment and when Y/N leaves she overhears Elena ask Elijah about their relationship he gets all like glossy eyed and tells her about how their love is everlasting.

(This is set back in Season 2 when Elijah and Elena talk about Klaus and the sacrifice. Also, this was requested pretty recently, but I loved this requests so much I had to write it immediatly. @iamnotlabeled: I hope it does your request justice. Happy reading my lovelies! )

Characters: Husband!Elijah x Wife!Reader, Elena

Story Title: “Truly Everlasting”

Word count: 898

Your name: submit What is this?

The birds outside chirp away while the soft drizzling of the fountain outside of the Lockwood mansion reach your ears. Your husband, Elijah, waits impatiently for Elena to return, while you currently rummage through the impressive music collection of the former Major. It seems he had a passion for renaissance music. Who would have thought?

You spot a particularly interesting piece and immediately felt the need to listen to it, so you place it onto the ancient record player. At the song´s very first tunes you feel hands around your waist and Elijah´s chin resting on your shoulder.

Y/N: “Do you recall how we danced to this song in…”

You try to recall the exact date, but it has been quite some time. Over 400 years to be a little more precise. But luckily your husband engraved every date into his mind.

Elijah: “…England 1601. At the English royal court on your 626th birthday.”

He gently tugs at your waist, swirls you around with one arm and then pulls you close, gently swaying with the music.

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He loved Kelly Bishop, and when I was talking to her last night she said “please please tell everyone how sorry I am I can’t be [there] my husband is very ill”, and they literally were gonna come and he is sick and she just said I can’t make it. But please “tell everyone how much I loved being Ed’s wife.” She said “this show is my Swan song”, she loved it.
Ed and I always referred to [it as] I was his wife and she was his second wife and so he would leave and I’d say ‘oh you’re going off to your second wife’ and then she’d call and she goes 'I’m sending him home.’
—  Star Herrmann (Gilmore Girls Fan Fest) [x]

The bachelors finding out you’re pregnant with your second child + Can we get the bachelors (+Shane) reacting to finding out their wife is pregnant with twins? 

You hadn’t been feeling well lately. You scheduled an appointment with Harvey, and he checked you over. Once he was done, he was grinning.

“Well, Farmer, I have good news.”

“What is it?”

“You’re pregnant. With twins.”

You stare at Harvey, shocked, then leave to tell your husband.


He hugs you tightly.

“I’m so happy, my love.”

“I’m in shock.”

“What?” He immediately pulls back and looks you over, then back up at your eyes.

“You’re not in shock.”

“Not medically, no. I just… I can’t believe this.”

He pulls a chair over and sits, then pulls you into his lap.

“Three babies? Harvey, can we handle three babies?”

“We have friends that will help us. And you’re a wonderful mother.”

You nod, leaning against him, hoping everything will be okay.


When you get home, Sebastian isn’t anywhere to be found, but you knew he was going on a walk today. You sit on the couch, planning on just relaxing, but you end up falling asleep. When you wake up, Sebastian is holding you, and smiles when you open your eyes.

“Sleepy today, huh?”

“It’s your babies. They’re sucking my energy.”


“Twins.  We’re having twins.”

He looks surprised, but ultimately grins and kisses your cheek.


When you walk out of the clinic, you go right to JojaMart. Shane is in there, working, but when he sees you, he smiles and walks over.

“How was the doctor? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, Shane.” You laugh. He’s a little overprotective of you.

“What did he say it was?”



“He said it was twins. We’re having twins.”

“Twins? We already have two babies.”

“Well, now we’ll have four.”

“Oh my god.”

“Marnie will help, it will be okay.”

“I need a drink,” he mutters, but you can tell he’s happy.


“Sweetheart, you better be ready to read more pregnancy books.” You call as you walk into the house. Elliott grins.

“Another baby?”

“Two more babies.”



He looks down at your child in his lap, who he was reading to.

“You hear that, baby? You get two new brothers or sisters.”

Your baby is asleep, but you smile and watch anyway.


Before you go to tell Alex, you decide to tell Evelyn. You walk to where she’s working in the gardens, and kneel next to her. She smiles at you.

“How are you, dearie?”

“Good. I have good news for you.”


“I’m having twins. You get two new great-grandbabies.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.” She hugs you tightly. “Now go tell Alex.”

You nod, going home quickly. He’s throwing a ball around the yard, and you smile. He sees you and runs over, hugging you.

“How’s my baby? How was the doctor?”

“Babies. And I’m fine.”

“We have another baby?” He grins, resting a hand on your belly.


“Well, yes, you’re my baby, too.”

“Alex, we’re having twins. Babies.”

“Oh.” He looks shocked, then grins. “Babies.”

You smile and hug him, and he picks you up, walking around and talking about all of his ideas for your two new little ones.


When you walk out, Sam is waiting there with Vincent and your little boy. You smile, taking your child.

“How are you, sissy?” Vincent asks. You smile at him.

“Good. You’re getting two new cousins soon. Did you help Sam today?”


You turn to Sam, who is staring at you.

“Twins, babe.”

“Oh my god.”

You laugh.

“You’ll do fine. We’ll have a lot of help. You’ll help your brother, won’t you, Vincent?”



Sam doesn’t look very comforted, but follows you home anyway.

One of my favourite anecdotes from the Restoration era is when Charles II’s mistress, Barbara Villiers, was at the playhouse watching a new comedy. One of the characters was a caricature of the ambassador to the Ottoman Empire’s wife, whom Barbara absolutely despised. The actress playing her sauntered out onto the stage and read her lines: “Oh, but your Grace, where shall they send me?” to which Barbara stood up and shouted (in full view of the rest of the audience) “Send the bitch to Constantinople with her bastard husband and leave her there!”

Til Death Do Us Part

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Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 | Part 2 |

Prompt: Imagine being Eomer’s wife and when he gets banished from Rohan along with the riders, he tells you to stay in Rohan but you, being extremely stubborn and perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, leave with them anyways. (ImaginexHobbit)

Pairing: Eomer x Fem! Wife! Reader

A/N: Oh look! Something G+ rated. Finally. See? I don’t just write smut, lovelies. I wasn’t sure what the wedding customs were among humans nonetheless in Rohan so I’ve based them on traditional marriage vows in the United States. Here’s to you, nonnie! Hopefully I haven’t disappointed you!

“My love,” you began, following Eomer out to the stables. “As much as I enjoy your jests – they have been a constant companion of mine admittedly – please take this seriously.”

Your husband of three years hoisted his saddle onto the wooden gate, turning to retrieve the blanket he’d set aside earlier. After he draped it over Firefoot’s back, he turned to grab the saddle. You snatched it from his reach, determined to get his attention.

He sighed and extended his hand. “Give it here.”

“Not until you tell me what happened with your meeting with King Theoden. Will he see to reason?”

He shook his head. “Not with Grima lurking in the shadow of his throne.”

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A Wife's Monologue to her Addict Husband (By Reza Ghahremanzadeh)

Wife: If you want to leave this earth, then leave. If the light in your children’s eyes doesn’t convince you to stick around, then nothing will. Not my begging, not my beseeching, not my banshee-esque rants. Nothing. If you want to go, then go. I have actual children to care for. I don’t have time to mother a grown man. I have no intention of joining you. I have no intention of booking a one-way ticket to oblivion. I’m staying here with them. I will fight to make their lives easier until my very last breath. By all means, depart. But I can guarantee that you’ll regret it. When you’re travelling on Charon’s rickety boat, you’ll have visions of a ship with iridescent sails. Your children and I will be standing tall at the bow. We’ll be sailing forward into a bright, beautiful future.

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If your husband married a second time. Would you accept threesomes?

One, EW. Two, that’s haram. Three, LOL if my husband even tried to marry a second one he’d still end up with one wife cuz I’d leave his ass 🙃

Sebastian Stan Request

Hi dear! Could you please write an imagine where the reader is Sebastian Stan’s wife (and a really famous actress) and she tells him that she’s pregnant in a really cute way? I love your writing!! :3

“What’s that?”

You carried the box from your door to the kitchen counter. “Just a little something I ordered,” you smiled at your husband. “Are you ready to go?”

“Just have to put my shoes on,” he kissed your forehead as he walked to the couch. “You look absolutely beautiful. But, that was expected.”

“Ah, that’s why I married you,” you said humorously. You and Sebastian were about to leave to SAG Awards where you were up for fourth nomination for Best Actress and where Sebastian was up for Best Actor.

“Come on lovely,” you walked hand and hand with him down to the car. “You ready,” he asked as you pulled up to the red carpet. With a nod he opened up the car door and helped you out of the car. With an arm around you the whole time you two walked the red carpet, pausing for all the pictures and interviews together.

You held your stomach as you sat in your seat. “Getting nervous,” he asked as he saw your hand on your stomach.

You smiled largely, “I guess so.” He took your other hand in his and rubbed his thumb over it, “Don’t be. I know you’ll win,” he told you.

Sebastian’s category was up first. “And the award goes to,” Emma Stone said, “Sebastian Stan.” The audience erupted and you stood up and hugged and kissed your husband. He walked up on stage. “Wow,” he said looking at the award, “this is an honor. I’d like to take a moment and say thank you to my extremely beautiful wife Y/N,” he smiled towards you, “and to all the people from set who helped me get this role and make the character a real thing; and a special thank you to my fans that went and saw the movie and helped make it what it is. Thank you,” he gave a final smile and walked off the stage. He sat back down in his seat next to you just as your category was being announced.

Robert Downey Jr. took the stage to present the winner for your category and, of course, made a joke about Sebastian’s winning; it was only natural since they were close friends. “And the winner for Best Actress goes to….Y/N Y/L/N.” You stood back up again and wrapped Sebastian in another big hug and received an equally large kiss from him. You lifted up your gown and walked up the stage.

“Like Sebastian just said, this is an honor,” you and your peers laughed. “Um, I’d like to think my friends and family for encouraging me to pursue this role. I’d like to think my agent Matt and the cast and crew on set who helped me stay awake on all our 14 hour days; and my fans who tweeted about the movie just because I was in it. Lastly, I’d like to think my wonderful husband Sebastian for putting up with me and for still helping me run lines. I love you,” you looked directly at him. You walked off and kissed and hugged your husband again as you reached your seat.

“Robert and Chris asked if we wanted to join them at the afterparty,” Sebastian told you as you two walked again hand and hand with your awards down the red carpet.

“We could if you want but I actually have a gift waiting for you back at the house.” You could tell by his smile what he thought the gift was.

“Then we should probably just run on home,” he playfully said. The drive home was full of playful kisses and you having to bat Sebastian’s eager hand away. You were a good 20 steps ahead of him when you got home. You were grabbing the package off the table when Sebastian came through the door. “Ok, honey, ready to celebrate.” He walked towards the kitchen and stopped when he saw you hold the box. “You meant and actual gift?” You nodded and laughed at him.

“Come, sit,” you sat on the couch and patted next to you. You put the box in his lap and, with eager eyes, waited for him to open the box. He ripped the tape of the outside of the box and opened it to another gift box. He undid the bow, removed the top and unfolded the tissue paper. You looked intensly at him waiting to see his reaction. “Does this…does this mean what I think it does?”

He lifted up the small long sleeve black onesie that replicated his Winter Soldier outfit. He looked at you and you nodded. “How long have you known,” his voice was full of excitement.

“3 weeks. I’m nearly two months,” you smiled. He put the box on the table in front of him and grabbed you in his arms.

“This is the best award I could have ever received,” he picked you up in his arms bridal style and swung you around. “I can’t believe it!”

“Now,” you laughed from his arms. “I guess if you want your other gift now…” you let him finish the thought for himself.

Fan Fiction Idea Per Day

Arthur gets into a a car accident or something and wakes up with amnesia and a wedding ring on his finger so basically, all he knows is: his name; who his family is; likes and dislikes up to a certain point in time; he’s married to someone.

Then, suddenly, this guy bursts in all, “Honey, it’s me!” or something stupid like that. And he’s got a wedding ring on his finger so Arthur’s all, “Oh, you must be my… husband?” and the guy’s like “oh, sure!”

But after he leaves, someone else walks in with a wedding ring and Arthur’s confused and all, “Where’s your wife/husband/significant other?” and they say, “But that’s you, don’t you remember me?”

And then there is increased confusion as a lot of people turn up claiming to be his husband/wife.

What’s really happening is EnglandxWorld cause I like that. Basically, all the people who turn up are divorcees or married to people they don’t love because they saw that Arthur was happy with his actual spouse. But, with his memory loss, they all want to have him for himself.

Basically, they’re jerks.

… This is a horrible idea, actually.

All I know is that I’ve got a sudden urge to write PortEng now. Damn.

Baby Sitting (Michael Clifford)

“right well the restaurants number is on the fridge and if you need anything just call my cell, I’ll have it on me at all times” Mrs Clifford stressed as she pulled her left heel over her foot, “y/n knows what she’s doing Karen come on” Mr Clifford chuckled as he encouraged his wife towards the door, “okay well Leo and Mya’s dinners are in the oven and you know when to put them to bed” she rushed out as her husband grabbed her purse, opening the door ready to leave. Just as he was about to shut the door, her head popped back through as a giggle left your lips at Mr Clifford’s sigh at his wife’s behaviour, “oh and love Mikey will be back at about 11, but you’re welcome to stay over” she smiled, (Michael’s not an only child in this lol) “thanks Mrs C, have a nice night” you smiled back, “thank you dear” she smiled heading to the car, “bye y/n” Mr Clifford smiled as he headed after her, “bye Mr C” you smiled as you shut the door behind them. You’ve been baby sitting for the little Clifford twins for about a year now and you’re still yet to meet their infamous older son Michael. Your mum knows Mrs Clifford from work and put you forward for babysitting as soon as she found out they were looking for someone. The two six year olds are the cutest little ones and they adore you just as much as you adore them, you just hope that Michael isn’t the first Clifford to not like you. He’s always on tour with his band, so you haven’t been able to meet the family rock star yet but today he’s back and he’s working late at the studio so your watching the kids till he gets home. You wandered into the kitchen setting the table before taking the plates of chicken nuggets and chips from the oven and placing them on the kitchen table. “y/n” you heard a voice as the sound of little feet running across the floor boards sounded through the house. Mya came bounding into the kitchen, her blanket held in her clenched fists and she was dressed in her mini mouse onesie. “hey kiddo” you smiled as she ran to your feet. You bent down to her level picking her up in your arms, “are we having nuggets?” she beamed as she looked you in the eyes, her little arms clinging to your neck. “we certainly are” “yay” she cheered. As you placed her at the kitchen table Leo came running through.

“hey y/n” he smiled as he climbed up onto his chair, his smile growing wider as you ruffled his hair. The little boy had always had a little crush on his older pretty baby sitter, his older brother being the only one he had confided in about his little crush. After the kids had finished eating, Mya insisted on moving to the living room to watch Frozen for the 100th time before bed, “that’s a kids film” Leo groaned as we followed a skipping Mya to the living room, “really, I really like it” you smiled as the little boy smiled too, “oh yeah me too” he said as he pushed his chest out walking taller. You giggled at Leo as he made his way to the couch, taking a seat next to you as Mya cuddled into your other side as the film started to play. Half way through the film Mya’s eyes had slowly started to close and Leo was laid out on the other half of the couch playing on his Nintendo. You continued to watch the film when you heard the front door open and close, causing Mya to shift a little in your arms. Your eyes shifted to the clock, 9:00. The kids are due in bed soon and by the sounds of it Michael is early. You watched as one of the most gorgeous humans you’ve ever seen walked through the living room door. Sure you’ve seen pictures of him on the internet and around the Clifford house, but none of those come close to the real thing. His hair was died a dark shade of blue, his legs were clad in black skinny jeans with old boots adorning his feet. His leather jacket on his shoulders, a band shirt underneath clinging to his toned torso and his eyebrow piercing sparkled in the moonlight streaming in from outside. He was truly beautiful. “hi” you spoke as he looked to you, “Mike” Leo beamed as he ran to his brother, “hey kiddo” he smiled hugging his younger brother. Mya moved in my arms, her eyes heavy as she looked up at me, “how’s my little angel” Michael cooed as he came closer, kissing Mya’s cheek as she smiled and giggled at him, still clinging to my side. “and you must be y/n” he smiled the most gorgeous smile as he rose his hand for me to shake, “and you must be Michael” I replied, “that I am” he smiled again looking down at you, his gaze fixed on you. “y/n I’m tired” Mya whispered into my side.

“time for bed?” you asked as she nodded, “do you want me or your brother to took you in” you smiled, “you” she whispered lazily. “alright princess, night night” Michael smiled bending down to hug his sister before you carried her off to her bedroom. You laid her down and she was out like a light the moment her head hit the pillow. You switched of her light, propping the door open slightly before heading back to the living room. When you got back you found Michael and Leo playing around and nudging each other as they were involved in a serious Mario kart battle. You smiled at the two of them, finding yourself a little head over heels for the Clifford’s older son. You bit your lip as you watched him, your core tingling slightly as you watched him play with such passion. You were snapped out of your thoughts when Michael stood from the couch, holding his controller in the air in victory. “and that’s how you play little brother” he smirked as you giggled slightly. “well since you got back early, I should get off” you smiled, kind of sad because you really didn’t want to leave, “Mya’s asleep, so I’ll see you later” you smiled, turning to leave, “wait” Michael spoke after you, your face lighting up at his voice. “why don’t you stay for a while, I mean you haven’t even been here long, stay play some video games” he smiled shrugging slightly. “yeah come on y/n” Leo added from the couch, “okay” you smiled as you walked towards the boys, “yay” Leo beamed as you sat next to him, Michael sitting next to you. Your cheeks turning red when you felt Michael’s eyes on you from next to you. After about a half hour, you and Michael were basically best friends. You were getting along like a house on fire, you liked all the same music, same clothes and even the same places to eat and you are both obsessed with video games. You were having a great time and you couldn’t deny the huge crush you have developed for Michael. “I’m going to the toilet” Leo said as he jumped off the couch, leaving the room. This was the first time you and Michael had been alone all night. “hey” he whispered in your ear poking my side making you giggle, “what” you laughed, “you know my brother has a crush on you right” he laughed, “no way, really?” “yeah he fucking adores you”

“that’s so adorable” you smiled, giggling slightly, “he’s six, he cant have a crush on you” Michael laughed, “aw, I think he’s cute” “what and I’m not” he pouted, looking you in the eye, “of course” you giggled, pinching his cheeks slightly. When you had both stop laughing, you found yourselves resting your forehead against each others. His breath fanned over your lips only making you want him more. “you know, he’s not the only Clifford boy who adores you” he smirked, his lips brushing against yours before he closed the gap, sealing your lips together in a kiss. Your lips moved in sync with each other, his tongue quickly finding its way into your mouth. His tongue explored your mouth as he laid you back, his hands exploring your body and groping your boobs through your shirt. You broke apart when you heard a gasp come from the door way, you both turned to see Leo standing there, tears in his little eyes. “Leo” Michael said as you both sat up, “you promised Michael” he cried, “you promised you wouldn’t kiss her” he sobbed before running off towards his bedroom. You and Michael looked at each other, you felt slightly guilty even though Leo is only a six year old. “did you really promise him that” you asked, “yeah, yesterday” he sighed looking down at his feet, “but that was before I met you and now you’re this gorgeous, incredible girl and all I want to do is kiss you and take you out but now I feel bad about it because my six year old brother has a crush on you and I made a move, not like he could anyway I mean he’s six and I can’t just not kiss you because of a six year olds cru…” you cut off his rambling by pressing your lips to his, catching him off guard. “you’re adorable, you know that” you smiled as he pressed his lips back to yours again. His hands began roaming your body again, but you still felt sorry for making Leo cry. “Michael wait, we need to make sure Leo’s okay first” you smiled sitting up with him, “yeah I guess” he sighed, moving his lips from yours, “but then we do more of this right” he smirked before placing a quick kiss to your red lips, “yes” you giggled rolling your eyes, “come on” you pulled him up as he groaned. Once you reached Leo’s bedroom, Michael knocked on the door lightly before poking his head in, “Leo?”

Michael part five

“Leo?” Michael’s voice echoed through the quiet room as he gave you a confused look. You peaked your head round the door, pushing Michael to the side. You giggled slightly as he nearly tripped over his own feet, leaning against the wall before he could fall. “I’m good” he smiled as he regained his balance, laughing you pushed the door open and entered the little boys room. Neither you or Michael could see Leo anywhere, “where is he” you asked frustrated, “I think I know” Michael chuckled as he nodded towards the wardrobe, “he hides in there when he’s sad” He added as you made your way to the wardrobe, pulling the door back. And surely enough there was the little boy sitting in his wardrobe, his hands covering his face with his legs pressed to his chest. “oh Leo” you cooed as you reached out for him, but he flinched at your touch and turned away from you. “Leo don’t be like that” Michael sighed from behind you, “leave me alone” Leo sniffled as he avoided both yours and Michael eyes. “oh come on buddy” you said, “no” Leo snapped, more tears slipping from his eyes. “oh for crying out loud” Michael groaned rolling his eyes and before he could protest Michael had Leo wrapped up in his arms carrying him out of the room and back down to the lounge before placing his younger brother on the couch as you caught the two up. “Michael leave me alone” Leo protested, “no” Michael replied, “I’m sorry that you have a crush on a girl over 3 times your age and I’m sorry that I broke my promise I really am! but mate when you’re my age you’ll understand! I really really like y/n and I think she likes me too, I couldn’t not kiss her! She’s too old for you kid, but she’s perfect for me and I’m sorry about that! But buddy I am not gonna let some girl come in between me and you, you’re my little bro” Michael looked down to the little boy in front of him, a smile appearing on Leo’s face. You didn’t know whether to be happy that Michael must like you a hell of a lot or that he just called you ‘some girl’. But you couldn’t stay mad at him, seeing his brother hug him tight melted your heart. “I forgive you” Leo smiled as Michael hugged him to his chest, “time for bed now kiddo” you smiled, hating to break up the moment but also knowing that Mr and Mrs Clifford would be back soon and would not be happy to see Leo still up, “Night Mikey” “Night bud” Michael smiled as Leo detached himself from his older brother. “night y/n” he smiled hugging your legs, “night Leo” You smiled as he took of towards his room. Michael made his way to you, his hands wrapping around your waist as yours go to his neck, “I’m some girl ey” you smirked “not just some girl” he smiled kissing you lightly, “the perfect girl”

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4 with michael

Michael pulls you into the first room you pass once you’ve walked back down the aisle, your fingers laced and hearts racing with happiness as he kicks the door shut and slips his arms around your waist, “we did it,” he murmurs, his fingers tracing over the lace of your wedding gown as he gazes down at you with pure love in his eyes, “we’re married.”

You can’t help the giggle that escapes your lips as your hands smooth down his chest to loosely wrap around his waist, hugging yourself closer as he ducks to press your foreheads together, “you’re my husband,” you say, eyes searching his as you bite your bottom lip to contain your smile.

“You’re my wife,” there’s an awe to his voice as he lifts his forehead from yours only to replace it with his lips, your eyes closing in absolute bliss as he presses a kiss to your skin, a huff of breath leaving his nose as his hands gently cup either side of your neck, “I love you so much.”


You feel his lips twitch into a smile against your forehead before he pulls back, his thumbs brushing along the length of your neck gently, “forever.”

Dear Swan Queeners,

Most of you probably do not know me as I am not an SQ shipper. So let me introduce myself. I’m Carrie. I’m a wife and foster mother to two girls, 4 years and 6 months old. I worked for 8 years with people who have disabilities and loved my job, but decided to leave when my husband and I made the decision to become foster parents and am now a stay at home mom. (Just a little about me.)

I’ve been an Evil Regal since day one and my absolute favorite relationship on the show is Regal Believer. 

I’m not heavily involved in your fandom, but I have had the opportunity to meet some absolutely wonderful people from it. The connections I have made with SQer’s are my favorite in the fandom. They are kind, considerate, and very patient when I ramble on about how awesome my kids are. They are interested in my life and send me messages asking how the kids are. It was people from the SQ fandom who were there for me when my two boys were sent back to their father. They’ve listened through my worries and my tears and allowed me to rant. One of you even gave me your phone number so I could text when I was having a hard time and missing my boys so much I thought my heart would break. 

I’m not as active on tumbr as I used to be…because kids. I mostly stick to my dash because it’s all I have time for, but I have seen the awful things you have to put up with daily. I’ve done my best when I do see it to send support to my friends and call people out on their shit, but like I said I’m not on as much as I once was so I miss a lot of what happens. 

Today sucked and I have friends who no longer feel welcome in this fandom and that makes me so incredibly sad because for me Swan Queen means supportive friends who go the extra mile to help their friends in need. It means checking in on your friends when they are going through an absolute shit time and they just need to cry and someone to listen. There is nothing I can do to make what happened on Twitter today better, but I want to tell you that I support you and if you ever need to talk or cry or vent my inbox is open. 

I do want to do something for you though…This Friday when I get the girls to bed I will have some free time. I am a fanfiction writer for the OQ fandom, but this Friday I want to write for you. I’m told by many of my followers that they love my family fictions, so I want to write some Swan Mills family fic for you guys since you have been so incredibly wonderful to me. They will need to be shorter prompts so I can get out as many as I can. Please send your prompts my way and I will do my very best to get to all of you.

Thank you all for being who you are and thanks to every single one of you who have supported me in the last few months. I can’t even begin to tell you what it meant to me and the word “thanks” just doesn’t cover it. Mwah!

RP Sentence Starters based off Old RPs! (Add to it if you want)

“Wow, I can see why you don’t like your dad.”

“It’s the full moon, isn’t it?”

“It’s terrible what people do just because you’re different.”

“_____ is acting weird. Like, emotional and clingy.”

“Where were youuuuu?! I was so lonely!”

“It’s not a good idea for me to stay, ____. My wife/husband/spouse thinks I’m cheating on her/him/them with you.”

“That’s terrible!”

“You need to leave, now.”

“How did we switch bodies?!”

“You look like you’re about to turn into a puddle.”

“These paintings are kind of creepy.”

“Is that a picture of slender man?”

“You’re throwing books at people to make a contract?”

“You pushed your mother out of a window?!”

“Oh my god, ___! Stop being such a creep!”

“It’s weird seeing you all grown up…”

“I’m done with the Wind God’s bullshit. 100% done.”

“What do Divines act like, then?”

“Not my kid, not my problem.”

“I left my door open and five cats came in.”

“(Insert pet’s name) is good company and all, but I need human contact. I am… clingy.”

“I don’t want to kill you.”

“We can change our fate!”

“um… nice dog…”

“That of you? Well, I’ll hug potatoes too!”

“Are you a grumpy potato?”

*obsessively pokes cheek*

“Why do you keep breaking into my house?”

“Not many are lucky enough to be bestowed with the dark gift.”

“After you surpass God, do you plan kn challenging demons?”

“I’m half ___, half ___.”


“This blue monkey broke my wrist.”

“No, my horns are not cosplay.”

“We shouldn’t leave her/him/them here to rot. Let’s take her/him/them home so we can bury them.”

“Don’t you wish to have the knowledge of the Gods?”

“I’ve got money for a pizza.”

Fun fact about me, I technically got married over text message. My husband was out of town and signed the marriage certificate before leaving then when he was gone I met up with the officiate and she and I did our signing and she texted my husband all “do you take this woman to be your wife etc etc” and he was like “yeah” and that’s probably the most modern damn wedding I’ve heard of.