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What Comes Next || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

He was surprised when you first told him, and then he was fine with it. It wasn’t what you were expecting but you were grateful he understood. When you told him the news about you being pregnant, you were sure he was going to judge you, he was going to leave, but then he stayed.

Jungkook was your best friend, and someone you could always count on. So when you told him that Taehyung, your boyfriend of three years now, had gotten you pregnant, he accepted it. He didn’t say anything bad, nothing along the lines of “you’re too young”. He told you that it was okay and that he would support you the entire way through.

There were some things you didn’t want to talk about, and that was when you would break the news to Taehyung. At first you had been scared, and there were a lot of times Jungkook would have to come over and calm you down. You were terrified that you being pregnant could ruin everything for Taehyung.

The last thing you wanted to do was ruin his career. You knew he had worked so hard tog et to where he was and you weren’t going to be the reason he stopped. There was a part of you that felt bad though, because Jungkook was the one who was helping you, even though it had nothing to do with him, and for that you were thankful.

He had promised to keep it a secret from Taehyung, not wanting to worry you anymore than you already were. For now it was a secret between the two of you.

It was two months into the pregnancy, and you had already started to notice the baby bump starting. There was a little bit of a belly forming and you found yourself holding your stomach anytime you had the chance. When Taehyung would come over you found yourself moving his hands to your stomach even though he had no idea what was going on.

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Between the Shelves (M)

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, One-shot

Word count: 5,252 words


You looked around the public library, satisfied that you’d managed to find a section completely devoid of people. Granted, the place was usually mostly empty, but you preferred to be absolutely alone while you did your work. Your roommates were always throwing parties at the house you shared, and when they were not hosting one, the entire house would be shaking with the noises they made with guys they brought home. After many, many not-so-subtle, then downright obvious attempts to tell them that the walls were thin, having them apologise to you just to do the same thing again the next day, you had given up. You liked your housemates immensely and you have a lot of fun together, but you needed silence when you were studying or finishing your many assignments.

The university library was not an option either. You had no idea why it became such a popular place to hang out in. Sure there were many students who went there to study, but they could never do it quietly. Discussions erupted here and there all the time, with voices that they did not bother to lower even by one iota. When you complained to your friends, they knew better than to suggest that you try sitting at one of the tables in the back away from the ruckus. Those secluded corners produced noises of their own that you found even less tolerable: moans and grunts of people making out, and who knew what else.

That’s when you stumbled upon the town’s public library. It was not very big, but boasted a pretty large selection of books covering various genres that was supposed to appeal to the public, but for some reason not many people visited. Perhaps people preferred to read online. We were in the age of advanced technology after all. Anyhow, it was better for you this way. An entire library all to yourself was heaven on Earth. Save for the occasional visitors who rarely stayed long, coming just to borrow or return books, and the surly librarian whom you have never seen move from the front desk except to go for lunch or relieve herself.

And him. Ooooooh, how you hated that guy for invading your sanctuary at first. It was during your second visit to the public library and you were smiling to yourself, excited to have found this gem where you could study in peace. You settled down at one of the tables near the row of windows, enjoying the soft rays of sunlight pouring through into the library. You’ve only been there twice but you knew that this was to be your favourite spot.

Every bit of your attention was given to your laptop screen, fingers flying across the keyboard in an effort to type out your report in record time so you jumped in surprise when you heard the legs of a chair scraping against the floor. You lifted your head up to see a tall guy with dark hair sitting down a few tables away, facing you. His head was bent down as he dropped his things onto the long table: a brown leather satchel that rattled when he set it down, his phone and a paperback, probably a novel.

As though he sensed that he was being watched, he looked up and met your eyes. With how hard you’d been staring, you wouldn’t be surprised if he did feel your eyes on him. He flashed you a grin, and you couldn’t help your lips parting just a little as two prominent dimples dipped into his cheeks. You shifted your eyes down to your computer without responding, wanting nothing but to continue your work in peace.

You heard him plop down into his seat and then the sound of pages rustling as you assumed he was there to read his book. Suddenly the report in front of you stopped making sense. You searched your mind for the words you meant to write, having mapped out a rough idea of the report in your head before you even started, but your brain had decided that the person that had just arrived was infinitely more interesting than the piece of writing that you were supposed to hand in the day after tomorrow, and was refusing to cooperate.

He’s cute, the thought ran through your head before you could regain your focus. A few seconds were spent frowning and chewing on your lower lip before you chanced another glance at him. Your chin tilted upwards a mere centimeter, your eyes doing most of the movement, but he caught you anyway, because he had his eyes on you the entire time. You suspected that, but it didn’t stop blood from rushing to your cheeks when his smile grew (Was he smiling the whole time?) and this time you managed a little nod of acknowledgement of his presence before you dipped your head back down.

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K  O  N  O  H  A      A  K  I  N  O  R  I 
favorite minor character + haikyuu // requested by @jinxpistol

The 100 + The Walking Dead crossover – Blake siblings (weapons and outfits borrowed from Daryl and Michonne)

edit: on this note, check out The Prisoner and The Cure by PaintedGhostOrchid, awesome The 100/TWD crossover fanfic.

Jay Park - Unspoken Rule Pt.3

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“What if it’s true?” Jay mumbled under his breath. He slowly raised his head again and stared at you, waiting for your reply. His heart was racing uncontrollably fast and with every passing second of silence he grew more and more nervous. And maybe he even felt a bit insecure. He was sure he read the signs right, but now the confidence he had before slowly abandoned him.

“It wouldn’t matter,” you turned your eyes away from him and shook your head at him. “Because I wouldn’t jeopardize my friendship for a guy I barely even know.”

His expression softened and his lips curled upwards into a weak smile. His eyes had widened, but he didn’t look very surprised. It was almost as if he had expected that answer.

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Got7 Reacts to Someone Hitting on You

Hey guys! So, this was one of my more popular reactions with my other groups, so I’m going to go ahead and do one for each of the new groups. I wrote this in class, but I promise to get the B.A.P. and Monsta X breakdowns up soon! My inbox is open for any requests and feel free to message me at any point! I’ll answer as soon as I possibly can!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Reactions: Someone hitting on you.

     I decided to keep this one similar to the last few I did, so you are out with all of the members at a club, and they leave you by yourself for a moment. Someone comes to hit on you and they notice. Simple and easy, to preserve my sanity. 

1. Mark:

     Mark would be one of the more rational members when it comes to this situation. He would be angry, but it would be more of a quiet anger. He would drape his arm over your shoulders, raising his eyebrows at the guy. If the guy persisted or said something rude, Mark would shut him down.

     “I’m sorry, but I think that my girlfriend made it more than clear that she’s done here. Now, if you’ll excuse us,” Mark leads you away, glancing at you to make sure that you’re okay.

2. Jaebum (JB):

     Jaebum’s anger would be much more obvious. He would come up you and rest his chin on your shoulder or head. An angry glare would take over his face as he looked at the man. This would be enough to scare most people. but if he was stubborn enough to stay, they would meet the biting words behind the glare.

     “Look, will you just leave now? She has me, so she definitely doesn’t need you,” JB kisses the side of your head, still staring the guy down.

3. Jackson:

     Jackson wouldn’t be able to mask his irritation. He would step in between the two of you, his back to the guy, as he hands you your drink. He would ignore the guy, pretending he’s not even there. He would continue to ignore him unless the guy laid a hand on either of you. Only then, would he unleash his sarcastic tongue.

     “I’m sorry, but I don’t see your name written anywhere on my girlfriend. Why don’t you stop being an asshole and do yourself a favor: back the fuck off,” Jackson snaps, giving the guy a look before he grabs your hand and leads you away.

4. Jinyoung:

     Jinyoung is a very rational person with strong control over his emotions, only letting his anger show when his control snaps. He would approach calmly and intertwine your fingers together, politely informing the guy that you were taken. If the guy continued to push his buttons, his control would eventually snap.

     “You are extremely rude. You do not treat women like this, or anyone for that matter. That attitude is the reason you’re still alone,” Jinyoung’s voice boarders on a growl, but his expression would soften when he looks at you,” Let’s get out of here, Jagi.”

5. Youngjae:

     Youngjae would do his best to remain unphased by what was going on. He would walk up and give you your drink, politely introducing himself. If the guy was rude, Youngjae would try to keep his irritation in check but some of the members would notice the look on his face. Suddenly, the entire situation would change, with the other six members backing the two of you.

     “Maybe it’s better if you leave?” Youngjae prompts, raising his eyebrows. Once the guy left, he turns his attention to you, checking to make sure that you were okay.

     (It’s not that I think that Youngjae can’t stand up for himself, but he strikes me as someone who wouldn’t want to. He doesn’t seem like a confrontational guy to me.)

6. BamBam:

     BamBam would be obviously angry and confrontational. He would hold it in until he needed to use it, though. He would hug you from behind, his chin on your shoulder. His expression toward the guy would be less than welcoming. If the guy said anything rude to either of you, BamBam would be on him in an instant. He would grab his collar, his expression furious.

     “Excuse me? Do you not know how to take no for an answer? Back off!” BamBam’s tone is less than pleased. He calms down when you touch his arm, releasing the man to grab your hand and pull you away.

7. Yugyeom:

     Yugyeom is the youngest member, but he has a pretty strong hold on his emotions. His anger wouldn’t be obvious as he approaches you. He would completely ignore the guy as he pulls you to him, trying to convince you to dance with him. If the guy tried to confront him, he would just give him a blank look.

     “I’m sorry, but who are you? And what claim do you have on my Jagi?” Yugyeom holds you against him, his and at your hip as he waits for the guy to leave. He might have difficulty keeping a straight face because BamBam can be seen behind the guy, doubled over in laughter at the situation.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Inbox me any requests you guys have, Got7 or otherwise!


Denmark and Sweden are arguing for something really stupid so Norway gets tired of it and uses his magic to switch their bodies.

It gets really uncomfortable for everyone, seeing that Denmark is in Sweden’s body and Sweden is in Denmark’s body.

Finland and Norway are really confused about their sexual attraction, for obvious reasons.

Do you have any more ideas that you would like to share? 

Maybe i’ll write a one-shot. Just for the lol.

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how would seokjin, namjoon and jungkook react if they caught their s/o playing otome games? (since they never told them that they played those types of games before)

Seokjin: The flower boy of Bangtan would definitely feel a dent in his pride. When he’d seen you playing them on your laptop, he’d close it and flash a bright smile at you. “Why are you playing those? I’m much more handsome, don’t you think? Why would you want to simulate a relationship when there’s a prince right in front of you?” Here’s where cheesy Jin would enter. He’d wink at you and blow a kiss. 

Namjoon: He’d just be feeling all sorts of amusement. He’d sit in front of you and grin at you while crossing his arms. “So what exactly are you doing?” He’d start chuckling. “Playing otome games, I see. You’re always playing on your phone. Was that what you were doing all this time?” He’d show you his cringe worthy aegyo. “Am I not interesting enough anymore?” 

Jungkook: Poor Kookie would definitely feel a pang of jealousy, but of course he’d try to mask it. “Did you know…” he’d stand by you with his hands in his pockets casually, “that they modeled Han Jumin after me?” But seeing how you probably won’t fall for his obvious bluff, the more apparent jealousy would come out real quick, “can’t you pay more attention to me and less to Mystic Messenger?” 

- Devi ^^

  • Ned, while you're playing Jacob: you look terrible your clothes are terrible go see a god damn tailor isn't the fog great?
  • Ned, while you're playing Evie: my what a delight miss frye you're looking lovely miss frye there's quite a lot to do in london you know and some of its even legal

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There is no proof of Marco being trans. It's just all of you reading into it too much. Any time a character cross dresses for any reason, people like you always read into it way too much and say,"Oh he's trans" he's not. Disney would be presenting more evidence if him being trans if he were and when they make a trans character, they'll probably use dramatic irony in which we see the character struggle with their identity and we know what's going on but they don't particularly know yet

There is loads of evidence and only a few pieces of it have to do with Marco cross-dressing. If it had just simply been Marco cross-dressing I wouldn’t believe they are trans. But there was also the closet metaphor in the very first ep of Season 2, the stuck in life dream at the beginning of “Red Belt” where Marco is more horrified at being buried in a suit than the fact they are dead, the fact they cover the mirror in the shower because they are ashamed of their body and myriad of other stuff.

And once again you say “people like you”, I repeat; this is the first character in a show I have believed to be trans.

Plus you say Disney would make it more obvious, Disney have yet to have an openly gay character within their main casts and received backlash from having background characters who are gay. So given this fact I don’t really imagine them rushing to the deep end for trans representation. If anything they’d be cautious in order to test the waters given their past experience with LGBT representation.

But if you wish to disagree that is fine, you can have your opinion and I can have mine.

Also just to add, Star Vs The Forces of Evil is a storyboard driven show, it has no set script. At the beginning the creator of the show Daron Nefcy would have had an idea of where she wants the plot to go but that idea is not concrete. Adam McArthur who is Marco’s voice actor has said Daron Nefcy and the storyboard artists listen to the fans and are open minded to the end result cos he feels they want the best show possible and like it or not those who believe in trans Marco form part of the fan base and several of the storyboard artists are aware of the theory.

Have a first time scenario for Tanaka and a female s/o (who is tough and a little bad at expressing emotions and also not a native Japanese speaker and totally not actually my OC) because honestly Tanaka is so underappreciated and I utterly adore him. 

-Admin Alyx

You really had meant to just watch a movie. Honestly.

You’d both had hard practices the day before, so instead of the date you had planned you decided to go back to your apartment and put a movie on. Now, though, you were sitting astride Tanaka’s lap, movie playing completely forgotten on the TV behind you.

“Can I?” you asked, fingers curling under the hem of his shirt. Tanaka tried to speak but his voice stuck in his throat, so he just nodded helplessly and raised his arms as you stripped him. He stared at you, taking in the way your mouth fell open slightly, the feeling of your fingers against his skin.

“God, Ryuu, you’re so gorgeous,” you said, and an undignified whine escaped his throat as you pressed your hands against his chest, your body shifting against his. His mouth fell open, fingers gripping tightly at your hips, just above the waist of your jeans. It was–oh gods, it was too much.

Your fingers slid down his chest and then went to the hem of your own shirt. Tanaka swallowed thickly as you pulled it off in one fluid movement, tossing it onto the floor to join his. His mouth fell open as he took in what had to be the most perfect pair of tits ever to exist, offset by a simple but sexy as hell bra–black and strappy and ever so slightly sheer in strategic places.

He was snapped out of his blatant staring by a soft touch on his arm. Your fingers traced a feather-light path along his skin as you leaned in to kiss him. Your hand grabbed his and pulled it up, leading his fingers towards the clasp of your bra. Tanaka took a moment to be thankful for Noya and that bra he’d somehow managed to procure so they could practice this, because he was able to pinch the clasp free in seconds.

He was almost sad to see the bra go–almost. It was sexy, but nothing compared to the sight that he was presented with once it was tossed aside. He was pretty sure his brain short-circuited for a minute once it registered the tiny metal barbells through each nipple.

“Holy fuck,” he said, and you laughed softly. “Can–can I?”


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A Chris Motionless Imagine

Word Count: 2,113  

Warnings: smut, language

~ Requested by @imjustareject99 // I hope you like your imagine! 😄 ~

You were now walking to your friend Balz’ oddities shop. You lived close by, so you went there quite often. Balz had invited you over earlier in the day. He told you that he and Chris were hanging out and that you were welcome to join them. You happily accepted his offer, since you were always up to hanging out with them.

Balz and Chris were both long time friends of yours. You had met Balz when you two were in middle school, meeting Chris not long afterwards. The three of you had lots of similar interests and hobbies. You got along well too. However, you had one m problem.

A couple of years ago you started to get feelings for Chris. But that was not the problem. The problem was that Chris seemed to see you as more of a sister than a possible girlfriend. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if you weren’t falling for him, but you were. You were falling for him big-time. You had already tried a couple of times to get Chris to maybe see you in a different way, but all attempts failed.

Today you were feeling a bit impulsive, so maybe you could finally figure something out. You eventually came across the sidewalk that lead you to Balz’ shop. You turned and there it was, just around the corner. You looked inside of the front windows. Balz and Chris were standing with their backs to the entrance, talking to each other.

You fixed you half white, half black hair and smoothed out your fluffy skirt. Then you opened the shop door and walked inside. The sound of the door bell caught Balz and Chris’ attention. They turned around, smiling at you. Chris waved, greeting you.

“Hi Lina!”

“Hey!” You reply to Chris.

“Hey Coffin Cutie.” Balz says, calling you one of your nicknames.

You chuckle, then say hi to him.

“What are you guys up to today?” You ask.

“Well, until Chris came I was setting up some new taxidermy items that we’re now selling.” Balz tells you.

“Cool. What about you, Chris?”

“Not much, I just plan on hanging out with you guys. I was gonna write music, but I don’t feel too creative today.” Chris says.

“Sounds awesome. Hopefully you’ll feel more creative tomorrow.” You reply, smiling at Chris.

Chris smiles back at you, making your heart beat faster. His smile was so amazing and you loved to see it.

“Hopefully.” Chris says.

The three of you made conversation for a while. You talked about music, your current life events and other small talk. After a while Chris had to go use the restroom. You and Balz were left alone. You wondered if you should tell Balz about how you felt about Chris.

You knew that Chris would be back shortly, so you hurried and made an impulsive decision. A decision to tell Balz how you felt. Maybe Balz will help me out, you thought.

“Balz, can I tell you a secret?” You ask.

“Um, sure.” Balz replies.

“Well….I kind of maybe have feelings for him.” You say quickly.

“Wait what? For who? Chris?” Balz says with the same speed.

“Yes…” You reply, slightly nervous of what he would think.

“Holy shit, I knew it!” Balz says, laughing.

“What do you mean?” You ask, surprised.

“Oh, come on. You two are always low-key flirting and stealing glimpses at each other!”

“Wait, Chris too?”

You were taken aback from Balz last comment. You knew that you sometimes flirted with Chris, but did he really flirt back sometimes? Had you really not noticed? Or was Balz just mistaken?

Before Balz could reply, you both turned your heads. The sound of the bathroom door opening and closing caught your attention. Chris walked back into the room. You and Balz acted as if you had just been talking about normal things. You quickly wiped the surprised expression off your face.

“I’m back.” Chris say, making a dramatic hand gesture.

You smile at him and chuckle. Balz just smiles, keeping silent.

“What?” Chris asks Balz.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about something.” Balz tells him. “Do you guys wanna go out to eat somewhere? It’s about time for me to close the shop.”

“Sure, that sounds good. What do you think, Lina?” Chris asks you.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea!”

A few minutes later you all walk to a nearby diner. Once you get there, you are seated quickly. You sat at a booth near a window. Usually you would sit with Chris on one side and Balz would sit on the opposite side, but today was different. Balz seemed to have some plans of his own.

You sat down first. While Chris wasn’t paying attention, Balz swiftly took his seat next to you. Chris soon turned, expecting to sit beside you, but instead saw Balz in his place. At first he did not think anything of it. He sat down opposite from you two.

The waitress came by and you guys ordered your drinks. After that, Chris started to feel a little bit jealous. He tried to deny his feelings of jealousy, but he couldn’t. He wanted to be the one sitting beside you. That’s how it always was, why did it have to be different today?

“You ok, Chris?” Balz asks.

Chris looked up from the ground, his eyes meeting Balz’. You looked over at Balz, who was smirking slightly. You were shocked when his arm draped over your shoulders. It was then that you realized what Balz was doing. You looked over at Chris, then back at Balz.

“Yeah, sorry. I just got distracted.” Chris says, shaking off his jealousy and embarrassment.

You all were saved from an awkward silence when the waitress came by with your drinks. You let out a sigh of relief. You exchanged looks with Balz, confirming your suspicions. Balz was trying to get Chris jealous. You didn’t really see the point in that, since you didn’t think that Chris liked you that way, but you decided to go along with it anyways.

The three of you made conversation while waiting for your food. You kept noticing Chris glaring at Balz’ arm, which stayed around you the entire time you were there. You just acted innocent. During the time that you guys sat there, Balz did little things to piss Chris off.

He would play with your hair and flirt with you. Balz’ flirting wasn’t low-key, though. He would flirt in a much more obvious way. You played along, thinking that all of it wasn’t having an affect on Chris. Your food came and you all finished quickly.

When you all were finished and had paid the bill, you left. Balz got up, allowing you to also get up. You felt a large hand take hold of your small one; you looked down, expecting it to be Balz. But it wasn’t, it was Chris–the man that you had intense feelings for.

As you all walked outside, you glanced over at Balz with wide eyes. He chuckled quietly, winking at you. During the walk back everyone was silent. Chris’ hand held yours strongly, making your heart beat fast. You couldn’t believe it! Did Chris really actually like me? Was Balz right? So many thoughts swarmed your mind.

When you three made it back to Balz’ shop, you didn’t go inside just yet. Balz asked you and Chris if you wanted to come and hang out at his house, but Chris quickly replied before you could even say anything.

“We can’t, Lina’s coming over to my house to help me with something.”

“With what? Maybe I can help too.” Balz suggests, purposefully getting on Chris’ nerves.

You could practically feel Chris’ rage and impatience.

“You know damn well what I mean, Balz.” Chris says, his voice stern.

“Yes, I do. I’ll let you guys off the hook now.” Balz says, smirking.

Balz winks at you before walking back towards his home. You felt a little nervous, but not for long. Chris pulled you along with him as you walked back to his house. As you came closer to his house you couldn’t help but feel enticed.

When you both finally got to Chris’ house, he unlocked the front door. You walked inside first. You got exactly what you expected from Chris; he came in and shut the door, pinning you against it. His lips smashed onto yours, kissing you fervently. You let Chris take complete control of you.

Shortly after things got heated, his tongue entered your mouth. You let it explore your mouth. You moaned into Chris’ mouth and took note of every sensation. This was something that you had wanted for a very long time, so you wanted to appreciate every moment of it.

You and Chris quickly moved upstairs, still kissing as you stumbled up the steps. Chris towered over you with his height, making his dominance even more arousing. Soon you were inside of his bedroom.

Once you were in Chris’ bedroom, clothes started landing on the floor. First Chris pulled your shirt off, taking a moment to stare at your body. Next you took his shirt off. Your bra was the next clothing item to disappear. Chris stared wide-eyed at your bare breasts before continuing. You bit your lip as he walked towards you, making you back up.

You soon hit the end of Chris’ large bed. He walked even closer to you, staring at you with an intense hunger in his eyes. Chris gently pushed down onto the bed. You moved back some and then he crawled over you. He then removed your skirt, revealing your sexy lace panties.

You licked your lips and then Chris kissed them hard; he just couldn’t resist. You moaned into his mouth again, which really turned him on. Chris then took off his jeans, kicking them onto the floor. You looked down and saw his large erection through his boxers.

Your lips collided again. You both kissed passionately as Chris’ hands roamed your body. Soon he began kissing your body, down to your pierced hips and belly button. He moved down to your wet core, going agonizingly slow. You were now extremely aroused.

Chris didn’t tease you for too much longer. He himself was desperate for some more action. His tongue soon dived into your core. You let out a loud moan, shutting your eyes. The pleasure began to build up quickly as his tongue moved faster. You tightly gripped the bed sheets.

The cool metal of Chris’ lip piercings heightened your pleasure. Your orgasm built up fast, Chris continuing to eat you out vigorously. You let out several breathy moans, only making Chris even more lustful.

Soon you came, moaning loudly. Chris licked your pussy clean. You two kissed again, then Chris slipped on a condomn. Afterwards he lined up to your entrance. Chris pushed into you slowly, making sure that you were comfortable.

Once he was assured that everything was alright, he began thrusting into you. Chris started at a good pace, soon getting faster. You moaned and let your hands explore his toned and tattooed body. Chris moaned in a low tone as he came close to his climax.

The sound of your moans filled Chris’ home. His hand went down to rub your clit. Chris knew that he wouldn’t last longer and wanted to make sure that you came first. His thrusts grew sloppy, but stayed at a good speed. Your walls closed around his cock, your climax emerging.

You whimpered before a loud moan escaped your lips as you came for the second time that night. Chris came shortly after you, groaning in a low, husky tone. You both rode out on your highs. When Chris laid down beside you, his chest quickly moved up and down. You both took a minute to catch your breath.

Once you had slowed your breathing down, you turned to kiss Chris. Your lips pressed onto his shoulder, then onto his neck. You soon reached his pierced lips. Chris wrapped his strong arms around you, pulling your warm body closer.

“You do not know how long I’ve waited for this.” Chris says breathily.

“I’ve wanted you so bad…for so long.” You say.

“I guess we should’ve done this sooner, then.”

“Yeah, definitely. At least now we know how we feel about each other.”

Chris nods. You both kiss again.

“So…will you be my girlfriend?” Chris asks you.

“Fuck yes.” You reply, smirking at him.

You two made out, things quickly getting heated once again. Soon it was time for round 2. ;)

anonymous asked:

Do you think that flashbacks are a good canon option? For example, if they made Destiel canon but had explicitly showed their love developing so when it happened ppl would not be surprised. I think that if it happened at the moment if it ppl wouldn't get/like it. So what if in the finale they did some flashbacks for the ga notice what was going on, do you think it'd be a good idea (if they did it in a good way)? I think it'd be good to end this already but maybe some would say it was fanservice?

Hmm… to be honest no, I think it would be messy and also, unless they filmed different bits that we haven’t seen that are more obvious in advance it would all still be subtext you know? So its not like the casual viewer hasn’t seen this stuff, they just didn’t compute it if they don’t see it. 

I feel like what is happening now, since mid season 11 but especially since season 12 is that the show runner and writers are actively trying to make the subtext more obvious to viewers in order to make it less jarring when it does happen, and it is working. Casual viewers are picking up on things, I mean we are seeing people on here and twitter saying ‘i didn’t see it before but man, I do now’. The mixtape, the ‘i love you’, the crazy way Cas keeps sacrificing himself for Dean and making it pretty clear its for DEAN, the way Dean did it in return in 12x10, blimey, SAMS REACTION is one of the biggest ones that we always talked about before and now it is BLATANT…

I feel like this is more the way that they will go, that they will just continue to make this more obvious and I like that, I like that they are just taking what was already there and building on it, exactly like a real relationship of this type would work out.

What they are doing is taking past subtext and actually using it by making the same themes more blatant and that is a call back in a similar fashion to a flash back, by making people think back to a previous time and think ‘oh, that reminds me of that’ e.g.. How the mixtape was Led Zeppelin and we know that A. John seduced Mary with Zepp, B. Jo said guys always try to pick her up with Zepp.

I’ve said that season 12 seems to me to be a season where we will look back from the finale on the rest of the season with hindsight and I think regarding Destiel and performing!Dean in particular this will be the case for the whole series for those who didn’t see it coming.

25. “it meant nothing to me.” + 33. “every time you say that I die a little more inside.

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It was all so crazy- one minute you were a low ranked officer (who ran around grabbing drink orders), and the next you were the director of operations and conduct. many of the officers had doubts about you. they couldn’t see a tiny young girl in big shoes sitting at a table full of men! you were never treated the same; even being treated differently than the officers of your own rank.

you were smart and could figure out orders in which things operated. in school, you were always the one who would come up with a plan to make things run better. you would come up with better policies that made more sense and were easier to abide by. your attention to those details was one of the key factors the first order started paying attention to you.

you were a rule questioner who could come up with better rules, and they liked that. what made you even better was the fact that you were really good with numbers. before the first order, you were an ICS (integrated computer solutionist) whose job was to audit and locate items that had gone missing but were still in the systems.

one day while at work you were approached by a man in a uniform who had claimed to be a recruiter for the first order. the organization had eyes on you and offered you a job with three times the pay of what you were making then. you had accepted his offer in hopes to have a more secure job with actual responsibilities, but you learned quickly they had little in mind for a thirteen-year-old girl.

for years you fought for more and even took notes along the way. while you had everything they required and looked for in an actual ranking officer they always passed you up. a dear friend (you had made back when you first joined) had made you a promise; when he made his way up to General he would take you with him. Armitage Hux, as your superior, had recognized you were far too smart to just do nothing and he believed you had what it took to be a somebody in the first order.

When the day he been promoted to General came, he was disappointed to tell you he had nothing for you. he fought tooth and nail for a promotion just for you… but the supreme leader had accused him of nepotism and made it clear that a girl could not do what a man could. all he could do for you was take you from the work floor and make you his personal assistant.

around the age of sixteen, a scary looking figure by the name of Kylo Ren (who was most likely twenty a the time) had come from nowhere and was made commander. he wasn’t a man of comradery, and you avoided him when you could. it took you six months to work up the nerve to speak to him and it was only because the General was away for two weeks. with no General to take care of it left you with nothing to do.

you chose to follow the Commander around and waited for him to ask you to grab him some tea or run a file half way across the Finalizer, but never did. he grew tired of you following him everywhere and you grew tired of his silence. he had turned to yell at you but was caught off guard when you asked: “is there anything I can do for you, anything at all?”

you were only his for two weeks, but you had done more for him than anyone had in his lifetime. he became smitten with you and would find reasons -most of them being bugging Hux- to be around you.

when you turned eighteen he began to make more obvious gestures and would try complimenting you or would let his hand “accidently” graze your own when you would walk next to him. though he felt his shameful flirting wasn’t enough, his advances never went unnoticed by you. 

in the beginning, you would have to pry at him to get a conversation or stand directly in front of him to get him to look at you but the moment you caught him staring at you and the moment he came to you to have a sincere talk you knew something had changed. something had changed in you as well.

At the age of twenty, your yearly evaluation had come up and Kylo had demanded he be the one to assess you. surprised by this Armitage had begun to notice that the commander had become too comfortable with his assistant and put in a report that you received a promotion and department change. you were ripped out from under the Generals wings and made a Director. you were finally being honored for your skills but you were sent to oversee the operations of Starkiller base, leaving the Finalizer behind. suddenly you were busy with reports, meetings, audits, claims, and Hux’s men… that you had seen less and less of Kylo Ren. not only did it affect him, but it affected you as well. he had been a part of your life and it was weird not having him around.

three months into your job, you caved and skipped a directive meeting aboard the Finalizer to see kylo. he was surprised to see you at his door because he knew where you should’ve been, and you were risking a lot by not being there. making it worthwhile kylo had taken you back to his private quarters so that the two of you could be alone. though no one seemed to realize, The general noticed that both The commander and The director were both missing and he knew it wasn’t a coincidence either.

needless to say, you and Kylo continued to see each other every time you were scheduled for status updates and behavioral checks on the finalizer that he frequently requested. Growing tired of the constant complaints from the General on Kylo’s behavior and irrational dissection making, the supreme leader had ordered you to transfer to the ship to handle the commanders “disciplinary issues”. so long as you were there, he was on his best behavior.

a year into your relationship with kylo, you had finally decided it was right to inform Armitage that you had been romantically involved with the commander. As the General, he could not look the other way, but as your long time friend, he allowed it. however, you were not allowed to see kylo unless it was in yours and his privet time meaning, you were now working closer with Hux and were in charge of all the officer’s behaviors. most times it meant working extremely late hours with Hux and going back to your quarter to find Ren already asleep.

you and kylo had now been together for four years, and it was the night of your anniversary but also the night of the inventory audit. Armitage had made you a deal; if you got the counting done he’d fill out all the data sheets for you and you could leave early and spend the rest of the night with Kylo.

counting as fast as you could you entered all the numbers and gave your datapad to Hux. it was already midnight and you had missed your anniversary for the first time in your four years.

as you made it back your quarters you expected to find kylo asleep but you were surprised to see he was up and waiting.

“I’m so sorry-”

kylo held up a hand, silencing you. “I just don’t understand why tonight of all nights you decide to come back late.”

“I honestly tried to leave as soon as I could!” you shouted accidentally.

saying nothing more kylo moved to his side of the bed and got underneath the covers. he was more sensitive and emotional than usual and he was in a conflicted state of mind, and he needed you most.

quickly dressing down you crawled into bed with him and buried your face in his back mumbling a: “’M Sry.”

Kylo rolled over, looking you dead in the eyes. “I don’t want you working late with him anymore. he’s too friendly with you and I’m still pissed that he had the audacity to kiss you on the cheek in front of me!”

it meant nothing to me!” you sighed frustratedly. “Kylo, Him and I are just friends! I know it makes you mad but I owe him a lot and I’m not going to throw away eleven years of friendship!”

Every time you say that I die a little more inside,” he admitted.

shaking your head, you moved closer so that you could kiss him. “I’m with you, kylo.”

“But he’s known you for longer!”  he argued.

“yeah, but I’m going to love you forever!” you argued back.

kylo took a deep breath then buried his head in your neck. you were his forever.

Yoongi Scenario: All to Himself.

Request: Hi!!! Can I please get a fun fluffy Yoongi scenario where you play around with the maknae line a lot cause you’re about their age and Yoongi doesn’t seem to care but is actually low-key jealous and you kind of tease him about it? Thank you and I love your blog~~

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You arrived at the dorm early in the afternoon, Yoongi had told you he was free for the rest of the day after midday so you didn’t waste time and went there as early as you could. For today you had planned to make something different and being that you would be alone with him and the maknae line you thought you could include them as well, so for today you were going to make pizza from scratch, you knew how much the boys loved pizza but how sometimes they weren’t allowed to indulge on the tasty food. So today you were going to treat them and make a healthy but delicious pizza. Not that you were a professional cook or anything, but for Yoongi you would try your best.

Yoongi was waiting for you at the elevator, he had a sleepy face, like he had just woken up and you were sure he had just taken a nap, he was wearing black jeans and a big dark green hoodie. You smiled at him and he offered you a tiny smile as well.

-Babe- you said greeting him, going in for a hug as soon as the elevator’s doors closed. He hugged you back, taking in your scent.

-How are you? Sorry about the mess you’re about to see, I live with kids after all-

You giggled. -I’m the same age as some of them, that makes me a kid?- you asked teasingly.

Yoongi saw your playful eyes and smirked. -No, but you sure are a mischievous little girl- he said in a rather low tone that made you blush.

He stole you a kiss, quick and sudden but the touch made you want to steal one back; he then opened the door, three faces appearing immediately before you.

-Y/N!- they chanted. Jimin and Taehyung more enthusiastically than Jungkook, but they were all smiling brightly so you returned the gesture.

-Hello boys!- 

-Oh, Y/N you’re blushing, was our hyung disrespecting you?- Taehyung asked earning a smack from Yoongi and laughs from the other two, you just blushed more.

-Yah, watch it-

-Come Y/N- Jimin said grabbing your arm to start walking towards the kitchen.

Taehyung nodded grabbing your other arm -Yoongi hyung told us we are making pizza today and we want to help-

You turned your head to give Yoongi a small smile, but he shook his head like saying everything was fine, but you knew that sweet boyfriend of yours, how his lips tightened a little and how he let out the most subtle sigh. He always tried to look cool and smooth, but you knew better.

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