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The Easy Way - Carl & Negan Imagine

part 2:

summary: This is basically Negan being a prick to you, Carl’s girlfriend.


You sat on the floor in Judith’s room playing with her hands, making her giggle. When the door opened, you just assumed it was Olivia, but boy were you wrong. Negan walked in with Carl following him closely. Your laughter stopped and the smile dropped from your face, but Judith continued laughing. You instantly looked at Carl, unsure of what Negan had planned or was doing here.

“Well god damn, I don’t know which one of you is more adorable,” Negan chuckled before picking Judith up out of your lap and blowing you a kiss. You almost fought to hold on to Judith, but you knew better. He was going to take her, and it was better to let him have what he wanted the easy way.

You sat on the floor in disbelief, watching as the wicked man who killed your friends cradled the small child, cooing her into relaxation.

“Get up, precious. Join us on the patio,” Negan directed with a smirk. You stood up slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. Normally, either you or Carl would have made some kind of snarky remark towards Negan, but with him holding Judith, you complied with whatever he wished. Negan left the room, Carl following behind him, and you behind Carl.

“So,” Negan began, “this your girl?”

Carl looked at you before nodding, his facial expression remaining the same. It wasn’t how it normally was in the presence of Negan, though. He wasn’t wearing the same scowl his father often did. His face seemed softer; less intense.

“That sucks,” Negan sighed, pausing to taking a good look at your face. “I remember you.”

You didn’t dare respond.

“You’re that little badass who didn’t even flinch when red head took his beating! How could I forget such a pretty face?” he teased. You remained silent, glaring at him.

“I can see why you like the future serial killer so much. He’s a neat guy,” he said, sliding to the edge of his seat and leaning in closer to you. “Your daughter, she’s precious, just like you,” Negan taunted.

Your eyes widened when you realized that Negan thought Judith was your kid. You looked at Carl to see if you should correct him or not.

“She’s not her daughter,” Carl spoke up. “She’s my sister.”

Negan’s face faded back into a smirk. “Oh, goodie! That means you’re nice and unworn down there,” he mumbled, looking you up and down.

You stood up and walked inside, sick of his menacing bullshit. You’re something he can’t have the easy way.

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aarontveit: It’s 8 months later.. But then it’s like you never left!
#GoingGoingBackBackTo…. #LookingGoodCaliSunset

Aaron is in California!!!!!

Bucky Barnes is kind of this broken character who’s been through so much stuff in his life and now he’s the subject of this civil war in the movie,” Brennan explained. “He’s a beautiful man that you want to take, put a blanket around, and give him a mug of hot chocolate.

Vanity Fair’s “How Sebastian Stan Stealthily Became Tumblr’s Boyfriend in 2016: The Captain America star is Tumblr’s most reblogged infatuation this year” (12.05.16)

So… Something like this?

Or more like this?

By the way I strongly advise y’all to click the links, because the panels before and after these are just as hilariously adorable (courtesy of the awesome @comic-bucky, since I don’t have my folder of panels with me right now)

If they wanted to go the hetero route with Supergirl, they should’ve picked Adam, they have actual chemistry, not like other couples. ‘cause you know, Blake and Melissa are actually married and it would’ve definitely translated on screen.

Seventeen reaction to you kissing them then running away: performance unit

Can we just confirm that they will all most likely want more kisses?

Hoshi(Sooyoung): Adorable child right here. He is gonna be so confused, but once he understands what happened he is going to want more I mean who wouldn’t kisses rock. If you happen to be with the members or other peoples he is just gonna watch you run away

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(aaaaaaaahhhhh my baby!!!! He looks so grown up! dead)

Jun(Junhui): Beast…Hahahha no, But seriously it is Jun he is one greedy boy when it comes to kisses, even more than the other members. If alone he is gonna go get more and he will stop at nothing. With members he might just look away or he will just walk to you caalmly

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Dino (Chan): Idk man he could either just shy up ( with or with out members there) or he would be like “Why run away? I still have lips”. He wouldn’t really take action like holding you back to get more like i think the others would, he would just wonder why you ran away. He might ask later when you guys are alone or after he isn’t shy anymore

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The8 (Minghao): It could go two different ways one being: He would kinda shy up like Dino and just be like “Why”. If he shys up (I honestly dont think that would happen often) He would just look away and quietly continue with what he was doing. Two: He (Okay a lot like dino) would just kinda be like “Tf you doin’ get back here and give me a better kiss” and you would listen because he can scary as fudge

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I’m working on an exo reaction it is going to be ot 12. Feel free to request or just talk to me!

F(x) Reacting to their S/O telling them they have bad eyesight.

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A/N: MTL requests are still open so get them in!:)

Victoria - She’s probably see it as an opportunity of some sort and let her mischievous side take the best of her. She’d try teasing you but it would only make you smile.

“Can you see me when I get this close, baobei?”

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Luna - Luna wouldn’t think of it as a bad thing and just see your confession just as one more thing to adore about you. Whenever you want to put lenses she’d plead you to wear glasses instead saying you’re cute like that.

“Jagiya, you’re so cute wearing glasses, never take them off!”

Amber - She wouldn’t think of your bad eyesight as something serious and would try to make you laugh so you don’t think about it as a disadvantage of some sort.

“Too bad you can’t see this beauty then.”

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Sulli - She’d notice your sad tone when you tell them you actually wear glasses and would give it her all to make you feel better, even if it means she’d have to make fun of herself.

“Bad eyesight? But look at me, I have a mustache.”

Krystal - She wouldn’t initially want to show it, but she’d find your little confession cute and look forwards to each time she’d be meeting you to see you wearing those glasses she had bought you once.

“They suit you, Y/N.”

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I had a GYN procedure earlier today...
  • Spouse: How are you feeling?
  • Me: My uterus is angry, and so am I.
  • Spouse: [shows me the new GotG2 trailer, now with more adorable Baby Groot]
  • Me, in a voice only dogs can hear: HE HAS A LITTLE OUTFIT
  • Spouse: did that help?
  • Me: My uterus is still angry, but my heart is filled with joy.

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whose more adorable/cute pitchit or yuri?

Bro. First. Idk If you’re talking about Yurio or Yuri here but SHIT.

I’m guessing you mean Yuri bc of reason i cant be bothered listing and Yurio is in a different league tbh he’s a cutie of his own level. (If I’m wrong you can ask again lmao) 

Taking things into consideration,, it’s actually pretty hard, but I’m gonna have to say Phichit,, because he takes the title of “adorable/cute” more than Yuri? 

Yuri’s more sexy, dominant, or “eros” side has been shown a lot while he performs, and it cancels out the cuter side we see off ice. He gets anxious a lot, and this might be what some people often perceive as “cute” as he gets flustered and tears up, etc. BUT he’s obviously fucking adorable when his face brightens up around Viktor deep in love and adoration for him; that is cute tbh.

However Phitchit is cute in how he smiles around his friends, and he’s just a different kind of cute, I guess. Like, I’m not one of the fans that are all over Phichit (I do definitely love him though I’m just saying that I don’t know him like they do) but I can still say that he’s cuter than Yuuri lol. He has that kinda personality?

✿ Sorry for the fucking essay lmao ✿ i hope you have a nice day (^◡^)っ

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i'm sorry if i'm being a bug.. .. but can i get a few more blog recs? i'm having trouble finding other rph blogs in the tags

❞ HEY SWEETHEART !! Oh my God you’re not a bug at all !! As I said before, there are tonnes of amazing rphs around ?? Some more blogs I absolutely adore seeing on my dash are @stephanieofrp, @stonerrpt, @dreamrph, @usofrph, @christmasofrps, @lisbugrph, @satzuofrph, @lexrph, @alexhelps, @ditarph, @rielrps, @glowyrpt, @nicrph, @steinmasofrph and  @kierofrp !! Xoxo

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I really want to draw charas but I'm afraid I'll get like attacked or something becuase they are ugly or bad or not the way others interpret them, like for example, I doodled what ,in my head, I think kc would look like (and it's like pretty different from the like 'canon' look like she has darker skin, shorter hair, she's pretty short and like pretty chubby (becuase like she makes and eats like cakes and stuff a lot I thought that would fit) but I don't know if i should share it or not

Hun, in all honesty, people are shit and there might be a single gremlin out there who might voice that negativity you’re afraid of BUT LEMME TELL U THIS,,, there’s gonna way more people who adore and love hcs/drawings of characters that diversify the rather,,, pale cast we’re given yknow. Go for it! Heck if you post it, tag me so I can reblog it!!! I support you nonnie!


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54