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Idk if you watched the D2 cast's performance on GMA (it's on youtube) but even tho the performance isn't canon I found it interesting to watch Uma sing without Harry bc you can see how rough she is with the rest of the crew during her dance routine compared to how affectionate she is with him. like harry gets her hand through his hair as she looks into his eyes all 'the world will be ouuurss' while other crew member gets his head thrashed about by her as she goes 'feel the power' lolol

i just watched it omg i can’t believe huma is canon in a non canon performance without harry even lmao. just like uma is harry’s exception to all of his pet peeves (the hook, the touching, the orders) harry is the same for uma tbh. he’s literally the only one who talks back to her in the group and it’s always been my hc that uma is only soft with him and that their touches prove that. some misguided newbie probably tries to hug uma once and is very shook™ when harry immediately puts a stop to that by putting his hook between the two of them. it’s very obvious that only harry gets more than a friendly pat on the shoulder. 

Shelter from Your Storm (Part 5)

Blindspot fanfic.

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There was no question that Zapata and Patterson were on a mission. They dragged Jane through the dress section at Macy’s with single-minded purpose, taking turns pulling things off the rack, holding them up, and either shaking their heads or handing them to Jane. She tried to offer her opinion on a few of them, but gave up when both of them nodded politely and then ignored her. Clearly neither of them had any confidence in her ability to dress herself.

When she was weighted down with at least a dozen and a half possibilities, they steered her into the dressing room.

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