be my ghost

The ATL ritual

Ok, new fire and aether were the happiest sweetest friendliest ghouls I’ve met.
Honestly..I wanted them back as soon as they walked away. 🖤🖤

Since we were standing at the rail right in front of their bus entrance, we got to see all of the ghouls go into the bus.
When I saw new water I was so excited bc he’s the one I wanted to meet. He had on this black hoodie with the hood up almost covering his face. He went straight to the bus and turned his back towards us while putting in the pin code. As he was doing that I said “I love youuu come back let me hug youuu”. Then, as he turned to go in the bus, he stopped just long enough to give me a little smirk lol. I’m just glad he heard me. 😆

New air came out and he smiled when I said AIR we love you! So that’s good. I feel like he doesn’t get enough loveee. Haha he’s also so fucking small in person.
New new earth avoided us like the plague 😂

It was completely worth waiting 2 hours to talk to aether and fire though. Omgggg I love them. They’re so funny and down to earth. Dear god how are they so humble?! Have they looked in a mirror??

#8) Indigo

Okay this is more like periwinkle but whatever. It’s my gengar gijinka, Oscar, bc I love gengar.