be my date to a party

‘’Just pretend to be my boyfriend’’

‘‘ Writing Prompt #20 with Bucky “Just pretend to be my date” or boyfriend to like a wedding, someone’s party, or a high school reunion???’‘ was the request by @thedemonsweshare, so I wrote it down for her and I really hope she likes it. I changed it from my date to boyfriend because that made more sense in that one-shot!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
None, just some cute Bucky fluff

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Olivia was the girl in school that everybody loved. She was popular and a member of the cheerleader team. But you were the complete opposite. Your group of friends was not that big, just three or four really good and also best friends. While she went out with many other guys you never heard of, you prefered to stay away from these huge events like these big parties on the weekends.

But still, you and Olivia were really good friends in high school. You helped her with her math exam while she tried to introduce you to some handsome members from the high school football team.

And that was the reason why you were now standing in front of a confused Bucky Barnes, who was looking down on you while he took a sip of his coffee “What shall I do?”

Just pretend to be my boyfriend. Please, Bucky, you have to help me“ you pleaded and already wanted to kneel in front of him before he stopped you from doing so and sat down on the couch.

’‘Can you just tell me why I should do that?“ he blinked and sat down his mug of coffee as you sank down beside him and sighed ’'You know, when I was in high school, I wasn’t really popular and I was never really good at talking to the boys I liked and so…I never had a boyfriend when I was going there and neither when I was studying…and my friend Olivia was soo popular and knew so many guys who would have liked to be her boyfriend. She always dated these dream guys and…I was alone. Sitting in my bed and watching TV”

“So you want me to come with you so you can show them that you found your own dream guy?“ he grinned widely while saying dream guy and raised his eyebrows ’'I’m really flattered that you would put me to the dream guys”

“Don’t be so full of yourself, Barnes“ you slapped him playfully and laughed before you asked him again ’'So would you be the most kindest person in the world and be my boyfriend for that evening?”

“I’ll do it but only because it’s you, doll“ Bucky winked at you before threw yourself at him and gave him a big hug ’'Thank you so much, you’re the best“

Only three days later, the big day was there.
You were just standing in the bathroom and put on some mascara when you heard someone knocking on your door. It was Bucky who didn’t bother to just come in ’'Doll, come on! We gotta go if you want to be on time.”

He looked for you and went straight to the bathroom where he found you. Bucky’s mouth fell open when he took in your appearance and blinked a few times after you turned around “You look good. I like that shirt”

You nodded to his black button up shirt which he had combined with some dark blue jeans. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.Just then you realized his look and your gaze went down on you
“Is the dress to much? I told Nat it would look stupid on a high school reunion” You already wanted to zip it down when Bucky began to shake his head

“No, you look fantastic! Don’t worry about the others. You look great“You smiled and kissed his cheek ’'Thank you, Buck. So let’s go. We take Tony’s car” Before Bucky could ask if you had even asked for permission, you waved with the keys and he smiled before following you to the elevators.

“You don’t have to be nervous, doll. You look fantastic and you have an amazing job. You’re saving the world with the greatest team and you’re fake dating a superhero” Bucky smiled at you and held your hand while you were still sitting in the car after he parked in the parking lot next to your old high school.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t be nervous. Do you know what you have to say when they asked you how we met?” you savely asked him again to make sure he still knew what to do. Smiling, he nodded and opened his door before leaving the car just like you “Don’t worry, [Y/N]. I know what to do. Just trust me and everything will be fine”
He took your hand and led you to the great building where all the others were already waiting.

They were all gathered in your old main class room and cheered when you came in together with Bucky who was still holding your hand.

“[Y/N]!” Olivia squeaked and came over. She gave you the most tightest hug you ever got that you almost lost your breath before she let go of you “It’s so good to see you again and your..boyfriend?”

Her gaze went to Bucky who smiled friendly and held out his hand for her to take “Hey, I’m James. But everyone calls me Bucky. And yes, boyfriend.”

“You’re doing well, [Y/N]. So, you’re dating a superhero and you’re also a superhero yourself. Wow, that’s really…unexpected” she smiled before Olivia introduced you to her boyfriend who was the trainer of the hometown footballteam.

You two chatted while Bucky always held your hand or gave you a kiss when you told something funny and he laughed about it. It made you blush when his lips kissed your cheek.Something inside you wished that it was real. That Bucky was your boyfriend and you lived in a happy relationship. But it wasn’t true what made you a little bit sad.

“Soo..Bucky, how did you meet [Y/N]? I mean, she barely leaves her room” Olivia laughed but to Bucky, there was nothing funny about it because he knew that sometimes you needed some you-time for yourself which was totally okay for him because he understood it.

“Actually I met her when I was introduced to the whole team” he began and you stopped breathing.

That was not the story he was suppose to tell her.

“Everyone was really friendly but also really careful to be nice and [Y/N] just walked in, by the way she totally forgot that Steve was already introducing me to everyone, and she just went with the words 'So when comes this weird dude with the metal arm?’ and stopped right in the door way when she noticed that I was already there. That was the first thing she said right into my face and it was so adorable because right after that she quickly apologized. I knew that I would like her really much. Then it came that we talked much about everything and nothing til the day came where I asked her out and she gladly said 'Yes’. I was really happy and still am because…she is the best and I love her”

Bucky looked you right in the eye when he said so. He was speaking the truth. You almost wanted to cry when he came closer and kissed you softly on the lips. First you were shocked which you didn’t show but then you smiled into the kiss and returned it.

After you broke the kiss, you looked into his deep blue eyes and smiled softly “I love you too”

Olivia just sat there in silence and took a quick look at her boyfriend before she gave you a fond smile “I’m really happy that you found someone who speaks with so much love about you. You can be proud that you’ve found Bucky”

“I am. I really am” you hold Bucky’s hand and felt that he gave yours a little squeeze before you turned to him again and gave him a kiss.

I hope that’s okay.

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2,9,12 please 💜💜💜💜💜xoxoxoxo

from this (thank you!)

2. a picture of me

let’s go to a photo album…

here’s me with my first dog Fuzzy (wuzzy was a bear)

9. tattoos i want

I’ve known for years that I want something about Cowboy. I now know that something about Cowboy will go on my left side rib area and I found the artist that I want to do the work. She lives in South Korea and I will be poor my entire life.

12. ideas of a perfect date

March 9th 2015- flying kites on a Pacific beach with you and your kiddo.

and actually a lot of my perfect dates involve you, Jules. there were those times that we went to powells and ate pizza or that time we took a box of doughnuts to a party and we all blindfolded each other. Or all those times we laughed so loudly that we were scolded by people around us.  I mean, damn, you are a perfect date. hearteyesmotherfucker.gif.

Josh Dun| My Other Band Mate.

Description: An alternate universe based on the Hamilton soundtrack.

Y/N falls for a boy with highlighter hair. She soon finds out that this boy was her sister’s fellow band mate. She thought it would be fine to date him because if her sister liked him, her sister would’ve told her, right?

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View

Chapter 1: Helpless

I straightened out my dress and added a few touches on my make-up. Tonight, my sister, Zoë, and along with her band mates has thrown a party to celebrate the success of their new album, Vessel. I’ve never met any of her band mates, but she has told me a lot about them.

“Y/N, Bridgette, it’s time to go!” Zoë yelled.

“Okay!” Bridgette and I replied in unison.

I collected some stuff and shoved it in my purse and headed downstairs. We all said our goodbyes to our parents and headed out to Zoë’s car.

The party was being held in Tyler’s house. The drive there was pretty fast and Zoë parked in front of the house, with all the other people’s cars.

We all walked up to the front door and instead of knocking, Zoë opened the door herself. The house was filled with people, some of them were already drunk.

“Hey, Zoë!”

I looked at the direction of the voice and saw a guy coming up to us, avoiding some drunk people along the way. He has brown hair and hazel eyes and he had a cute smile on his face

“Hey, Tyler,” Zoë greeted.

“This is Y/N and Bridgette, my sisters.”

“Nice to meet you two,” Tyler said, shaking my hand then shakes Bridgette’s hand right after.

Tyler’s gaze went back to Zoë. I noticed how he looked at her with such love in his eyes and I smirked at him.

“Ty, where’s Josh?” Zoë said, looking around.

Tyler snapped out of his trance and frowned a little bit at Zoë’s question.

“Uh, he went out to buy more ice. Excuse me, I’m going to do some…” He trailed off.

“Stuff,” he continued.

He went back to what he was doing and disappeared into the crowd.

“Hey Zoë, are you and Tyler something?” I asked once Tyler was gone.

“What? No. I like someone else…” Zoë answered, her voice getting quieter and quieter by every word.

“Come, let’s go sit down on the couch,” she said, avoiding further questions.

Me and Bridgette followed her steps and sat down with her. She introduced us to some people, but I was completely uninterested on them. I silently laugh at her as how she’s dazzling in the room.

The door opened and it revealed a guy who was about Zoë’s age, which made sense since everyone here is probably her friends, he looked really good. My heart went “boom” and I looked at him in complete awe. He had brown eyes and his hair was dyed bright yellow. He had a bag of ice in his hand and he had a cap backwards on his head.

He went in the direction of the kitchen and I looked at my sister to see her complete engross in a conversation with Tyler. I smirked at them and I silently trailed the tracks of the boy earlier. He was chatting with the band’s manager, Mark. I tried to get his eye from the side of the room as I went to the fridge and got myself a can of coke. I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight, but this was my only chance because who knows if I’m ever going to encounter someone like him again.

Everybody else was dancing and chatting in the living room leaving us the only people in the kitchen. And, yet, he won’t even acknowledge my presence.

I muttered curses under my breath, which was completely pointless since the music was already on top volume. Talking in general is like barely a whisper. I made my way back to the living room avoiding all the people who was grinding to the rhythm of the song or the people who was simply wine and dining.

I made my way to the couch where Zoë and Tyler was still talking to each other. I excused her to Tyler and grabbed her and whispered: “Yo, that guy with the highlighter hair. He’s mine.” I scanned her face for a reaction and she looked completely confused.

“Tyler’s yours and that guy with the highlighter hair can be mine,” I repeated.

She chuckled softly and asked me where this guy was. I pointed to the direction of the kitchen and she made her way there. I got nervous thinking: “what is she going to do?” I followed her to the kitchen and saw her grab the boy’s arm. I was completely heartbroken and I thought I was through, but then he turn his gaze to me and I was completely helpless.

“Josh, this is my sister, Y/N. Y/N, this is Josh, my other band mate,” Zoë said.

I mentally face palmed myself, but I smiled at him and shook his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Josh,” I said, trying his name out of my tongue.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet it would have been worth it,” he flirted.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Zoë said.

Before she left the room she took one more look at us and I took this an opportunity to whisper a “thank you”. She smiled at me, but her smile soon faded when he looked at Josh. I thought none of it and responded to one of Josh’s question. She then finally left the room, Mark soon following her.

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dude lest dance because VIXX is coming ! and because is in one day after my birthday and also cuz I like your posts 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥⭐🎁

yesss girl vixx is coming back, you that means we gotta listen to every vixx songs to date to get ready for. also happy late birthday!!! i hope u ate lots of cake and partied hard!! (but not too hard cause its the middle of the week) 🎉🎉🍰🍰🎉🎉

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⭐️ ask bro osomatsu

I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better

Osomatsu-niisan is only good looking because we look the most identical ;3c


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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • My wallet
  • My phone
  • Some tissues
  • chapstick
  • my keys

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • A cage with 3 screaming birbs
  • chapstick
  • too many plushs of Pkmn and cute pillows and my MLP OC Vermillion plush
  • bird poop
  • grass (like, actuall grass. the kind birds eat. lol)

5 things I’m currently into:

  • Backstage Pass (it’s a Dating Sim)
  • Rick and Morty
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Samurai Jack
  • Corpse Party

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Morty Falls
  • The amazing Spider-Stan
  • Comic involving my OC Fiona
  • Nanny AU Comics and ref sheets for the Smith family.

5 things people may not know about me:

  • I am german, born and raised.
  • I’m kinda chubby
  • I’m always tired
  • I can eat a whole pizza in one go. I CAN ALSO EAT A CHOCOLAT EBAR IN ONE GO? what is wrong with ppl who’re all “it’s too much sweet I can’t deal”

5 good personality traits:

  • Respectful
  • Excited
  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Honest

I taaaag:




you know you have a problem when
  • Me: *starts playing tons of Otome games*
  • Guy I like in real life: *asks me out on a date*
  • Me: okay so where are my dialogue options and which ones do I need to pick for the good ending
Masa's Laughter
石川 界人 [Ishikawa Kaito]
Masa's Laughter

Masa’s laugh was too cute to not share. HE’S A PRECIOUS BB! I MEAN C’MON! (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)❤ Here’s hoping that Voltage will consider adding the Japanese voice acting into the English app.

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⭐️ matsuno karamatsu

I like you // I love you // You’re one of my best friends // You’re like family // You are family // I dislike you // I hate you // I’d kill you if I got the chance // I want you to like me // I’m scared of you // I would adopt you // I’d date you // I’d sleep with you // I’d marry you // I’m worried about you // You confuse me // You’re annoying // I pity you // I respect you // I trust you // I feel protective of you // I’d invite you with me to parties // I’d lend you my money // I’d borrow your money // You’re good-looking // I’m suspicious of you // I’m hiding something from you // You’re fun // You’re boring // I’m upset with you // You’re nice // You’re mean // I’m envious of you // You’re smart // You’re stupid // I look up to you // I think you’re a better person than me // I think I’m a better person than you // I want to apologize to you // I wish I’d never met you // I never want to forget you // I want to get to know you better

…Karamatsu-Niisan… is so…. painful…. this was a pain to think about. @matsuno-karamatsu

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Ow. ow. ow. ow.


♪ It’s not difficult to define Miss Douche ♪

in which jack and shitty accidentally date

based on a dream I had, I present: a short semi-fic about Jack and Shitty and their day-long, beautiful relationship.

Basically, this is what happens:

At a kegster during their freshmen year, in which Shitty is running around being the life of the party even though he’s a freshman, Jack is also in attendance– talking to Berger and Marsh in the kitchen. Jack is there, partly to keep an eye on Shitty, partly because he is surprised by how much he does like some of the guys on his team, mostly because they had won today and Jack is in quite a good mood. Not a good enough mood that he is going to risk going into the living room where music is blasting, but in a good enough mood that he is holding a solo cup of beer and chilling in the kitchen, chatting with Berger and Marsh. He is at ease as Jack ever is– laughing good naturedly as they tease both him and each other and of course, this is when the trouble starts.

The trouble is this: Marsh is drunk and excited that Jack has actually shown up to a Haus kegster and since Jack seems to be in a good mood, Marsh decides to take a risk and ask Jack a Question. More specifically, Marsh rams an friendly elbow into Jack’s ribs and goes:

“Yo, Zimmermann, you like anyone on campus yet?”

A few months prior, that question would have made Jack freeze up. But now, Jack smiles easily (because honestly, it is a rather respectful question– “like” instead of “fuck”; “anyone” instead of assuming “girl”) and he certainly doesn’t want to get into his romantic history or lack of crushes so he smiles, shrugs, and says

“Nah, love’s shitty,” It’s still friendly and he smiles and asks Berg about his crush that the whole team knows about and that should be that.

The problem, however, is that what Alex Berger and Carter Marsh heard was not “Nah, love’s shitty,” but “I’m in love with Shitty.”

Which, of course, is a much bigger deal. 

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So when Shigezane reached his climax after making love with the MC, his body freaking trembled on top of her and she held him in her arms. Omfg 😳 And he went from frowning to looking like that while he said the MC’s name and was reaching his climax?? Yo I screamed and I kept blushing reading his epilogue. Since he’s always helping Masamune out, it made me curious as to what he can do. Hm, I wonder about Nobuyuki…

Netflix - Smut

Originally posted by alfatwolf

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,997
Request: Can you plz do a imagine where Stiles and the reader have a Netflix and chill date? Oh, and smut if you would like to add it. -bye I love your writing! ❤ 
AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve been distracted lately. Also I didn’t edit this very well so excuse my mistakes. xoxoxox Thanks to @toppunks for looking at this for me.

Kira slammed her locker door, raising an eyebrow at you. “You’re not coming to the party?”

You shook your head, your arms tightening around the books you were holding. “Nah. I’m not in the party mood.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Stiles isn’t going either, would it?” Lydia asked from beside you, a knowing look on her pretty face.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “No. What Stiles Stilinski chooses to do does not dictate my every decision.”

“You could have fooled me.” Malia deadpanned.

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❆ holiday plots for all your shipping needs ❆

muse a is sick of their family making fun of them and saying that they’re going to end up with 28 cats someday at every family gathering they’ve ever attended. enter muse b, a charismatic (and sometimes flirty) coworker who muse a pays to be their “date” for the holidays optional: “oops, i just kissed you in front of my family because they were pestering us and i’m not sure if you felt what i did, but wow”

muse a is throwing a christmas party and now it’s almost 4 am and the music still hasn’t stopped and, frankly, muse b is over it

muse a slips and falls on a patch of ice on their way to buy some egg nog & cookie dough and thinks their wrist might be broken. muse b happens to be walking by as this happens and initially laughs at muse a for being so clumsy before realizing it might be serious and now they’re the asshole who laughed at a hurt person

muse a’s car breaks down in a small town they’re passing through to get to their parents’ house for thanksgiving/christmas dinner. muse b works in the restaurant right down the street that muse a happens to walk into to borrow a phone, but comes to find out that there’s no mechanic doing business this late at night/this close to the holidays, but muse b offers to help (could offer to fix the car/drive muse a to their parents’ it’s really up to you)

muse a and muse b are in the same friend group and everyone has been trying to get them together for months. cue the christmas party where the two are - quite literally - shoved under an arch with mistletoe hanging over them

muse a and muse b are coworkers who never really got along, but at the office holiday party they both get a little too drunk and end up in the same bed the next morning

muse a doesn’t have a significant other to kiss at midnight, as usual. new year’s comes along and they decide to all go downtown and barhop for the night. when the countdown rolls around, muse a still has no one, until muse b grabs them and kisses them as the clock hits 12. optional: they never exchange names or numbers, but muse a goes back to that same bar the following new year’s with the hopes that muse b maybe wanted to see them again, too

muse a has always been attracted to their coworker, muse b, that much is clear to most everyone who works there. when they’re the only people assigned to work christmas eve and only have three customers the whole shift, they realize just how much they have in common optional: or don’t have in common

And my bartender Santa gave me an extra dose of Christmas cheer.

(warning: long story)

I’m a regular at a bar. I don’t have family, my room mate was out of town. So I went to the bar.

I was having a good night. Then this mother f*cker showed up.

Now this mother f*cker and I don’t have a lot of history in my mind. I was dating a girl three years ago. She cheated on me. I broke up with her. The whole relationship lasted all of a month. In my mind, that was the end of it. Shit happens, move on.

The person she cheated on me with, was this mother f*cker.

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What we know about Malec in every episode of season 2 + Todd Slavkin's tweets.

2x01 - Promo’s scenes
2x02 - //
2x03 - //
2x04 - //
2x05 - Terrific Alec/Magnus
2x06 - Malec first date
2x07 - Malec fans will be over the moon / Malec mania
2x08 - Party at Magnus’s place
2x09 - Hug & kiss in public
2x10 - Beautiful Malec

+ Yes there will be lots of passion. The show is sexier than ever in more ways than one. #malec #ShadowhuntersS2 #hot
+ All the episodes are emotional, some more than others. Lots of feels, happy and sad. #ShadowhuntersS2 #laughandcry
+ Malec all around the globe
+ Honored to be a part of  #fallinginloveisagloriousjourney
+ I haven’t counted but we are deeply invested on Malec. Lots of great moments ahead. #ShadowhuntersS2 #whataride
+ Malec fans will be thrilled in #ShadowhuntersSeason2

Possible Concept for Season Three:

  • Big fancy party where Prince Lotor will be

  • Voltron needs to get in somehow

  • Princess Allura goes in, ready to be Royal Guest™ but she cannot go alone

  • Shiro could be possible date but not the point of post lmao
  • Cue Allura excitedly wanting to put Pidge in a dress (cue Pidge internally screaming)

  • Pidge comes out

  • “I feel stupid” - Pidge, scrunching her nose and giving everyone venomous looks because she looks as uncomfortable as she feels and she would rather die than wear this dress anymore because pants are a thing

  • “Yeah, no. This is not going to work” - Hunk

  • “Now what will we do?” - Allura

  • “Lance, get in the dress” - Keith

  • What?!” - Very startled and slightly offended Blue Boy™ because Keith clearly has the curves for the dress while Lance does not, not to mention that mullet will make him look even more princess-y

  • Cue Keith and Lance arguing over how no, Lance will not get in the dress, and no, Hunk, that does not mean Keith will be his date, while Pidge flings the dress off her body, much to Allura’s dismay

  • Anyways, the screen suddenly goes to the party, where Allura and Shiro are linking arms, with the rest of Voltron looking out and meanwhile, Coran is back in the castle, wearing the dress and muttering how rude it was that no one even considered him
Kissing Tropes (SLBP) Part 1

I hit 160 subscribers! I love all of you, y’all make my day better, every day. 

I hope you like this. Obviously there is a part 2, Its just a lot to write at once. 

“Kissing tropes that are giving me life right now”

1. when A grabs the B’s face and says “please - please” before devouring B’s mouth without waiting for a response - 


A solid month had passed since you had last seen him. You leaned on the railing of the watchtower, noticing the tell-tale signs of the troops returning from the war. But could you see him? Could you? A bustle and a shout brought you out of your revere.  

There, they were coming back, going through the gates.

You took off in a run, almost slipping on your kimono, making it to the courtyard just in time to see those familiar eyes lock with yours. He was alive, he was safe. You were in his arms in an instant, a gasp leaving your throat as he twirled you off the ground.“Lord Yukimura!” You cried out, throwing your arms around his neck, letting him lower you to the ground. His cheeks were flushed, his clothing stained with blood, it had been a bad battle. You reached up, cupping his cheeks with your hands, pulling his face close to your own. “Yukimura” You murmured, your voice softer this time as his eyes drifted over your body, a yearning, pleading gaze.

“Please - please” He all but groaned, capturing your mouth in a heated kiss, pulling you against him. You returned the kiss just as fervently, your body yielding to his touch, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

That is until…

“Come now, little lord and lady, you both realize you’re in public.”

 2. person A missing the first time they lean in and just catching the corner of B’s mouth and waaaaaaaaaiting for B to come in and fix it            


You ran your hands through your lover’s hair, relishing the softness of his pale locks. His eyes were closed, for once a contented look on his boyish face. You let out a happy sigh, idly scratching his scalp as you leaned over and pressed a kiss to his forehead. His eyes opened, their beautiful color meeting your own.

“Taking liberties now?” His sleepy voice sounding petulant. You laughed softly, tutting your tongue at him.

“I would never, Milord.” This was your favorite time to spend with Ieyasu, at the end of the day where he could be himself and you could love him as himself. He shrugged, leaning up and kissing the side of your mouth, falling back onto your lap and looking at you expectantly. 

You blinked, staring at him in surprise…Had he…missed? A soft blush was on his cheeks as he pouted at you.

“Well?” He huffed, looking at you.


“Aren’t you going to continue?” He tapped his lower lip with his hand. “Or do I have to punish you for disobedience.”  You shook your head, a different kind of sigh leaving your mouth, before leaning your face down, pressing a kiss on his lips, only pulling away to respond to him.


3. having to lean against each other when they pull back because the world is spinning and they just. cannot. breathe. yet. 


His lips were so warm in the coldness of the room. You shivered at the temperature difference, snuggling yourself closer to his warm body. His arms wrapped securely around you as he nipped your bottom lip drawing out a soft whine of discomfort from you. He used the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.

The silence of the room was only marred by the rustling of clothes and the occasional moan as your tongues battled for dominance. You did your best to ignore the light-headedness forming in the back of your head as you let yourself get lost in the moment, giving yourself over to the feelings of his desire. 

Finally, your lord Oda deemed it fit to pull away. You let out a soft gasp, panting and falling against him, pressing your forehead against his. His smirk couldn’t hide his own rabidly moving chest. Once you caught your breath you let out a laugh, kissing his cheek playfully. 

“Is that all you got, lord Nobunaga?” You fell back against the futon, eyeing him mischievously. “I want you to show me all of your divine rule.” 

4.foreheads pressed into each other’s, sharing breath, until they dive back in for more because they thought they were done but they so were not.


He was smiling at you, that beautiful boyish smile that made your heart sing. His cheeks were flushed a lovely pink color and you couldn’t help but run your hand across the skin, enjoying how it make the flush deepen, and blushing yourself when he captured your hand with his own, bringing it to his mouth and kissing your fingertips. His warm breath hit your lips making you shiver. 

He was so close, his forehead pressed to yours, your body tangled against his. You loved this.The tranquility of being tangled against him, safe and loved, sometimes made you want to cry.His breath was still coming out in short spurts, his panting evidence of what you two had just been doing. 

“Masamune.” You breathed, brushing your nose against his. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” His tone was shy, like it always was, but his action wasn’t, as he tilted his head up, kissing you softly, and then not so soft.

“mm, Masaa-“You moaned into the kiss, returning it in kind. 

You weren’t really done after all. 

5. that ‘oh hell is this actually happening?’ moment before it actually happens.


You weren’t entirely sure how you ended up in this position. Mitsunari on top of you, a furious blush on his face and you staring up at him wide-eyed. It had happened so quickly. You had just been returning a book, what had happened? You’d slipped, he’d reached for you to steady you, you’d both gone down and now…and now. 

Well he was so beautiful up close wasn’t he?

Blinking, you looked at him, confusion mounting with every second that passed.

He wasn’t moving. He was staring at you, the flush on his cheeks refusing to go down, and your faces were so close-

So close.You could kiss him. 

Oh yes, you could kiss him. 

You were going to kiss him. 

Your hands moved to cup his face, pulling him close to you, your lips meeting his softly. You smiled into the kiss, even as his body went rigid and then relaxed. 

There were some perks to being older.