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Top 10 Transformative Actors

10. Tom Hardy

This list is all about actors and actresses who disappear into EVERY SINGLE ROLE. As the list goes on and on, it’ll become more obvious what I’m talking about. Tom Hardy mostly makes the list because I didn’t know he was Bane until like, a year ago, but I still think he is an amazing actor, and he should’ve won the Oscar for the Revenant.

Am I the only one really not bothered by the Tom/Barbara kiss and lack of Patsy/Delia kiss. Heidi has been doing a really good job of writing their storyline this series and they’ve had way more intimate moments than Tom and Barbara have. A kiss isn’t the best or only way to measure the success and worth of an onscreen relationship. Let it build up, because its obvious that they’re story is of more interest than Tom and Barbara’s whose kiss wasn’t exactly that brilliant of a moment. (No hate though I still love Barbara)

anonymous asked:

Woul it be possible for you to write a syndisparklez thing where tom keeps flirting with Jordan, but Jordan's too oblivious to notice (until tom pushes him against a wall and starts making out with him that is) Thank you if so! (I love your writing btw <3)

Yes. I like the way you think, Anon. You are also incredibly sweet. I love you, anon. This one’s for you.

Also, apologies in advance for my lack of good flirting dialog. I am trying to improve that particular skill, but I’m a hopeless dork.


There was no way he was this oblivious, Tom told himself. He has to be messing with you.

He’d been trying to flirt with Jordan for MONTHS now. Not once had the other man noticed.


“Hey Sparkley dick, I think you’ve got something on your lip,” He’d said one day on a particularly long trek. “Any chance I could help you get it?”

Jordan simply wiped his lip. “I think I got it,” He’d told Tom.

Tom lagged back a few steps groaning. Tucker sprinted back and patted him on the back. “That’s rough, buddy.”

“Piss off, Tucker,” He groaned.


The next time, he tried to make it a bit more obvious.


“Hey, Tom, do you have any blueberry pies?” Jordan had asked one day, appearing out of the specter dimension.

Tom took his chance. “I think I’m interested in giving you another type of pie, Jordan,” He winked.

“Oh, well, Ianite really needs blueberry, so I guess I’ll have to ask Guard Tom. Thanks anyways!” He replied, disappearing back into the specter dimension.

Tom slammed his head against the machine he was working on for good measure.


He’d even took some of James’ advice and went with something more innocent.


Jordan was walking past Tom on his way to Tucker’s when Tom noticed that Jordan’s shoe was untied.

“Hey!” He called. “Tie your shoe! I wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else!”

“Oh!” Jordan stopped, looking down at his unlaced boots. “Thanks for letting me know, Tom! That would’ve been bad if I’d fallen.”

Jordan ran off, completely oblivious. Tom threw down his sword and groaned.


This time, though, this time was the last straw.

“Hey Tom?” Jordan called, entering his tree-home. “I need your help! Are you busy?”

“Well,” Tom replied suavely. “You just so happen to be on my list of things to do tonight.”

“Oh, so you’ll help? Awesome! Listen, my reactor-”

Tom flat out screamed. “NO! No, Jordan that isn’t what I meant! For the Gods’ sakes, please just turn me down if you don’t like me! If you keep acting like you’re oblivious, I’m going to lose my damn mind!”

Jordan blinked, shocked. “Don’t like… What are you talking about?”

Tom couldn’t handle it anymore. He pushed Jordan into the wall, pinning him to it and pushing his lips into the other man’s. Jordan deepened the kiss, moving his lips in sync with Tom’s.

In hindsight, Tom wished he’d have done that sooner.

“Were you flirting with me?!” Jordan breathed, lips resting against Tom’s.

“You’re so oblivious,” Tom sighed, kissing Jordan again.

Jordan thought over the past few months, finally realizing why Tom had been so frustrated. In his own pining after Tom, he hadn’t noticed that Tom had been into him.

Jordan didn’t regret it at all. Tom pinning him down and making out with him was hot as the Nether.


A week later, Jordan and Sonja were strolling around Urulu.

“Hey Sonj, did you know Tom’s been flirting with me?” Jordan asked.

Sonja suddenly whirled around to face him. “Wait, you figured it out?”

Jordan nodded. “Yeah..?”

“Aw, Gods!” She groaned. “You couldn’t have waited another week? Ugh. Now I owe Tucker twenty diamonds.”

It’s interesting that Dan Wootton seems to be making a thing about this Bi Bus. We’ll probably see a lot more attention being given to Harry’s comments like ‘not that important’ in the future because of this feature. Which in the long run will help with seeding. It doesn’t matter that he said Harry is a ‘notorious lady lover’ and that he’s seen him pull woman. People will see the headline and the speculation that Harry might be something other than straight. Every single person whose photo is on the bus have had varying degrees of speculation about their sexuality in the tabloids from the more obvious of Cara Delevingne to the less talked about Tom Hardy. Think of what it will mean for Harry’s image to be associated with people who have had speculation about their sexuality for years.

It’s shitty the way he dismisses Harry’s words as a joke yet again but judging from the fact he is making this feature, I think we can expect a lot more of Harry talking about men in the near future. It’s a step in the right direction.

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what is tomione even?? like it's impossible! if tom riddle knew her he would hate her! cause she's a mudblood and he hates mudbloods! and no it's not the same as with draco malfoy. tom hates mudbloods because he has chosen hating them, but draco hates them because his father taught him and he doesn't know anything else! at least that's what i think about it... please explain me :( i'm not saying it's bad though cause I too ship a pairing everyone else hates soooo

Well tomione is impossible in the sense that non voldy tom riddle and hermione granger are from different time periods and have no chance of meeting, but that’s why fanfiction is a thing because people can use time turners or manipulate the universe to make tomione happen. Also I think your idea of Tom is a bit shallow because there is definitely more to his crusade against muggle-borns. Tom Riddle’s hatred for muggle-borns is not like the purebloods where they hate them for their inferior/impure blood because tom himself is a halfblood with his muggle father’s blood flowing through him. Tom’s most defining characteristic is his megalomania and obsession with being special. When he is placed in slytherin it’s obvious to him that his pureblood peers will not accept him if they find out about his heritage and to rise in their group he must become like them. He manipulates their hatred for mudbloods in his favor in a way similar to Hitler and the jews. Tom’s fight is based on power not on destroying the muggle-borns, but to get the pureblood’s support he makes it seem like it’s all about destroying muggles.

Now, because of this more in depth understanding of Tom, it’s easier to see how tomione could have happened in terms of characterization. Though in my opinion Tom’s whole battle for power was not based on impure blood, rather it was a cover, it’s still obvious that Tom does hate muggles but it’s more because of his life in the orphanage where it’s clear he didn’t feel he belonged. He also has a hatred for muggles because of his father and his abandonment. Hermione could show him that not every muggle is bad, show him a brighter future where people actually care about him for who he is. The appeal of tomione is the idea of teaching Tom Riddle, whose fatal flaw is his inability to love, how to love. And, of course, our lovely Hermione would be the perfect witch for the job.

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth: Chocolate

TITLE:  The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth: Chocolate
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Drama/Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Following Mask, despite Kristiane’s pining for Tom, Terry convinces her to accept a date with his cast mate that’s shown some interest in her. But Tom re-enters the picture…
AUTHORS NOTES: thank you all so, so much about the conclusion of The Course / Unbeta’d / #37 of the 100 Drabble Challenge / Story masterpost ( X )  


“Shit, woman, just try it!”

I cackled uproariously at Terry’s sudden outburst with a slap on the small wooden table to emphasize his point. One laugh rolled into a giggle at his outraged and haughty expression. Placing my coffee cup back in the center beside my promised chocolate donut, I shook my head as the happy sound faded away. “This isn’t like tasting a new flavor of frozen yogurt at Off the Wall,” I stated around a silly grin.

“If you do it right, you could be licked-“

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