be my fuzz ball

Summer showers

Prompt: A campfire, lightning bugs, a note 

Just Kurt fluff, because I’ve missed this little fluffy blueberry

Kurt x gender neutral reader

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You stared into the mirror, checking over every detail of your outfit. The note, along with a single flower, that had been personally delivered by one of Kurt’s little bamfs, in the middle of a class full of giggling teenagers, still sat on your dresser, it simply read, ‘meet me in the lobby at 8 o’clock, all my heart your fuzz ball.’ The scrap of paper may have been simple, but the beautiful words imprinted on it were held close to your heart.

Eventually satisfied with your outfit, you slipped on your shoes and headed out of your bedroom door, and down the long corridor to entrance hall, where Kurt was already waiting patiently, looking dashing as ever with his freshly pressed shirt, his jacket folded over his strong arm.

As soon as he spotted you, his already handsome face lit up, fangs just say poking out from between his full lips. “mein Schatz’ he murmured into your hair as he wrapped his arms around you, his scent filling your nose, as you buried your face in his chest. “will I need a coat?’ you asked as you pulled away slightly, unsure of where you would be going, ‘you can have mine, if you get cold darling’ he reassured, taking your hand and leading you out of the grand double doors, ‘but I don’t want you to be cold’ you protested, ‘well then, we’ll just have to snuggle together to keep warm’ a flirtatious smile playing at his lips, as you strolled into the gardens, the fireflies dancing amongst the flowers, as the stars twinkled above, in the inky velvet  sky; fingers still intertwined as Kurt lead you to a small hill, where at the very top, sat a bottle of wine, two glasses and a blanket for the pair of you to sit on. You couldn’t help the broad smile from spreading across your cheeks, as you made your way to the very top, where the pair of you flopped down onto the blanket, bumping shoulders.

“This is beautiful Kurt’ you complimented, giving his cheek a sweet kiss, making those little fangs peep out once more, as you cuddled into him, ‘are you cold?’ he asked, already draping his jacket over your shoulders, ‘no, I’m just stealing some of your warm’ you murmured.

The pair of you chatted for hours, about everything and nothing, perfectly content in each other’s company, watching the fireflies waltz together, until a drop of water dripped onto your nose, followed by another and another. “Hang on, storm warned me it might rain’ Kurt rambled as he reached behind him, grabbing a large umbrella, as the heavens opened, rain pouring from the midnight sky. Kurt pulled you back into his side, fingers knotted together, as he held the umbrella with his tail. You would have to thank Ororo in the morning.


Have a great day and be safe


"Our Elf"

A Parody of “Gaston”
Music by: Alan Menken
Original Lyrics by: Howard Ashman

Parody Lyrics by: Anna Kjartansdottir @icelandicandamess & Casper Andrews @veggiesaurusrex-grrr

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, fuzz ball, looking so down in the dumps
Everyone here loves to see you, Wagner
Even though bamfs are cute chumps
There’s no man in school as beloved as you, the institute’s favorite guy

Everyone’s awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see why

No one’s kind like our elf
No one’s fine like our elf
No one loves entertaining his friends like our elf
For there’s no man upstate half as silly
Perfect, a pure paragon
You can ask any Scott, Rogue or Kitty
And they’ll say who’s shoulder they’ll always lean on

No one’s fit as our elf
sharper wit than our elf

And everyone knows when to quit ‘cept our elf

I’m fully aware I’m exasperating

My, what a guy, fuzz ball!!!!

Give five hurrahs, give 12 hip-hips! Kurt Wagner’s the best and the rest are all-

God’s beloved children!

No one fights like our elf,
Or wears tights like our elf
Nobody can light up our lives like our elf
For there’s no one who’s as full of raw talent

Well I did spend some years training hard

Not a bit of him is scraggly or scrawny

Not true

ROGUE (unamused)
Is letting us love you through singing too hard

No one loves like our elf
Or forgives like our elf
No one has a soul quite as saintly as our elf

I’m just living as my God commanded

Kurt Wagner, great job!

NIGHTCRAWLER (increasingly sheepish)
When I was a lad I was all on my own
With no one to turn to but God
And now that I’m grown
I am never alone
Though I see no reason to applaud

Oh, shut up

My, what a guy, our elf!

It’s a rare thing you do,
Kurt, most Christians outgrew
Following the laws regarding love that you do

NIGHTCRAWLER (embarrassed, attempting to derail)
…I use crosses in all of my decorating…

My, what a guy, our Elf!

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Ooh for the four word prompt can you do 'don't be so rude'? Thanks

The puppy was starting to drive Dan crazy. You had told your best friend that you would watch her little pup for the next few days while she went home to visit her mother and father. 

“He never stops playing. He’s like a play monster. How can one little thing keep going and running and biting and crying and peeing and eating.” Dan loves dogs but you were sure he just forgot how much work puppies are. 

“You forgot sleeping. That would be everything a puppy does.” You couldn't help but smirk as the puppy kept bringing every toy in the room to Dan’s feet, The pup took an instant love towards Dan. This, of course, made Phil sad because he was trying so hard to get the puppies attention. 

“That’s the only thing I haven’t seen the puppy do.” Dan picked up a bunch of the toys before tossing them around the room to make the puppy a little bit busy for the next two minutes.

“Why are you so grumpy? Puppies are meant to bring people happiness and love.” The little wiggle butt was now jumping up at your legs begging to be picked up and cuddle. You give in and place him on the couch between yourself and Dan. The pup couldn't help himself from wanting Dan’s attention. He was a bit like you in the need of Dan’s attention department. He still has to learn the lesson that if you want Dan’s attention you never pick when he is editing a video. 

“Why on earth is he licking my hand. I need this to edit little brown fuzz ball.” This was one of the first times Dan had actually talked to the dog and not about the dog. 

“Don’t be so rude. You love your mum and dad’s dog with all of your heart. Why not this little guy.” You now had the puppy in your hands holding him up to Dan’s facing praying that the baby would give a little lick to his dimple.

“He’s too cute. What if you replace me with him?” Where was this playful Dan hiding for the last few hours? 

“I love him because he is soft and cuddly. He also begs for my attention. But he could never replace your kisses as his are sweet but you don’t lick your own balls.” Dan tossed his laptop to the coffee table before tackling you in kisses as the puppy barked along with the play fighting. Hopefully, the dog starts to grow on him because if a puppy was annoying him imagine him finding out about the baby inside of you.


Okie dokie, so the white little angel is my pupper, Molly. She’s old and was cold one day so thats why she looks like an old russian lady in one of the pics. The little black fuzz ball is my friend’s puppy Peanut! Hope these help ❤❤❤

Thank you for sharing I love them - Gen ❤️❤️
Day 4: Kittens

The school bell rang loudly and echoed through the class. Everyone quickly packed up their things.

“Remember to read the next chapter for homework tonight!” Miss Bustier called over the rising roar of noise. “See you all tomorrow.”

I shoved the extra papers into my notebook then stuffed it into my bag. It was then Nino patted my back.

“Hey, Alya and I are going to catch a movie after school tomorrow, but she’s going to bring Marinette and asked me if you wanted to come too.”  Nino said.

“I can’t.” I shook my head. “I’ve got a piano lesson.”

“Ah, come on! Can’t you take one day off?” I shook my head again. He groaned. “I’m sure your father wouldn’t mind you skippin one piano lesson.”

“Actually, he would. A lot.” I replied as we started to walk out of the classroom. We walked down the stairs and out to the main entrance. Nino left quickly when we noticed small drops falling from the sky.

“Rain?” I muttered, holding my hand out and feeling the drops fall onto my hand. I sighed as I adjusted my bag on my shoulder and started to walk out into the rain. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed Marinette. She was crouching down by a few bushes right beside the school. I looked at her questioningly.

What is she doing? I thought,  She shouldn’t be out here. It’s practically downpouring. It doesn’t look like she has a jacket either, she’ll catch a cold if she stays out here like that. I made my way over to her.

“Marinette?” I asked. She jumped up and turned to me.

“A-A-Adrien! Uh…Hi! W-wha-what are you need? I mean, What, uh, d-do you need?” She said.

“What are you doing?” I asked. She suddenly glanced toward the bush.

“Uh… well, t-there’s a-a-” A soft meow came from the bush behind her. “Kitten.”

“A kitten?” I questioned. She nodded.

“I-I think it’s stuck.” Marinette turned back toward the bush.  “It’s been here for a few days, I’ve been brining it some food and milk, but it won’t eat. I think it’s hurt. I’ve tried to get it out, but the bush is covered in thorns and I haven’t been able to reach in far enough to get the poor thing.”

“I didn’t know you liked cats.” I remarked. Marinette fidgeted a bit, a light blush formed on her cheeks.

“Y-yeah, well. I’ve recently have taken a liking to them.” She crouched back down to the bush, I followed her.

Marinette pulled back some of the leaves to reveal a small, white kitten. It’s fur was in a mangled mess, with bits of leaves and dirt scattered all over it.

“I want to get it out of the rain, but like I said, I can’t reach it.” Marinette stared at the cat.

I glanced over to her. Her bright blue eyes were full of concern, and her pink glossed lips were parted slightly. I noticed small little dots sprinkled around her cheeks. Freckles, perhaps? As I noticed these details, my heart swelled.

Had she always been this pretty?

“Adrien.” Was her voice always this soft? “Adrien!” She snapped me out of my daze. “Are you okay?”

“Huh?” I replied, “Oh, uh, yeah.” I turned my attention back to the cat. “What should we do about it?”

“We?” Marinette questioned.

“Well, yeah.” A smile formed on her lips.

“Um… I-if you hold back the bush, I might be able to grab it.”

“All right.” I stood up and slipped my bag off.

“Be careful of the thorns, though.”

“I will.”  I slowly pulled the branches away wide enough for Marinette to quickly reach in and grab the small cat. I stepped away from the bush as Marinette cradled the kitten in her arms.

“Oh, he’s okay!”

“He?” She nodded. I moved closer to her and glanced down to the bundle of fur. I started to reach for it, but the cat hissed and scratched my hand.

“Adrien! Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!” I held my hand and nodded.

“Yeah. I forgot that cats don’t seem to like me that much.” How ironic. “It looks like his leg is broken.” I said.

“Yeah, I’ll take him to the vet after I get him out of the rain.” Marinette stood up to leave.

“Wait.” I quickly removed my white button up shirt. “Wrap him in this.” Marinette hesitated a little, then took the shirt from me and wrapped it around the cat.

“Thanks. I’ll get it back to you on Monday.” I shook my head.

“Don’t worry about it.” I replied, suddenly hearing a loud beep. I glanced over to see a silver car. I sighed and picked up my bag. “I have to go.”

“Thanks for your help!” Marinette said, then she quickly ran off. I turned toward the car.


I walked into class the next day to see Nino pouting at our desk.

“Nino?” I asked, walking over to him. “What’s wrong.”

“The girls.” He whispered, pointing back to Marinette and Alya. “They won’t shut up about some guy named Antoine.”

“What do you mean?” It was then I heard the two girls giggling as they stared at Marinette’s phone.. “Hey.” I called up to them. Alya looked over to me.

“Oh, hi, Adrien.” She replied. She then looked back to Marinette’s phone and let out a loud, high pitched “Aw.”

“Antoine’s just so cute!” Marinette exclaimed.

“Who’s Antoine?” I asked. The two girls looked up to me.

“My kitten!” Marinette exclaimed, with a smile.

“Your kitten?” I asked. She nodded.

“The one you helped me rescue yesterday! I I was able to convince my parents to let me keep him!”

“Oh, I see, That’s good!” I turned back to Nino and spoke to him in a hushed whisper. “You’re jealous of a kitten? That’s ridiculous!”

“You haven’t heard how they are talking about the thing though!” I rolled my eyes as I took my seat.

“You’re being overdramatic.” I said.

“Just listen to them.” Nino said. I sighed.

“Fine.” I started to listen into Marinette’s conversation with Alya.

“Oooh, I can’t wait to see him when I get home! I’m going to squeeze and cuddle with him so much!” Marinette exclaimed happily. Alya laughed.

“Girl, I think you fell in love with this cat!”

“No, not this one.” That reply caught my attention. What in the world did that mean?  Did she have another cat that she loved more?” As I was about to turn around to ask her, she said, “N-nevermind, forget I said that!”

The teacher came into the room and class began.


I was exhausted. I really was.

I sighed loudly and I slouched over the piano. My lesson had just ended and it was well passed nightfall. I stretched out my arms, stood up, and made my way to my room.

When I opened the door to my dark room, I noticed my phone, that sat on my desk, light up. I walked over to my phone to see I had multiple text messages from a number I did not recognize. I opened the most recent message.

“Sorry.” The message said, “Those were meant for Alya!” For Alya? Was it Marinette? But how did she get my number? I shrugged it off, assuming that Alya or Nino had given her my number. But what was she talking about?

I knew it was wrong, but I let curiosity get the best of me and started to scroll up. I saw several pictures of a white cat in various positions with a cast on one of his hind legs.

I felt a small pit of anger start to form in my stomach. I tried to shake it off as I continued to scroll up and looked through the pictures. There was one photo, however, that got under my skin. It was an adorable picture of Marinette,but there was one issue with it. She held the white cat super closer to her. For some reason, that picture caused me to fill with anger.

I couldn’t wait, I needed this to stop. However, it was stupid for me, Adrien Agreste, to be jealous over a small little kitten. For Adrien… yes, but not for Chat Noir.

“Plagg!” I called.


I slipped into her dark room through her skylight and immediately noticed she wasn’t in her bed. I glanced down her stairs to see Marinette sleeping peacefully in her chaise, a white puffy thing curled up in a ball on her chest. I hopped down to her and glared at the cat, it was then I noticed the thing was wrapped in my shirt.

I started to pry the cat off of Marinette’s chest when she began to stir.

“Chat Noir?” Marinette asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to settle things with your pesky new kitten.” I replied.


“I thought I was your favorite cat.”

“What are you talking about?” She questioned.

“I happened to hear that you got a new cat and how you were gushing over him.”

“Why does that matter?” She asked, suppressing a yawn.

“ Because I should be the only cat you gush over!” I exclaimed.

“Chat…” She muttered, sitting up.

“I don’t understand why you are obsessed with him when I’m a million times better!” Marinette stared at me, then suddenly broke into laughter.

“You’re ridiculous!” She said. “You’re seriously jealous of a kitten?!” She continued to laugh.

“W-well…” I muttered. Marinette placed both her hands against each of my cheeks and placed her forehead against mine.

“You’ll always be my favorite, you Silly Kitty.” She said, softly. I stared at her. That nickname… Ladybug was the only one who called me that, so how did she know it? Also, was she being serious, or was it just her sleep deprived state? Did any of that really matter? No. It didn’t.

I felt the smile on my face grow as she leaned back and snuggled into her chaise.

“Now go home.” She muttered. I chuckled a bit, then went up to her bed. I  reached up to the skylight and opened it.

Before I left, I glanced down to the small white ball of fuzz that attached itself to my shirt. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having him around.

I was her favorite, after all.

(A/N: This turned out to be more Adrinette than MariChat, but this is probably my favorite one that I have done so far.)