be more adorable. i dare you


“Why do you want to kiss me?”

“What’s wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

guess who loves fantastic beasts?!?!?

imagine this:

the warner bros. logo pops up on screen. in the background, hedwig’s theme begins to play. and you feel yourself tearing up a little, because you’re finally back home.

but what’s this? new, magical music? you know you’re in for a good movie.

and let me just tell you, this movie was phenomenal! if you had any doubts about the movie, seeing that it was a spinoff (and you complained about ‘why are they making 4 more’), then throw those doubts out the window right now! you’ll be begging for the next movie as soon as the credits roll.

eddie redmayne is a fantastic actor. newt is a great character. and, some of his little beasts are so adorable!

it made my heart race as i saw the daring use of apparation (in a public place and in front of a muggle! have you no sense, newt?), and i gasped as i saw the deathly hallows symbol up on screen (yes, it makes an appearance. this is grindelwald’s era, is it not?).

there were a few plot twists that had me jaw-dropped. the rest of the characters were spectacular (even you, jacob), and the spellwork and other effects were so believable!

all in all, fantastic beasts deserves all the praise that it’s been getting. it’s a wonderful movie, shows you a bit more about the magical world that you never knew, and makes you realize that you DO want four more of these!

so, what are you waiting for? go reserve tickets, go head out to your local theater!

you’re in for a fantastic experience.

Monster (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys!! I hope this was what you wanted haha, at first I planned to write fluff but I decided to make it a bit more serious at the end but oh wellsssss enjoy!!

Request: Hey, first, I really adore your writing. Second, I dare to request something :P A Bucky Barnes imagine where you’re dating but you’re also a Mutant who can transform into something cool (like Vampire thingy without the blood drinking or something) but you also Need to be calmed down after you transformed. So after one Mission where you got into fighting mode, Bucky tries everything to calm you while you nearly attack him. You pass out then and back in the Tower you wake up to him Holding you? :)

“Y/N, you and Bucky check the hallways and secure the area, me and Sam would check for hostages,” Cap instructed as the four of you split up.

You walked in front, opening the doors to check that they were empty as Bucky did the same thing the other side. Glancing at Bucky, you walked towards him. “Hey, Buck, do you think that Fury would give us a few days off? The past few days were like hell when I couldn’t spend time with you.”

Bucky looked to you with a raised brow as he smirked. “You missed me that much, huh.”

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Cassandra Pentaghast - “I am not cute. She’d take it the wrong way, most definitely. Her eyes would narrow and her jaw would clench, lips thinned and a soft ‘ugh’ would leave her lips. In her eyes, one could see the challenge. Say it again, she dares you. Punk.

Solas - “Is that entirely appropriate, Herald?” He’d say, voice unreadable and a single eye brow up. “I don’t think we have time for such flirtations. We have much more important things to be doing.” He’d wave them off, sighing under his breath.

Varric - Sigh. “It’s the chest hair, isn’t it?” He’d say bemused, running a hand down his exposed chest and slowly shaking his head. “Everyone loves the chest hair. But sorry, Herald, I’m off the market.” He’d say with mocking adoration in his voice, holding his crossbow close. 

Vivienne - “Oh Darling, you are too charming. But I will have to ask you to refrain from using such pleasantries and flirtations on me, for they are unwelcome. Do keep this in mind next time before you let your lips run.” She’d then go back to business as usual, talking about what needed to be done.

Iron Bull - “Cute? Who, little old me?” He’d grunt, raising an eye brow. His lips would twist into a bemused smile, as if saying ‘Really?’. He’d chuckle, shaking his head. “Your not half bad either, Boss. See me sometime if you want to know just how ‘cute’ I really am.” 

Sera - “Oh stop it you.” She’d giggle, smacking a hand on the Heralds side. “Not gonna think I’m so cute when you find bees buzzin around.” She’d say, grinning impishly.

Blackwall - “…Oh.” He’d grunt, clearly uncomfortable with being called ‘cute’. He’d fix his clothes, huffing the slightest bit. “I don’t think I’m all that cute but thank you, I suppose. Not one to turn down a compliment.”

Cole - “Cute. Like a child, bright eyed and curious, innocent and eager to learn. But…I’m not innocent. I’ve killed people. I don’t get it.” His lips would thin, eyes confused as he stared at the Herald. 

Dorian Pavus - “Oh, I know. The blood magic using Tevinter magister, cute! Well, you know I’m not really any of those things, but’s that’s the last word I expected to be used to describe me. I haven’t been ‘cute’ since I was four.” He’d chuckle, shaking his head.

Bonus Characters!

Cremisius Aclassi - “Oh.” He’d blink, cheeks going red for a moment. “Uh…me? Heh. Well, thanks. But uh…woulda preferred handsome. But thanks.” He’d smile, shy now, rubbing his arm slowly. "Wanta sit down for a drink?” He’d ask, almost hesitantly. Once they accepted, he’d be smiling wide and bright. 

Scout Lace Harding - “Oh! Ehem. I don’t think that’s…really appropriate, Herald.” She’d look to the side, biting her lip slightly. “…But. Your pretty cute yourself. Now! About the bandits I saw to the west…” She’d change the subject immediately, face red and mouth going a mile a minute.

Leliana - A single eye brow would slowly raise in amusement, arms crossing and fingers curling around them as she looked the Herald up and down. “Yes, I am. It leads to people dropping their guard. Noticing me, but yet not. It makes for slipping a dagger in someones ribs much more easier when their too busy staring at your lips.” 

Cullen Rutherford - His face would burn red, eyes widening in surprise and shock. “C-cute?” He’d say, coughing softly, his old stutter emerging. “I…well, I’ll have to ask you to keep things. Business, Herald of Andraste. We have…many things to do. And such.”

Josephine Montilyet - Her eye lashes would flutter and her mouth would turn into a small ‘Oh!’. “That…that isn’t entirely appropriate, but…” She’d look around, smiling a bit when there was no sight of Leliana. “I think you are cute as well. Back to business then, yes?”

Until we find a way (Biadore) Chapter 1- City Angel

Hi!! So i’m finally daring to publish this story and I hope you guys enjoy it, I’m open for suggestions and any form of critiques! I would like to thank the beautiful Dottie and Matilda for being so nice to me and helping me with this story. I appreciate all your love and help, you are the best. 💕💕

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like… first meeting the kid just cuts [in line] in between the two that are already ordering because there’s only ONE serving size of sweet & sour pork left, to which he insists he’ll take all of what’s left AND THEN that chef guy is like instantly amused [plus omfg Hao Mei is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, like I dare you to deny that cutie]

[ps: he gives him not only what’s left of the pork but also a lot more meat in the stir fry than he gave Hao Mei’s other bros]

and then… okay after rewatching that scene in episode 11 the fact that the Chef guy acknowledges that he KNOWS [notices] Hao Mei has been eating there in the cafeteria thus he recognizes who he is PLUS the fact that Hao Mei praised the guy for his cooking… like…

I’m torn between AWWWW feels and curiosity/excitement over what this could/would lead to…

[which is probably nothing but a great bromance/friendship/brotherly thing and nothing beyond that which I’m also fine with but still…]

Me: they are just friends, nothing more

Me: I don’t ship it.

Me: but the fan art is so cute!

Me: oh, look at that, I’ve stumbled onto some fan fiction.

Me: I read all of it.

Me: but I don’t ship it.

Me: I dont.

Me: honestly, I don’t.

Me: except I’m lying, and I really really do.

Me: they are now my OTP, and I dare you to say something bad about my adorable marshmallows!!!

Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare
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Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™, because I’m a grad student who works full time while also trying to have a personal life and I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers.

The Plot: Well, you see, Lucy is love with Toby, but Toby plans to marry Sophia, who likes Toby well enough, but would certainly appreciate a little more passion from the man who claims to adore her, and Jeremy is in lust with Lucy (his best friend’s sister), while she is just using him for practice until she gets her hands on Toby, and the rest of them are just ninnies without a clue.  In other words, it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

The Good:

  • I haven’t read a house party romance in a good long time; I was overdue and this one did not disappoint.
  • Lucy manages to be both foolish and cringe worthy, but also sexy and seductive.  How does she do it?
  • Jeremy, described as the quintessential serious and stern lord, brings back the sexy brooding made famous by Mr. Darcy.
  • ““Touch me,” she whispered.  God in heaven, touch me before I burn straight through this desk.“  (This is the second Dare novel with desk action and honestly, I wish it happened in every single book I will ever read again.)
  • “Then she kissed her way back up his throat, blessing the world for the mercy of an unwashed man.  This man, who had ridden hard in the dark to her, bringing jewels and the wind and the sweat of his body.”  (Sweaty men and the women who love them will be the death of me.)
  • “She loved him in the same way that her lungs drew breath, or her heart pounded in her chest.  And indeed, now that Lucy was aware of it, every breath and heartbeat resonated with the elemental truth.  I love Jeremy.”
  • Spoiler: They get married about halfway through the book and the rest of it is them coming to terms with their new lives, which is something I really enjoy.  Often marriage is written as the end, but it’s also fun to watch them navigate a life together.

The Verdict: A bit different from other Dare novels (I believe it is her first), but it still manages to be exude her trademark wit and bantering dialogue.  Lucy is a GODDESS, truly, this book is well-named.  She is bound and determined and will stop at nothing to take what she deserves from life and her man.  God, I loved her.  And Jeremy wasn’t bad either.

Four Stars

To the few that are still alive here are some screenshots

JACK LOVES TOUCHING JOE (you can interpret that however you want)


Joe’s face is adorable don’t u dare tell me otherwise


Conclusion: I ship these two more than I ship myself and Joe


“Kai can you get in the kitchen now I’m not waiting all day” you yelled.

“Alright alright calm down jesus” you heard Kai walking towards the kitchen.

“Yum, cupcakes!” Kai said walking too the tray of cupcakes and grabbing one with a smile. You smacked his hand.

“Don’t you dare these are for the guests I called you so we can make more” you said annoyingly. Kai rolled his eyes.

“Fine tell me the ingredients I don’t have all day” Kai said shuffling through cabinets.

“Okay first grab the flour over there and the sugar is already on the table”

“Y/N come over here real quick I can’t find the sugar” Kai said.

“Kai I just used it’s right… You did not just throw flour in my face!!!” Kai laughed hysterically.

“AWW but you look so adorable come here” Kai said still laughing.

“I hate you so much” you said trying to take off the flour from your clothes.

“No you love me that’s why I’m your boyfriend.” Kai said smiling and gave you a kiss.

more Sonic Skyline designs!

for blaze and for silver i still have no bio … but yes a sort of stereotype…

Blaze the cat: isnpired on Curry :D hhaha she looks so adorable.. but..heh.. do not dare to get close to her.. she might burn you into ashes XD

kinda inspired on one of her concepts..  plus kinda Hindu clothes.. i love that culture ^_^  

also.. i assigned her Artemisa as greek godess… because she was kinda similar to blaze.. she never allowed anyman touched her.. she was a warrior godess and she was very friend with Apollo..(Silver here ;D )

Silver the hedgehog: Inspired on one of his early designs plus Master Ix design (Sonic chronicles) ..

he represents Apollo.. i find Silver it has many things from him..  he made the man take conscience of his sins ans stuff.. also being the god of the reasoning..

plus he was good brother of Artemis.. they fought together with other greek gods.. XD

Sticks the badger: I tried to make her similar to the boom one.. but tiny and kinda likes to hide her body with that poncho..

she is one of those persons who acumulate old items.. that can’t fall on wrong hands.. she knows about prophesys… and she thinks the Sky will fall someday..

but only thanks to some visions she receives..

(like a sort of Oracle ^_^ )

Sonic will teach her that she can’t live with fear.. she barely gets out of her house.. so Sonic and Tails told her all the things she is missing for being incaged like that..

that even if the world ends tomorrow..she could not had the chance to see the beautiful of it before the end comes…

no god asigned to her.. (i guess… XD )

hope u like it