be my girl foreva and eva


Is there a reason why you are naked in my bed…..

I had been coming home late from extended studio sessions, always exhausted, usually spending more time immersed in my music than at home.

Lately my friends have been busy with up and coming projects and I’d been so focused on this new album. Recently I decided to come home early; exhausted from working 24/7, I just needed a long break, at least a week to myself.

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Funny How That Works

Now that I don’t have to feel all anxious about Rose being defined (again) by some other person in comics (never happier to own up to an emotionally-charged overreaction… it’s because I love her so much, ok?!), I’m pretty stoked for Superboy. Rose being boss and BAMF and unhindered by overdone, burdensome team/familial drama? Yes, please <3

And now I will drift off into the rest of my evening, performing my tasks and watching US Open Tennis in a blissfully optimistic mood. Optimism is my thing now, and I like it much better.

And yes, you bet I’ll be pleasantly looking forward to finishing my essay on Rose and posting it for you tonight.

See you then!