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Okay so today I explained to my therapist what Lazytown was.

He looked it up on his phone and watched the beginning of an episode and thought it was amazing.

We then moved off that topic and started talking about my birth certificate name (because I’m a transguy) & discussing all that jazz. Then he asked my middle name and I told him. (Its a very girly middle name) So we brainstormed other middle names I might have when he looked at me in excitement and was like:

“OMG Change it to Sportacus! tHAT WOULD bE AMAZING.”

I am seriously dying of laughter wtf.

Please form a bond like this with your therapist.

I’ve had crushes and hopeless dreams, physical attractions and infatuations, and pure feelings of want and desire, but never have I been so deeply and througholy in love with someone, until now.
—  you’re different

“It’s Still There.”

748 words
Characters: Spongebob and Gary

Summary: Having an active volcano within walking distance from your house can be pretty freaky – especially after it almost killed everyone.

*audible shrug* i needed some good ol’ fashioned vent-writing to help me wind down. enjoy.

alternate title: nightmares are lame and spongebob talks to his pet a lot

Spongebob awoke with a start. Not unusual, considering his alarm clock was a giant foghorn.

Except his alarm clock wasn’t going off.

And it was three in the morning.

He sat up slowly, struggling to keep the blanket over his shoulders to ward off the chill winter waves that drifted through the open window, which bathed the room in a soft blue light. He arched his back, letting out a high-pitched yawn, trying to collect his thoughts and recall what exactly had caused him to wake up in the first place.

His turned his head, staring out the open window (maybe I should close that, he pondered), and allowing his gaze to settle on the town off in the distance – the view partly obscured by Squidward’s house. A sudden sense of relief washed over him, but he wasn’t quite sure why. He supposed he was just happy it was still there.

And then it hit him.

It’s still there.

A blurred image flashed across his vision, a distorted sound echoing in his head. The town on fire. Everybody screaming. Boulders crashing down around them. His friends…

He shuddered, dropping the blanket and letting it sit limply on his lap. He scooted back against the headboard and curled his knees into his chest. A breathy whine escaped his throat, and a quiet noise responded to it.


Spongebob jumped, but immediately settled back into his curled position, his eyelids drooping down. “Sorry, Gary,” he muttered quietly, tucking his head down like a sea turtle into its shell.

Said snail proceeded to snail up the side of the bed, gently nudging Spongebob’s side before settling down next to him. “Meow.”

“I’m fine, Gare-bear,” he assured unconvincingly. “Just had a nightmare”


“Yeah, it was that one,” he shrugged.


“Not really.” He shifted to a more relaxed position, untucking his legs from his chest. “I’m just a little freaked out, I guess.”


“No, it’s stupid,” he pouted.


Spongebob let out a breath. “I guess I’m just worried, y’know?” He moved over, sitting on the edge of the bed and staring towards the window. “I mean, it’s not like we destroyed the volcano. It could still just erupt and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Gary moved to sit on his lap and Spongebob gently ran his hand back-and-forth over his shell.

“Everything’s fine now, but what if it’s not fine tomorrow?”

Gary snuggled into his chest, purring.

“Maybe I should ask Sandy about it,” he rationalized. “She’s got all those monitors on it, so she’d probably know if anything was wrong.”

Gary backed up and gave him a look. “Meow.”

Spongebob shrunk back awkwardly. “Actually, I’ve only asked her three times.”

Gary rolled his eyes and went back to the floor, laying down with his shell leaned against Spongebob’s foot.

Several minutes passed, Gary was on the ground, asleep and relaxed. Whereas Spongebob was on his bed, still awake and anxious. He checked the time – 3:30AM. He’d gotten two hours of sleep, and he needed to be up for work in two hours. He was starting to regret the overtime he’d done that night.

A chill wave hit his face, and he remembered the window was open.

He stood up, careful not to wake Gary (again), and snuck over to the window. He looked out for a moment, scanning the horizon.

He saw the Chum Bucket – barren, save for a large “OPEN” sign lit up in front of it. Plankton must’ve forgotten to shut it off – everyone knows the Chum Bucket closes at eleven (exactly one hour after the Krusty Krab). Well, maybe not everybody knew, but Spongebob certainly did. Although he couldn’t see it from his house, Spongebob pictured the Krusty Krab, all locked up with a “Go away! We’re closed!” sign hanging on the front door. The tables empty, and the fridge stocked with ingredients to make the next day’s Krabby Patties.

His gaze drifted to the mountain looming in the distance.

If there is a next day.

He tensed up, a crease appearing between his eyebrows as he tried to get his attention hooked onto something less pessimistic. He looked back at the town, the buildings peeking over the horizon.

It’s still there.

Spongebob quietly shut the window and creeped back into bed. He pulled the blanket over his head and shut his eyes, letting the image of the distant town settle in his vision.

It’s still there.

Old friends, please do me a favor if you have the bandwidth. You know @kyrieanne and I have been working together for the last three years on various projects. I love her dearly. She’s incredibly compassionate and patient in ways that I wish I were. The world would be a better place if more people like her. Anyway. She’s having an absolute shit day. A lot of people she loves are going through really hard, heartbreaking things and if you love her or any of her work, now would be a good time to remind her.

do you ever realize how crazy it is that tony and loki haven’t interacted since 2012 and there are still tons of people who ship it

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Hey mute on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you rate Bonnie's tiddys? And Bonnie have you ever seen mute's you-know-what? *cough* and how big is it? *loud cough* plz don't kill meh mute. Ur like my best friend...

… Wrong Bendy. 

This is Mute’s brother, and you’ve visibly made him uncomfortable.

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Hi, this is kinda sad but could I have a thing where 2-D's S/O loses a friend and they don't know how to deal with it i recently lost my best friend and yeh just feel kinda shit (and also with noodle plz cause I'm so gay for my japanese baby) thnks mum

(I’m sorry you lost a friend, anon, I know it’s hard. I’m here for you if you need to talk!)

2D: 2D has had friends come and go but he can’t remember ever being this upset, so he’s at a loss on what to do. He tries to be his normal gentle but encouraging self with you, telling you it’ll be alright in the end, and that he believed personally people came and went for reasons you aren’t always meant to understand. His surprising philosophy might not help you feel better, but he does at least tell you you can come to him if you need to talk about it.

Noodle: Noodle is deeply saddened to see that you’re so down about losing a friend, and doesn’t know whether she should take a tough love approach (telling you to cry, let out your feelings, and move on) or if she should just hold you and tell you that things will turn out okay. She tries a combination of both, letting you cry into her arms as she strokes your hair and tries to be positive about the future. 

I’d like to drop off my future child (Europa) and her best friend (Amethyst) for @shylittlemoosen  ‘s daycare plz :>

just a few small facts:

~ Europa (or Euro) is 4 years old, cries if you make fun of how she looks, loves to sing and draw and can play two songs on the piano (twinkle-twinkle little star and Mary had a little lamb). She is very proud of both of these because her mommy taught her how to play them.

~ Amethyst is @ask-yourlocalfeathereddragon  ‘s adopted child (he’s 7 y.o.). He has stunted wing growth and cannot fly. He loves fighting. 10/10 vry fierce, much strong. He is very protective of Europa and likes to draw with her. He likes to wear big sweaters and shorts and will fight you 9.5 times out of 10 if you make fun of his fashion choices.