be my girlfriend pls

i hope pidge finds a cute space girlfriend who is really happy to hear pidge infodump about all kinds of tech and how cool it is and how it all works. this happens all the time. like every single day and pidge just rambles on and on and thinks her gf is just listening but not paying attention

but then one day pidge and hunk are helping coran with some kind of device. and pidge’s gf comes in and just stares at what they are doing for a while. after a few minutes she suggests something to make the device work better. pidge, who was been focused on trying to find the right length of cable wire, lifts her head and stares at her gf incredulously

gf: what?

pidge: how did you know that would work?

gf: well last week you mentioned something about types of power sources and i thought it might work 

and pidge realizes that her gf hadn’t just been listening but also learning from her and cue the star and heart eyes and fluff


made some low quality bmc icons! feel free to request more but you’ll have to send me the pictures because they’re so hard to find:///

❤  | ⟳  if you use!

I know it’s unbearable
the affliction, the anguish
it lacerates your heart
leaves your knuckles bloody
your knees throbbing and aching from begging
put your fists down wounded warrior
calm your staggering breaths
uncross your fingers
lay down next to me
the world is cruel and the pain is searing
bring all your struggles and strife
place them on the nightstand
dry your tears
give me all your fears
I’ll lock them in a cage
interlace our fingers
interlock our legs
you can breathe here
there’s no need to fight
my brave soldier
you are safe
you are home
—  safe haven // lc

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Me: but like when Piper comes into Mari's life and at first Louis is really protective and having flashbacks of the dark days after their fight and he's all "she already had one mother walk out on her, she doesn't need another one, I won't let you into her life if you're going to decide to leave it completely at the drop of a hat" and piper coming to terms with her actions and growing and doing the most to be there and never let Mari down My girlfriend: it's 2am pls stop drinking and go to bed

M E   H O L Y S H I T

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Your girlfriend is being somebody's wife for $100. I said I would tell Steph. (PS, this is for Steph, not anybody else who may read this ask.)

She’s not my girlfriend anymore 

pls dont send me messages like this :”)