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thaNK YOU !!!
notes: some of these are a little more Hot than usual so read the warnings !!! also these all mention drinking in some capacity 


  • you’re at a party and you’re bored out of your mind so you go toward the bathroom to take a break from the shitty music
  • and you see this guy???? dressed in all black laying in the bathtub reading a book
  • and you’re like “um-” and he looks up and he’s like “ill close the curtain if you need to p-”
  • and you’re like “im fine, but uh - is that comfortable?”
  • and he grins and is like “not really, but my friends need someone to be the designated driver when this is over and every other surface in the house is covered in people,,,,,,,doing things,,,,,so i just take cover here.”
  • and you’re like oh wow,,,,,and you see that he’s reading a book on like the human psyche and Renaissance art something really wild like that
  • and you’re like “read me a passage from that.” and his eyes go wide and he’s like ????? are you interested in art and psychology? and you’re like um,,,,,,,,,,,i just rather listen to writing than whatever crap they’re playing out there
  • he laughs at that and he’s like “sure let me read you this cool line about sculpture-”
  • and you sit on the edge of the tub listening to this strangers deep, handsome voice read out to you
  • and when he’s done with the passage he asks you what you think about it and you’re like “hmm,,,” and you guys spend a good two hours like that
  • you even move off the ledge of the tub into the tub and your sitting with your legs over the long legs of the guy and talking about what the meaning of life really means
  • and only when you hear someone yell out “namjooN,,,,,yOONGI is TRYING to DRIVE but he’s DRUNK”
  • does the guy say he have to get up and when he does you realize holy heck he’s TALL
  • and now you’re both standing in the tub and you hear it again, the person outside yelling for namjoon
  • and namjoon is like “this ,,,,,,was fun”
  • and you can see his ears going a bit red as he scratches at his neck and he’s like “here-”
  • he hands you the book and he’s like “it’s a thanks for hanging out with me.” and you’re like “oh,,,,,i only have this to give you-”
  • and you lean up, pressing your lips to his cheek
  • and namjoon’s blushing ears turn to his blushing whole face
  • but he tilts his head a bit and kisses you on the lips and you guys are about to make out in this tub
  • but the door flies open and taehyung is holding yoongi whose got the keys to the car swinging around his finger and taehyung is like hYUNG kiss them later pleASE HELP me


  • it’s 3 am and the train is empty except for you and this other dude and you’re both obviously,,,,,,,coming from the club because he’s got his beanie pulled over his eyes and you’re trying to get your bag closed but the zipper is blurry in your eyes
  • but then the train stops in the middle of the train and you groan because what kind of jam could happen at 3 in the damn morning
  • and the guy pulls up his beanie to reveal a handsome, but equally pissed off about the train face
  • and after 20 minutes of the train not moving you’re like,,,,outloud,,,, “what the HELL are we gonna be down here all night”
  • and the guy just scoffs and is like “i know right”
  • and you’re just like “this,,,,,,,,,,,subway is so dumb,,,,,,” and he’s like “super dumb,,,,,like whose operating this thing? a ghost? who can’t drive?”
  • and you let out a loud laugh and you’re like thaTS whaT IM SAYING
  • and he’s like “i could probably,,,,,,drive this train better”
  • and you’re like “you should go try” and he’s like “I WOUL,,,,d if i wasn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,tipsy,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like same same same
  • and then it’s silent until you’re like “what should we do while we wait”
  • and the guys like “idk,,,,,,what do you usually do to pass the time.”
  • and you think about it and you’re like “um,,,,,,,,i dance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or kiss someone,,,,,,,,sometimes at the same time,,,,,,,,,i did that today,,,,,,,like a couple hours ago”
  • and the guy raises an eyebrow and he’s like “you sound like my friend taehyung” and you’re like “is taehyung cool” and the guy shrugs but he’s like “you can dance here,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want”
  • and you decide, just for the giggles, that you will so you put your phone on the loudest volume and put on some song and start to dance the best you can with your depleated energy and blurry vision
  • and the guy kind of watches with a half-grin
  • until you move over and try to get him up and he’s like groaning that he doesn’t want to and you’re like c’mon there’s nothing else to do plus no one sees us
  • and at first he’s completely unmovable
  • until finally you get him up and he kind of tetters forward onto you and you’re like “oooooo i got you don’t worry”
  • and your faces are much closer now and you realize he really is,,,handsome and you’re like whats your name and he’s like ‘yoongi’ and you’re like,,,,,,,that’s such a handsome name just like your face
  • and he’s like you’re right
  • and you’re both standing there and he’s like “you said that you dance,,,,but also that you kiss people?” and you’re like um,,,yes and he’s like “well i don’t dance so-”
  • and you get what he’s implying and you’re like oh ill gladly kiss you but as soon as you lean up the train jerks
  • and you and yoongi tumble back toward the seats and he’s like woAH and you’re like laughing but it’s cute you guys,,,,,get comfortable sitting next to each other and yoongi is kinda too awkward to ask you to kiss him again 
  • but you do kiss him, right before you get off at your stop 

Jin +Hoseok [slight nsfw]

  • they’re office buddies with completely different personalities but damn do they love to drink together 
  • especially when the boss is gone for the day and they have to stay overtime hoseok just pulls a bottle of whatever out of his bag and is like hyuNG let’s crunch numbers while doing back shots
  • and it has ended up in both of them passing out at their desks with hoseok’s tie wrapped around his head and seokjin’s collared shirt half un-buttoned
  • and you’re the person who shares the cubicle between their’s and,,,,,you basically take care of them before anything gets out of hand
  • and hoseok is always teasing you and messing up your hair and calling you cute while soekjin is always lecturing you on manners and asking you to taste test what he’s brought from home
  • and it’s ,,,,,, tiring but at least they’re not creepy and if anyone is creepy toward you they’re both like “square up. right now. we’re basically their bodyguards stay back.” jin even once got a stapler and was like @ the creep “im not afraid to use this in ways you thought unimaginable”
  • one night when it’s the three of you hoseok is like “i just had three shots and an amazing idea: truth or dare”
  • and jin is like “you know,,,usually i’d tell you that’s for highschoolers but i hate everything right now so let’s do it.”
  • and of course you can’t play truth or dare with two people so guess who gets roped in: it’s you
  • and you’re like fine whatever and hoseok is like truth or dARE and you’re like “Dare” because you aren’t about to spill any secrets about yourself
  • and hoseok is like “,,,,if i was,,,,,,,not thinking about another shot i would say do something silly but i dare you to kiss the one you think is more hotter: me or seokjin”
  • and if you choose hoseok you like roll your eyes but says “sorry seokjin” and lean over to kiss hoseok
  • who is SURPRISED and seokjin is so offended he excuses himself to go look in the mirror for a while and you’re sitting there like “ok truth or d-”
  • but hoseok is like “do that again” and you’re like what and he’s like “please, do that again.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,ok and you crawl over to him and bring your lips to his and he suddenly has his arms around your waist and pulling you toward and ontop of him
  • and he falls back against the carpeted floor of the office and you’re just like ,,,,,not just kissing now like you can feel hoseok’s tongue and his hand is slipping from your waist downward
  • and you’re like “wait - seokjin might come ba-” and hoseok is like “he won’t. he’s gonna have a date with the bathroom mirror so do you want to stay on the floor or should i get you on my desk-”
  • if you choose seokjin you get kind of embarrassed because you’re like “i,,i can’t kiss seokjin,,,,,” and seokjin sticks his tongue out at hoseok because hA they thin im more handsome and hoseok makes a face but is like “kiss him, i dared you.” and seokjin grins at you and is like “i don’t mind!”
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,with his button down and his neat tie and his slicked back hair and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and hoseok is like “FINE ill leave and give you two some privacy” and you’re like “hos-” but it’s too late he’s gone and seokjin is looking at you suddenly with a Much Different Expression
  • and he carefully undoes his tie and is like “it was too tight, now come here” and you’re like uh ,,, um,,,,,,,wha,,,,,,,,
  • but seokjin is taking your wrist and you’re like oh- and when his lips press softly against yours,,,,it’s like heaven and you might as well just leave this planet right in this moment
  • but then you’re also like,,,,,you let your hands come up and undo his button down and seokjin is like smirking and he’s like “you really want to go that far already?”
  • and you stammer a bit but seokjin is full on smirking now and he’s like “c’mon, get up and let’s go.” and you pass by hoseok whose coming back from the bathroom and seokjin is like “we’re gonna be using the breakroom for a while, it’s going to get loud so just go home hoseok ok?”
  • and hoseok is like hYUNG WHAT GET IT 


  • gets easily emotional over small things,,,,,but it’s what makes him charming 
  • and he’s having like an extra hard week because work is slowly stressing him to insanity and ,,,,,, he just needs an hour to himself so he decides to go get his favorite snack at the mall
  • but the minute he turns around with his ddeokbokki in hand some asshole goes rushing past him and it falls from his arms and splatters all over the floor
  • and he tries to get down to clean it up,,,,,,,but he just stares at it,,,,,,the mess of sauce and the cakes and he’s just,,,,,, he turns back to look at you, who works the stall and ,,,,,, oh my god he’s crying
  • and you rush out and take off your apron and try to clean up the mess while also asking jimin what’s wrong (you know him because he’s a local at your stall) and he’s just quivering and you’re like ok ok ok come with me
  • and you lead him inside and put up a “on break” sign and you’re like “jimin what’s going on??”
  • and he’s just,,,sobbing now and you’re like omg and you don’t know what to do so you just open your arms to offer a hug
  • but you don’t expect jimin to throw his whole body toward you and you’re like o  H 
  • and he’s like “eVERYTHING is going WR O N G,,,,,,,,” and you’re like im sorry,,,,,do you wanna talk about it????
  • and he does. he really does. he talks for a longtime but you don’t mind because jimin is always so sweet and you don’t want someone so nice to keep all of this bottled up
  • and when he’s done, after all the tissues you used to wipe his tears to the point where you ran out and had to use your own sleeve, he hiccups and is like im sorry,,,,,,for telling you all that
  • but you’re like no omg it’s fine. all of us go through big messes in our life
  • and jimin sniffles, looking up at you and you’re like “hey let me make you some more ddeokbokki. just sit here for minute”
  • and when you return you give jimin the snack and he eats some 
  • and he’s like “i love it so much.”
  • and you’re like “thank you!!!!”
  • and then you hear him go: “i love you too” and you’re like pause. what
  • and jimin’s eyes widen and he’s like oh no,,,,,why did i say,,,,,,,,that,,,,,,,,,,,,,now is not the time to confess to them  ehrgljbgfsawdg
  • but you just grin and reach out to thumb away some sauce from his lip and you’re like
  • “let’s start with like jimin? i like you too.” 

Taehyung [slight nsfw / implied taehyung + jimin + you] 

  • wants to makeout with everyone, at the same time preferably 
  • comes to the party wearing lipstick and glitter highlighter and a jean jacket that has half the back missing and he’s not interested in what gender or what color or what kind of physical body you have ,,,,,,if you make him laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,like he’s gonna want to kiss you (with your permission of course) (and the permission of whoever else you 2 want to include in this group kiss)
  • very handsy and affectionate and tells everyone about how he once backpacked through europe and met the descendant of a prince of some province and then,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,,made out with him,,,,,,,,,and how he met a girl who breeds snakes and how he well,,,,,,,made out with her,,,,,,,,,
  • “i got this tattoo on my ankle at a frat party at a college i didn’t even go to because the college was in germany” 
  • you meet him as you’re getting a drink and you accidentally turn around too fast and it spills on him and you’re like shit im so sorry but taehyung just laughs it off and takes his shirt off and you’re like oh 
  • and he’s like “there problem fixed” and he’s,,,,,,really lean and his pretty tan skin has some tattoos and some bruises,,,,what you presume are actually love bruises and bite-marks more than anything
  • and taehyung sees you looking and he laughs and is like “like what you see?” and you’re like uM,,,,,,and he’s like “who are you here with?”
  • and you point over to your best friend jimin who invited you along and taehyung is like “care to introduce me?”
  • and that’s how you end up sitting between jimin and taehyung and taehyung is so hilarious and jimin is usually shyer,,,,,but with taehyung’s open personality all three of you are laughing 
  • and wow taehyung smudges his highlighter and the liner around his eyes and his whole cheek is full of glitter and it’s really cute and you’re like “can i kiss the glitter off your skin?” and he’s like hehe sure
  • and you do and then you kiss him and there is lipstick on you now and you turn around and jimin is like “,,,,,,,,you have some- come here” and kisses you
  • and it’s great ,,,,,,,,,, two cute boys 
  • and you three ditch the party and jimin is like “i live down the block!!” and you know fun stuff happens however you would like to Assume it Happens
  • but in the morning you and taehyung say goodbye to jimin and as you’re walking out of the apartment,,,,messy hair and instead of your jacket you have taehyung’s thrown over your shoulders
  • you’re like “well -” and taehyung is like “wanna go get some breakfast with me? we can count it as our first date ;)” and you’re kind of taken back because oh,,,,,date,,,,,
  • and taehyung laughs at your surprise and he’s like “i know i don’t seem like the type to do dates, but i do. especially when i like a person as much as i have started liking you.” 


  • you’ve known jungkook since you were kids but you never expected to find him sleeping on your balcony,,,,,,especially when you didn’t let him into your apartment
  • but that is Exactly how you find him and you’re like,,,,,what the hell i live on 4th floor how did he get up here
  • but when you bend down to wake him up you see that he’s got a swollen lip and some marks on the side of his face and you’re like WHAT DID THIS BOY DO
  • and you gently shake him, instead of yelling at him as you first planned to and you’re like “jungkook - hey - bro - bruh - dude - wake up”
  • and he lets out like a tiny moan of pain as he tries to roll over and his face touches the floor and when you finally get him to sit up he’s like “where am i?”
  • and you’re like “on my balcony”
  • and he’s like what the hell did you carry me up here??? and you’re like you know that’s impossible you fool you probably climbed the tree over there and then jumped or something you like doing that you’re like a spidermonkey
  • and jungkook laughs at that but winces in pain and you’re like “come inside let me look at your beat up face”
  • and he’s sitting at your kitchen table with dried blood on his face and hands and clothes that you’re pretty sure you saw him in yesterday
  • and you’re like getting what you can out of your medicine cabinet and you’re like “care to explain?”
  • and he’s like “some,,,,,,dude was trying to rob this old lady and the hyungs told me not to chase him but i did,,,,,,,,,and then his friends were waiting around the corner from your building,,,,”
  • you kind of sqaut down infront of him and bring the antiseptic up to his cuts and he’s like taking in a breath and you’re like “sorry, sorry”
  • and he’s like “they got a hold of me for a bit but then i ran away and i probably just thought this would be a good place to hide out,,,,”
  • you put a bandage over the cuts and try to apply something to the swollen lip of his 
  • and you look at him,,,,,,the boy you usually see with the pure big eyes and sweet childish face,,,,,now looking rugged and you don’t want to admit it but he looks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kind of hot
  • and you’re like “jungkook you’re not a superhero you can’t just go off and get beat because someone robbed someone” and he shrugs it off like he does with everything
  • and when you go over again to give him an icepack you found jungkook kind of falters and his eyes drop and you’re like “what’s wrong?”
  • and he just murmurs under his breath that you’re just ,,,,, really close 
  • and you hadn’t noticed it but you had been leaning yourself against his thighs,,,,,basically inbetween his legs
  • and you can see the blush rise up in jungkook’s face,,,,,,,and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god,,,,,,,,,,
  • but after all he is an adult and you’re like dkgbvjsldld but also ,,,,,, it’s kind of,,,,,,,flattering
  • and you like can’t kiss his face but you decide to tease and you’re like “i know what will heal all of this up a healing kiss -” and you like take his palm and kiss it and jungkook really is blushing now. you can see the steam coming out of his damn ears
  • and you’re like “but also just knock on my door next time,,,,,,,don’t sleep out on the balcony jungkook WHO DOES THAT” 

Anonymous said: May I request a scenario where Shouto hears his female crush saying to her friend that she finds him really cool and handsome but she dares not to confess her feelings to him ~ ❤

Anon, before I say anything else, thank you!! <3 I altered your request so that Shouto’s crush is talking to more than one friend. I hope this doesn’t make you unhappy because omg, did I enjoy writing this!

Warnings: None, but when I wrote this, I imagined it happening after the Field Training Arc, so although it’s not necessary to read up to this arc for this scenario, if you already have, some things here may make more sense to you :)

“Worst boy? Easy! Mineta.”

His fingers centimeters from the door, Todoroki stops dead as he hears Yaoyorozu’s bitter comment and the laughter that follows. The hand that was about to slide the door open, he brings back to his side.

All of a sudden, entering the classroom seems like the last thing he should do, which is pretty stupid, or as Sensei (Eraserhead) would say, irrational, since Todoroki has to get to class somehow… but it’d be a mistake, he feels it.

To barge into the classroom when Class 1-A’s girls are in the middle of their gossip, Todoroki would sooner turn around and enter Class 1-B. At least their confusion and Monoma’s taunts would be easier to tolerate than the girls’ fury, but that option disappears when out of the multiple voices, he recognizes yours.

“I do have a crush on a boy in our class.”

Crush? Todoroki takes a step back and leans against the wall alongside the door, careful not to make noise. He knows he’s putting himself at risk, but he can’t walk away, ignore this. His heart won’t allow him to. Your crush, whoever it is, at least knowing will put this, his feelings for you, to rest. It could very well not be him, but Todoroki wouldn’t unleash a flurry of curses or use violence to express his disappointment. He’s not Bakugou.

But if Todoroki is being honest, he hopes it’s him.

“Ooooh, what’s he like?” Ashido excitedly asks.

“Incredibly cool and handsome, but… it’s his eyes that make me weak. When he’s serious, they’re so determined, but when they soften, they’re so warm. There’s always something going on behind those eyes. And his quirk! The way he uses it, it’s beautiful, and he really makes it his.” You finish your sentence with a long sigh, almost dreamily.

While squeals fill the classroom, Todoroki’s heart drops. Anyone who heard the high praise would know that it isn’t an infatuation you’re having, it’s a deep fondness. This crush of yours… Tokoyami??

Todoroki’s interactions with him have been very minimal, but thinking about it, Todoroki supposes he is cool, certainly calm under pressure. Handsomeness is something he can’t answer, but Tokoyami’s quirk, it’s definitely unique. Paired with his other abilities, he’s quite strong. Could he be your type? Todoroki closes his eyes, pained at the thought.

Hagakure presses you on. “Sooo, who is he?”

“Todoroki.” you say quietly, but he doesn’t miss it. Todoroki opens his eyes, recalling your compliments from earlier.

All of it, they were about him! The realization overwhelms Todoroki slightly, and a blush colors his face a faint pink.

Naturally, the gossip carries on.

“Will you confess?” asks Uraraka.

“No, I can’t. I don’t have the courage to. I’d be so nervous! I wouldn’t even be able to look him in the eye because, well, you know already how I feel about his eyes.”

At this, Todoroki’s eyes widen, and he startles when he feels a tap on his arm. He turns, meeting a concerned gaze. “Midoriya?”

“Your bag…”

Todoroki sees where Midoriya is pointing. It’s his school bag, singed at the handles under his left hand. He must’ve done this unconsciously, flustered from listening to you.

Willing his quirk to settle, Todoroki wordlessly moves his bag to his right hand.

Midoriya’s concern noticeably lessens. “Are you still getting used to using your left side?”

“Yeah,” Todoroki lies. “I never thought it’d act up in this way.” He looks at his left hand, then at Midoriya again, and although the boy doesn’t know which way specifically Todoroki is referring to, he beams, sliding the door to the classroom open. “Shall we?” Todoroki nods, grateful Midoriya hasn’t asked him why he’d been standing motionless in the middle of the hallway.

Todoroki walks in a straight line to his desk, briefly sparing a glance at you. True to your words from earlier, you can’t look Todoroki in the eye and only concentrate on the chalkboard, though it’s blank.

More Class 1-A students enter until every seat is occupied, and Sensei squirms in, enveloped in his sleeping bag, and mutters a good morning, thus beginning the first class.

In the back row, Todoroki tunes out Sensei’s instructions, fixated on the back of your head. He thinks about what you said, that you can’t confess to him because of nerves mainly, and he can’t blame you for that, considering recent events, where he’d been less than approachable. Still, he makes up his mind.

Todoroki watches as you, oblivious to his stare, raise your hand to answer a question.

He can confess to you.

Little Girl

Requests: “I’m really,really sorry I thought I was done honest but I saw the Kai gif thing and now fluff, cooking cupcakes with Kai for your little girls birthday party (yum cupcakes) Please and Thank you ~S” (Credits to gif owners!) 

Kai’s daughter meant everything to him. From being a lost cause, to falling in love for the first time, learning how to control himself, getting married and having a daughter, she was his whole world. Its her birthday. Her fifth birthday to be exact which sort of came as a shock to Kai. He knew exactly how old she was going to be yet he couldn’t believe five years ago he didn’t know what to do in the hospital room.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say, or how to hold her. Or how to react when he saw her face between the thick blankets for the first time. For so long he was confused with emotion, but he cried. He cried with the biggest smile on his face when he cradled her in his arms. He was wrapped around her finger ever since.

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Hey there! I’m happy to tell you that THERE ARE COUNTLESS SAIAKA/SAIEDE MOMENTS IN THE GAME!!// Although I think it’s usually saihara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<akamatsu in the main game(and we all know the reason why right: Hint: what happens in chapter 1) 

in the omake mode kaede invites shuuichi to her piano concert and she gives him a ticket, he says he would love to see kaede play the piano and she says wait you’re coming to see me, not just to listen to the piano? and blushes and he says yes? Is that strange? I would also like to listen to you play too.. he also asks what’d be right to wear are school uniforms okay and shes says yes anyway she ends with saying there are lots of songs I want to play to you saihara-kun they’re just really cute and pure aren’t they dating??? I think they are?? isn’t that something like a date??

Also she keeps telling him she’d like to show him to her family?? in the bonus modes in the game I found that adorable.. they’re really happy when they’re talking together there Ahh there’s also the love hotel bit and their one is super pure.. that one is about the only (romantic) one where saihara is actively engaging, he leads in the end.. in the other ones he’s relatively just going along with the flow

In the main game there’s chapter 1 for sure. They stick around together and there are so many cute moments where kaede makes the guy blush. He kind of reacts and blushes around her every single time whenever there’s a chance to;; Chapter 1 throws in a whole ton of cute situations between them. For example, there are many saiaka fanarts being drawn about this one part in ch.1 where they’re investigating the school together, and kaede finds an adult video in the shelves by mistake.. she freaks out and saihara comes right to her and asks if she’s found something important, and she freaks out even more: This moment right here. Um.. I’ll add really broad translations for it from memory (pardon me if it’s not 100% accurate!) 

..what kind of film is that?

..what’s wrong? Did you find something?

I, I said, this is really nothing to be concerned of!

The reactions that you’re showing…

But mustn’t that mean you’ve seen something important from it !?

S, Stop, wait! D, don’t come any closer-!

(after finding what the video’s contents were)

Really.. I told you so.

…le, let’s search somewhere else, shall we.

There is a reason why saiaka is my favorite ship. I usually go along with the ships that make sense in terms of the story and are implied and I say saihara definitely likes kaede a whole LOT (romantic or not, but it does suggest he has strong feelings for her and I dare say it’s really likely he’s had a crush on her)

The reason why he took off his cap after the first chapter is because what kaede said to him too. Take a look at this scene:

“and, it’s a waste to have your hat on? Saihara-kun… you look so much better with your hats off. (the word here is “kakkoii” so I guess it means she thinks he looks more cool? or handsome with the caps off??// that’s sweet)”

“W,what.. was that(phrase)…”

There are plenty, plenty more. I really suggest you either play the game or at least watch chapter 1??? There is no wonder that this ship has gotten really popular. There are cute moments, heartbreaking moments, really sweet stuff and also the pain. I still can’t get over it hhaha;; To be fair, maybe you could still call all this friendship, it could happen between friends too, but.. this next bit that I wanna show, I think that’s something that could imply the feelings saihara’s had that’s more than just friendship?

Considering how his personality is (a bit of an introvert and bit awkward around girls and a blushy mess sometimes) he’s being.. pretty direct about his feelings towards her here. I brought some screenshots of this one specific moment where he doesn’t deny it when somebody asks him if he liked akamatsu.

That one, I’ll place beneath the cut, because it might-no, would-have spoilers.

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  • Someone: Scarecrow looks so ugly in this comic.
  • Me: That's the point.
  • Someone: But why does he have to look so gangly and awkward? Clearly the artist doesn't know how to draw. This is why I prefer Cillian Murphy!
  • Me: He's suppose to look unsettling, grotesque and dare I say it...ugly. It's one of his most important character traits. His fellow professors mocked him for his appearance, giving him the Scarecrow nickname, a crucial part of his identity.
  • Someone: You're no fun.
  • Me: *grinning* The best Scarecrows are ugly Scarecrows
game grumps ask meme.

“Dude, just… just pity laugh, at least!”
“I don’t wanna kill anybody, I’m a pacifist. Ooops, killed six people.”
“Six is the number of Def Leppard members, almost.”
“Did you know I’m a professional joke? My life is a joke.”
“Why do you enjoy watching me suffer so?”
“Remember kids, if you wanna defeat the evil power, you better fucking find the nearest sharpest sword and run as fast as you can.”
“I don’t judge you when you steal children, so I’ll thank you to show me that same courtesy.”
“Having a great time being in immeasurable pain.”
“Yes, have you ever heard of brapnel? That’s baby shrapnel.”
“Wait, mechanical bird is plane. I just realized.”
“Crazy how dead you are, I mean like, wow.”
“I didn’t have any problem at all after I died twice.”
“Such a nice man we ripped off there.”
“I’ll never put on pants.”
“Checkers would be better with badgers.”
“She’s adorable! Until she turns into a hideous undead monster creature, then ya gotta hit her with the lead pipe.”
“Stop dancing at me!”
“I have some very important masturbating to do.”
“You make me have to pee, always.”
“Whales are just Earth’s way of taking a shit.”
“I like it when Luigi’s happy. It makes me smile.”
“You know when you get high, and you start floating five feet off the ground, and gain a Spanish accent?”
“Whenever you talk about being high, it always just shows how much you’ve clearly never gotten high before.”
“Dude, what if hell was up?!”
“I will raise that chicken as if it were my own daughter… who I turned into chicken fingers.”
“‘Becky with the good hair’ sounds too much like ‘caramel corn’?”
“Even 90s rock won’t make me feel good about this!”
“This might be the drugs talking, but I love drugs.”
“That’s one boopity you shouldn’t have shmoopled.”
“Am I nude right now?”
“It’d be weird to sleep amongst your dead friends.”
“Are you here to repent for your chins?”
“Why am I not eating ice cream for every meal?”
“This taxi is bae.”
“The world is full of magic. Horrible, horrible magic.”
“Jesus is my drug.”
“I don’t know anything about memes.”
“You would say that, no matter what, me from another dimension that runs a porn ring.”
“I’m a milk-based life form.”
“I fucked a cantaloupe once.”
“Awww babe, look at us, we have our own cam girl operation.”
“Everyone who works for us gradually becomes more gay in their interactions because… we are always getting… weirdly gay with each other.”
“Shut up, ya tweezer!”
“And Half-Life 3, I don’t know anything about Half-Life 3, other than that everyone says it’s confirmed.”
“Good thing you’ve got fingers and wrists of steel, from that straight jacking.”
“I’ve learned the importance of being cuddled.”
“Hi, I’m a musician with a huge penis. Do you know where I can find guitars and Magnum condoms?”
“Baths are amazing, especially when you bring a friend.”
“Jesus, you gotta wine and dine me first. You can’t just open up with that shit.”
“We’ve broken several laws.”
“What, you wanna try diplomacy? He’s a fucking crab!”
“‘Bonfire’ is made up of two words: ‘bonf’ and ‘ire.’”
“These balls are coming at me fast and furious. It’s like that movie, ‘Speed.’”
“As I was about to say, revenge is a dish best served fuck you.”
“When someone says ‘just fuck me up’ on the internet that means have sex with me in a rough, passionate manner, correct?”
“If there’s one thing I can be totally honest about, it’s that I would happily lie to your face.”
“Just get abducted! We are your saviors, we’re flying in the sky- treat us as your new gods.”
“If I can’t be the best, I sure as hell can be the worst!”
“Water is just… air juice.”
“Uh… Doctor, could you put tits on my thumbs?”
“We hang out… we touch each other…”
“Does anyone have a paper bag I can hyperventilate into?”
“2016 is the year of the butt.”
“If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else.”
“You make another joke like that, and I’m gonna have to beat you to death with your own shoes.”
“Whoa, look at this trapezoid-headed Funyon ring!”
“I have to take off my jacket because I’m getting hot because this sucks so bad.”
“He died as he lived: covered in mayonnaise.”
“Who wears pants anymore? So 2015.”
“What took you so long, you butt plug?!”
“Look, you tell a couple jokes as a dad and suddenly everyone’s like ‘you’re making dad jokes.’”
“Could you imagine if you unlocked outfits in real life? Like, “Congratulations you wiped your ass, here’s a new shirt.””
“As long as I live, I will never stop loving your random bursts of outrage.”
“Like I would kill a friend… without watching.”
“With your Phd and my also being here, we can solve any problem.”
“I love watching you guys suffer.”
“Man, the void of nothingness is kinda lame.”
“Sometimes you gotta take time and smell the roses. And sometimes you’re gonna be a guy jacking yourself off while you’re rubbing a girl in a video game.”
“I can’t prove that someone ISN’T a reptilian.”
“Oh my god, do we have to kill him while he’s asleep?”
“I feel dead inside, but at least I had pie.”
“This is nice. We’re all bathing in the warm glow of murder.”
“The tears are bittersweet but the pie is delicious.”
“Murder is a spectator sport.”
“Today’s been a day. A day full of tasty, tasty murder.”
“Man, I wish anime was human history.”
“99 red balloons… Something- something- German song.”
“If you wanna have sex you don’t have to make a little song about it, like just come right out and ask.”
“If only I could have sex with my own brain. That would be a mind-fuck.”
“I am not nature. I am nurture.”
“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they died?”
“Tell me what you’re gonna do to me.”
“Taco Bell cures diabetes.”
“Rule number one of babysitting? DON’T STEP ON THE BABY!”
“Play for my amusement, child.”
“How does a ghost enter a skeleton? And I don’t mean that in a sexy way.”
“You’re locked the closet with the dildo!”
“Yeah, I’ve been drunk on pot before. What of it?”
“You are the worst son ever.”
“Shut up, this is my moment of time shine!”
“Bro, can I be honest with you guys right now? I love defiling things.”
“I wanna touch everything with my boner, including my boner!”
“When you’re married, you can announce your boners everywhere.”
“I am enjoying my pot! Take that out of context.”
“Dude, what if you were next to a supernova when it supernovaed?”
“…and she’s like COVERED in butter.”
“I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified.”
“What are the animals crossing, exactly?”
“I’m a firm believer in ‘if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail spectacularly.’”
“And you know what? We’re tied right now, like brothers… only one brother is significantly smarter and more handsome than the other and has like 15 years more life experience.”
“Frick to the 30th power!”
“My eyebrows are slippery and slimy. I grease them.”
“This is literally just elementary hydrodynamics, I can’t believe you can’t grasp this.”
“Well look the important thing that I’m having fun and other people aren’t.”
“I would fuck everything on the screen including the animals and the bicycle.”
“How dare you know stuff about things. I’m gonna beat you up with my fists… that are made of stuff and things.”
“Spyyyder Loops™ cereal…. made with… spiders.”
“I’m a bottom kind of guy.”
“Can you see my labia in this fucking costume?”
“Just bros bein’ bros…”
“I never feel quite as alone as I do when I play Burger Time.”
“If you do this… I’m gonna be mildly impressed with you.”
“I don’t know how to be interesting, could you give me advice?”
“I’m kind of amazing at everything I do.”
“I would get a photo-realistic tattoo of your face on my inner thigh.”
“Do you think I came out the pussy drawing fucking Mozart?!”
“Follow your stupid fucking dreams.”
“Everyone does crack at some point in their lives. It’s pretty much a rite of passage.”
“I wanna know where Luigi is!”
“Nothin’ wrong with that. Get clean, get clean with the lord.”
“You’re on page 2, and I’m on page…uh, furiously concentrating on not throwing up from this Nutella situation.”
“I wish you could jump inside my skin and know what I know, and feel what I feel.”
“I’m feeling fly for a caucasian man.”
“I will actually strangle you with my bare hands and feet.”
“Don’t call me “bro” in an accusatory tone!”
“This is a good yiff right here.”
“My friends! I love killing my friends.”
“Now I am the one who is bitch.”
“He died as he lived: eating chicken McNuggets.”
“Well, thank you so much, that’s so nice of you to say, but I don’t believe you and you’re a liar.”
“I could tell by his briefly angry eyebrows that he’s someone we should be stabbing.”
“A blunt is a maridujuana.”
“If you can’t beat em, Shoot ‘em with a gun!”
“Getting kicked in the nuts is not an event, it’s a process.”
“My goal is to pee in every major body of water on earth.”
“Man, Club Penguin’s gotten weird.”
“Aw jimminey-jillakers. Gee-whiz Batman. Aw frick. Oh jeezum.”
“And you have ten thousand and seven hundred grams of mardujuana.”
“My style is old, nasty t-shirt and rapidly disintegrating pants.”
“If you ever run into me in the wild, we’ll hug it out.”
“I think the noodles are going to kill me!”
“I’m sorry, your son is an anthropomorphic cheese melt.”
“Wait, but, also shut up.”

My love

Sirius Black x reader

Summary: You are a 7th year Gryffindor and having a good friendship with the Marauders. You know one of the four boys, Sirius Black like an annoying heartbreaker who plays with the girls in the school. You couldn’t help but fell in love with him, but never seen a chance for he’s feeling the same, so you tried to mask your emotions. But one day the truth emerges: he’s hiding his feelings for you too.

Words: 2677 (oh yes)

Warnings: swearing, Sirius is kind of an ass but a good one.


You were sitting on the couch in the common room and doing your potions essay with Lily and Remus, when you heard two laughing boys walk in trough the portrait.

“If you guys are as good as today, you will win the next quidditch mach against Slytherin!” Sirius told James who smiled at him full of confidence.

“Pads, there’s no ‘if’. We WILL definitely win the match, that’s a fact. Unless you break anyone’s heart who is in the team until Saturday.” He said as a broad hint with less joking in his voice.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to good.”  He responded, still smiling and the next moment he almost jumped on you while sat down on the couch at your left side.

“How’s studying going, my love?”

“For the last time, Black: do not call me ‘love’.” You said a little bit angry but still focused on writing and didn’t look at the boy. You’ve never called him “Sirius”; he was always “Black” to you.

“I didn’t call you ‘love’. I called you MY love which is a huge difference.”

“Oh, is it?”

“Yes, of course. Let me explain.” And even if you wanted to cut him off with a “shut up”, he continued speaking.

“Calling someone ‘love’ means you want her be interested in you as take her attention with names. ‘Love’ can be anyone who I or somebody else wants for a night. But ‘my love’ can be only one person. A person whom I AM very interested and consider her as the only one who I want, not just her attention.”

“Whoa, that was really beautiful, Black. Now, I’ll finish my essay.” You said still didn’t look at him, but just for hide the blush that was on your face.

“Okay, my love.”


“He’s working so hard, give him a chance!” Lily said when the three of you finished the essays and Remus went to the boys’ dormitory after James and Sirius.

“Uhm… Nope.”

“Why? He definitely likes you.”

“Lily, look…” You made her stop packing the parchments that were on the floor.

“I know you think, I don’t know why, that Black wants to be with me in that way. But he’s just teasing me. And it’s alright, I get used to it. But please don’t act like he wants more.”

“But he wants more! You just don’t want to accept it!” She said almost imploringly when you thought you heard enough and made your way to the great hall.

“Where do you go?” Lily shouted after you.

“I’m starving, come on!” She followed you and you sat down at the Gryffindor’s table next to James, Remus and Peter who were already there. You wanted to ask where Sirius was, but a voice in your head ordered you to stop thinking about him.

The truth was, even if you didn’t show, but you definitely had a huge crush on Sirius Black. But the fact he was kind of a heartbreaker of Hogwarts since your first year made everything hard. When you noticed you like the boy he already flirted with other girls and played with them. Once you heard two Ravenclaws talking about how they should speak to him and the next day you saw one of the mentioned girls, crying in the bathroom. You asked her what was wrong and she told you how Sirius stepped off that morning from her room after they spend the night together.

You didn’t want to be one of her one-night-girls and be as disappointed as these girls who wanted more from him but didn’t get the chance. You wanted more but not from this. You deserved better than him. At least, that was what you told yourself every time you were thinking about him.


“What’s up girls?” James set down next to you and Lily on Saturday morning and slapped on your back. “We’ve got amazing weather this day! This means we already have place of vantage since Slytherins get used to be in dark.” And he started to laugh on his own joke which made Lily growling.

“Could you just get off from your broom for a moment and be less asshole, Potter?” She yelled at him.

“Even your rude attitude won’t mess my happiness today, Evans. It’s a beautiful day and we will win the quidditch cup! I love you too, by the way.” He smiled at Lily who just growled again.

“What happened to you?” You asked, wondering what made James so happy because there was obviously something else than the match.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just glad for that perfect day that can’t be messed up.” And he ran away without eating anything.

You and Lily gave a confused look and finished your breakfast. After that you went to the pitch and you sat down on the Gryffindor’s stands when you saw two familiar people walking to the locker room. You saw James walking next to Jennifer who is one of the Chasers. She was crying, covering her eyes with her hands.

“And he left without saying a word! Without a freaking word, James!” She yelled at the boy whose morning smile hasn’t gone from his face.

“I’m sure he wants to surprise you with something. That’s why he left so early… he has to prepare it!” He smiled at Jennifer who seemed better from what she heard.

“Do you think so?”

“Of course! He’s a gentleman secretly. But he doesn’t show everyone this, just for the one who deserves it.” He winked at Jennifer whose eyes suddenly glinted. She made her way to the other girls in the team.

“I will kill him.” James growled with a serious face but when he noticed you and Lily, the happy morning smile came back. “Oh, hi girls! Are you ready to see an amazing Gryffindor winning?”

You could see relief on his face as he managed to comfort Jennifer.

“So, that’s why you were smiling like an idiot? You wanted to convince yourself about Black didn’t mess the match up at all with his usual asshole things?”

“Kind of. He told me last night he would spend the night with Jennifer and have some fun. He promised me he won’t step off, taking into consideration the match today and how Jenny would feels. Looks like I won’t believe him again.”

You felt sorry for Jennifer but you were happy at the same time about this didn’t happen to you. After James told you and Lily how he would kill Sirius in every detail, the match started so he went to the pitch.


“I will kill you!” James yelled at Sirius as they found him alone in the Gryffindor’s common room after the match.

“James, Gryffindor won, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Remus told him with a calm voice but James didn’t even look at him but at Sirius.

“I told you don’t play with my team! And what are you doing?”

“You know why I did that.”

“I don’t care ‘bout what kind of pathetic ways you want to hide or forget your tiny feelings for Y/N, but leave my team alone! You already fucked almost every girl in school and if you think this will distract you from the love what you feel for Y/N, you are fucking wrong, mate.” – And when he realized you are standing next to him, he added: “Perfect timing, talk to her!”

Without saying anything, James ran to the boys’ dormitory with Remus and Peter who looked like at Sirius as James did. Lily went with your roommates somewhere, giving you a small smile.

“Uhm…” Sirius started to talk but you cut him off.

“James said you loved me, this is true?”

“Yes.” He answered simply and you couldn’t believe your ears. Sirius Black is having feelings for you, he actually loves you. You just couldn’t believe this.

“Good joke.” You smiled and didn’t look at Sirius’ face that turned red in the last few minutes but now he got surprised.

“Sorry, what?”

“I don’t understand why James mixed me up in this. Your one-night-girls are none of my business and I definitely don’t want to be one of them.”

“That’s not what you think it is, Y/N. I mean, I want you to be mine but not just for one night.” He said so shyly, you almost didn’t hear what he said.

“And do you want me to believe this?” You asked him with skepticism in your voice. “Because it sounds like: ‘oh, I was in bed with almost every girl in the school, but I’m secretly in love with you by the way’. I knew you’re an asshole, Black, but this oversteps you. Do better pranks than play with me.”

You got more and more upset during talking to him. How dare he saying he loves you after what happened every year? He was flirting and teasing you since your first year and played with other girls at the same time. YOU fell in love with him and his handsome idiot face and you had to tolerate everything what he has done and he wants you to believe that this whole thing meant to be a stupid trying to hide his feelings for you? No way.

You wanted to say all of those things what were in your mind, but what you could say to him were only two words:

“Fuck you.” You made your way to the girls’ dormitory but Sirius gently grabbed your left arm.

“What I said, I mean it. Not pranking, not teasing, not playing… I do love you, Y/N.”

You licked your lips before answering.

“Then prove it, Black.” And you left him alone.


You opened your door in the morning to go to the great hall with your roommates when you saw a bunch of roses hovering in front of you.

“What the f…” The roses flew right into your hands and you noticed a tiny parchment tied on one of the roses’ stem.

“I know it’s a bit muggle cliché, but it is just the beginning, my love.”

The parchment didn’t need to be signed to know who send you them. You heard your roommates “oooh”s, especially Lily’s who told you already last night that Sirius will prove his love with all his might.

You went to the great hall with the girls. Every member of your house was there and having breakfast. You set down next to Sirius after saying “Good morning” to everyone and gave him a smile.

“Did you like them?” He asked hopefully, out of his ordinary sarcastic style.

“They are beautiful, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, my love.”

You started to talk about daily things, laughed on the Slytherin’s Keeper who wasn’t able to defending almost fifty times the hoop, disgusted tomorrow’s lessons, and when the two of you finished your breakfast, Sirius cleared his throat and looked at you.

“Y/N, will you do me the honor of spending the day with me?”

You couldn’t say no to him even if you remembered yourself what a dickhead he was.

So you spend the whole day together. He showed you the Marauder’s secret place in the Forbidden Forest and you were talking there all afternoon. You’ve never seen this side of Sirius before, maybe for a few times. He was so sweet and kind with you, didn’t say a rude word or tried to embarrass you with teasing.

You got to know each other; he told you about his family with their pure-blood mania and his annoying mother who, as Sirius said, counted the days about when she can throw his son out from the family house.

He brought food so you didn’t go back to the castle for dinner and you ate it at the Great Lake’s shore. He laid down a blanket on the ground and after eating, the two of you lay down next to each other. You felt perfectly as watching the setting sun with the man you loved and who, as it emerged, loves you back.  You nestled close to him and laid you head on his chest.

“Did I prove good enough?” He asked with a proud smile.

“Do you spend your whole day with other girls you want to get?”

“I’ve never did this before.”

“Then I can say your proving was perfect.”

He smiled at you and moved his head closer to yours but didn’t do more. He wanted your permission and that was the sweetest thing what he did this day.

“I love you, my love.”

“I love you too, Sirius.”

He looked happy for finally hear his first name from you. The next moment his soft lips met yours and he gave you a small but passionate kiss. After another hour at the shore, you went back to the castle and found your friends, James, Remus, Peter and Lily in the common room. When they saw the two of you are holding hands, the boys looked at Sirius with appreciative eyes and Lily let a loud and happy “Finally”.

“You owe me twenty galleons, Prongs.” Remus smiled at James who growled at him.

“Did you really make a bet about when I could ask her?” Sirius asked them.

“Nope, we made a bet about when she would accept your ask.”


One month left since your first “date”. Everything was perfect between you. Sirius stopped playing with other girls, god, he even refused to talk with them which made so many girls disappointed. They were jealous of you got Sirius without do anything for it. That’s pretty amused you by the way. So every time when you and Sirius were walking on the corridors, you grabbed his hand and gave him a small kiss just to make the girls who was around and secretly wanted to take Sirius from you angrier. Didn’t take long time for him to notice that you enjoy the situation, even if he thought his “fangirls”, as you called them, will make you uncomfortable or angry. So he gave you kisses too when girls who liked him were around to make them jealous and make you happy.  

At the weekend you went to Hogsmeade and walked to The Three Broomsticks hand in hand when Sirius suddenly stopped on the middle of the street.

“Sirius, what’s wrong?” You asked him because you saw something disturbing on his face.

“I’m sorry, I can’t keep it to myself no longer. I need to ask you something, something very important.”

“Then ask it.” His voice was so serious; you started to worry more but wanted to know what’s going on in his mind.

“Okay, uhm… We are basically together for a month now, but just in formal way, not the real one… And I know you don’t care much about it, but I do…” He stopped for a moment and looked into your eyes. “Because when I told you I don’t want just your attention but you completely, I mean it. I want you to be mine… Will you be my girlfriend?”

Happiness filled your whole body and with the biggest smile what have been ever on your face, you grabbed Sirius’ neck and hugged him strongly.

“Is it a yes?” He asked hopefully when he could get a little breath.

“A big yes.” You hugged him again and Sirius kissed your forehead with a huge smile.

The two of you felt yourselves the happiest people in the world that day and the rest of your life together.

Feeling Alive- Part 8

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 8/?: Manhattan

Word count: 2789

I am SO PSYCHED for this chapter (and I usually try to leave a few days between each update to give people time to read the latest part but I COULDN’T RESIST). Trust me. It’s a good ‘un. Anyway we broke 50 notes on Part 7?! Whaaaat?! Given that I’ve never written one of these before and this ain’t *technically* my fandom I’m astonished to even get one stranger interested in reading this story and I’m so grateful to you all <3 (all the songs featured are linked to the appropriate YouTube video in case you haven’t heard them before/just want to listen anyway)

B: is Sunday eve ok for you?

B: or we can ditch the film night on Sat

Y: I’m on the night-shift again Sunday so it will have to be the latter

Privately, you think it will give your group of friends enough ammunition for gossip for the next three weeks, but decide against sharing that with Bucky. Just in case- just on the off-chance- that you’re reading this situation entirely wrong.

Regardless of how Bucky’s interpreting your invitation, you’re in a state of nervous excitement for the whole day. You decide, then immediately refute, what you’re going to wear at least three times. You tidy and re-tidy every inch of your tiny flat. Your stomach seems to be full of spring-loaded frogs at a rave. Eventually you put on your most comforting music and make a start on the soup.

The doorbell goes just as you put the pot on to simmer, and you jolt in surprise.

Stay calm, you tell yourself, don’t freak out. Then you take a deep breath, calmly put down the oven glove, and head downstairs.

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CS FF: Missed Connections

Summary:  Emma Swan doesn’t think she’ll ever see the handsome stranger she spilled coffee all over again.  Killian Jones doesn’t believe he’ll ever see the beautiful blonde who ruined his shirt.  So they couldn’t be more surprised when their paths keep crossing, only to find that something keeps standing in the way of them making a lasting connection.  But when you keep meeting the same person over and over again in a city of 8 million people, is it mere coincidence or fate?  

Rating: G

Note: Thank you for your responses to Dare to Love.  This is just a fun AU I wanted to write.   Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Missed Connections: Part 1/1…

Emma Swan sipped her coffee and rolled her eyes at her best friend and roommate. “For the last time, I am not signing up for online dating,” she said.

“Why not?” Mary Margaret asked.  "I can’t even tell you how many people I know who have found their significant other online, myself included.  David is amazing.“

"I’ll admit you got lucky, but I’ve told you why not a thousand times.  With my luck, I’ll end up matched with an ax murderer.”

“And who’s to say you won’t meet an ax murderer randomly?  This is New York City, after all.  You never know who you’ll bump into.  At least these dating sites do background checks on their guys.”

“And if I randomly meet a guy, I can run a background check too.  I’m a bounty hunter.  I have my ways.”

“Suit yourself.  Take your chances out in the world then,” Mary Margaret said, shrugging her shoulders and taking a sip of her coffee.

“I will,” Emma said, standing up.  “I’ve gotta run.  I have a lead on a jumper.  See you later.”

Emma picked up her coffee and rushed towards the door.  In her hurry, she didn’t see the man walking in at the same time.  They collided and the top of her coffee came flying off.  The contents spilled all over his blue button down shirt.  

Emma’s eyes widened in horror. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” she said, looking up at the man.

Her gaze met the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen on the most handsome face she had ever encountered.  A grin spread across Killian Jones’ face as he looked at the gorgeous woman before him.

“It’s okay, love.  No harm done.”

Emma shook her head and awkwardly tried to swipe at his shirt with the napkin she held in her other hand.  She tried to ignore the feel of the hard muscles of his chest under her fingertips.  

“Definite harm done.  Your shirt is ruined and this coffee is really hot.  You might have suffered burns.”

Killian smiled at her and touched her hand, stopping her movements.  Emma felt goosebumps appear on her skin at his touch.  Killian felt like a wave of electricity swept through him at the same moment.

“I assure you I’m fine, love.”

Emma dug into her purse. “At least let me pay for your dry cleaning.”

“That’s really not necessary.  I have at minimum five other blue shirts exactly like this at home.  I can simply discard this one and I’ll never even notice.”

“Let me pay for a new shirt then.  Maybe one in a different color,” she offered, chuckling nervously.

Killian looked down at her coffee cup where the barista had scribbled her name.  

“Emma, is it?” She nodded. “Please don’t give it a second thought.  I’m fairly certain bumping into you is going to be the best part of my day.”

Emma’s mouth hung open for a long moment, as she got lost in the ocean that was his eyes.  She finally dropped her gaze to the ground.

“Okay, if you insist.  Sorry again.  Have a good day,” she mumbled.

She brushed past him, as he watched her go.  Killian sighed as he stared at the door long after she had left.  He had never felt such an instant connection with anyone before.  If only he had gotten more than her first name.

It wasn’t until Emma was a block away that she realized she didn’t even know his name.  And despite feeling an instant attraction and connection to him, she now had no way of contacting him.  

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“Bitty, look at this photo.“ 

"Mhmm, nice." 

"No Bitty, it’s more than nice. It’s indecent. How dare he look this good." 


"No, you don’t get it Bits. How do I wake up to that everyday? Every. Day. I want to kiss his stupid face. How???" 

"You could just kiss his face’." 



"Bitty. Bits, my bro- you’re a genius." 

"Go get ‘em, tiger!” 😉

(In which Holster is pining away for our boy Ransom and confides in Bitty)

Love-Hate || MURPHY x READER - Modern!AU, NSFW

Heeeeey guys! So here I am again, trying to post more frequently… :) This one became an alternative, modern-day, university universe, though the last bit is not that important. It is to be noted, however, that this one is a smut, meaning +18 content, although… Well, you know me. I’m not that graphic, I guess.

Based on these requests:

Anonymous said:
“[text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn’t you?” Prompt with Murphy please?


Anonymous asked: 94 John Murphy


Anonymous said:
“I could kiss you right now” with Murphy whenever you have the time would be great


Anonymous said:
“We can’t keep doing this.” And “Eat me” fro John Murphy I’ve been obsessed with him Recently


Anonymous said:
“It’s not a double date, we are just third and fourth wheeling” is awesome, with Murphy please?

Yeah, I may have included a lot of requests in this one, but they worked together so well…

Word count: almost 3,800
Warnings: sexual themes, bad language

Have fun reading! :D

Jasper and Maya were the cutest thing ever.

Like, literally. Their photos would be sent to a baby seal by a baby doggy, squeaking over their cuteness. Both of them were sweet to the bone, getting all flushed and giggly and awkward around each other. Personally, I wasn’t very fond of relationships, not a ‘shipper’ as some would say but even I thought that Maya’s honeyed caring completed Jasper’s funny goofiness heavenly.

The only problem was – neither of them dared to make the first step, and they were driving us mad. I’ve known Jasper since Elementary, he was my best friend, and now as we were at university, we were renting an apartment together, which meant I was bombarded with his rambling about how pretty and smart and cute and fantastic Maya was, and how utterly frightened Jasper felt about asking her out on a date.

“If you’re so afraid, then cover it up with something,” I sighed one night, getting more and more annoyed. I loved Jasper, I really did, but I was trying to do something on my laptop and he just wouldn’t stop talking.

“What do you mean?” he looked up from biting his nails anxiously, his thumb still in his mouth.

“Dunno. If you’re afraid of her saying no…”

“No, I’m afraid she’ll say yes!”


“I mean… What if I’ll go out with her to a restaurant or something, and I’ll get nervous and do something really awkward and mess it all up?”

“Then ask someone to go with you as well. You know, if there are more people, it’ll seem like a friendly gathering, and maybe you won’t screw up, either.”

So this is how I ended up in front of the cinema, out there, shivering in the cold, and giving my death-glare to Jonathan Murphy. The bastard smirked at me and took his cigarette into his mouth.

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anonymous asked:

Do u have a Destiel high school au masterlist?

Hii! I do now, good luck. :p 

[All High School AUs written by me, all links go to AO3!]

✗ Accidentally In Love
“Dean asks Cas -his best friend since they were four- to prom, because Cas helps organize the event but is upset that he didn’t even get asked himself. It’s no big deal of course, Dean’s just helping out a friend. Or that’s what he tries to tell himself, until prom night arrives and he sees Cas all dressed up, looking ridiculously gorgeous.”

 Valentine’s Day
“Cas anonymously sending Dean one of those school Valentine’s Day flowers with a little personalized note, thinking that someone as popular as Dean won’t notice his message anyway because he gets so many. Little does he know that Dean sent one to him as well…”

 Don’t Shoot The Messenger
“Castiel’s younger sister Anna wants to go to the school dance with Dean Winchester, but she doesn’t have the guts to ask him. Instead, she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger. The tricky part? Castiel has feelings for Dean too.”

 Letters of Love
“A very shy Castiel anonymously leaves sweet little notes for the unattainable Dean Winchester, assuming that he will never have a chance with his crush anyway. Until Castiel receives a note as well.”

 How Dean Winchester Scored
“Castiel Novak is the most popular guy at Lawrence High, incredibly handsome and captain of the soccer team. Dean Winchester is the invisible nerdy kid who has a crush on him, but doesn’t dare to act on it. Lucky for him, it turns out that Castiel doesn’t mind making the first move.”

✗ Practice Makes Perfect
“’It’s not gay if it’s practice, but shit that was actually really nice wanna practice some more?’ Or, the one in which Dean offers to help his best friend Cas improve his kissing skills, until it’s no longer just ‘practice’.”

✗ No Homo
“'I wasn’t gay, but then I kissed you in front of some homophobes to piss them off, and turns out I might be kinda gay for you after all’. In which a kiss makes Dean realize that he has feelings for his best friend.”

✗ This Game We Play
“Dean and Castiel have been best friends since they were little, and sleepovers are a common event. They’ve always loved playing the game where they draw out letters on each others backs and try to guess what the other is writing. Even though sixteen seems to be a bit too old to still play the game, Castiel uses it as a chance to silently confess something that he’s been wanting to share with Dean for a long time.”

✗ What It Looks Like
“When nerdy Castiel Novak gets asked out by the popular Dean Winchester, he says no, assuming that it’s a cruel joke. But Dean doesn’t give up that easily, and he’s determined to show Castiel that not everything is what it looks like.”

✗ The Call
“Castiel accidentally butt dials his best friend Dean, and Dean overhears a conversation that wasn’t meant for his ears. Or: the one in which Dean finds out that his best friend has a huge crush on him.”

✗ Through Your Eyes
“Dean’s best friend Castiel is blind, which is why Cas loves it whenever Dean describes the things as he sees them. When Castiel gets curious and wants more details about Dean’s looks, Dean is reluctant to go into detail about them. Castiel’s solution is simple, and demands nothing more than a gentle touch.”

✗ Truth Or Dare
“Dean Winchester has had feelings for his best friend Castiel since forever. He finally mans up about it, and sneakily asks Cas to the Fall Dance through a special game of truth or dare.”

 Camping & Cuddles
“Dean and Castiel have been best friends for a long time, and they decide to go on a camping trip to celebrate graduating high school. When it starts raining and Cas’ tent turns out to have a huge hole in it, the boys are forced to share Dean’s tent, and things heat up.”

 Raking Leaves
“In Dean Winchester’s opinion, raking leaves is not such a horrible task when it gives you an excuse to ogle the beautiful boy next door.”

✗ Date or Dare
“After a dare with his friends, the popular Dean Winchester takes nerdy Castiel Novak out on a date to earn himself some quick money. However, things get rather complicated when Dean starts falling for the guy who was only supposed to be part of a bet…”

✗ Prove Me Wrong
“Castiel gets asked out by the beautiful Dean Winchester every day, but every day he tells Dean ‘no’. Castiel has his own reasons to reject Dean, but after a while it’s getting hard to resist.”

✗ Hush
“A drunk Cas is a very talkative Cas. When Dean wants to shut his friend up but fails, he gets creative. He finds that kissing Castiel is a great way to silence him, and as a bonus, it’s also very pleasant.”

✗ Always Going To Be You
“When Dean’s boyfriend Castiel gets the lead role in the school play, which includes kissing their classmate Meg, Dean is overcome with jealously. Cas lets Dean know that his concern is unnecessary, and that Dean is the only one for him.”

✗ Dear Diary
“Dean sneakily reads Castiel’s diary during one of their sleepovers, only to find out that his best friend is in love with him.”

✗ If We Were A Movie
“Dean knows that he has reached an age where he’s supposed to start caring about dating girls, and so he’s very confused when he finds that he’s interested in dating his best friend Castiel instead.”

✗ Prom Date
“Dean finds his best friend Castiel in the boys bathroom, on the verge of crying. When he finds out that Castiel tried to ask Meg to be his prom date but got rejected, Dean does his best to fix it, and succeeds.”

✗ School Project
“Castiel could name at least a thousand people with whom he would rather be doing this Biology project. He absolutely detested their teacher, Mrs. Mason, because she had to go and pair Castiel with that jerk Dean Winchester of all people.”

✗ Only You
“If there’s one thing that Dean Winchester is sure of, it’s that he’s not gay. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is head over heels in love with his best friend Castiel.”

✗ In The Closet
“The janitor’s closet is the perfect place to hide from the many bullies that roam the halls of Lawrence High. It’s also the place where Castiel first meets his charming fellow student Dean Winchester.”

“When the handsome new student Castiel Novak arrives at Lawrence High, Dean has every intention of making him feel welcome. However, Castiel seems to ignore Dean whenever Dean tries to talk to him.”

✗ Twister
“Castiel and Dean are having a sleepover, and Cas has his own reasons to convince Dean to play Twister with him.”

✗ Bad Day Gone Good
“Castiel misses the bus at the end of an already horrible day, but his day improves considerably when the gorgeous and popular Dean Winchester saves him from a long walk home in the pouring rain.”

✗ Dancing Lessons
“Dean teaches his best friend Castiel how to dance, claiming that it’s because he needs his friend to score a date and go to prom, since it won’t be the same without him there. Little does Castiel know that Dean has a hidden agenda.”

✗ Just The Way You Are
“Castiel goes on a date, but the guy in question is a complete jerk to him. It messes with Cas’ self-esteem, but lucky for him he has his best friend Dean to remind him that he is perfect just the way he is.”

✗ Borrowing Sugar
“Castiel Novak has been pining over the beautiful boy next door for ages. One day his best friend Charlie has had enough of it, and tells him to man up and finally go talk to the guy. She makes Castiel use a very ancient trick to help him get closer to the boy of his dreams.”

anonymous asked:

“You can trust me.” jehanparnasse pleaseeeee

Running away from a protest wasn’t something Jehan was used to doing. They had seen the inside of a holding cell more often than most of rest of the ABC- Enjolras probably had a longer record, maybe Bahorel but for reasons other than disorderly conduct. But this time, they were running, far and fast, and they could still hear people behind them.

Every time their feet hit the pavement, their bruised (maybe broken) rib jarred in their side. Breathing hurt. They could feel themself slowing, which sparked a panic in their chest.

They’re going to catch me, what if they catch me?

An arm shot out from a doorway, and Jehan didn’t have time to dodge around before the hand grabbed hold of their jumper. They would have screamed except that hand’s twin clapped over their mouth the moment they were close enough. This stranger pulled them through the doorway and into the dark. They squeezed their eyes shut, their whole body tense, and waited for the pain to start.

Instead, whoever it was held them firmly for a long moment. No additional sign of aggression, no move to hurt them, just strong arms and steady breathing. Jehan dared to crack an eye open but could only see the shadowed walls of a room in an uninhabited building.

“If I let you go,” the stranger whispered, just above their ear, “you have to promise not to scream, alright?”

Jehan nodded, and the tight grip around them finally slacked. They wriggled away quickly- and that didn’t do their side any favors- and pressed their back against the wall to look this oddly helpful person over. He was intimidating, all dressed in black, tall and more than handsome. Not a face they would likely forget soon.

The silent scrutinizing evidently got to him after a long moment. “You can trust me,” he offered, though he sounded like he only half believed it himself.

“I don’t know you,” Jehan murmured, wary. “Why would you help me?”

The man shrugged. “You were running from the cops, right? Consider me a friend.”

“Are you the kind of friend I really want to have?”

“I’m the kind of friend you needed. Running isn’t good for that side you’re holding; believe me, I’ve done that with an actually broken rib. Not fun.”

Jehan slowly took their hand away from their side, frowning. He spoke well but vaguely. Odd. Paired with that beautiful face, it only added to the mystery.

“Can I get a name for you, or should I just call you my mysterious savior?”

“As long as you don’t go spreading it around that I helped you out.”

Jehan smiled a little. “Cross my heart.”


Jehan blinked, confused. “Are you sure?”

Montparnasse frowned, and he even managed to do that beautifully. “Of course I’m sure. Why, what have you heard?”

“N-not much, I just… From the rumors, I thought ‘Montparnasse’ would be… older.”

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Jonsa pink please!

Anonny, you won the lottery! Well, no, but you get a super long ass one-shot because I have 0 chill. Congratulations! Lol. I hope you enjoy it though, joking aside <3 

Ever since Sansa learned about soulmates, she’d been fantasising about the day she would meet hers and see the matching soul mark. She used to stay up, duvet pulled over her head, and draw images of herself with some unknown figure. Sometimes he’d be tall, sometimes he’d be short, but no matter who she imagined in the place of her soulmate, he would always be a knight and herself a princess in a tower. As she got older, her fantasies involved more daring feats with dragons he’d have to slay or evil witches he’d have to outsmart. It never mattered what stood in his way because he always overcame it. He was her soulmate after all. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be valiant, charming and honourable.

Like a prince, a young Sansa would muse to her mother, or anyone who would listen.

“He’ll have blonde hair,” Sansa decided when she was seven. She followed Robb out to the back garden. “All princes have blonde hair, right?” Her brother shrugged. “I bet he’ll be so handsome.”

“How do you know he’ll be handsome?” Robb finally asked after trying for some time to ignore her.

Sansa scoffed. “Of course he’s going to be handsome. He’s my soulmate.”

Her brother rolled his eyes, but it didn’t stop Sansa from believing it.

At twelve, Sansa was forced to reconsider everything she had ever thought about soulmates the moment she actually met her soulmate. She didn’t know it was him at first. There was no blinding flash of light as he stepped into the room; no singing angels in the background when he first said hello to her; and definitely no spark between them.

In fact, Jon Snow had become her least favourite friend of Robb’s within ten minutes of meeting him. He didn’t smile when he greeted her, he barely even looked at her, and then to make matters worse, he had the audacity to snort when she brought up the topic of soulmates.

What?” Sansa snapped, begrudgingly meeting Jon’s dull, boring grey eyes. “You don’t believe in soulmates or something?”

“No, they’re stupid,” he said, meeting her speculative gaze head on. Even though he was the quietest one of Robb’s friends, he had defiance in his stance, in the way his shoulders pulled back to make him appear taller than he was. She likened it to a cat bristling its tail.

Robb and Arya laughed loudly, which only angered her more, because they’ve both mocked her for her steadfast obsession with soulmates. Sansa placed her hands on her hips. “How can you say that? Soulmates are romantic!”

“It’s forcing two people to be together,” Jon said, not matching her anger with his own. He was practically impassive as he spoke to her. God, she wanted to hit him.

“It’s not forcing, it’s destiny!”

Jon chuckled, shrugging. “Same thing, isn’t it?”

When she finally realised he was her soulmate, it was some weeks later at the Starks’ annual summer barbecue. She was feeling particularly confident in her new pink and white striped bikini, proudly showing off the intricate lines of her soul mark at the base of her neck. The sun was high in the cloudless sky, a rarity for Scottish weather, and all of her friends were here. It was a perfect day.

But her good mood abruptly came to a halt when she walked past Robb and his group of friends and overheard their conversation.

“Dude, why do you have a tattoo of a snowflake on your chest?”

“That’s not a tattoo, you pillock, that’s a soul mark.”

“Oh. Wait, your soul mark is a snowflake? That’s a bit lame, isn’t it?”

“Fuck off, Theon.”

“What?” her brother shouted. “Your soul mark is a snowflake?”

At this point, Sansa’s heart was ramming painfully in her chest. She couldn’t believe it. After everything she had imagined about her soulmate, it had to be with someone who didn’t even believe in it? Jon wasn’t even blonde. He was lanky with muddy brown hair and boring grey eyes. That was the opposite of what princes looked like.

Before she could think about what she was doing, Sansa ran over to her brother and punched him hard in the shoulder to shut him up. “Robb,” she said breathily, feeling her panic rise and rise up her throat. “Mum needs you!”

He glared at her, groaning and rubbing his shoulder, but he knew. Out out of all of her siblings, Robb could read her the best and she didn’t need to say any more. He would even cut Jon out of his circle of friends if it was what she wanted, but what kind of person would she be if she let him do that? Sansa grabbed his forearm and nodded infinitesimally. Her brother sighed and walked off, despite probably knowing their mum hadn’t called for him at all.

Now alone with Robb’s friends, Sansa turned and found Jon staring at her with wide eyes. She flushed under his gaze. That was great; now he knew too. She pulled her bun loose and let her hair cover the soul mark as subtly as she could. Thankfully, Theon, Edd and Sam had already moved onto a new topic, but Jon was still staring resolutely at her, like he was trying to figure something out. Well, she didn’t need him to figure her out.

What?” she snapped, hoping the familiarity of being annoyed with him will ground her from the realisation that this stupid, gangly boy before her was her soulmate.

“I, uh… Nothing,” Jon mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

It surprised her to feel her neck tingle as if he was running his fingers along her soul mark there. She swallowed tightly and leveled a glare at him, one that she hoped he would be able to interpret as ‘do not tell anyone about this’, before stalking off.

On her fifteenth birthday, Sansa was completely over soulmates. She didn’t need some stupid mark to dictate who she’d end up with, not when there were boys like Joffrey Baratheon, who were blonde, charming and valiant. He made her feel special and loved; he was everything that Jon wasn’t and she had to admit that was kind of the appeal of him. Where Joffrey was talkative and outgoing, Jon only seemed to get broodier with age and more solemn. Didn’t he know that girls didn’t want to date someone like that? Least of all Sansa?

Well, at least the feeling was mutual. By the way that Jon actively avoided her, he was as determined as her to forget that they were soulmates. And maybe sometimes it stung a bit because he was such good friends with all of her family, but Sansa wasn’t going to let that get to her., She was not going to care or even spare a thought for him. Jon may share the same soul mark as her, but he was not her soulmate.

Maybe Joffrey could be.

“Have you seen my boyfriend?” Sansa asked Jeyne, still feeling a little thrill at being able to call him that.

“No, but check the kitchen. I heard him asking Margaery where the drinks were.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said, squeezing her best friend’s shoulder as she passed her by on the way to the kitchen.

The Starks’ kitchen was a beautiful work of art. Granite countertops, mahogany wood, and state-of-the-art appliances occupied the room. Her mum had slaved away for months and months designing it herself, and since she helped a little, Sansa was quite proud of it too. It had been fun to imagine cooking wonderful, mouth-watering dishes in a room she was helping create. Only in all of her imaginations, Sansa had never expected to see her boyfriend and her friend snogging up against the stainless steel refrigerator she picked out.

They were unaware of her presence and she wanted so desperately to scream and shout, but Sansa stood frozen in the doorway, one hand braced against the wooden frame, while the other fisted in her pale pink dress. In that moment, she wished she could borrow Arya’s ferocity for one second and punch Joffrey in the face, but Sansa wasn’t that girl. She had never been that girl. Instead, she was the type to stand dumbly by as she continued to watch her boyfriend kiss another girl.

The backdoor to the kitchen abruptly slammed open. Jon stood there with his fingers running through his rain-soaked hair, but he froze as soon as he caught sight of Joffrey and Margaery, and then Sansa. For a long second, no one did anything. Tense silence expanded to every nook and cranny, until without warning, everything was in motion. Jon slammed his fist into Joffrey’s nose, while Margaery screamed, jumping away. Joffrey tried to push back, but the lanky blonde had nothing on Jon’s superior strength. The boy wasn’t captain of the football team for nothing.

“Sansa, do something! He’s gonna kill him!” Margaery pleaded, tugging on Sansa’s dress.

She shrugged, finding her voice to be calm and steady when she felt so far from it. “Why should I care? He’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

When her ex-friend whimpered and pleaded some more, Sansa sighed and walked over to Jon to place a hand on his shoulder. He immediately stilled. He searched her face, watching her carefully – maybe to make sure she was okay or maybe to silently ask if she didn’t want to punch the tosser herself. Eventually, Jon stepped away, but he only moved so he could circle an arm around Sansa’s waist. She tried to ignore the shot of electricity that raced up her spine from the contact. Now was not the time to think on stupid things like that.

“C’mon, Sans, let’s get out of here,” he murmured to her. “Leave him.”

Sansa nodded, but before she allowed Jon to steer her away, she bent over so she was face to face with Joffrey. “Clean this up and then get out of my house. Take your new girlfriend with you, and if you ever try to talk to me again, I’ll tell my brother what happened tonight.”

The blonde paled. Jon may have stood up in her defence tonight, but Robb was the one all of the boys at school were frightened of. It wasn’t that her brother was stronger than Jon, he was simply far more reckless and far less inhibited in how he dealt with anyone who hurt his family. For once, she was glad for that reputation.

At seventeen, Sansa still didn’t believe in soulmates. After Joffrey, she met Harry, and when that ended in disaster too, she decided to stop believing in relationships altogether. They were messy and painful and not worth her time. The knights and princes of her past had been shattered by the reality that chivalrous and honourable boys did not exist.

Besides, her actual soulmate had gone off to university, and last she heard, Jon had a girlfriend, so clearly he was over it as well. Not that she cared but she couldn’t help wondering about his new girlfriend. In all the years Sansa had known Jon, he’s never really been with anyone, at least never seriously enough to call them his girlfriend. Sansa sincerely hoped she never had to meet her. It was an awful thing to think, and Jon could have as many girlfriends as he wanted, but she didn’t want to meet any of them.

The night before Christmas, Sansa was in the den by herself reading Wuthering Heights for her English A Levels. If she wasn’t going to have a real soulmate, then she was going to have a real job with real influence. She was going to be a teacher.

At a quarter to one in the morning, she heard the creak of a door open and someone attempting to walk silently through the house to the kitchen, which was just past the den. Sansa smiled to herself. “I didn’t realise Santa was a nineteen-year-old boy.”

Jesus, shit!” he exclaimed. There was a clatter of some kind of object falling to the ground, before he then appeared at the threshold, his dark curls all mussed up from sleep. “You scared the crap out of me, Sansa. What are you doing up?”

She raised her book towards him. “Reading.”

Jon nodded and then smirked. “Aren’t you a little old to be waiting up for Santa?”

“Aren’t you a little old to be dressed like one?” she asked, arching her brow and gesturing towards his Santa-printed pyjamas and full beard.

He flushed, pink colouring his cheeks and neck. It was sweet. “It was a gag gift from Theon, but it’s surprisingly soft.”

“And the beard?”

“Left over from Movember,” Jon said, shrugging. He walked over to sit on the opposite end of the sofa from her and grabbed her book despite her protests. “Please tell me you’re reading Wuthering Heights for school.”

She was, but she scoffed anyways. “What’s wrong with Wuthering Heights?”

“Everything’s wrong with it,” Jon said, bewildered. “It gives the complete wrong idea about soulmates; you know that, right? They were so bad for each other.”

Sansa giggled, and she nudged him with her fuzzy sock-clad foot. “I didn’t realise you were so passionate about Heathcliffe and Catherine’s relationship, Jon. What are your opinions on Elizabeth and Mr Darcy? How about Jane and Mr Rochester?”

“Oh, shut up,” he said, but he was smiling, so that was a win in her books. “I had to read it for school too, and all the girls in my class were mooning over Heathcliffe. It was scary. If that’s what people think soulmates should be like then…” He glanced at her and flushed again. “It’s just dumb.”

“Well, for once, I agree with you,” Sansa said, grabbing her book back. “But I think people like the idea of being passionately in love with someone. That’s why people want a soulmate. Being in love and being loved? That’s not a bad thing to want.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked gently, but Sansa was staring resolutely at the glass coffee table in front of her instead of at him.

She shrugged. “Maybe once, but not anymore. It’s not worth all the other stuff.”

“Hey,” Jon said, taking her hand in his. “Is it because of what Joffrey did? Because he’s a prick, you know? Not all guys cheat on their –”

“It’s not just him,” she interrupted, finally meeting his eyes. “It’s us too. We’re supposed to be soulmates, Jon, but it’s not exactly like we’re compatible…” She sighed, trying to feign nonchalance, even though this was the first time either of them had brought up their soul marks. “So I don’t know. I guess you were right. It’s all just pointless.”

He pulled his hand back, and for some reason, that hurt more than if he had just agreed with her and said she was the last person he’d ever want to date. He might as well have, she thought. It wasn’t as if she was clambering to date him or anything, but was she not even an option?

As the silence drew on, Sansa started to become more and more irritable. “If you’re not going to say anything then you should just go. I have a lot of reading left to do and –”

This time, it was Jon who interrupted her, and as his lips pressed insistently against hers, Sansa wound her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and closer, until he was lying flushed on top of her. It was everything and nothing like how she imagined her first kiss with her soulmate to be. There were no exploding fireworks; no instantaneous magical connection, but there was heat and lust and desperation. It was as if the longer they kissed, the more she needed him near. Her hand roamed through his hair, feeling the softness of his curls and tugging just to hear him moan against her lips. The sound sent a pool of desire to the pit of her stomach and Sansa shifted so she could tangle her legs in between his.

“Sansa,” he breathed against her neck. “We should stop.”

She murmured her acquiescence by nipping at his lower lip, to which he groaned and swiped his tongue along the hollow of her neck in retaliation. Sansa didn’t even try to hide the mewl of pleasure that that elicited out of her.

But just as Jon was beginning to kiss a trail across her collarbone, nosing away the loose jumper, something horrible occurred to Sansa and she shove him away with a hard push.

“Ow, what the hell?”

“You have a girlfriend!” she seethed. “How could you do that to her! How could you do that to me! I can’t –”

“We broke up in October, Sansa,” Jon interrupted, as he furrowed his brows.

Oh,” and just like that all of the indignation and anger whittled away, and soon she was pulling nim back to her, kissing him as desperately and heatedly as she was before.

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First Impressions

You pushed past a gaggle of interns, who were scrambling over a high profile case, as you made your way to the DA’s office. It was your first day and you were late. It was making you feel irritable because it wasn’t the first impression you had planned to make. As you stood in front of your dresser this morning, pulling on your favorite outfit and brushing back your hair, you day-dreamed about what your first day at your new job as a paralegal in Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office would be like. You wanted to be a lawyer and this was your way into law school.

Things had started out so well that morning, you’d left your studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights with ample time to walk to work across the Brooklyn Bridge. You grabbed a coffee from a cart outside your apartment.

“Morning! Here is your coffee. Might I say, you look radiant today. Ready for you first day at work?”

You’d become fast friends with the vendor and he now knew your order, often having it ready for you before you’d even had a chance to open your mouth.

“Thank you, Kapil! I’m going to need this.” You smiled at him warmly before setting off towards the Bridge, feeling thankful that your journey to work provided such a wonderful view.

Halfway across the bridge, your sense of wonder had been put to the test. Your coffee had been knocked out of your hands, your heel had gotten caught in the gaps in the bridge and you’d needed the help of a kind stranger to free yourself. To top things off, it has suddenly started to rain, not a lot, but enough to ruin your immaculately put together persona for a stunning first impression.

Running uncomfortably late, you hurried through the hallways of Hogan Place, reaching the elevator doors as they began to close. No! You absolutely did not have the patience to withstand another delay to get to your meeting, so you did the only thing a sane person would do, you pushed your hand into the gap of the closing doors.

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What made Harry happiest, though, even more so than practicing Cheering charms in Professor Flitwick’s class–for reasons he didn’t dare examine too carefully, either–was seeing Cedric in the halls. All it took was a wave and cheery smile from the handsome Hufflepuff for Harry to feel like bumblebees had started buzzing inside his chest.

Love Under Will, Chapter 6

Whew, finally finished!! I want everyone to read @pornosophical ‘s Love Under Will, it’s so good!! There’re so many great scenes that I’d love to draw, so be prepared for more!

Denial ain't just a river, Harry!

“I’ve never-it’s not that I-” Harry released a frustrated breath as he pulled his knees closer to his chest. Both he and Hermione sat silently on the outskirts of the great lake. The setting was…peaceful. As peaceful as a lake could be with great unknown depths, filled with creatures that lay in wait for the unsuspecting victim. Harry shivered just remebring the merfolk, and their well-deserved anger when the Wizards dared to use their home as a venue for silly games. Almost as if in response to his thoughts the water rippled, he almost expected to see the merefolk ready for attack again.

“Or maybe you love him, and you’re being a right idiot!” Hermione huffed, rolling her eyes when she received a sharp glare. Harry had his moments where he could give you a right scare, almost as bad as him, but right now he looked more like a pouty kitten than anything.

“I don’t love him, Hermione!” Harry shouted, pink painting pale cheeks for shouting so loud and of course gaining the attention of him. Tom Riddle, ridiculously handsome Tom Riddle, with his stupid crooked smirk and peircing blue eyes. Tall and swaggering, too self assured and confident with that all around cocky vibe. Harry hated it! He hated it even more when that perfectly arched brow dared to rise in that condescending way it did. His heart did not skip, and he was not blushing like some virgin bride on her wedding night!

“Yeah, and Ron Weasley clearly doesn’t suffer from foot in mouth syndrome!” Hermione snorted rudely, opening her book to actually get some work done. For the life of her, she couldn’t begin to understand the sudden rise of Harry’s hormones.She almost thought she would get through graduation without having to deal with teenage hormones.

I don’t love that bloody toerag!” Harry huffed, flinging his bag over his shoulder and promptly walked away. Yes, walk, he wasn’t bloody running, and he sure as hell didn’t feel those damn eyes on his back.

Stupid Riddle, with his stupid smug face and stupid knowing eyes!

They kissed one time! One time and it was a bloody mistake! So what if he might have liked it a little bit, especially the way how Tom’s tongue had done that little -

He did not love Tom Riddle!

Harry chanced a look behind him as he made his escape, he didn’t even know why he did it! But there Tom Riddle was surrounded by the fanatic group of his that didn’t know the meaning of self-thought and humility. Tom was looking right at him, Nagini casually wrapped around his neck like some exotic scarf and that tongue slowly trailing along perfectly soft lips that Harry was all too familiar with.

“Ok, maybe not love, but definitely lust!” Harry almost jumped right out of his skin, not that he would let Hermione know that. When the hell had she even caught up with him?!

Harry glared at the stupid git before promptly ignoring him, continuing his escape-not escape. He didn’t like the kiss and seeing that arrogant toerag lick his lips didn’t affect him one bit.

“At least he’s hot!” Hermione muttered, barely restraining a grin when Harry bristled.

“Hermione!” Harry whined before making his way to the dorms. Hermione only shook her head that the wizard’s ridiculousness.

“I wonder if he’ll be angry if he finds out I told Riddle that he would be patrolling the first floor by himself tonight?” Hermione muttered, snickering to herself as she made her way to her own dorm.

Bloody idiots those two were.

@mister-tom-a-dildo-lover Hey Helly, I promised you a gift. Know this is short, but I doubt I will have time to really get into it. So I did this small piece that was haunting me so long, for you lol. Hope you like ^_^

EXO: Xiumin fluff/angst


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Bright Colors (Chpt 1)

AU were everyone sees in black and white, until they meet their soulmate. Then they start to see colors and it’s awesome. You hadn’t and thought that it would never happen, but maybe there is someone out there for you.

Of a tumbler imagine. I worked it out as a fanfic, because I liked the concept. This will have a total of 3 chapters.

Fandom: Supernatural

Relationship: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Minor Violance, Abuse in last chapter

Word count: 1,205

Chapter 2 Chapter 3

Originally posted by proof-is-in-the-pudding

Every person is born with achromatopsia, also known as complete color blindness. From the moment a person is born, they can’t see colors, only black and white. There is however a way to see colors, by finding ones soulmate. Scientist still don’t know how this is possible and may never even find out. When a person meets their soulmate, they usually don’t know it yet.

Even though they might not know it immediately, the two soulmates are attracted to each other. And will no matter what, find each other.

When a person finally starts seeing colors, we call it ‘The Break’. The Break doesn’t associate with age or anything else for that matter. Some might never find their soulmates and will forever stay colorblind.

The symptoms after seeing the soulmate, will occur in 24 hours. It usually starts with their own eye color, and often the colors of their soulmate be the ones after. Both male and female will experience the same process.

People who have had their Break are called ‘Seers’, they have full color vision. When Seers lose their soulmate, color vision will remain. Except that the brightness and the livingness of the colors will fade, just as their soul will.

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