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Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield || October 21, 2016 // via Tom’s ig story

BONUS // via Harrison’s ig story:


I’m so excited about the fact that Magnus and Max are probably gonna meet this season, it’s one of the things I wanted to see in the show so badly, BUT

I just realized


He was in Idris when the wedding was on, so Alec never came out to him!

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Jeanmarco Week Day 5: Past/Future

I saw the opportunity and took it faster than you could say ‘Enterprise’.  XD
I couldn’t resist doing a crossover of my favourite pairing with Star Trek  💫
What can I say? I’m a Trekkie at heart~  uvu ♥

lrt, yuuri would have the biggest fanclub in the figure skating world. his goals are listed as “to not cry during competition” and he’s a chubby, adorable mess. he defs has the most protective fans in all the world who post super supportive comments all over his instagram pictures. he might even have more fans than viktor. 

but he’s completely oblivious to it. 

viktor is not. he fucking noticed when yuuri’s twitter follower count surpassed his own. as a secret admin on yuuri’s fansite, it pleased him greatly. 

What I find funny is when people tell me:
‘The person you’re with is not good enough for you’
'You deserve better’
'They’re not even attractive’
Okay well that’s what YOU see. What I see is someone who makes me feel so special in this world. Someone who picks me up when I’m down. Someone who can make me laugh when I don’t even want to smile. Someone who tells me how important I am to them constantly and how much they love me. Someone who is so fucking attractive to me, not just in looks, but in personality. You may not see what I see, but I could care less; because all that matters is I see it. And that’s enough for me.
—  Dominik Fox (@highprick)

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you mentioned being poc? what race are you jw

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(but hey psa, being latino/latina/hispanic is not a race)

I’m a first generation born in america!!! and my entire family immigrated from Nicaragua and had to relearn an entire language to redo their college degrees. My grandma and grandpa in the past year got their citizenship too (they passed that test with flying colors, my grandmother proudly knows our president’s names better than I do) so that they can vote in the upcoming election ;). My dad is Papi, my mom is Mami, my grandma is Mimi, my aunts are Tias, my uncles are Tios, anyone my age is a primo, I was raised on spanish and spankings, decorative towels in the bathrooms, Sabado Gigante, El Gordo y La Flaca, purisimas, having 400 cousins that you have all memorized, gallo pinto y carne asada con maduros, y QUESILLOS!!!!!!!!!!!!