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Flirty Christian Yu

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! First of all, I love your account! Can I please request a Christian Yu scenario where Jay is the readers bestfriend & helps her make Christian jealous because he’s been ignoring her or spending more time with other female celebrities lately, please?! Sorry, if its really specific, I just love Jay & Christian!!

I hope you like it :D 


You were sitting at AOMG’s office waiting for your boyfriend, Christian to finish his meeting with Jay. The two of them were discussing plans for a music video. You met Christian through Jay since Jay is one of your best friends. It didn’t take you long to fall head over heels for Christian. He is very charismatic and friendly. So sometimes that part of him flirts with other girls and he doesn’t even realise it. Most of the times it doesn’t bother you, but there are days when it does. Obviously. He’s your boyfriend and seeing him doing his harmless flirting makes your blood boil. Because let’s face, there are prettier girls out there. Who’s to say he won’t find someone better than you. 

“Babe, we won’t be too long. Jay is having a little trouble understanding my concept,” Christian said as he poked his head out of the room. You simply nodded and continued scrolling through your Instagram feed not before hearing Jay’s voice, “I’m not slow. Your boyfriend doesn’t understand my VISION”. 

One hour later and Jay emerged from the room. “Ah, what do you see in him besides his big arms, tattoos and that accent. He doesn’t get what I want”. You watched Jay sat down across from you, and putting his feet on the glass table. You asked, “what were you two having trouble about?” Jay sighed and took off him cap. “I want to shoot the mv in black and white but your boy wants to it in colour”. You laughed. They always argue about the silliest things. You asked Jay, “What is my boy doing in there, Jay?” He replied, “He’s on the phone with someone. A girl. I saw the contact photo. Should I be worried, [Y/N]?” You shook your head. “If I’m not worried, why should you?” But truthfully, you were. You had noticed over the past week or so, Christian has had many phone calls and messages from his female celebrity friends.


“Is this dress too revealing, I feel like it is,” you asked Christian. The both of you were getting ready to an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. You were wearing a purple maxi dress but it had a high slit so pretty much your left leg was exposed. “Nah, it’s not. It’s a movie premier so we’ll be sitting down for most of the night anyway. You’ll be fine,” Christian reassured you. The two of you then met up with the boys and girl from AOMG. “Wow [Y/N], your dress looks incomplete. They haven’t sewn it completely. You better return it,” Simon D joked. Jay then butt in, “Are you stupid? She’s obviously wearing that dress so Christian has things to do if the movie gets boring”. You hit both of them across the head. Hoody then did the same. 

When you arrived at the premiere there were many photographers and celebrities. Everyone looked stunning. Christian got out first and helped you after. Photographers had their cameras AOMG so camera flashes were coming at every angle. All of you went inside the venue and in the corner of your eye, you saw a group of female celebrities eyeing your boyfriend. His arms were around you so doesn’t that make it obvious he’s taken, you thought. After meeting and greeting most of the people there, everyone had to wait around before the movie started. During this time you saw Christian in a corner mingling with a female celebrity. You have seen her album covers around the city but you can’t remember her name. You sat down across from where they were standing. Christian then left her so you got up thinking he was looking at you but instead, he went over to the bar and said something to the bartender. The bartender then gave two glasses of white wine? champagne? You couldn’t tell but the liquid was translucent. He then went back to his ‘new female friend’. 

You continued to stared at them and tried to read their lips but you were no good at that. As you continued, you saw Christian had got his phone out and handed to her and it looked like she put her number in. Just then, the same group of females that you saw earlier approached him. Not only that, but after a few minutes of chatting, he passed his phone around to his newly found friends. 

“I asked you before and I’ll ask again, what do you see in him?” You looked over and saw Jay sitting next to you. He had noticed you staring at your boyfriend. “Shush you. You introduced him to me remember?” “Yeah, but he wasn’t asking a million girls to put their numbers in their phone before”. “It’s probably nothing,” you say. “They are just probably asking if he’s interested in being the director for their next song or something.” Jay repeated you last two words, “or something.” You turned to Jay and he noticed your eyes are watery and your nostrils are flared open. “Let’s do something fun to get back at him instead of sitting here looking at we are about to assassinate him.” You smiled, “What do you propose we do, Park?” He got up and held out his hand. You took it and followed him to the bar. Jay choose seats that were directly in Christian’s point of view. “What are we doing, Jay?” “Follow my lead,” Jay insisted. 

Jay ordered drinks for the two of you and every now and then, Jay would pull his chair closer to you and was now only inches away from you. “Jay, what are you doing, you’re squishing me towards the wall. Move back a bit.” Jay looked at you, “let’s make your boyfriend see what he is missing out of. Put your hand on my knee, [Y/N]”. “So we are trying to make him jealous?” you asked. “Duh. C’mon put your hand on my knee.” You did just that and Jay leaned into your ears and whispered, “pretend to look over but don’t look directly at him and see if he’s looking”. Again, you did just that. Christian was definitely looking at the two of you and he didn’t look too amused. 

Jay pulled back and you nodded you head, then Jay showcased one of his winks directly at you. Surely Christian saw that. You then moved your hand to brush through Jay’s hair. “Aw it’s so soft and fluffy,” you laughed. “Hey, don’t mess with it, I spent hours trying to style it,” Jay told you. “You laughed again, “you know, I half expected it to be all greasy. Are you trying to pick up someone tonight?” Jay shook his head, “I’m just here for the free drinks and food. Oh and the ahem movie.” He looked at the cameras and winked into it. “Why are you doing that? You’re so lame, Park”. 

The two of you were talking about the upcoming AOMG tour and Jay’s hand was on yours. “Is this too much, Jay? Should we stop?” you asked. “We’ll stop when he comes over”. He then pulled your chair facing him so that your legs were between his. The two of you continued to talk and you lost track of time. You didn’t even notice Jay’s hand was your bare thigh. “Ok Park, that’s far enough”. Jay apologise and ordered two more drinks. When the drinks were set down, Christian came over. “Hey, what you two talking about?” he asked as he pulled another chair and put in the middle between Jay and yourself. Jay leaned back and smirked at him. You just gave Jay your ‘stop it’ look. 

“We were just talking, that’s all,” you answered Christian’s question. Just then, one of female celebrities came and stood next to Christian. Her hand rested on his shoulders. You looked at him and he glared back you. Jay noticed then he quickly took your hand and pulled you up from your seat. “Let’s get out of here, [Y/N]”. You were lost for words. Christian would just sit there and do nothing? 

You sat on the steps and Jay had given his your jacket to cover your legs. He sat down and put his arms around you and you rested your head on his shoulders. Both of you sat in silence, before you hear Christian’s voice, “[Y/N]! Come inside, the movie is about to start”. You ignored him. 

“Babe, c’mon”. Christian was now standing in front of you, just a few steps down and Jay’s arms were still around you. “I thought you were too busy for me, Christian. Why don’t you ask your newly found girl friends to keep you company?” Christian was taken aback, “What do you mean my new girl friends?” “She meant the ones surrounding you before or specifically the one with the hand on your shoulders,” Jay retorted back. “Are you being serious?”, Christian asked, “Is that why you have been playing handsy and footsy with him all night long? Are you jealous and can I not talk to other females?” You laughed, “You can talk with all the females in the whole freaking world for all I care. But you’re always flirting with them and they might get the wrong idea. And that girl who put her hand on your shoulders. Why didn’t you do anything?” Christian was now looking back and forth at you and Jay. “It’s because I saw how the two of were acting and plus his hands were on your thighs. That’s way more intimate.”

“So you’re jealous that [Y/N] is with another guy?” Jay asked. “Of course, but when the other guy is you, I’m super worried,” Christian said, “because you two have known each for so long. [Y/N] is beautiful and Jay, you’re alright so I don’t know, maybe you two might fall for each other or something. And I don’t want to lose [Y/N]”. You smiled at Christian. “I don’t want to lose you too babe, and I’m sorry for making you jealous. And don’t you worry, Jay isn’t my type so it’s never going to happen. I know too much of his bad habits that I’ve put off by him”. Christian laughed and bent down to kiss you, “And I’m sorry too”. You gave back Jay his jacket and stood up. “Shall we going inside, babe?” 

“Hey I made whatever it is you two have happen so don’t bad mouth me, [Y/N].” Jay uttered, “and Christian, I’m just ‘alright’? Surely I’m on the same level of attractiveness as [Y/N]? Both Christian and you laughed at him. “If you could rock my girlfriend’s dress then I might change my mind, Jay”. 

Petty & Jealous

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Christian gets jealous and becomes petty as always

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,422

Christian Yu x Reader ft big brother Kiseok - F

Christian was ignoring you and being distant, he had been doing this for the last two days; it all started when Kiseok began coming over to yours.

You and Kiseok were close, he was like an older brother. When you first moved to Korea you were at a loss until you met Kiseok; he took you in and took care of you until you were comfortable and ready to live on your own and ever since then he treated you like family and never left your side.

Christian didn’t know about this, mainly because you hadn’t told him. Yet…

Your boyfriend continued to edit his videos while you made Kiseok keep you company “Is he always like this?” He asked breaking the comfortable silence. You glanced away from the tv and shook your head “He’s only ever like this when he’s jealous,,,” You answered with a sigh.

Kiseok nodded his head and glimpsed towards Christian’s studio door “If he ever makes you cry, I’m going to break his neck!” He threatened, staring back at you. You chuckled at the scowl he held “Thank you, my lovely big brother” You responded with a smile.

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Jay ( Fiance 💍) when a man spoke to you and allowed himself to tease him :

You - Babe, don’t start a fight !

Jay - Okay, i wait… Maybe he has something to say ! (The man trying to explain the why and how )

Jay - You know what… I don’t give a d*mn (gif ^_^) Bae ❤ , i don’t say that you can’t have boys as a friends but what bothers me is that you do not know him and besides he dares to make fun of me. You have never been told not to touch what is not yours? The man finish by ran away.

You - Did you have to say that ?

Jay - Yes i mean Yeah, obviously , everyone know that you gonna be Madam Park, so what ?

You - Oh 😧… What ever !

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To my baby, I’m your number one fan. U R so smart and talented it scares me sometimes. U inspire me to be better. U challenge me for the better. U R my muse. I’m so in love.
—  Beyoncé writing to her then-boyfriend Jay-Z, in the liner notes of the final Destiny’s Child album Destiny Fulfilled, released November 16, 2004.
Apart Too Long [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Sorry it’s taking my figure skating fic longer than expected. I’m trying to do some research so my terminology and everything is accurate. So here’s some more Jaybird for you guys. Also I’m sitting in an airport and it kind of inspired this lol.

This is also in celebration of @memento-scribet ​ getting 700. I told her this would be her present so here’s your fluffy present Jo! Love you girlie I’m so happy for you!!

Key: [F/n] - First Name [R/m/n] - Roommate Name [Fd/n/1] - Friend Name 1 [Fd/n/2] - Friend Name 2


So right now, you’re super lost. You and a few of your college friends were flying in from the west coast. Your parents invited them to join you home because a large celebration they were throwing. Saying it’d be fun for you to have some of your friends present.

Not that you wouldn’t have anyone you knew there. Your boyfriend and his brothers would be there. A few of your friends from before college. Was your boyfriend mentioned yet? Of course Jason wouldn’t leave you to be stuck, bored at a socialite party on your own.

He was always there to save you, dressed as the Red Hood or otherwise. If only he were here now, you and your friends are lost out of your minds in this airport. Why you didn’t fly into the airport you know? Couldn’t tell ya.

“Okay so how did we get lost there are signs everywhere?” Your roommate pointed to the many signs placed to avoid the situation you were in.

Each of you shrugged, “We’re idiots?” looking at your friends. “Valid reasoning” your roommate chimed in again.

Continuing your adventure through the airport you finally came upon the baggage claim area you were looking for. Your luggage having been circling the belt for a good ten minutes.

Each grabbing your things. “So are your parents getting us?” [Fd/n/1] asked looking at her watch. Seeing you had taken a rather long while.

“Uh, yeah.” You looked at your phone. “We’re meeting them outside of terminal 1. Right now we’re near terminal 2, it shouldn’t take too long as long as we follow the signs this time” you laughed beginning to walk in the direction you were supposed to.

Not paying attention to your friends chatting behind you, but to the signs so you could get out of this godforsaken airport already. All you want is to get home, shower, and go out to dinner with Jason like he promised.

God, you can’t wait to see him. With that stupid smirk he always wears. How you missed that stupid smirk. It was hard being so far away from him for so long. Though getting into this college was your dream and he has duties to Gotham he has to uphold. It was a mutual agreement, and when you finish college you’ll be returning to Gotham to be with your vigilante.

“Whatcha thinking about [F/n]?” [Fd/n/2] asked coming up next to you. “Her smokin hot boyfriend probably” [R/m/n] commented behind you.

“Oh yeah, you’re the only one of us whose gotten to meet him. Jason’s his name right?” [Fd/n/1] asked curiosity peaking.

“That’s the one” Your roommate commented. Chuckling to yourself while looking for the car your parents said they were driving. Though while finding it you saw a familiar motorcycle parked behind it, with a familiar figure leaning against it.

“Oh my god” you smiled before running over to the sight. “JAYBIRD!” your yelling catching his attention, he smiled and stood up straight. Doing it in enough time to catch you when you jumped at him. “Hey beautiful” he commented, his voice making you smile wider as your face was buried in his shoulder and your legs wrapped around his waist.

Setting you down while simultaneously attacking your lips. “I missed you” he smiled against your mouth. Giggling you pulled away, his arms still wrapped around your waist. Resting his forehead to yours and nuzzling his nose to yours, making another giggle escape your throat.  

Escaping from him you greeted your mother and father, your siblings not being present. Getting into a conversation with them and Jason as your two friends stared at your tall, ruggedly handsome boyfriend. [R/m/n] laughing at their expressions.

“[F/n] you have some introductions don’t you” Your mother gestured to your friends. “Oh right sorry. You guys know my parents, but [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2] this is my boyfriend Jason. Jay this is [Fd/n/1], [Fd/n/2], and you remember [R/m/n]” introducing them all.

“Yes I do good to see you again. And it’s nice to meet the both of you” He smiled at them while wrapping an arm around your waist.

Though the chat was cut short when a traffic officer began to tell your parents they had to move their car. They nodded, your friends climbed into the SUV but you slipped away and joined Jason on his motorcycle.

“Did she just ditch us?” [Fd/n/1] laughed looking out the window. Your roommate chuckled, “Well they haven’t seen each other in months you can’t really blame them. We’re probably just going to rest anyways, so let them have some one on one time.” she shrugged and the others nodded. Your parents smiling, happy that you had such great and understanding friends.

Arms wrapped around Jason’s waist you snuggled into his back. Taking in the scent of his leather jacket. He smiled feeling your nose in his back and your arms around his waist. He loves you so much and he’s so happy to have you back for these couple weeks. Speeding up the motorcycle he felt your grip tighten and laugh bubbled from your throat.

You both ended up at the manor. Your siblings would still be in school now anyways, so might as well see the Waynes. When Jason brought you up to the door, Alfred was there to answer and pulled you in for a hug. The family loved you about as much as Jason.

Coming in the entire family was there to greet you. Asking questions about school and the beautiful weather on the west coast. It took too long to escape into Jason’s room where you could be alone.

Upon finally getting there, he immediately pulled you into another kiss. Feeling every bit of passion and love behind it, matching it when kissing him in return. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you” he pulled you to lay on the bed next to him.

“I don’t know I think I have a pretty good idea because I missed you more probably” Grinning at him. Smirking he shifted so he was hovering over you, “I think that’s impossible” furrowing his brows at you.

“Oh yeah?” laughing while poking the crease between his eyebrows. “Yeah” he said leaning so he could kiss you again, this time lightly. “I.. Missed you.. More than.. Narcissus would.. Miss his mirror” he said kissing you between the words. Laughing at the Greek mythology reference.

“You’re such a nerd” you chuckled pushing his shoulder.

He shrugged, “But I’m your nerd” smirking before kissing you again. This time with even more passion and love than the priors. 

harry hook x reader

requested: harry hook x shadowman daughter. based off the song “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit, where Harry is unaware of his child until he is six.

A/N: im sorry i didnt realize till i finished it that I had made it that the reader tells Harry about the kid, so im sorry bout that haha. hope u still like it :)

You started the red tea in the mug. When you suspected that you were pregnant on the Isle, you drank this tea and if you were indeed with child, the tea turned red.

Last week, you had slept with Harry, it had only been a one time thing and now you had his baby inside of you. The first thing you did was throw the mug across the room and started crying and sank to the floor.

Now you had two options, abort the baby without even bother telling Harry. Problem solved. Or you told him, see what he says. You decided the latter.

You cleaned yourself up and made your way to Ursula’s Fish n Chips.

“Ah, Y/N. Couldn’t get enough?” Harry smirked as you entered the restaurant.

“I need talk to you.” You stated seriously which wiped the smile off his face.

“This way, my love.” He gestured to a place more private, “What’s going on?” He asked once you two were in the back of the kitchen.

“I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.” You wasted no time getting to the point.

His eyes almost flew out their socket. “And you’re sure it’s mine?!”

“You’re the only person I’ve had sex with within the last month.” You told him.

He didn’t say anything for the next few minutes and you let him have his time to think.

Finally he spoke, “Do whatever you want but I don’t want anything to with it.”

Now your eyes almost flew out, “Are you serious?!”

“What do you want me to do, Y/N? I don’t want a kid, not at all. Never have, never will. And I’m not going to ruin my life.” He stated.

“Fuck you. Have a nice life, Hook.” You spat out angrily. He just gave you a slight bow and pushed past you, out of the Kitchen.

You stayed their for a few minutes, needing time to get yourself together before walking back into the restaurant.

You rolled your eyes when you saw Harry laughing and playing stupid games with Gil and Uma, like nothing ever changed.

Six years later and you were on Auradon. Upon finding out you were with child, Mal requested you be brought here to have a better life with the baby. Ben agreed, no problems.

You had made many friends, especially with Jay. He had been so good with you during your pregnancy and he helped you when your baby boy was born.

When the baby was one, you and Jay had finally acknowledged your feelings and started dating and after a long talk with him, you both decided you wanted Jay to raise the baby as his own.

Now Harry was invited to Auradon and your nerves were through the roof.

You sat down in the park with your six year old, Shadow. The Fairygod mother wasn’t too happy with the name as it was referencing a villian, you’re father but after long debates you had won.

Harry arrived today. You had no intentions of trying to find him and you hoped he wouldn’t try to find you, you were wrong.

“Y/N?” You heard the voice you would never forget.

“Hello Harry.” You said, voice as cold as ice.

Shadow looked up, “Who’s this mummy? I never see him before.”

“This is mummy’s old friend. Do you mind finding Daddy? I have to talk to my friend.” You told him. Shadow nodded and you kissed his head as he ran off.

“Daddy? Isn’t that me?” Harry questioned watching Shadow run off, already noticing in ways he looked liked him.

“Please, you didn’t want anything to do with him. You aren’t his father Harry, you got what you wanted.” You said.

“And what preppy fancy prince is his father then?” He asked.

“He isn’t a prince. He’s from the isle. It’s Jay, my boyfriend and Shadow’s father.” You explained.

“Jay?! That’s the punk you choose as his father?” He laughed.

“Don’t you dare Harry! He’s a better father than you would ever be!” You said and you could tell that struck a nerve by the look on his face.

“I want to see him. I want to spend time with him.” Harry stated, “I have rights.”

“No actually you don’t. Jay is his legal father here on Auradon.” You explained.

“Please Y/N. Let me see him, he doesn’t have to know I’m his real dad. I can just be his like friend?” He pleaded.

“I’ll talk about it with Jay. I have to go Harry. I’ll see you around.” You told him.

“I’m sorry, for what happened six years ago. I really am, I’ve changed. I’m different.” He promised.

“Spare me, Harry.” You said before walking away.

All you wanted was a good life for Shadow and that’s what he had and you didn’t want Harry screwing that up. You knew Shadow would wonder why he looked so much like him and have questions, questions you wanted to avoid as much as possible.