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minghao is GORGEOUS. he has surpassed all possible levels of beauty at this point. just when you thought his looks have reached its peak BOOM he switches that hair up on you, throws on some eyeliner, and takes another iconic selfie to let you know he’s got more tricks up his sleeve. I’m terrified. what’s he gonna do next? he’s already a top visual out of basically every idol group ever. you think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. he’s just too attractive. Its honestly infuriating now,, I don’t know what else to do except get physically angry whenever I see his perfect face. fucking angel faced piece of shit. how dare he.

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5 Garrance

“If you walk out that door… don’t you ever come back”

a/n: this is from my dad au! In the au, Garroth and Laurance were married but… due to unhappiness, both decided to spilt. Here is how I’d imagine it would go.

warning(s): sad times, angst, break up 

The silence, overbearing and hung heavy on both their shoulders.

They reached the point of no return—a point Garroth always knew was coming but seeing Laurance, arms crossed with a suit case and expectant look, daring him to speak… this was becoming all too real.

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One-Shot Mobile Master-List

For those who were having problems reaching my master lists 

Bruce Wayne

  1. Cuddles
  2. Big Fight
  3. 5th Anniversary
  4. I Need my Shirt Back
  5. Teenagers
  6. Double Dog Dare
  7. The Picture
  8. Cute
  9. The Opposite of Cute
  10. Bad Dream
  11. Enviormental Hazzard
  12. Out on Assignment
  13. You Get the Car
  14. No More Batman
  15. Fancy Meeting You Here
  16. Not a Sidekick
  17. Failed Birds and Bees
  18. Number One Guy

Dick Grayson

  1. Chapped Lips and Cold Hands
  2. Let’s Take a Ride
  3. Baby Now that I Found You
  4. Don’t Let Go
  5. Cold Shower
  6. Under the Stars
  7. I Never Thought You’d Ask
  8. You Really are an Idiot
  9. Practice Makes Perfect
  10. Acquaintances with Benefits
  11. You!
  12. Queen of the Klutz
  13. I Can Take Care of Myself
  14. Special Time
  15. The New Nightwing
  16. No More Wasted Timed
  17. The Riddle
  18. Elephant in the Room
  19. Sick Night

Jason Todd

  1. Tax Purposes
  2. Undress
  3. Wonderful Diabolical Woman
  4. Star Gazing
  5. Middle Child Syndrome
  6. I Killed  Somebody
  7. You’re Pre-Med Right?
  8. Water Aerobics
  9. Sister
  10. Mocking Jay

Tim Drake

  1. Can I have a Cup of Coffee
  2. Did You Have Fun Last Night
  3. Two Orders Please
  4. Hot Topic
  5. Flying Bagels

Damian Wayne

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Sick as a Dog
  3. That’s All I Ask of You

General Batfam

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Family Vacation
  3. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  4. Too Far
  5. Kiss Cam
  6. A Stern Talking To
  7. Batmom and Beyond
  8. Delivery
  9. Flash Point Paradox
  10. Son of Batman
  11. 3rd Times the Charm

Barry Allen

  1. Puppy Eyes
  2. Doppelganger
  3. Let’s Have a Baby
  4. Cell Migration (Sequel to Let’s Have a Baby)
  5. I Can Live with That
  6. Tell Me a Joke

Wally West

  1. Big Brother
  2. Hickey
  3. Little Part
  4. Changing Planets
  5. Daily Lessons

Vic Sage

  1. The Question
  2. Light a Fire
  3. You Get Holidays

Clark Kent

  1. Supermom: Part 1
  2. Supermom: Part 2
  3. Discovery of Self
  4. Stupid Sparks

i know it’s been like. half an hour max but uh,,,, here’s some alex headcanons

  • she’s beautiful and im sobbing. that’s not a headcanon i just needed 2 remind you all
  • cares too much about her hair,, gels it into a perfect pompadour every morning & fights ppl who try to squish the floof down 
  • (yes that kinda contradicts the official art but idc!!)
  • blitz makes her a chain mail sweater vest !!
  • speaking of sweater vests ,, wanted to grow up to become a professor (pottery, maybe!) one day before. yknow. he died :(
  • fav animal to turn into is a koala aww
  • when shes close to someone *cough* magnus she becomes a lot more affectionate & dare i say.. cuddly!!! than one would think she would be
  • she and sam are the best pair of sisters the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!! soooooo much sisterly support and they only shout at each other occasionally!!!
  • magnus: “i’m so lucky, i’m the luckiest guy on the planet, i have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend” someone: “wait… is ur girlfriend alex okay with this?” someone else: “wait you have a girlfriend named alex?? i thought your boyfriend was named alex” magnus: “yes”
  • alex is actually really easily startled for someone so good in combat loooool just sneak up behind him and poke him in the side and he’ll screech and probably smack you
  • one time halfborn convinced her to turn into a bear and fight him to see if he could survive. alex won
  • a SOFTIE!!!!!!!! she’s such a SOFTIE!!!!!!!!!! don;t let his tough exterior fool u he actually cries at disney movies and once almost got hit by a car trying to save a stray cat and really truly cares for the emotional well-being of everyone around him
  • “executive function is for chumps,” she says, having eaten solely cheeto puffs for the past 2 days. doesn’t remember the last time she showered. it’s fun 
  • owns at least 20 “down with cis” shirts 
Lost stars (3D version)
  • Lost stars (3D version)
  • Jungkook

Jungkook - Lost stars (3D version)

as i like to say, in jungkook’s own words, ‘oh man holy shit’ 

can you hear my fucking tears. this is the best thing I’ve ever uploaded. I’m crying really hard cause this is perfect here you want to know why jeon jungkook is perfect? listen to this my friend i dare you tell me differently. its freaking comeback october and they freaking dropped this song right now I’m ready to hop off a cliff because this is just isudfhu oh my god alright okay I’m sorry I’m just really emotional. anyways

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^ (its literally heaven no lies)

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—– here’s the download link (this song is beautiful and I’m gonna be a sweet person)

I would love nothing more than a 3DS remake of More/Friends of Mineral Town and DS/DS Cute, perhaps even in combination so you can visit both towns. As far as HM games go, they’re my absolute favorites and are so classic and charming. There’s just enough challenge and the right amount of NPC stories - dare I say the two most perfect Harvest Moon games of the entire franchise.

Tsurugi being the Servamp of Wrath

I’m supposed to be writing my case study but that chapter just came out and I just had to do a small meta about Tsurugi. Specifically, I want to talk about the prospect of Tsurugi becoming the Eve of Wrath. This was not where I thought his character was going when he was first introduced but it’s a turn I like.

I saw a conversation thread about Tsurugi being a more fitting Eve for Greed. How dare you suggest breaking up my precious ship? That really got me thinking about how Servamp portrays these sins. And looking at Tsurugi’s character, I would say he’s fitting even if he’s not the perfect fit.

Each sin has a common trope or gimmick assigned to it. Greed? Money. Wrath? Anger management issues. Gluttony? Food. Are these portrayal correct? Yes but they’re a little shallow. They’re most often used because they’re the most relatable for a mass audience.

Wrath isn’t simply anger. It’s uncontrollable emotions where a person is quick to cycle through emotions. The entire spectrum of emotion is included, from anger to sadness to happiness. The key to this sin is to be overwhelmed by intense emotions to the point that you can’t control it and it dictates your actions.

When he first appears to around chapter 50, we only got to see two different sides to Tsurugi. “I will murder you and have fun doing it because I get my paycheck after this” or “I’m 26 but I still act like a brat”.

Most of the time he’s smiling so you can argue he doesn’t show the intense emotions someone with the sin of Wrath would. Until…

This moment. An Eve isn’t the sin but Reason. There is a reason we have these emotions and it shouldn’t be buried within us. Tsurugi was smiling but he wasn’t happy. Sometimes letting yourself cry or get angry is better than keeping it in. Like Mahiru’s uncle said: 

“Right now you’re just too sad. But feel those sad feelings. Give them a name if you want to. And someday soon life will seem brighter. You’ll feel better. But only if you feel the sadness now.”

This is a lesson Tsurugi needs to learn considering his character and everything he has been through. He has scars on both his body and heart. He went through all that and endured those scars but never once cried. Not crying only let the wounds fester until he was looking for death. 

I still think there’s something that’s holding him back from being the Eve of Wrath. Touma, the asshole

Tsurugi is completely subservient to Touma and I think it’s because Touma destroyed any sense of self worth Tsurugi had at a young age. He was only allowed to show the emotions Touma permitted (happiness when it was granted). He lost any freewill he had when he’s under Touma’s control.

He never felt emotions like anger or sadness because he wasn’t allowed to and he gave up on himself a long time ago. But with Mother, he’s able to cry without judgement (not from Touma or himself). He starts to give himself into his emotion and almost takes Mother’s hand but it’s Touma that stops him.

And with what Touma did in this recent chapter (60), I want Tsurugi to embrace every emotion that scene will cause (anger, sadness, regret). I want him to unleash them on Touma, the person that didn’t allow him to feel those emotions in the first place. I want him to be the Eve of Wrath.

12 Stages of biasing

1. Oh hi there, you’re cute who are you

2. nahww you’re so handsome and funny, so precious

3. I like you so much 


5. Oh look you’re sexy too! so perfect omfg

6. wait

7. what are you doing



10. /nervous breakdown/



hey you! do you know you should be really proud of yourself!! why? because you made your blog, that you are capable of loving a character so damn much you’re willing to spend most of your day developing them and making other people see how perfect they are. the fact that you stress over giving you’re partner’s perfection whether its with your replies or even picking out a sentence for a meme, we all know that can be stressful.
what we do, as roleplayers, is so damn beautiful and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. so be proud of yourself ; be proud of you’re writing, be proud of your partners!
in how ever many years when most of us have probably deleted our blogs because life has caught up and we think back to our time on tumblr, don’t you dare think i wish i had done more, tried harder. YOU DO ENOUGH. YOU ARE ENOUGH. tell yourself that, write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a jar, make a post about it, scream it. take a deep breath and keep moving forward – your story is still being written, my friend, make it an awesome one!


First off, don’t you dare say that about your English, because it is perfect. You speak English very well. :) 

Second off, I really hope you like and I am so sorry that I am posting it so late, but to be honest, I’ve barely written anything that hasn’t had to do with school since the summer. But I really hope that I will be able to write more frequently now. :)

Your POV:

It’s one thing being a teenage girl. But being a time-travelling teenage girl is hard and complicated on a whole different level. Normal girls go out with their friends on Friday nights. I get transported to The Middle Ages. Normal girls talk about their crushes to their friends. I got to talk about mine to the Fourth King of the Fourth King, Prince Ahkmenrah, in Ancient Egypt. Normal girls go on dates in restaurants with the boys they like. I got to have King Arthur teach me how to fight with a sword.

That having been said, I wasn’t really all that surprised when I ended up under a tree in a thick forest with no memory of how I had gotten there. In some ways I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m living a fictional life. Something you would either see in movies or books. But hey, it’s not all that fine and dandy to find yourself stranded in unknown places in an unknown part of the timeline with no memory of how long you’d been there or how you’d gotten there.

I stood up and dusted myself off. It was time to check out where I was. And when.

After a brief walk forward I started hearing the sound of voices from the direction in which I was headed. I slowed down my pace just in case. It had taken one too many encounters for me to realize that not everyone in my escapades would be friendly. I peaked over the edge of the bushes that were hiding me from view, awaiting what I would see. To my surprise, it wasn’t what I had been expecting. There was a big building in front of me with a baseball field to the side of it. It was a… high school.

I mentally breathed out a sigh of relief. It was definitely a step up from my last adventure when I’d ended up squat in the middle of the Boston Tea Party and had gotten thrown overboard along with the tea. Long story short, I’d had a bit of explaining to do about the fact that I had materialized out of thin air and the fact that I was wearing ‘funny clothes’ after the incident.

Just as I was making sure that the coast was clear and that it was safe to emerge from my hiding place I saw something at the corner of my eye. I turned to see a small white circle getting bigger. At the time I didn’t know what it was, but then it hit me. Well, almost. I ducked just in time, but not without uttering a pretty loud, “What the hell?!”

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice from behind the bushes.

“Why the hell would you do that? Can’t you watch where you’re throwing your baseballs? Some of us think that the bushes are a safe place to be, but then people like you come and make us think otherw-” I stopped mid-sentence as the figure emerged from the bushes and into full view.

He was gorgeous. Absolutely unforgivably this-should-be-illegal gorgeous.

He had the most stunning chocolate brown eyes that I had ever seen in my entire life. I could absolutely melt in them just like the chocolate-y color that they were. His hair was slightly disheveled, but it was the kind of disheveled that looks really good on boys and makes you want to run your hands through it. My eyes traveled down his shirt to what I assumed to be a pretty toned body. I wondered what he would look like shirtless. Probably pretty good and-

Stop it, (Y/N). He could probably be your grandfather.

“I’m sorry?”

Oops! I had said it out loud.

“Who could be your grandfather?” he asked, suddenly flashing me a blinding ten-million-karat grin. Whoa! Suddenly that made him ten times more attractive. As if I wasn’t already looking at him with a jaw-hits-floor type of face expression.

Suddenly the smile faltered. He puckered his lips in a worried manner. “Hey, are you sure you’re okay? Maybe the ball hit you on the head or something? You’re kind of not making any sense. Do you want to go to the nurse’s office?”

I shook my head vigorously. There was no reason to attract more attention than was absolutely necessary. Especially not if there was someone who could question me about my life and where I had come from and all that. There was no way I could know how long I would be staying. It was always different. I didn’t want to spend my time, however much I had, here in jail or in a court or something. Exaggerations aside, I didn’t want any trouble.

“No, no. I’m fine. Don’t worry.” I tried to smile as convincingly as possible.

He still didn’t seem entirely convinced, but he let me have my way. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m James. Do you go to this school?” He motioned to the school behind us.

The gears in my brain started working. I was used to this. Quick. Create a story. Simple, but not too simple. Nothing with holes in it that could produce questions you would not be able to answer without telling them the truth. The truth was most definitely not an option. It had never been. I had tried it once. I almost got burned at the stake. True, that was probably the wrong time frame to pick for that. Thankfully, life seems to love me and got me out of there before they proclaimed that I was a witch or something.

“I’m (Y/N). Technically, I don’t go to this school yet. I’m new in town. This is the school I’ll be going to, so I thought I’d come check it out before I get enrolled sometime this week.” Hmm… Pretty good, (Y/N).

“From behind the bushes?” Shoot. Hole.

“Well, I’m not that good at social conduct.” Social conduct? What?

Surprisingly, he laughed. “Social conduct. Interesting way to put it. But I get what you mean.” Phew. “It’s not always easy to talk to people. They can be judgmental sometimes. Especially to, uh…” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand nervously, looking me over. “Different people.” he said lightly.

I looked down at my outfit. Black leggings. Combat boots. Olive green jacket that I had decorated to kind of resemble armor. I touched my hair with my hand. Yup, the braid. And of course, the bow and arrow safely secured to my back. The memory had already flashed back by then. The moment I had gotten transported back in time I had been at a costume party. Dressed as Katniss Everdeen.

I looked over his outfit. Flannel shirt over white T-Shirt. High-waisted jeans. 90’s. I was in the 90’s. The Hunger Games hadn’t even been written yet let alone filmed. I probably looked like a weirdo.

“Let’s get you some new clothes, huh?” he asked, a careful lilt to his voice. He was probably trying not to offend what seemed to be my strange fashion taste.

I smiled to reassure him. “Sure.”

He seemed to relax. “Alright, come on.”

“Don’t you have class or something?” I asked after a while of us walking and chatting to each other.

He smirked. “Technically. But it’s my last period. Sometimes you have to make a choice. Do you hang out with a pretty stranger you’ve never met in your life or do you go to your Home Ec class?”

I blushed at his words. I was the pretty stranger.

I could certainly see his logic, though. It’s not like I hadn’t ditched class before too. True, my reasons tended to be of the “Excuse me for being 30 minutes late to your Algebra class, but I got transported to Victorian times.” type, but still. It sort of counts. Also, I probably would have picked to hang out with a pretty stranger too. I kind of had in this case. Him. He was my pretty stranger. Even though I usually tried to lay low on all of my time-related adventures most of the time it didn’t end up that way. Somehow I always ended up making friends with someone from a different era or getting involved in something one way or another.

“You take Home Ec?” I asked, hiding a smile.

“Extra credit.” He shrugged. “Plus it’s not that bad. It can be pretty fun too. Also, it’s ditchable.” He smirked.

“How are you going to get your extra credit if you keep ditching the class?” I laughed.

“I’ll figure that out later.” he said with a grin. “Now it’s time to get you… in style!” he said dramatically, leading me to the clothing store that was just looming into view.

In Style was the name of the store. Smooth. Sort of.

I walked into the store and the fresh-clothing smell that every boutique hit my nostrils, sending a wave of pleasant emotions through me. I think that would be mostly every girl’s reaction. Unfortunately, that was always the only wave of pleasantness for me when it came to shopping. When it came to the looking for and trying on and all that stuff, well, let’s just say I wasn’t a very big fan. I tended to go into a store, grab whatever it was that I needed or whatever I had previously decided I wanted to own, and get the hell out of there.

Walking up to the first rack, I picked out a simple longer black T-shirt to go with my black leggings and turned toward James.

He just raised his eyebrows at me and asked, “That?”

I looked down at the T-shirt and pouted slightly. “Yeah?”

He gave me a smug smile. “Wait here.”

After five minutes he had come back with a pile of clothes in his arms and placed it in mine, ushering me into the dressing room.

“I thought boys weren’t supposed to know about fashion.” I said with a laugh as I tried on a black high-waisted skirt paired with a white dress shirt that he had picked out for me.

“Such outdated thoughts.” he tutted. “I am a man of many talents.” he laughed.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I threw the curtain open. He looked me over and nodded.

“It looks great. But try some more on. This should also be a fun experience.”

I groaned. “Can’t I just get this one? I hate shopping.”

James looked back at me with what seemed to be a genuine look of bafflement. “I thought girls were supposed to love shopping.”

“Such outdated thoughts.” I tutted, repeating his previous remark. I heard him laugh as I closed the curtain behind me, and I couldn’t help but think about how melodic his laugh sounded.

“Come on. If you do this I’ll treat you to some ice cream. It’s an adventure. It’s good for you.”

Oh, if he only knew of the type of adventures I had on a daily basis.

Four outfits later and I was strutting around the store like I was on some sort of catwalk with some of the most ridiculous combinations that were available in the store. James watched me showing off the colorful high socks ridiculously paired with a high-waisted leather skirt and bright orange T-shirt and laughed again. “See? I told you this could be fun. Plus you’re a natural born model.” he said teasingly as I almost tripped over my own feet.

I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled, walking back into the dressing room. I picked up what was my last outfit to try on. A pair of high-waisted jeans, a plain black T-shirt and a jean vest. To be honest, I quite liked the combination. It suited my style. I shimmied into the jeans and put the shirt on. I put the vest on top of it and walked out of the dressing room.

James gave me the once-over and smiled approvingly.

“I think we have a winner.” I commented enthusiastically.

“It’s ice-cream time!” he replied, matching my enthusiastic tone. I rolled my eyes and he laughed again. I couldn’t help but notice how much fun I was having with him. In all honesty, I didn’t want this day to end and I’d only met him about 2 hours ago. But I knew that eventually I’d have to leave without a trace, possibly never to return. I dreaded the feeling of regret the thought left as residue. That wasn’t good news. It’s hard maintaining friendships as it is let alone ones that are from different time-frames. Pushing the thought to the farthest part of my mind, I walked with him to the counter. As long as I was here I could enjoy it.

“We’ll be buying everything she’s currently wearing.” James told the lady behind the counter, pointing to me. “And if you could put these,” he said, handing her the clothes I’d been wearing beforehand, “in a bag that would be lovely.”

The cashier nodded and gave him a little smile. She placed the clothes in a bag and handed them to me. “That will be $30,75.”

The smile faded from my face. There was one little important detail that I hadn’t considered. I didn’t have any money. Apparently I hadn’t thought this through.

“Uh, um, I just realized…” I started, my cheeks flushing to a pink color. “I, um, don’t-”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got it. It’s my treat.” James said, handing the cashier the money and quickly ushering me out of the store before I could protest anymore apart from the “But-” I’d managed to utter during the whole exchange.

“You didn’t have to do that.” I said, looking at the pavement as we walked down the street, my cheeks still flushed from embarrassment.

“It’s no big deal.” he said simply as if he had bought me gum and not a whole outfit.

“You just wasted $30 on me.”

“Pretty strangers get special treatment.”

I sneaked a glance up at him then, and I saw him smiling at me. Our eyes locked and we spent a moment just looking at each other before I looked away. I suddenly felt awkward. And I knew exactly why even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

“Hey, what do you say we ditch the ice-cream and go see a movie?” he asked after a few moments of silent walking.

“Really? You’d like to spend more money on me?” I laughed.

“Hey, you’ll treat me next time.” he shrugged, giving me a smile. “Let’s go see a movie? I really want to see a movie.” he said, fake-pouting and trying to look cute.

Spending 2 hours in a dark theater right next to him? Sign me up.

“Fine.” I said, hiding a content smile under my brow. “What movie are we going to see?”


“Oh, awesome! An old classic. I love those.” I accidentally blurted out.

“An old classic? What are you talking about? It just came out this year.” He looked at me quizzically.

“Uh, I meant, it’s an old classic because, uh…” Think, (Y/N), think! “It’s based on Jane Austen’s Emma?” I answered unconvincingly, biting my lower lip nervously.

“Uh-huh.” he said, narrowing his eyes suspiciously, but he didn’t push it. Instead he changed the subject. “So, what’s your favorite movie?”

I was about to say The Matrix and go into my usual narrative about how and why it was my favorite and about the possibility of the actual world we live in being our “matrix” and the general Tumblr approved material, but I stopped myself in the exact right moment, remembering that The Matrix wouldn’t be out for four more years.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I said, thinking quick. “I just… really like Audrey Hepburn.” I added lamely. “She was great in Roman Holiday as well.” I rambled on.

“Oh, nice. You like the classics.”

You have no idea.

“Yours?” I asked, reciprocating the question.

Jaws. Steven Spielberg is amazing.”

“I liked Back to the Future a lot better. I loved the-” I abruptly stopped myself before I said the words 'special they did with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.’ “hover boards.” I replaced quickly.

I scolded myself for forgetting when and where I was. I didn’t like this. I was so comfortable with him that I kept forgetting that he was not, in fact, one of my friends at home and that I had to be careful when talking to him. But what was it about him that made me lose my cool? Was it the dark ebony hair? The sparkling brown eyes? The smile that made your heart race? Oh, Jeez! What was happening? This wasn’t supposed to happen.

We chatted along the way to the cinema and I couldn’t help but smiling a little too much at all his little quirky comments and laughing a bit too much at all his little jokes and anecdotes. He told me about his friends and about the time when they’d gotten locked in a classroom at the end of the school day and had to spend the night at school. I told him about all the things about myself that wouldn’t give away too much about which timeline I was from even though it was strictly against my rules to reveal too much about myself to any of my 'time comrades’ as I liked to call them. But by the time we sat down in our seats at the cinema James knew about my dislike toward anything Math-related if I didn’t understand it and was laughing about the time I accidentally set the toaster on fire anyway. And instead of worrying about the repercussions as I probably should have done, I just smiled widely and slightly enjoyed the feeling of my heart beating a few paces too fast.

I doubt that we would have quieted down if the rest of the audience hadn’t shushed us when the movie was beginning. We managed to spend 20 minutes in mute silence, but then came the nudges and secret smiles and giggles shared between us as if we’d been friends for a lifetime. And somehow that’s how it felt. I’d only known him for a day and this was by no chance a permanent friendship - or a permanent anything, really - but something was blossoming and I still wasn’t sure if I should just enjoy it or if I should be worried about it.

In a moment of silence I felt James’s hand slide over the arm rest slightly and cover my own hand. I felt my heart pick up speed due to the tingling feeling his touch left on my skin and a smile tugged at the corners of my lips. Ah, screw worrying.

He suddenly leaned toward me. “Remember when I bought you that outfit and you told me I was wasting money on you?” he whispered, his warm breath tickling my skin. I could smell his cologne and to be frank, it was giving me butterflies. But the good kind. The kind I liked. The kind that lifted you up on their wings and made you feel like you were floating.

I nodded slowly, not trusting myself to speak right at that moment.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that whatever I give you is never going to be something I will consider to be wasted.” He paused for a moment. Our eyes met in the dim lighting and I could see a twinkle in his. “I’m hoping that you’ll let me kiss you now.”

Even though it was strictly against my personal time-travelling rules, I found myself nodding. The next thing I knew I could feel the touch of his lips against my own. I smiled mid-kiss, feeling a rush of ecstasy and euphoria along with the movement of our lips.

“I hope you know that I will never regret giving that kiss away.” he said, as we slowly pulled away from each other.

I chuckled slightly, but the lingering feeling of euphoria was cut short by a different feeling. There it was. The sudden feeling that something was shifting, that something was changing… I knew that I had approximately ten more seconds left and then I would be gone. Gone far away, maybe never to return. But I couldn’t accept that.

I turned to James quickly, a determined look on my face. “We will see each other again some day.”

He looked confused, but I didn’t let him say anything. I didn’t have much time.

“Promise me that you will remember me until then. Promise that you won’t forget about this. About us.”

I wasn’t seeing clearly anymore. His figure was distorted in front of me and the sounds of the cinema were starting to fade.


“Just promise me!”

He looked genuinely puzzled, but nodded vigorously anyway. “I promise.”

I leaned in, using my last second to give him a quick peck on the lips. And then as fast it had come, the kiss was gone. And so was the cinema. And so was he. But I knew. I knew I’d see him again someday.

So, that was that! I have ideas for a part two of this, so if you want one feel free to request it. ^_^

Or if you have any other requests, my ask box is always open! :)

P.S. I know that Akhmenrah didn’t actually exist, but I just couldn’t resist. I love Night at the Museum, okay? xD Also, King Arthur technically did exist, but not in the same time frame as the actual legend, so yeah… That sort of makes sense. :D

new year’s resolutions 2017:

posting these now since i’m gonna be out and about the next couple days!

  • get my damn driver’s license. it’s 2017, it’s time. i want to be less of an inconvenience to everyone and do this for myself!
  • bust my ass giffing again and reach 200,000 followers!
  • stay in my lane, hydrate, and avoid drama!
  • have more realistic expectations about people. just keeping in mind that not one person is perfect and even people closest to me will let me down, but not to the point where i no longer become open to starting and building friendships. 
  • accomplish something to make my parents proud 😀
  • revive blogs i’ve started or joined earlier this year, and dare i say it, start more blogs! 😂😂  to anyone who i am currently a member of one of their blogs and recognize that i haven’t posted in months, i apologize and plan on giffing again reeeaal soon! and to anyone who is a member of one of my own, thank you so much for keeping them active, seriously, and i am eternally indebted to each and every one of you.
Episode 10 impressions

Just finished the episode and want to tell you guys my instant thoughts.I’m always happy to hear what you think.This are instant impressions.I may change my opinion after watching the episode again and again…

1. I’m honest.I was actually underwhelmed by the second hug and everything that happened inside the house. It was so short.It was still too ambiguous imo. It was nothing really new either.What Daryl did for Carol through lying,he did for her before,although on another level.We all thought the creepy house was a setup for relationship development,(perfect setting by the way)imo it was a setup for Carol to finally leave her misery and to show us the amount of HURT from both sides.

2. BUT I was overwhelmed by other scenes actually.There was one particular scene that confirmed Daryl’s romantic love for Carol more than I have ever dared to hope. When he asks Richard about the woman’s name,he knows it is Carol just by knowing it is a woman.

You can see how his heartrate picks up and his mind goes blank,his eyes are glazed,he even squints as if he is about to faint,he looks like he is in trance.It’s shock,it’s relief,it’s the realisation what he was about to do,it’s so much LOVE his body nearly can’t handle it.

Everything that goes down with Richard and even with Morgan (at the beginning and end) is so much confirmation I just can’t. Confirmation happened actually in places I didn’t expect it to happen and it was purely in a “passive”way.

3.Melissa McBride’s performance was not from this earth,but Norman Reedus’ performance was equally as good. The best acting I ever saw from him.His facial expressions and especially his eyes ARE PHENOMENAL.Holy shit that man is fucking INTENSE.Hats off.

4. I saw nothing,I REPEAT NOTHING that points to Carzekiel AT ALL.

5. One thing was clear as day. Daryl has gained a lot of confidence,has come into his own.He is determined. And most important,it very much seems to me as if Carol’s and his roles are switched right now. You see it in the way they hug and how he breaks away first both times. Is it hurt about her leaving him?Has he lost hope that she would ever feel about him THAT way and it is finally enough for him if he is only able to keep her save&alive?Is it that he can’t handle to prolong it because the emotions would carry him away?Does he leave a ball in her court?I don’t know.Carol actually seems actually way more involved in the sentiment for me( but only during that time they are actually together!)Anyway,in this episode,he is clearly the leading one of both.

6. In that scene with Shiva, I think you can briefly see how happy Daryl is about finding Carol when he tells Morgan.Also,Shiva /Daryl parallel confirmation.

7.I still have to watch TTD,but many Carylers seem to be angry at Norman. What happened?

8. conclusion. I’m clearly going with canon in season 8, hopefully 8.1

I once met a girl who said that she was glass.
She said that her bones felt fragile and that her spirit broke easily.
And she claimed that when she cracked, she would split into thousands of shards that only hurt the people who tried to help put her back together.
This girl told me that if she could, she would trade in her vulnerability for a durable shell, pleading to become stainless steel instead of paper thin crystal.
I tried to look her in the eyes and explain that yes, she might be glass, but she is the most stunning rainbow of stained crystal
A picturesque masterpiece of unparalleled perfection.
You see, all the times that she thought she was weak, made her strong.
The lines in her personal illustration are not soft breaking points, but instead
The foundation of her marvelous structure.
Have you ever seen anything more breathtaking in you life?
Because somehow, the artist in her kept replacing the pieces of herself, this ancient artwork renewed and restored with impressive expertise.
I said don’t you dare think of yourself as anything less than priceless.
They’d have your soul up in church windows.
You can see the light burst through your myriad of colors like a spectacle never before seen by anyone.
And I’ve never wanted a better view.
—  k.a.s. ((July))

Warning/s: Gore? Psycho reader? Idk? 


Y/N, the queen of Wonderland, was outside her castle painting every white rose, bloody red. Literally BLOODY red. She was recently proclaimed the Queen of Wonderland after she violently killed the previous Queen along with her good friend, the mad hatter. She cut off the Queen’s foot, shoved it in her mouth, cut off her five fingers and shoved two of it up her nostrils and made her choke to death. She finds it entertaining and amusing to kill someone in a creative way. She’s clearly mad. That’s why she gets along with the mad hatter and is strangely perfect for the title “Queen of Wonderland”. Although she was quite young to be a Queen, no one dared to go against her knowing how she can easily kill you in a very ‘unique’ way.

“Jefferson!” Y/N called.

“Yes milady?” the mad hatter asked.

“I need more blood.” Y/N pointed at the empty, blood stained bucket.

The mad hatter smirked and nodded, leaving to get more blood.

Y/N hummed and walked over to her pet wolfdog.

“Hey there buddy.” Y/N patted her pet.

“You hungry?” she asked the wild animal.

Y/N has a soft spot for anyone who can relate to her or anyone who she sees herself in. In other words, her fellow psychopaths and this dog.

While Y/N was feeding her dog, a puff of smoke appeared in front of the castle. It was a boy who looks like he’s about Y/N’s age. The boy looked around the place, seeing as if everything changed from the last time he was there. When he spotted the girl kneeling in front of an enormous dog, he raised an eyebrow and approached her.

“I’m guessing you’re new here? I’ve never seen your face here before.” The boy asked Y/N.

Y/N looked up to see an attractive teenage boy. Y/N smirked and looked back down to her dog.

“Yeah.. You could say that” Y/N chuckled darkly.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your name?” Y/N asked the boy.

“Peter Pan, King of Neverland.” Peter bowed, took Y/N’s hand and kissed it.

Y/N face lit up and formed a wide grin.

“And may I ask who the pretty lady in front of me is?” Peter flirted.

Y/N stood up and smiled

“Y/N, Queen of Wonderland.”

Peter had a shocked and confused face.

“What happened to the previous one?” Peter asked.

“Killed her.” Y/N laughed.

Peter gave an amused look.

Jefferson came back with a bucket filled with blood.

“Here’s the blood you asked for, Y/N.” Jefferson set the bucket near the roses.

“What’s that for?” Peter asked.

“Well for painting these roses of course.” Y/N said in a ‘duh’ tone.

Peter nodded in response.

Peter was starting to think this girl is mad and somehow, he likes it.

“So what brings you here, Peter?” Y/N asked.

“I was suppose to talk about ‘business’ with the Queen but I guess I can’t, considering you killed her.” Peter chuckled.

“What business?” Y/N asked, interested.

“It’s nothing now. It seems like I have other plans now.” Peter smirked at Y/N.

“Yeah? And what’s that?” Y/N asked.

“You.” Peter stated in all seriousness.

Y/N started laughing hysterically, Jefferson joining her.

“You think you can overpower me?” Y/N said, suddenly with a sinister voice.

Y/N laughed again, seeing Peter’s frightened reaction.

“I was kidding, mate. You should’ve seen your face.”

Peter’s face turned to his normal smugness and quietly said

“You’re crazy.”

Y/N stopped laughing. Jefferson’s eyes widen. No one ever dared to call Y/N mad, crazy or a psycho.

Y/N slowly walked over to Peter. Peter stood still, slightly frightened to what Y/N would do.

“The best people are.” Y/N smiled genuinely at Peter.

Peter sighed in relief and Jefferson stood in the corner looking so confused.

Peter tilted his head and studied Y/N’s appearance.

“I like you.” Peter said.

Y/N smirked and said

“I like you too. What do say about being the King of Wonderland?” Y/N offered.

“As long as you become the Queen of Neverland.” Peter said.


Days, months, years passed. Peter and Y/N ruled both Neverland and Wonderland, the lost boys coming to Wonderland from time to time to explore and play.

Peter loved how crazy Y/N was that it made HIM crazy.

not literally.

I don’t see Peter being king of Wonderland but I tried. This is my first requested imagine. Thanks for the request anon :))

Requests are OPEN

Alexander  pt.3 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5


Originally posted by apgujeon

you rolled your eyes again when you read the work papers it wasn’t something hard to do but you felt worry , you always lived with family members even your mom was always travelling you fortunately had brothers and your uncle wife the mansion was big and it seemed perfect for a big family just like your grandpa planned and no one dared to break a rule 

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anonymous asked:

Howdy! I was wondering if you coupd help me find a fic? Its where Dan works at a flower shop and Phil goes in there and slowly falls in love with phil? And in the end he buys Dan a rose and calls him perfect??? Idk I am being v vauge, sorry, but Id appreciate if you could find it. Thank youuuu in advance!

I Dare You To Love Me - Dan owns a popular flower shop and has more of a passion for flowers than he does for people. That is, until Phil stumbles into his shop - and consequently into his life as the two develop a fast friendship and Dan finds himself all but infatuated with him. But there’s a problem: Phil’s engaged and Dan is the florist for his wedding. And even more complications arise when Phil begins questioning everything he’s ever known about love - and himself - when he realizes that the path to true love isn’t always… straight.

could it be this one?



Justin’s busy and you miss him

You get into a fight

Special Attention

Justin get’s jealous of your new pup

But you’re perfect to me

This is your fault, your mess

You take Justin’s hat and he wants it back

You wake Justin up to get you food

Would it kill you to be ugly once

You post a picture and the whole squad freaks out

Justin misses you

Is it too late now to say sorry

You feel insecure

You ask Justin to let you listen to more songs

You hurt Justin’s feelings

King of shade

I’m glad you like it

Am I in love with you

You see Justin with Selena

I know something else that’s big

How dare you

You gave Drake a lap dance  PART 2

I’ll quit when you quit

How’d I get so lucky

Justin get’s mad

Being my girl wouldn’t

Justin using DJ Khalid jokes


When will you be home

anonymous asked:

Reader is Trevor's best friend who builds stuff and paints things, and one day they come in to bring pizza to AH because Trevor told them that the office wouldn't have time to eat, and Jeremy is like "Trevor, how dare you hide this perfect and amazing person from me, I thought we were friends!" Bonus if the reader is tall and still wear high heels, even if where they work is more hands on and gritty

Word Count: 535

You had recently gotten a job at Rooster Teeth in the art department thanks to your best friend Trevor. You thought he had alternative motives since he had you running errands and was spending time in live action a lot more than he should be.

“You are a goddamn queen,” Barbara commented watching you work on a piece for the next short. “I can’t even wear heals around the office and your in them using power tools.”

You laughed, “I pretty much grew up in them so I think I would be off balance without them.” You put your helmet down and continued using the blow torch.

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