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Presents, snow (if you live in the appropriate regions), cheer, and goodwill towards women and men other than Jeff Davis…what do all of these things make you think of?

The Holidays!! And speaking of presents, we want to give you all presents for supporting Stydiacast during our first three seasons! We’ve made some adorable holiday cards that we’d love to send out to you to spread some cheer.

Here’s how you can get your hands on one of these gorgeous little samplings of holiday joy:

  1. Make sure you follow Stydiacast on tumblr
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Send your address to the Stydiacast inbox. 

But wait, there’s more…

Some of these cards will be sealed with a kiss. If you receive one of these cards, you’ve earned these awesome prizes:

  1. Up to $25 of merch from the Stydiacast store 
  2. A chance to live tweet an episode of Teen Wolf season six from our twitter account. 
  3. A drabble of your choosing by a member of Stydiacast. 

The number of kisses we will be sending out depends on how many people participate! Every twenty cards will have a kiss. The more cards sent out, the better chance you have of winning!

The giveaway starts 11/10 and will end on 12/1. Please allow time for us to verify the addresses and send out the cards. We will try to get them out to you before the end of the year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us here at Stydiacast.


anonymous asked:

Even though you were born in Auradon, do you ever feel like you're at a disadvantage because of who your parents are?

People totally aren’t as nice about it as they pretend to be to your face, if that’s what you mean (and don’t even bother denying it, I’m the queen of decoding vague tweets), but that’s okay. I have some good friends, and an awesome sister. It’s not like I ever feel alone or like I’m missing out on something. I mean, we have so much more than what our moms had, it would be incredibly selfish to complain. Starbucks, WiFi, credit cards, WiFi, loving parents, WiFi…. with all those things, anyone can do anything. 


Hey Beaks Freaks!

Our Harvey Writers Twitter Team is running a 25 days of Harvey Holidays campaign! Every day they tweet a different holiday theme and YOU guys send in your drawings by tagging them and using the #HarveyHolidays hashtag! Check out some of the great stuff that’s come in so far! Holiday sweaters, gifts, holiday snacks, Santa’s sleigh, Piri Piri singing and more! 

We’re creating a whole new wall of fan art from these awesome submissions, so make sure you follow along and send in your stuff! Check it out! 

Help us get noticed by the Senpai

If you didn’t know, some of us here at the Catalogue made a roast yourself challenge video which was inspired by Dan’s. We reallly really really want Dan and Phil to see this as we’re so freaking proud of it. 

So here’s the plan. During Dan’s liveshow tomorrow, please message him telling him to look at our video! Do not spend money on premium messages for us unless you have gold to spend and don’t care how it’s spent. Also before and after the liveshow if you could tweet the video at them too, that would be awesome! The more people across the most media gives us a higher chance of being seen. 

If you know how to send premium messages or how to give someone gold on younow that they can then use to send premium messages, please let us know as we haven’t the slightest idea. 

We need your help to achieve our goal of being noticed by our overlords. If this goal is achieved, we will do a super awesome dnp merch giveaway as our way of saying thank you. 

We love you all so much. Thank you in advance for helping us! 

-the admins


“… Who’s Y/N? Is she your girlfriend?” He read the tweet on his phone and smiled. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend. I really love her, I don’t want ever hurt her and I really don’t want to you guys hate her because we’re together. She’s awesome and weird and great and cute and a lot of more that I would take so long to say but yeah, I love her ya’ kno’…”


Thank you for tweeting @Onision pics of your Stones To Abbigale books - Really awesome seeing so many of you show support (^_^) ~

You guys went above and beyond, makes me even more happy I put so much love into that book :) ‪#‎StonesToAbbigale‬

Help the Ratings for 4.15!

Hey guys! I know how much you guys are freaking out about this episode, but does ABC and Adam? This is the time we ALL need to come together and FLOOD them with compliments! 

The SQ hate has already begun in full swing, so we have to out do that with LOVE! We want more episodes like this one, and it’s time to let them know!

If you DVRed the episode, please watch WITH commercials within 24 hours! If you live on the west coast, please watch it live and DVR if you can!

Please send @OnceABC and @AdamHorowitzLA on twitter many wonderful words about tonights episode! About how much we love Hook and Captain Swan! Let them know we wanna see more! 

Send Colin and Jen love about their performance tonight and how much you LOVED their Captain Swan moment!

Retweet all the AWESOME Hook tweets on OnceABC from tonight! Retweet these two, X, X, awesome Captain Swan posts on twitter and reblog these two, X, X, awesome Captain Swan posts on tumblr!

The ratings for the episode are very important everyone, so please do your part and help get those ratings HIGH! This is a great, great thing for Captain Swan!

Spread the word!!!

So here is the idea behind #Thanks4Castle

Because the Castle team is mostly accessible on Twitter, this is a Twitter campaign - but if anyone has ideas to extend it, I’m up for it. The basic idea is simple: positive thank you tweets to Cast/Crew/Writers.

Over Thursday and Friday, the last two days of filming on season 7, send your messages of thanks for the show you love. This isn’t about pleas for renewal/contracts or any of that. Just thanks for a great season and bringing an awesome show to life. Use the hashtag #Thanks4Castle.

Because at the end of the day, these guys deserve to know how much we appreciate them and the show at the end of a long season.

So, one more time: who’s in?

There’s no such thing as watching too much JackSepticEye. I don’t care what you say, I’ve watched Stranded Deep, FNaF 1 and 2, and Draw Your Tweets so far, and I haven’t gotten off Jack’s channel yet.

therealjacksepticeye is funny, loud, and a fucking badass Irishman who’s a totally awesome BOSS! First off, his intro is my favorite into I’ve ever seen. It’s unique, and I love the idea that he high fives you the instant the video starts. Although the first time I saw the intro, my volume was up and it blew out my ears! Not only is his intro sweet, his outro is awesome too.

What I love even more is that despite the fact that he has over 3 MILLION subscribers, he still does his best to interact with as many of his fans as possible, and always makes sure to have fun with us. He’s officially made it onto my top 5 favorite PEOPLE list. I not only like him as a YouTuber, but I like him as an all around person.

Long live the BOSS!!!

Super Ships!!

Hey guys! So I’m super close to 400 and would love to hit my goal so I thought I’d do some super awesome ships for you guys :D 

What you will get:

- Kangaroo | Puppy | Kitten | Penguin

- First Date

- Kind of couple you are

who cuddles more: you | him

who is more romantic: you | him

who is lazier: you | him

Fake Tweet with ship

Gif/Pic of your ship

*And anything else if you just ask!*

What You have to do:

- Follow Me (home girl has goals)

- Reblog/like this

- Please have an about/face page or describe yourself to me!

- ask me something. most likely to, fmk, talk to me, give me music/movie recommendations, anything I love talking with you guys!

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I just want to let you know that your art is insanely good and you are AMAZING. Thank you for making being in the 1D fandom extremely more enjoyable. I hope you continue being awesome. I was so so so proud of you when Zayn tweeted your drawing because I have been your fan for a while now... I hope your art will get the recognition it deserves. x

docnickie  asked:

Re: the painting. It's not on public display. Friends and I arranged for a special viewing at the Brooklyn Museum, just as Francis does in the book. Curator told us Richard had done the same a few months prior. We were suitably floored by this and it made the experience even more special.

Richard tweeted about it back in February. I didn’t know it’s not on public display though. Your experience sounds pretty awesome! thanks for sharing :)