be more endearing i dare you


Note: I finally wrote something. And I don’t love it. And it’s rough. But I wrote it. So I’m giving it to y'all and hoping it’s decent. (It’s okay, it’s not…) I’m on my tablet, so a graphic and better formatted post will be coming soon, I hope…
For: Nonny
Warnings: Mentions of assault/kidnapping/hostage situation
Word Count: 1,649

You hadn’t been seeing Barba for long. In fact, it had only been a few months of stolen glances, late night phone calls, and the occasional cuddle after he prepared a fancy meal. You didn’t have a label yet, and you didn’t need one, but you also weren’t sure what lines could be crossed and what moments should be left alone, a solitary boat out to sea with no hope of a lighthouse to guide it home. 

It wasn’t until he had texted you after a late night, saying that you should stay at his apartment rather than trekking uptown to your apartment or crashing in the cribs at the station that you decided he saw this as more than a stress reliever. You had accepted the offer once and it turned into a regular routine. Multiple nights of the week you would join him. He would read through case files and prepare arguments, you would watch the news, sprawled across the couch with half-lidded eyes and subtle yawns. Eventually, his bed would call to you both, and legs would wrap around each other until the dark night beckoned you to rest.

This night, however, was a little different. Your adrenaline level was coming down from a sky high emergency response. Barely able to even put words to the trauma, you had texted him, subtext pleading for the comfort only he could provide. 

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Just Dancing

// In which Justin and Y/N fuck in a club //

*Warning Mature Content*


“Happy birthday to Atifa! Happy birthday to youuu!” We all screamed out and cheered as my best friend took her birthday cake shots. She downed five back to back before blowing out the tiny candle on top of the cake I had made for her. We all cheered yet again once the tiny flickers of light turned into nothing more than a smoking memory. I watched with a smile on my face as Atifa turned away from her desert to give Za, her boyfriend of four years, a kiss.

Za is truely a good boyfriend. A few days ago he flew out Atifa and I to celebrate a week of birthday festivities. Today, being her actual birthday, we were currently pregaming before going to the the small celebration that Za had planned at her favorite club. Everyone who she was close with in LA was here but unfortunately for me, someone so unbearable was here as well especially considering the pregame was at his house. Thinking of the white devil himself, I rolled my eyes at the sound of his obnoxious cackle.

With a scowl on my face, my head whipped around to look at Justin Bieber who was already staring at me from across the room. With a stupid smile on his face, he looked me up and down before grabbing a tequila shot off the coffee table as an act to toast to my body. I watched as he downed the shot and stuck his pink tongue out to lick the salted ring before biting into the lime. With my arms crossed, I glared as he sent a wink my way while licking at his plump bottom lip.

“When are y'all fucking?” Za asked with a laugh. A mischievous smile made a way to his face as he sipped his drink.

“We aren’t,” I scoffed, turning my back to Justin who now talking to Kylie.

“As soon as he found out that Atifa was coming he asked about you,” Za slipped.

“Why is he looking to he put in his place again?”

“And was place did you put me in?” Justin asked directly behind me, making me jump in fright. “Because I know a lot of places… and positions I’d like to have you in,” Justin’s hand snaked around me to pull me back against him. I quickly slapped his hand away and spun to face him. Za excused himself with a laugh as I glared at justin.

“Fuck off,” I sneered, taking a drink off the table to make his presence bearable.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy my touch the last time you were in LA,” Justin teased.

“It was one kiss. Get over it,” my memory flashback to the horrid game of truth or dare. I just wanted Justin to finally let the kiss go and never bring it up not talk to me ever again.

“Not when you look so good,” Justin took the empty shot glass from my hand and set it back down on the table.  

“Bieber, there are literally hundreds of thousands of women in this city who don’t love themselves and would happily give their time with you. Go be with one of them,” I sighed and took as seat on one of the love couches.

“You and I both know that’s not as fun, princess,” he hummed and squeezed into the seat with me, throwing his hand over my shoulder.

“Don’t call me princess,” I tried to move his arm off of me but his hand grabbed mine and held it in place.

“I won’t call you princess if you start calling me daddy,” He smiled at me.

“Justin, your people have already colonized my peoples culture and land, I’ll be damned if you colonize my ass,” I got up but our hands were still linked.

“That sounds like a challenge to me,” he hummed while childishly swinging my arm.

“You are mistaken,” I snatched my hand away and took a seat in another chair.

“I may be wrong about a lot of things but I know for a fact that you want me as bad as I want you. You’re just too stubborn to admit it,” He leaned towards he as though what he was saying was a secret.

“And what lead you to this conclusion?”

“You don’t feel that?”

“Feel what bieber?” I crossed my airs yet again.

“The sexual tension in the air. It can only lead to one thing,” he tutted.

“Blue balls?” I used a high pitched voice.

“That’s funny.”

“Yes it is,” I nodded.

“Instead of making jokes you should go ahead and give up acting like you don’t want me,” Justin gave his unhelpful suggestion.

“I don’t want you,” I leaned into him with a smile on my face.

“Quit lying to yourself,” He placed a hand on my knee, his hazel eyes gleamed with excitement

“Quit trying to get with me,” I countered.

“I’m Justin Bieber, I get what I want, baby girl,” He spoke cockily before getting up and walking away.


“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat of the suv full.

“Sorry, I shouldve picked a car that sits eight people not seven ,” Justin fakely apologized as he smiled in the second row of the Mercedes van.

“Kylie, can you scoot over a bit?” I asked the girl who was in the backrow taking pictures with Hailey and Kendall.

“Sorry there’s no room back here,” Kylie spoke after she tested the small amount of space.

“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat full. Kendall, Hailey, and Kylie were in the back , the driver and Khalil were in the front, and Atifa, Za, and Bieber were in the middle.

“Fine,” I huffed before climbing over Za to sit on Afita who immediately squealed in dislike.

“I don’t need the dye from you skirt to rub off on my dress,” was her reasoning for shoving me off of her and on Justin.

“You’re all over me yet again. Last year is rehashing itself,” Justin cooed.

“Shut up and scoot over,” I groaned, pushing him against the door so at least one of my asscheeks was properly seated compared to the other on that was still pressed against Justin’s thigh.

“How much longer is the drive?” I asked impatiently once we had been on the road for at least ten minutes.

“Another twenty minutes if there isn’t traffic, ma'am,” the driver informed me, making me groan. Afita looked back at me with side eyes at the fact that I made such a noise right in her ear.

“So that’s how you sound in bed?” Justin asked. I didn’t react to his aggravating words. “What’s wrong baby?” He bugged me once he realized I was being unresponsive.

“1. I’m not your baby. 2. I’m really uncomfortable,” I muttered. my thigh were tensed up as I supported myself upward in such an awkward position.

“My lap is free,” He patted his thighs.

“No, thanks,” I declined immediately.

“Why babe? I don’t bite… unless you ask me to,” He kicked his lips. I held out until a few seconds later, we hit a bump in the road that made me give in. “Shut up,” I spoke as I placed myself on him. I grimaced to myself as I felt him shift positions so that his hand was wrapped around my waist.

“Aw, it seems like everyone is happily paired up with someone! Me and Tyga. Kenny and Cara. Atifa and Za. Justin and Y/N-” Kylie started.

“Hell no,” I ended her statement.

“Look at you all on his lap,” Khalil teased once he looked back at us from the front seat.

“I was uncomfortable,” I explained myself.

“I don’t think you were uncomfortable when you were making out with him last time,” Afita piped up.

“It was a dare,” I lightly hit at her arm.

“A dare that we both enjoyed,” Justin added in.

“Shut up. You know I hate you,” I glared back at him.

“In the words of Aubrey Drake: ‘fuck me like you hate me’,” Justin gave me an dumb smile that others would find endearing.

“You’re disgusting,” I leaned as far away from him as I could while still being sat in his lap.

“I’m more than disgusting,” Justin made an ugly slurping noise.

“Aw! Love is in the air!” Za called out.

“Drink bleach,” I deadpanned.

“Aw, babe. Why are you so mean to me?” Justin pouted.

“You’re gross, ignorant, ungrateful, annoying, pompous-”

“I love it when you use college level words with me,” He easily brushed of my insults that were pouring in.

“You know what? I’m sick and tired of you. I’ve been with you for like five, maybe six hours?” I turned on his lap to look at him. A look of discomfort was evident on his face for half a second, but I didn’t care. “This is unbearable know I know why I never come to LA with Atifa because I always have to see your dumb ass,” Getting so heated, I was talking with my hands and whole body while rolling my neck with every syllable.

“Aye chill out,” Justin hand was wrapped around me again, making me madder. I lowered my tone to be courteous to the other people in the car who were engaged in their own conversations but, I sure as hell was not done.

“Chill out? Chill out? The only thing you’ve done is bring up that damn kiss that I was forced to do. Quit bringing it up. It was months ago and a dare,” I continued, looking back at him with annoyance.

“Okay, okay,” Justin quickly surrendered, looking strained in his seat.

“Okay, what? Okay, you’re going to leave me alone? Okay, you’re going to get away from me? Okay, you’re going to stop bringing up the kiss? What does okay mean?” I spat off my questions at him.

“Okay means calm down and stop moving unless you want me to cum my pants,” Justin spoke, unembarrassed while I immediately tensed up at his words. I looked around the car to see that no one heard what Just had said except for me. Testing to if his words were true, I readjusted and definitely felt him pressed between my ass and, he more I moved, the harder he got.
Moving again, trying to find a position less awkward, Justin muttered something under is breath and kept me still on lap. Finding a thrill in him being so restless, this situation would serve as my way of payback of all annoyance he has brought me over the years.

Khalil who had the aux was casually playing his favorite hype songs through out the ride. Everyone cheered when Drake’s iconic Controlla started. “You like it when I get aggressive. Tell you to go slower, go faster like controlla,” I hummed while dancing on Justin’s lap. I looked back Justin with an evil smile on my face as his jaw clenched while looking down watch my ass, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop me.

“I’m starting to hate you as much as me,” Justin groaned and threw his head back against the window out of frustration.

“Fuck me like you hate me,” I mimicked Justin for earlier, out of impulse, before my mind could catch up to my mouth. His head immediately snapped up and eyes met mine. “I mean-” I was about to clean up my slip but the opening of the car door prevented it. I almost fell out of the car and Justin’s lap when the driver started opening up all the doors once we were stopped in front of the club. I stumbled out and went over to Atifa before Justin could say anything about my comment.

We all entered the club as a group and were escorted to private section of VIP. Our little sectioned off part of the club was the most illuminated area of the whole venue. Everything else was dark despite the strobe lights that flashed on the faces of  those dancing. The VIP section sat high above ground level at we peered down, seeing the crowd go
crazy as music pumped through the club.

We sat around the circle booth as drinks were being served to us. Justin, sitting across the table from me, was consistently staring as I danced in my seat and talked back and forth between Khalil and Kendall who were beside me. I kept drinking until I felt all the tension and annoyance that Justin caused in me slip away. Twenty minutes later, I found myself pushing Khalil out of the booth and making my way out unto the center of the dance floor.

I danced. I danced for so long. I dance with anyone who wanted to dance as well. I felt like the center of attention as men and women alike took notice of me and waited for their turn. Each time someone got a bit too handsey or couldn’t keep up with me, I floated to somebody else to dance with. Never getting bored with the feeling of someone’s hot body against mine, I continued to move my hips to the music that shook me.

All too often, I would look up to the VIP to see some of the group cheering me on or engaging in dancing of their own but all in the same, each time Justin was staring down at me with a drink in his hand. Each time I looked up there, his eyes didn’t stray from me once, at least until he couldn’t be seen at all. Shaking my thoughts away from him, Atifa joined me soon enough, with Za at her side. Za and I sandwiched her as he danced behind her and I twerked against her thin. She playfully slapped at my ass as I popped back on her. I kept dancing with them until Atifa turned to kissed Za. I smiled at them hazily before closing eyes and letting the music move me.

It was when I was dancing to Young Thug that, I felt strong hands take hold of my hips. I hummed in appreciation at the fact that this person obviously knew what he wanted and it was me. I rolled my hips against his as my fingers ran through short hair and locked behind the back of his head. The man behind me groaned in my ear before pressed a kiss to my exposed neck. I crooked my head so that his lips would instead catch my lips. At the feeling of them against me, I opened my eyes in surprise as a blue stroke light flashed over Justin’s face.

“That wasn’t a dare,” He spoke in my ear as his hands dragged up and down my thighs, pulling my dress up with it. Doing the only thing I could think to do, I pressed my lips against his again. He moaned against my lips as I licked into his mouth and bit at his bottom lip. My lips trailed down his neck and bit into him. In retaliation to the pleasurable pain I was giving him, he grasped at my ass roughly. I laughed before turning back around to dance again.

I smiled as I pulled at Justin’s hands, giving him permission to touch. Tanking the hint, he moved up and down my legs before settling on my hips. All while I was staring at the beautiful man in front me. The luring smile I gave the man more more than enough invitation dance in front of me. One of my hands moved to the should of the other guy as Justin’s grip on me got even tighter. Hearing the opener to one of my favorite dance songs, I couldn’t help the happy giggle that escaped my lips as Red Nose started playing.

“Don’t hold back,” Justin spoke, voice raspy. Taking his words to heart, I dipped down low and grasps the hips of the man in front of me for support. An aching want bubbled in me as I felt Justin’s hard on for the second time this night against me. Justin’s finger tips dug into my hipbone as to pull me closer against where he wanted me most. I threw my ass back and Justin definitely knew how to catch it.

Justin followed my movements easily as I shook my ass like a red nose pit bull would shake its’ toy. His body was so in tune with mine, it made me wonder how good he’d be in bed. If this dance was the indicator then his stroke game would be flawless. Tired of me leading the motions, he took control of situation and grinded against me as though he was prepared to take me home and fuck me open.

Our hips moved filthily to the beat as Justin’s hands wandered and found his blunt fingernails scratching themselves against my inner thigh. I shuddered from the sensitivity as Justin’s eager moved were more than responsive to my twerking. The man in front of me who I was still hanging onto, was recklessly begging for more of my attention as he started thrusting his hips close to my mouth.

Upon seeing that, Justin snatched my hands off of the guy and pulled me up again. I looked back to see Justin glaring at the man as his hand ran in between my thighs yet again. As another act of dominance, he continued to roll my hips back with one hand and grasped my breast with the other as his teeth bit deeply into my neck all while staring at the man who wanted me as well.

I gasped as he kept licking and sucking while his raging hard on pulsed against my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. Justin left open mouth kisses that swirled from my neck, all the way up to my upper jaw. My legs went weak at the hazily arousal that imbedded us. I turned back to face Justin and engaged him in a sloppy kiss. We were in our own world as we licked into each other’s mouths and I ground myself against his thigh, building up an even bigger need for an ultimate release.

“Please,” I mumbled against his lips as I started to push him back. I wanted- I needed to be brought somewhere else. Justin moved back easily with my pushes. We got farther and farther from the center of the dance floor. Finally, we made it to one of the walls of the building where very little light was visible. Noticing the convenience of our new placement, Justin spun me around and pinned me against the wall. I whimpered his name as he threw my leg around his waist and used that leverage to ground his hips against me again.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned in my ear before licking at my cleavage. I shuddered and held him down, wishing he could be sucking on my taunt nipples. Justin grunted against my breasts before finally putting is hand inbetween my legs again. I gasped and opened my eyes quickly to see if anyone was noticing our actions.  Feeling high on the fact that we could be caught, made more of my arousal pool into my panties.
Taking a look around, everyone was focused on either their own partners or dancing in itself.

Justin put two fingers in front of my face, which I quickly sucked on. Waiting for my nod of approval, pushed my panties to the side. I shuddered as I felt his fingers lather in my arousal for a second before pushing them into me. My one leg that held me up, started to shake as all the sexual tension that built up between Justin and I over the years was finally resolving to something. Justin was quick with his fingers as he rapidly screwed them upwards. It didn’t take long for him to find my g spot considering, I shook violently every time he hit it.  

“Open your eyes,” He instructed with a harsh tone. I followed his command and met his eyes. Even in the dark lighting, I could see how much he wanted me. His eye contact never left mine as his fingers drilled into my center. I whimpered and subconsciously leaned my head back against the wall. In response, Justin quickly took hold of my jaw and manually put my eyes back on him. That demanding touch alone, almost brought me to my climax. I bit down on my bottom lips as I rocked my body down onto his fingers that were bringing me so much pleasure.

“I want you to cum right here in front of everybody,” Justin’s voice racked. His thumb roughly started rubbing at my swollen clit while his fingers still moved in and out of me. His eyes looked down to see my body spasming against his finger as his thumb swiped from side to side against me. My orgasm was at the brink and I frantically looked around at room to make sure no one was watching as I let go for Justin. My orgasm took me as I bit down on Justin’s neck preventing, my loud moans from meeting the air. A squirt if my arousal slipped from me and soaked Justin’s hand, my dress, and the floor alike as my orgasm shook me.

“I didn’t know you are squirter. You just keep getting so much fucking hotter than you already were,” Justin complimented as he pulled his fingers out and a smaller stream fell from between my legs.

“Fuck me, God I just need you to fuck me right here,” I whimpered as I unlocked my leg from around Justin’s waist and I started working to get his dick out.

“Right here?” he asked, his eyes wide at my desperation. I nodded quickly and made him shudder once I pulled his underwear covered bulge from out of his pants.

“Please, Justin,” I begged while grasping my hand around his throbbing dick, making him moan out.

“This is so hot,” he muttered as he quickly pulled a condom from his back pocket. Just as he teared it open and was about to put it on, some random guy leaned on the wall beside us and was way to close for our liking.

“Restroom, restroom, restroom,” I called in his ear while trying my best to help him get back into his pants. Not bothering to buckling it all the way, he covered his crotch with one and hand and dragged me along with his other hand as we trailed the perimeter until we found a bathroom. Without hesitation, he pulled me into the men’s bathroom and quickly directed me into a stall, all while I heard cheers from the men who saw me walk in.

He quickly closed and locked the stall door before pulling down his pants and briefs. I moaned at the sight of his veiny cock that slapped his stomach at its release from confines. He was so much bigger than I thought he would be. I thought his ego was so big because his penis was so small but, he proved me wrong. My mouth watered so bad, I began to lean down just to get a taste of it. “Other time, I just need to get in you,” He pulled me back up the rolled the condom on himself.

I nodded before turning around to bend over and pull my drenched panties off. Not even waiting for them to be half way down my thighs, Justin gave no warning as he slammed his whole self into me. I screamed at the sudden fullness I felt as Justin began to rock in into me. He used short, little thrusts until I grew accustomed to the feeling of his thick cock splitting me open. My hands braced myself against the two conjoined walls of the stall as Justin’s thrusts became heavier and harder. I couldn’t help the little pants of air that escaped me every time he pounded into me.

Justin’s large hands found his way to my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He held onto them as a way to still me. Eventually, he used his grip to pull me back on his cock at the same time that he pushed into me. The sounds of sex were the only things I could take note of in this backroom. The sound of my wetness, our moans, and the pounding had me at a loss of words as I took everything Justin gave to me.

I hummed in surprise when Justin hooked my leg over his arm and positioned me so that my foot was supported on the little toilet paper stand attached to the wall. I moaned louder as the angle worked for the both of us, even better than before. Justin loving the sound of my pleasure on my lips, used my moans as encouragement to hammer himself into me. With every other second he thrusted in and out of me and hit perfectly against my walls.

“Justin, Justin, Justin,” I whimpered at his name while his sharp teeth bit down on my shoulder. His hand moved down to my pelvis so that, I could continue to pushed back against him at his whim.

“God I’m gonna- are you close? You about to cum?” Justin’s asked, voice strained from our actions. I quickly nodded and bounced my ass back against him while he sped up even faster. I couldn’t help clenched around Justin’s dick that pulsed inside of me continuously. The toilet paper rack, no longer able to support my weight throughout our erratic movements, unattached from the wall and fell to the ground with a loud shatter. I could only focus on it for half a second before I was cumming again.

My cum shot out of me in multiple squirts as my legs shook. I tried my best to support myself with my grip on the wall while all my arousal left my body. My earth shattering orgasm was prolonged by Justin pushing himself back into me and releasing himself while twisting and pinching at my covered nipples. Justin pulled out allowing one last stream of my juices trail out of me and down my inner thighs. Justin apparently couldn’t help but lean down and lick up the cum that was dripping down body.

“So um-” I spoke first after regaining my breathe while justin cleaned me up.

“I always knew you wanted me,” he kissed at my thigh once more before pulling my dress back over me ass. I cringed at the wetness that was pressed against my bottom due to my squirting.

“Anyways,” I tried to change the subject while best trying to dry myself up.

“Kiss me,” He pulled my shaky body against his firm one.

“Don’t touch me,” I reverted back into my old sober and hostile ways.

“Let me take you out sometime,” He offered while buckling his pants. and fixing his disheveled appearance.


“I’ll give you my shirt if you agree to go out with me,” He started to pull off his flannel.

“Why would I want your shirt?” I scoffed.

“Because your cum is all over your ass,” He laughed.

“Fine,” I snatched the shirt from his hand and tied it around my waist. After I checked that the coast was clear, I left the stall to fix myself back up in the mirror.

“Tomorrow. 7:30. I’ll pick you up at your hotel. Dress nice,” He hummed from behind me.

“Fine, but no one is going to know about the date or the fact that we just fucked,” I made my terms.

“Fine but, I’m pretty sure our friends will be able to tell considering you can’t walk straight,” Justin laughed as I walked towards the exit.

“Don’t come back to the table for at least 5 minutes,” I instructed so that we wouldn’t rejoin our friends at the exact same time and draw suspicion. Justin rolled his eyes but nodded all in the same. I readjusted my outfit.

“Hey, where have you been?” Kendall asked happily once I appeared back at the booth. Kylie and Khalil were nowhere to be seen but the rest of the group was there. Kendall who never drank much was as close to sober as anyone else was, making it harder to be nonchalant.

“Oh, just dancing,” I shrugged.

“Have you seen Justin?” Hailey leaned her head off the table with a hopeful smile.

“No, thank god. I haven’t seen him all night,” I took a seat the booth.

“But you’re wearing his shirt,” Kendall pointed out.

“Because I did see him once and I was cold so he gave it to me,” I lied.

“Then why is it around your waist?” Kendall raised her eyebrow at me.

“Because once I warmed up, I got hot again,” I took a sip at who’s ever drink was in front of me.

“Hm,” Kendall didn’t seem all too convinced. Soon enough, Justin joined us at the table a table

“Justin! Where have you been all my life life life life?” Hailey drunkenly sang Rihanna’s song.

“Yeah, where have you been,” Kendall piped up before looking at me then back at Justin again.

“Just dancing,” He shrugged and sat down next to Za.

“Aye, You spilled something on your pants,” Za noted a splattered wet stain on Justin’s jeans. My face heated up, immediately know what the stain was.

“No, I  didn’t. Y/N did though,” Justin laughed knowing that no one else would get it.

“She said she hasn’t seen you all night,” Kendall brought up.  

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of her,” He licked his lips and I kicked him from under the table. Everyone looked between Justin and I for a moment in silence.

“You owe me $200! I knew they were going to fuck tonight!” Za exclaimed at Kendall who pulled out her wallet and tossed two hundred dollar bills at him.

“Headass, you never can keep your mouth shut,” I kicked Justin again who erupted into laughter.

“Well I know how to keep your mouth shut and also how to have you moaning my name too,” He cleverly used word play.

“Za, get your friend before I kill him,” I huffed.

“Choke me out with your thighs after our date tomorrow night,” He exposed our plans making the table go into hysteria. Justin smiled at the chaos he caused in our friends. I could do nothing but roll my eyes; I really hate Justin Bieber.

@boookemdanno - here is your other suggestion my lovely! 

#223: rob once got drunk on new year’s eve and decided to spend the countdown listing things he loved about aaron. he was a drunken mess and kept stumbling on his words but aaron couldn’t help but blush like a love sick puppy and crash their mouths together when the clock chimed.

It’s loud and bright and everyone’s having a right good old time of it. It’s making Aaron laugh, he’s seeing his whole family down pints and loosen up and God it’s like his mum is actually planning on getting legless. 

“You want another pint babe?” Aaron snaps his head up as he hears Robert. 

Yeah he’s probably far gone now isn’t he? Aaron thinks because he’s dropping in terms of endearments. 

Aaron smiles, leans down a little and dares himself to hold Robert’s hand on the bar. Robert grins almost automatically and then he’s repeating the question and making Aaron laugh.

“No I’m fine,” Aaron says, shaking his head and then standing up a little so he can whisper in Robert’s ear. “No more for you either.”

Robert rolls his eyes and then leans into Aaron, bumping their bodies together a little. “You’re no fun.” He declares, almost child like. 

Aaron sighs and then strokes Robert’s arm. “I can be fun later, if you’re still standing.”

Robert blushes, “Yeah?” Aaron nods in confirmation and then watches Robert neck back another pint without stopping.

“Easy there,” Aaron whispers, a smile on his face. “If you keep going at this rate you’ll have no idea where to stick it later.”

Robert’s eyes are all wide and he laughs before nearly falling over the stool.

Adam claps his hands together at the scene playing out in front of him, his best mate holding up his silly excuse of a fiancé. 

Aaron shoots him a look and then turns to his mum who’s trying to get everyone’s attention.

“The countdown’s going to start in a sec!” Chas yells over the noise in the pub, pint in her hand decorated with a pink curly straw bobbing around the top of it.

Aaron smiles, for a second forgets that he’s in a crowded pub and just thinks of everything instead. He honestly didn’t think he’d still be here now. He wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for -


He’s laughing at himself for how drunk he is and Aaron’s smiling at him because it’s all so endearing. It’s weird to think of a time where Robert was just this closed book, this enigma that Aaron had fallen in love with.

Robert’s pacing himself with yet another pint and Aaron’s letting him, for now. 

“Ya hear that babe?” Robert slurs his words and then he’s trying to wrap a hand around Aaron’s neck. “The countdown.” He smiles, eyes all hazy with merriness. 

Aaron nods, tries to wriggle out of the hold Robert has on him. “Yeah Rob, the count -”

"I love you.” Robert blurts out softly, too softly and Aaron pulls a face because he can’t hear above the music. “I LOVE YA.”

Robert yells and then Chas is doing this little warm expression and looking at them. 

Aaron flushes red and then nods. “Yeah I know you do, no need to shout it mate.” He teases gently.

Robert frowns harshly, “I’d shout it from the - the - uh, what do they call -”

“From the rooftops.” Aaron fills in, makes Robert smile like a little boy. 

“I do. I love ya.” Robert mumbles, moved closer and holds at Aaron’s waist without caring who sees. “I - love everything about ya." 

Aaron scoffs and then his mum is ringing the bell. 

Robert suddenly stands and then he’s grabbing Aaron by the wrists. "Aaron, I love your - your eyes.”


Aaron rolls his eyes, can hardly hear his drunk fiancé over the sound of everyone chanting. 

“I love your - your arms!” Robert shouts over everyone, he doesn’t care, he’s letting all his inhibitions go as he tightens a grip on Aaron’s arms. “They’re so big.” He says, voice trying to be sexy and slow. 


“I love your - your hair! It’s so fucking fluffy sometimes with all those curls that you -”

Aaron pulls a hand over Robert’s mouth and laughs.

“You’re so drunk.” Aaron laughs, places a hand on Roberts chest.


“I love you smile, so much.” 

Aaron smiles even wider, wants to please Robert if he can.


"And - and your scruff. You little - little beard.” Robert holds Aaron’s face and squeezes it, making the younger man pull away and telling him to do one.


“I love - love your heart.” That makes Aaron let out a little shaky breath because Robert practically collapses into his chest and he’s all teary eyed.

“Robert you idiot, you’re so bladdered!” Aaron remarks, shakes his head loving.


“And your - your little - little height.” Robert slurs, steps forward that little bit it’s and then Aaron’s saying, “Do one,” one more time. 


“I love your strength,” Robert whispers like he finally realises that he needs to and then Aaron’s laughing against him.


“Love your laugh too. It’s so fucking beautiful." 


"And your neck, the way I can suck on it when -”

Robert feels Aaron place a hand on his mouth yet again and he laughs until it’s dropped by Aaron.

Public Rob,” Aaron hisses in his ear playfully. 


“I just fucking love ya.” Robert yells, smiles a little as Aaron catches his breath and then hears everyone shouting ‘happy new year’ before Aaron smashes their mouths together and they both nearly fall back on the stool as Adam wolf whistles at them.

Robert pulls back first, all breathless and surprised that Aaron just kissed him in public.

“Happy new year Robert.” Aaron says, shakiness in his tone as he holds onto Robert’s jumper and forgets the world. 

Roberts barely standing straight, drunk out of his mind and yet he knows for sure that he loves Aaron and that it’s going to be a happy year. It has to be.

“Happy new year.” Robert says, smiling a little as he speaks and then he’s gripping onto Aaron and planting a sloppy kiss on his neck.

Aaron smiles shyly, “Love ya,” he whispers. “You drug git.” He adds playfully, holding Robert a little tighter towards him because - he loves him so much it aches a little inside to think of a second without him near. 

Robert laughs at that before watching Aaron lean over and hug his mum, hug his best mate and he stands there (tries to at least) and feels nothing but this buzzing sense of warmness travel through him.

Ship Meme: Ponyboy Curtis

Gives nose/forehead kisses

Both of you do! You turn it into a game - not one with rules or anything, but you try to surprise/startle each other with little face kisses. One time you kept it up for three days until Dally walked by and said something to the effect of For the love of god, stop being so disgustingly cute.

Gets jealous the most

He does and it’s the cutest thing ever omg - so sometimes you make him jealous on purpose because the puppy eyes he gives you when you do are just so adorable.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

I feel like this would be him. Darry probably scared him into never drinking seriously ever, so he’s more than likely the sober one. (Besides, he’d probably be a weepy romantic drunk.) 

Takes care of on sick days

You do. He’s actually…strangely adorable when he’s sick? Like he’s got a high fever and glazed eyes and his hair’s probably a mess but there’s something endearing about how quiet his voice gets and how he clearly wants nothing more than for you to be near him.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

You do! And he’ll definitely follow you and grin and say how cute you are, but I feel like he’d be more interested in walking along the beach and collecting shells and….dare I say? Watching the sunset with you.

Gives unprompted massages

You do, and it catches him off guard every. single. time. He’s just “??? you want to do that for me???” Yes, Pony, I do. Now stop fidgeting.

Drives/rides shotgun

You’re usually the one driving because he loves to daydream, watch the scenery, and talk with you on long car trips. Some of your deepest and most meaningful conversations have happened with him in the passenger seat while you drive.

Brings the other lunch at work

You do! Just to have an excuse to see him, really - and it always makes your stomach flutter seeing how his face lights up at seeing you. So, full disclosure time: sometimes you hide his lunch in the morning so you’ll have to bring him food.

Has the better parental relationship

His parents were amazing and frankly, no matter what he might’ve thought during the events of the book, Darry is an amazing dad. 

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Lmao do not give this boy alcohol he is terrible.

Still cries watching Titanic

Both of you are outright sobbing and it’s absolutely hilarious. Dally walks by like “Ha, losers” or something like that and then the both of you look at him with tear-filled puppy eyes and he grumbles and walks away.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

I can actually totally see this being him? The gang will make fun of you two to be sure, but you both look cute and neither one of you care.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Well, if anyone is going to be breaking that rule it’s not him - not because he wou;dn’t like to, but because he can’t. The Curtises don’t have much to spare, but I can totally see Pony writing you a poem or saving up to frame a picture he really loves of the two of you.

Makes the other eat breakfast

It’s the first time you scold him about not eating that Darry decides he likes you and that you’re good for Pony. 

Remembers anniversaries

Are you kidding me this boy is the most classical romantic out there of course he remembers. He spends like a month trying to find a beautiful way to celebrate without spending too much because reasons.

Brings up having kids

He does - mostly to ask if you want to, really. He says he thinks he’d be a good dad, and if you’d like to, he’d be honored to be the father of your children.

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: OtaYuri
A/N: never underestimate a writer’s salt. you tell me not to do something and this is what happens. whoops. for @makariaartsabout @kaijoskopycat and @dawnstruck just because.

“What’s it say?”

Otabek continues scrolling through his phone, brows creased and teeth edging his bottom lip as a scoff escapes. Quiet and amused, but noticeable still. Yuri is about to grab the device when his own phone chimes, prompting him to check his Twitter feed. 

.@otabek_altin why do you call @yuri_plisetsky “kit”? aw honey it means “whale” in russian. don’t call him that. u should use something else

“This is what happens when I speak English,” Otabek says, choking on a laugh. 

It’s a rare sight for Otabek to be so amused that the result trumps his usual stoic responses. The reaction only piques Yuri’s interest even more as he frowns at the small screen. “They’re telling you what you can and can’t call me now?! What kind of crap garbage–”

“This is why I address you in Russian,” Otabek says, much too concentrated on whatever he’s typing to stop as he adds, “people are now calling me out on my terms of endearment. Maybe I should add it to my list. Whales are cute.”

Yuri rolls his eyes. “You’re fucking ridiculous,” he says, though not without affection. He plants a quick kiss on Otabek’s cheek, resting his chin on Otabek’s shoulder as he muses, “do it. I fucking dare you. I’d do it just because they say I can’t. Telling me not to do something guarantees I’m going to want to do it a hundred times more. What the fuck.”

Then his phone chimes.

.@yuri_plisetsky are you going to be my whale or not? Yuri reads once Otabek’s tweet appears. He snorts, rolls his eyes at Otabek as he breezes through a response. .@otabek_altin u mean whale I be urs? 

A few responses chime in and soon, their phones go off, a bedlam of loud, chaotic alerts thirsty for news. Instead of addressing the influx of replies, however, Otabek stuffs his phone back in his pocket and slings an arm around Yuri’s shoulder. Yuri follows suit with his own device, but not before he tweets Otabek with a whale emoticon, adds a winking face for emphasis. 

At the next competition, Yuri waves a whale plushie at Otabek as he yells “Davai!”. His cheeky grin and knowing look only lasts until his set is done and Otabek presents him with a whale plushie of his own, nearly half Yuri’s size. When Yuri’s conspiratorial gaze lands on Otabek’s neutral expression, the latter shrugs, mouths “go big or go home” and inconspicuously winks, much to Yuri’s salty delight. 

They take pictures, holding their prizes in front of them as though they were trophies themselves, before stealing a kiss behind the largest doll, Yuri’s middle finger strategically placed as he holds the makeshift veil in place.

Reporters immediately swarm them, throwing out questions about the whales’ meanings. 

“Why a whale?” one reporter shouts, to which Otabek responds, “whale, why not?”

"Is there a significance to the whales?” another directs at Yuri. With a casual shrug as he checks something on his phone, Yuri answers with an offhanded, “did you know whales have really big dicks?”

There’s a stunned silence that follows. It requires a fair amount of Yuri’s self control not to burst into snide laughter, but all it takes is Otabek holding up his whale plush to make him lose it. He drags Otabek away, Yakov’s voice still clearly distressed behind them as they duck into one of the empty rooms in the back.

Yuri is still laughing when Otabek casually ventures, “you never responded. Whale you be mine or not?”

“Thought I already was?”

“Yes, but I didn’t have the pun to go with it the last time I asked,” Otabek says with a short chuckle. 

“I’m not shaking your fucking hand, Beka.”

“How about a thumbs up?”

Yuri snorts and pulls Otabek close. “I’ve got a better idea,” he says, the kiss that follows more endearing and sweeter than a dozen hand shakes, a hundred thumbs ups, and a rink full of whale plushies combined.

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 4

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, sexual tension? talk of sexual things, building up to DeanxReader smut

A/N: To those of you who have been reading these and liking them or making comments, thank you so much, it makes my day to see a comment or heart on something I wrote. I love all of you thank you<3 

Three Weeks Later…

You were happily seated between the Winchesters in the front of the impala on your way to the bunker. You had been able to knock out the hunts quicker than the boys had thought so you were headed to your new home.

“Sammy make sure Y/N doesn’t drink any more coffee today, she’s about to jump out of her seat” Dean said eyeing you as you excitedly bounced anticipating seeing your new home.

“Deano I am fine, I am just very excited for my new home, Sammy don’t you dare hold back the coffee from me I will hurt you”

Sam chuckled, “Alright ‘Lorelei’. You have an addiction to coffee you know, it’s not healthy to have that much caffeine daily.”

“Coffee is my source of power, it’s how I remain charming and endearing all day long”

Dean practically snorted at that and you elbowed him while sticking your tongue out. He chuckled at your facial expression and moved his hand to squeeze your leg. He had made it a habit to do this and then seemingly forget about his hand and would rub small circles on the inside of your leg… over the past few weeks you and Dean had set a pattern. You already felt as close to him as you did Sam, but it was different, you could get deeper with Dean, there were no walls or hiding emotions with him. Well except one emotion. You figured out pretty quick that you were developing a huge crush on him but were trying to force yourself to think of him as just a best friend…it was difficult, especially with how affectionate Dean was with you. If he wasn’t putting his hand on your leg, he was wrapping you in a bear hug or cuddling you, he’d even taken to resting his face in the crook of your neck when he hugged you from behind. You just about passed out the other day when his lips accidently grazed your neck. Your neck was a bit of a weakness for you physically and usually only men that you were physical with got access to that part of you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Dean to stop, and he appeared to only think of you like a sister so what’s the harm in little touches?

You also were anxious to get to the bunker because that would be when your physical hunter training would begin. Dean had gone over some basics with you, but your real training would officially start tomorrow at the bunker after you’d gotten settled in. You were nervous about training too though. You’d never been too athletic; you ran but that was really just a way to clear your head you weren’t fast enough to compete or anything. Contact sports had never been your thing either, you would describe yourself as awkward and usually pretty shy so growing up you really just stuck to reading and writing. You wanted to be a hunter, you really wanted to be a hunter, but you were scared that you wouldn’t be able to handle the physical aspect of it all. You’d already proven you were very helpful behind the scenes, but actually hunting was another thing.

“Sweetheart stop thinking so much” You were snapped from your thoughts by Dean who squeezed your leg again. You gave him a questioning look, “You bite your lip and between your eyebrows crinkle when you’re thinking hard” you blush and look down when he says this, the fact that he noticed little things like that made your stomach flutter Stop it, Y/N, he’s just a friends, he thinks of you like a sister stop getting excited over every little thing.

“We’re here”


-6 months later-

“Ughh, oh my god, I am going to take a week long nap” you moaned as you fell face down into the couch.

“I’m going to go get in bed” Sam said as he set his bags down. “Night guys”

“Night Sammy” you and Dean said in unison.

“So, Y/N, movie night?”

“That sounds great Dean, just let me shower, you get the snacks and set up the movie”

“Does that mean you’re letting me pick the movie?”

“I guess I’ll let you have my turn tonight I’m too tired to think of what I want to watch”

You’d been hunting for the last 4 months; it took a while to convince Dean you were ready but once he let you he realized just how much help you were. Turns out you were worried for nothing, you kicked ass as a hunter, even the boys were shocked at just how good you were. You’d settled into a routine easily with the boys. Sam would find hunts and you all would go out and get it done and then come home and sleep for a week and have movie nights. Well the movie nights were more you and Dean’s thing. Sam sometimes would join but usually he went sleep, the three of you would spend the most part of your days off binge watching shows together but the movie nights were you and Dean’s. The two of you had settled together as best friends pretty easily, you still harbored a crush on the man but for the most part had it under control. You allowed yourself whatever moments you had with him but had learned to accept that you would never amount to more. You couldn’t let your feelings mess up what you had with him, you were his safe place and he was yours.


You towel dried off and slipped on your favorite pair of yoga pants and one of Dean’s flannels. You’d taken his offer to wear his clothes whenever very seriously and rarely wore your own at night or around the bunker, you claimed his were just more comfortable, but it didn’t hurt that they smelled like him too, his smell had become very comforting to you.

“What movie did you pick?” you asked as you walked into Dean’s room, you could’ve sworn you saw him looking you up and down in his shirt but you chose not to think about that. You plopped down on the bed and grabbed a handful of popcorn shoving it in your mouth.

“well I thought we could watch 50 Shades…” you started choking on the popcorn at this gasping for air

“Whoa baby girl it was just a joke I picked Gladiator” he said laughing and rubbing your back trying to calm you.

Once you stopped coughing you glared at him and stuck your tongue out.

“well on second thought maybe we should watch that just so I can make you uncomfortable” he said reaching for the remote,

“Don’t you dare Dean; we cannot watch that together!” You said crawling over to him to grab the remote but he held it up in the air out of your reach

“And why not? Could be fun, maybe I’ll figure out what some of your kinks are too…” he said smirking at you.

“Oh my god, Dean no, you’re such a little shit” you mumbled out laughing getting up on your knees to grab the remote, you snatched the remote and hid it behind your back.

“oh no you don’t little girl” he teased coming across the bed and pushing you down but you held onto the remote behind your back.

You squealed as he pinned you down, “Deeaannn you’re crushing me!” you let out breathy laughs, you really didn’t mind being crushed by him but you had to at least pretend to be annoyed.

“Give me the remote and I’ll get off, unless you like me on top of you” he wiggled his eyebrows at that and you let out another giggle. Dean was such a flirt but you knew that was just his personality, it wasn’t particular to you.

“Dean you are so annoying but you are not getting this remote back until I can trust your movie choice”

“I guess I’ll just have to tickle you for it then” your eyes got wide at that and you tried to kick him off of you but he already had his hands under your shirt. You got distracted by the feeling of his warm calloused hands on your stomach and forgot that you were supposed to be trying to fight him off when he started to tickle. You squirmed under him trying to get free, the two of you giggling and struggling against each other

“Dean stop your killing me!” you could barely breath you were laughing so hard. He stopped for a second right above you looking into your eyes and smiling. It took your breath away. You knew you were blushing and wanted to find a way to move before you embarrassed yourself. You kicked your leg under his flipping him onto his back and pinning his hands back so he couldn’t tickle you again.

You held the remote up with one hand using the other to pin his back, maybe this wasn’t a better position than before…

“I’ll give the remote back if you promise no more tickling and no 50 Shades”

“Come on Y/N it’d be fun to watch, we’re best friends we should be able to talk about that kind of stuff would it really make you that uncomfortable?”

You could feel your breathing getting quicker, “We are best friends and we can talk about that stuff any time, I just… I just don’t like that movie its terrible acting” you huffed out hoping that’d be a good enough response for him, and hoping even more that he’d never talk to you about your sex life. Your sex life was pretty non-existent and it’d be embarrassing to talk about with him, when you could hear his sex life perfectly through the wall…

“Fine we will watch something else just because I’m deciding to be nice tonight” Dean surrendered as you laid back down trying to get comfortable in the bed. Dean turned on the movie and he settled back pulling you into him. Dean was a huge cuddler, he would never openly admit it though but you could tell by how he took any opportunity to wrap you in his arms or just hold you close.

Your eyes started to grow heavy and you felt the events of the week start to weigh on you, you were so tired and laying there in Dean’s arms was so comfortable you started to fall asleep.

You up in Dean’s bed the next morning, this wasn’t an unusual occurrance though. You and Dean had taken to sleeping in the same bed most nights due to both of you having nightmares and just needing someone there to comfort you when it happened. Ever since that first night Dean realized just how much having you hold him helped ward off the nightmares but it wasn’t till yours started and you needed someone that he was open about it. From that point whenever one of you didn’t want to be alone or had woken up from a bad nightmare, you would just go crawl into bed with the other, no questions asked, just someone to hold you and talk to if you needed it.

At some point in the night Dean and pulled you against his chest, he loved to spoon and in his sleep would pull you as close to his body as he could. He was still asleep and you looked at the clock it was only 8 so you decided to try and get some more sleep. You wiggled your body up closer to him and tried to feel all of his warmth when you hit something kind of hard with your ass. You completely stilled not knowing what to do, you got butterflies in your stomach and felt your face get burning hot. There was no chance you were falling asleep now, this had never happened before, or at least had never happened the mornings you’d woken up first. You could feel all of him through the thin fabric of his boxers and you bit your lip trying to keep yourself from thinking bad thoughts about your best friend. Dean started to stir and you felt his arm go to wrap you tighter but then his whole body stilled, he was very much awake and aware of him rubbing up against you.

“Oh god, I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry” he mumbled practically jumping out of the bed, you could see his face turning red. You giggled a bit at the sight of this big strong hunter blushing because he accidently pressed up against you.

“Dean its fine, it’s the morning, I understand” you said suppressing giggles, not feeling  so embarrassed anymore.

“Umm yeah, well I’m gonna go shower, uhh sorry, again” he grabbed a change of clothes and rushed back to the bathroom.

You headed to the kitchen to make some coffee and tried your hardest to get the thought of him rubbing up against you like that with bare skin out of your mind…

What Virgo thinks of the signs
  • Aries: you needn't fight me just because I'm right, very head strong, I need Advil when I'm around you.
  • Taurus: baby duckling, you're not as tough as you think you are. Very chill. love you.
  • Gemini: depends, there's two types of geminis: the passive aggressive, annoying little bitch or funny, endearing, and your laugh is adorable.
  • Cancer: you're pretty entertaining, you tell the craziest stories on dares you've done and strange things, but you're a total crybaby. You're my favorite person to listen to rant because you're hysterical.
  • Leo: depending on the day, you either make me laugh or irritate me. kinda odd how you think glaring at you with an unamused look is funny, and I think I'm more outgoing around you.
  • Virgo: you're an intelligent genius, you're witty and sarcastic, and you know you're better than everyone else but not the kind to boast. You keep the darkest secrets, people trust you.
  • Libra: you're a sweetheart, you're pretty laid back. You talk a lot though, it's fine, I prefer listening. You're also a huge pervert.
  • Scorpio: you're awfully quiet and shy, your friends annoy me. We're childhood friends and I'm so happy you've stayed this long. You're way too go-with-the-flow though and you stress me out.
  • Sagittarius: you're beautiful, a problem solver, loving, but you can be a real stubborn bitch. Your mood is contagious and we get in fights way too much, kinda wish we could've stayed friends.
  • Capricorn: you're the craziest person I know, but it's never a dull moment. You'll solve someone else's problems before your own, and will sacrifice your happiness for anyone.
  • Aquarius: we do not get along. Bye.
  • Pisces: wtf.
The Shadows We Cast


“Mama! Mommy! Watch me!”

Sapphire didn’t need to be told twice, of course. Blue eyes were trained on their precious little five year old as she raced ahead of them. Ever since they had adopted Garnet, their lives had just been so full of joy. Not that she and Ruby had been lacking in that department before that point, but it was just so clear to her that this was exactly what they had needed. Every day they spent with Garnet just brought more and more joy to them, and she couldn’t have been happier for it.

This day was one she had been looking forward to. Neither she nor Ruby had work that day, and they had promised a fun-filled family outing to Garnet when that was the case. So, the three of them were out and making their way into the local park. Garnet, of course, had taken the opportunity to get ahead of her mothers and was going to show them what she could do. Sapphire just laughed, of course, as their little girl started to jump about like she was one of the characters from her favorite show. The sight of Garnet momentarily stopping to look back and make sure their eyes were on her just amused her further.

“Don’t worry, honey. Mommy’s watching,” Sapphire laughed. Thankfully, that confirmation was all Garnet seemed to need. The little five-year-old was right back to laughing and pretending like normal. Sapphire took a moment to just watch as Garnet went about her normal activities. She was so young and innocent… It was a wonderful sight, and Sapphire couldn’t have been happier for it. This was exactly how Garnet needed to be. She needed to be able to express herself however she wanted… No bottled up emotions like Sapphire had once carried even at that age.

Sapphire paused in her walking and just kept her eyes on Garnet. For a moment, her thoughts drifted back to how she was at Garnet’s age. Her parents had been strict, as Ruby knew as fact by that point, and she had never had the opportunity to just… Let loose like their daughter could. It was refreshing, of course, to know that that would never happen with Garnet. Garnet would always been free to let anyone know how she felt.

Sapphire would make sure of that much.

A quick couple of blinks brought her back to reality, and she heard Garnet’s laughter once more. The dark-skinned little girl had made her way over to the nearest tree and looked like she was contemplating climbing it. This, of course, made Sapphire laugh again.

“Sweetie!” Sapphire called to her. “Be careful, all right? Mama and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt!” She knew her daughter, though. Garnet was a daring little thing and loved exploring and learning about what was around her. It just made it all the more endearing to watch her. A soft shake of her head followed, and Sapphire glanced back at Ruby a moment later.

“She’s gotten so big, Ruby! I almost can’t believe how fast she’s growing up.”

“I almost can’t even keep up with her sometimes!” It was a blessing, though. Sapphire would freely admit to that much. She would much rather have an energetic little bundle of joy than anything else, and Garnet was just perfect as far as she was concerned.

“This is just what we needed, don’t you think?” Sapphire asked. Of course, she knew her wife would say yes. Ruby had probably been looking forward to this outing just as much as Sapphire and Garnet had. Actually… There was no ‘probably’ about it. She definitely had. Sapphire knew that much as fact when it came down to it.

The Queen Pt. 3

A/N: Hey guys!! Really sorry for my mysterious MIA status. Writer’s block and business in general have kept me on my toes and I promised to get something out to you guys. I said I would finish my previous request and I will. I was just hitting a wall and “The Queen Pt. 3” was waiting to be written in my mind and I couldn’t stand it anymore. SO here you go!! I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome.

Title: The Queen

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Pt. 2

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts


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@nagginggargoyle said: 20 bispearl <3

The prompt (from this list) is Bismuth/Pearl: breaking the rules. Oh, you know me all too well.

I currently have no fewer than 23 prompts, oops. Here’s a quick one to start with, after a nap and before bed - I almost managed to keep it under 1000 words. A whole lot of banter practice.

I think this is their idea of a date (I love them).

“Bismuth, hurry! Get in here!”

She did, without a moment’s hesitation. The insides of the ship were far, far less cramped than what the outside of it would suggest - Homeworld technology at its finest. Bismuth leaned against the pilot seat as she watched Pearl rush through the pre-flight preparations.

Always a sight, that. “This is what we’re here for? Stars, Pearl. Dragging me away from my work on the pretext of an “important mission” when I have Rose’s sword to finish… you’re a menace.”

“Oh dear, have I ever heard that one before,” Pearl retorted, so visibly proud and pleased with herself Bismuth could have swooned. “Besides, I’m sure Rose won’t mind my borrowing you for the day.”

“Pfff, I bet she won’t. She can’t bear to frown in your general direction for more than five seconds and you know it.”

“Yes, well, even if such a thing were true, it would be far beneath me to exploit it,” Pearl stated with all the seriousness in the world. “Besides, it was too an important mission. And you need to get out more! The swords can wait.”

Bismuth gaped at her. “Did I grab the wrong Gem by mistake when we fell down that old fuel chute? Who are you and what have you done to Pearl?”

“No, no, no, I don’t think you did! You are most certainly looking at the one and only terrifying renegade pearl, very emphatically not at your service.”

There was almost a wink in there somewhere, Bismuth would have sworn. “Ha! Good one. You’re a treasure, Pearl.”

Even after seeing it a thousand times, the blue blush remained one of the most endearing things Bismuth could think of. She offered Pearl an encouraging smile, and Pearl tossed a suddenly shy one right back. “I- I suppose. So, um… ready to make that daring escape?”

“With you? Always.”

The gaze Pearl shot her was filled with a number of things that were both intense and beautifully right. They’d been at this for centuries, the rebellious handful of them, and the easy, loving familiarity felt more like home than any planet in the universe.

The moment was thoroughly ruined by the comms indicator of the ship’s control panel lighting up and launching into a shrill series of bleeps. Pearl jumped, reached under the console, and both mercilessly and highly precisely yanked a handful of wires out.

The light died down immediately, but the sounds persisted, gradually coalescing into speech. “Dock 7A - we are detecting engine activity on your end and remind you that the station is currently in lockdown due to rebel interference. No takeoff is permitted without security override codes.”

“This is the pearl belonging to Spinel Facet-2F14L Cut-7XE,” Pearl intoned, slowly and demurely, the image of subservient politeness. “Endless apologies - we seem to be having some difficulties with the visual feed. I will fetch my mistress and she will supply the requested codes immediately.”

A rather bored “Acknowledged.” sounded from the speakers, then the signal returned to an idle static.

Bismuth let out a whistle. “Wow. You’re good at that.”

“I’m terrible, actually. But thank you! It does have its uses.”

“So,” Bismuth said, casually leaning against the back of the pilot seat, “what are the codes and how exactly do we send them?”

“Oh, I have absolutely no idea!”

Pearl’s gleeful expression seemed rather at odds with the situation they found themselves in. “What? Pearl, I thought- woah. Heads up: we’ve got company incoming.”

Shouts of They’re here! The rebels! After them! Stop that ship! grew ever louder, until a group of diopside guards was pushing to climb on board. Pearl’s hands flew over the controls faster than Bismuth could follow, and the small craft jumped, straining against its moorings. The walkway beneath them bucked and the diopsides fell over each other in a highly undignified heap, until all it took was an almost-gentle push from Bismuth to send them rolling to the other end of the dock.

“Whoops! I’m very sorry,” Pearl called back after them, detaching the moorings and manoeuvring out of the dock in a series of precise, practised motions, the very opposite of sorry written all over her grinning face. “The inertial dampeners seem to be weaker than I thought they’d be. Honest mistake. You know, you really should get someone actually qualified to pilot these things.”

The trip from the orbital shipyard to their base wasn’t long, even with all the doubling back and winding track-and-heat-signature-covering Pearl insisted was necessary. They didn’t even break the atmosphere that often (certainly, Bismuth knew, not often enough for Pearl’s tastes), but the view was still something to be experienced.

“Nice work out there today,” Bismuth interrupted the comfortable silence that had settled over the cockpit. The familiar sight of the hills surrounding their current base slowly filled the ship’s viewscreen.

“Thank you! You as well. No, but really - we do need more ships for the dropoffs we’re scheduling. This was crucial to our plans.”

“Right. I get you. A very tactical hijacking of direly needed resources and not at all in any sense even slightly a joyride.”

“You’ve absolutely got me,” Pearl nodded. “Should I drop you off at the forge?”

“Hmm,” the very thoughtful hum was punctuated by an arm thrown around Pearl’s shoulders and deliberately gentle fingers ruffling her hair. “You know, I think we still have time before we need to be back. Enough for a few more spins, right?”

She drew Pearl even closer, and the giggling interrupting the mock-outraged cries of Bismuth! I’m trying to pilot a ship here! turned absolutely contagious. A kiss or two or three to the forehead - only barely brushing the gem - did nothing at all to help, and Bismuth was glad.

Look at this Jolto sin

John in boot camp- James sholto is the drill Sgt

John being worked to the inch of his life in camp. But on game days john goes to james’ tent & james starts to drink with john and play cards. They start to subtely flirt with each other but james gets nervous at first so its a slow burn. Finally they start trying things

James would do subtle things like have their fingers brush as he hands John a beer and deals the cards and John would try to be more daring and do things like putting his hand on James’ leg or leaning against him after they’ve had too much to drink. James would try to ask John to kiss him but he’d get too nervous and John would find it so endearing and he’d lean in closer, chuckling softly and say “just kiss me, sir.”

James would kiss him and things would turn heavy fast- they’d finally have to pull back to breathe and James would say “Don’t think this will affect how I treat you in training.” But the next game night theyre kissing hard again

John would keep wanting to go further each night, but James would keep stopping them because he’s worried about this affecting their relationship and John would finally start trying to order James in bed and James would feel that surge of urgency and desire and lust and would pin John to the bed.

!!! James would order John to give him head huhuhu because they dont have any condoms or anything. They exchange numbers and go their seperate ways after boot camp. When John is called back in for Afghanistan, he wants to be put on Sholtos squadron but is put on another. And the night before they ship out from the base the two have a good one

The night before is hot and heavy. When they first see each other, they have to act like professionals because they’re around others, but John slips away to go to James’ tent at night and kisses him hard the moment that the flaps of the tent close. It’s desperate and needy and everything feels right. He’d press himself against James on the bed, telling him he wants everything with him tonight. James would start to shift and John would think he’s going to protest about not having a condom and they would both pull out condoms. They would both laugh before things got too desperate again and John would pull James back in for a kiss. He’d mutter against his lips “Now that we have two condoms, we can both fuck each other at least once.” He’d smirk and pull James closer again, smashing their lips together.

James’ fingers John, rolls his condom on and presses in, and John just opens up to him, taking him so well. He’s relaxed and making a plethora of beautiful sounds, and James’ starts to speed up, fingers dipping into John’s mouth to keep him quiet. He rides him harder, getting rougher as he approaches until hes cumming hard with a hand around John’s throat :’-)

James makes John clean off his cock afterwards, as well as the mess John had made. With his mouth, of course. They’re not done yet, though.
John pushes James down onto the bed gently, nipping and kissing from his chest up to his mouth. He’d whisper softly against his lips. “Will you let me fuck you, James?” He’d shutter a bit as the words left his mouth, the anticipation rising. He knew what the answer would be, but he needed to hear James say it. James would let out a desperate whimper and nod, pulling him into a deep kiss. “Yes, god yes.”
Things would take off from there, getting heavy fast. John would be so eager that he fumbles with the lube and the condom and James would just smile and take them out of his hands. “Relax, John. Let me,” He’d take the lube and start to stretch himself for John, gasping and writhing around his fingers and moaning John’s name. He’d have to cover his mouth to muffle his own moans as he prepared himself.

John would be hard again just watching him, whispering encouragement and praise as James stretched himself. He’d roll on a condom and spread James’ thighs, sinking into him and thrusting away. He’d feel so good. And John is a talker so he’d babble, he wouldn’t be able to stop until James pulls him into a hard kiss. And he’d cum inside him as they’re kissing

James wouldn’t want the night to end, it is their last one, after all. Just as John was coming down from his high, he’d mutter about wanting to see his cum spilling out from John’s arse and about how much he loved using him like this. He knew John loved it when he spoke like this, so he’d continue. He’d mumble about how much he wanted to fuck him, how much he’d like to take him outside and show everyone who John belonged to.

Eventually John would get half hard.. But he’d be tired. So he’d stroke himself, pressing his cock against James’ thigh as he talked, rutting against him and listening to how James planned to use him.

James would continue to talk to John, grinding against him to get him off. When John finally came, James would whisper how good he was and how much he loved him. He wouldn’t realize the words were leaving his mouth until they were already out and then he’d blush brightly, hiding his face in John’s neck, pressing small kisses to distract him.

John would freeze and blink, taking in what he just heard. And the reality that they were both going out to war, both uncertain of their survival, would hit him like a wave and he’d tremble as tears welled in his eyes. He’d be afraid that he was in love with James, too.

James would pull John into a hug, pressing small kisses to his head. He’d feel his own tears start to fall and he’d try to blink them away. He’d whimper a bit before speaking. “I’m sorry..” He didn’t know if he was apologizing for loving him or admitting it, but he knew that neither of them would be able to do anything about it. They were leaving in the morning. James didn’t know if he could handle never seeing John again. “I’m sorry.. I love you, John Watson..”

John would hold on to him, shutting his eyes and letting the tears streak his face. “I bloody love you, James. And you’d better fucking come back to me. No matter what it takes. Even if you come back alone.”

James would hold onto him tighter, nodding and letting his tears fall. “I will.. I promise. We’ll both come back and we’ll be able to be together. Just you and me. We’ll get a flat together.”

Me and @johndaddywatson wrote this while in the car together. Have fun reading out sins


anonymous asked:

Which Scully do you like best? Baby Scully in early series, Goddess Scully in season 4,5, Flirty Scully in a bit of season 7, or Mommy Scully in later season? Which one do you think Mulder's attracted to the most?

First of all how dare you.

I WANT to say all of them, because they’re all the same person. Knowing that in a few years she’ll be able to cut glass with a single glance makes baby Scully more endearing. Remembering how hesitant she used to look holding her gun makes me even more in awe of goddess Scully, and understanding what she’s been through makes me even happier for flirty Scully. My favorite thing about every version of Scully is seeing every other version in her. But I think baby Scully makes me happiest. 

She’s still pretty happy; she’s still inclined to trust. She’s amused by and excited by Mulder–they’re not tragic yet, but she’s very quickly willing to sacrifice her reputation to stand up for him. Scully sits in those early meetings with Blevins and Colton and her back is so straight, and you just know that this girl is accustomed to chasing approval, but she’s too good to chase it at someone else’s expense. I think we see Scully presented with a lot of choices in the early days, but they’re not choices to her; her character just dictates that of course she’s going to put Mulder before her reputation and of course she’s going to stand up to these authority figures when she realizes that they’re hiding something. 

I think it’s especially satisfying to watch baby Scully throw a man twice her size against her car or to watch her train her gun on someone, because she can destroy them and she knows it, but she also knows it won’t be easy. You can see the effort that goes into baby Scully’s backbone. Her voice shakes all the time–not always with fear; sometimes with love (but maybe those are the same). She’s vulnerable, not just with Mulder, but with ex-boyfriends and Arctic ice core scientists and her mom and that one friend she still briefly has. I just think she’s especially fragile and changing and graceful and wide-eyed and can rock an oversize chambray shirt. Like the pilot script says, she has an “unblushing sense of her own femininity” that makes her seem older and more self-assured even as she’s young and uncertain. Baby Scully is constantly at a crossroads.

I don’t think Mulder really draws a distinction between all of these different versions of Scully; they’re all just Scully, and I think he’s more in love with and more attracted to her as he goes.

hookshappiness  asked:

Hiii Lena, congrats on your milestone!! You derserve them all :)) Aaaaand I have a prompt for you! I'd be very happy if you could write number 46: “You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine” :))

hookshappiness​: Alet! mijn moiie liefde tulp! I hope you like this  :)

Roll the dice

K: I forgot my keys, please leave them under the doormat before you leave so I can get in

L: Got it, little brother

Killian Jones looked at this phone screen one more time. Liam had replied, he’d said he would leave the bloody keys under the bloody doormat. So why had he lifted the doormat and find it empty!? He hastily taped on his phone and called his older brother.

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bloodsport (fighting in a love war) [21/?]

rival assassins AU: they live in a world rife with death and destruction (of which they are often the cause) - is it even possible to feel anything other than the thrill of the kill? [also available on] [cs assassins series so far]

21. she is the fire and the flood: apparently Emma enjoys Ed Sheeran 

There’s a brief second where he thinks she’s moaning in pain – a second where his heart jolts a little and his hands clench and he’s already resolved to find her. Then, he hears her humming.

Then, he hears her singing under her breath.

“Come on and take it back now, come on and take it back for us. Don’t you fade into the back, love,” she murmurs, apparently unaware that he’s just tapped her line. She really should know by now that he’ll jump in eventually, commandeer her network for a spot of conversation before the competition really begins.

Evidently not – because he highly doubts that she’d still be crooning what sounds like Ed Sheeran if she knew he was eavesdropping.

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Page Forty Six

or, the fireman!Kara supercat AU ficlet that no one asked for, but I couldn’t get out of my head ever since @supergirltosavethegay​‘s complete unfair manip based on @kara-lesbihonest​ and @lishesque​‘s idea 

so thanks for that guys

When Cat came to, her head was pounding almost too much to bother opening her eyes.  Her body was lying awkwardly, flat against a hard, cold surface and her breathing was uneasy.  It took a moment before sound faded in, but when her ears got past the buzzing, they picked up a unexpected cacophony – sirens, cars zooming by, and the unmistakable clamor of bystanders. Cat’s least favorite kind of people.

She decided instantly that she was having far too much trouble remembering how she managed to get to that moment, so, savoring the peace of closed eyes for one last moment, she dragged her lids back, lips prepared to demand an explanation.

Her lips never made it that far. Before she could protest, a blonde woman swiftly leaned down over her and suddenly her lips were quite occupied.

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The General couldn’t help but laugh. One would think that she’d be used to some of the things he did, but she wasn’t yet, though she thought it was cute. Still, she smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she gave him a tight hug.

“I was getting lonely and thought that you’d never come see me again.” She always enjoyed teasing him, even if there was a slight hint of truth to her statement. “You should have come to see me more. But I msised you a lot, too.”

Perhaps neither would ever get used or tire of such antics. Rather endearing surprise nonetheless dare he say.

“As if. Even if years pass by I won’t forget to visit this place just to see you and everyone else.” He said, poking her nose lightly. “Well, you can’t feel lonely if I’m here now, can you? Nor am I planning on leaving anytime soon so, you can say I’m all yours for now, Pisti.” As soon as those words left his lips, he locked them with the general’s. A gentle peck but expressing all the longing and love he bore for her; only her.

24 Hours (and a Lifetime with You)

 asked: MakoHaru in the future. After college or whenever. Something about how they live together and getting together with their friends and reminiscing.

When I started this, I thought “Ok, that’ll be easy!” and then I got really excited and threw 8000 of my headcanons into this. Makoto, Haruka, and Rin are around 25-26 years old in this. I also don’t live or go to school in Japan; I’m not sure how graduate school programs work there and based what I incorporated off of what little I know about these things. Oh, and this is my first time writing an actual sex scene for MakoHaru (I hope it’s good…) Please forgive the corny title, it came to mind after writing maybe three sentences of this and just stuck.

Title: 24 Hours (and a Lifetime with You)

Rating: M

Word Count: 5,080



Saturday, 8am

The alarm on his phone chimes brightly and Makoto awakes with a bleary sense of deja vu. It’s comforting yet strange, moving back to the place they grew up. After years of living in a cramped apartment with low ceilings and small windows, of overlooking a bleary alleyway in Tokyo, buried under textbooks, anatomical diagrams, and blueprints, they had returned to the place they began. He has stared up at this same ceiling, glanced out this same window, watched the same boy sleeping peacefully beside him before; it all feels comfortably familiar, yet starkly different now that this ceiling, this window, this bed, are as much his as they are the blue-eyed boy’s.

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