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150727 L'OFFICIEL interview

As the team leader, do you feel like you have to be extra responsible?
Yixuan: I used to be in a dance team. I was the youngest one so I was the spoiled one. Sometimes I would do aegyo to the older members. However, after I joined UNIQ, I am the oldest so I slowly grew this sense of responsibility. They all call me “Xuan Ge”. It is short, but when I hear “Xuan~Ge~” in a long articulation, I know that they want me to do something.

When was the first time you feel like you have to be a man and take care of the family?
Sungjoo: When I was 16, my father’s company had a hard time doing business. I wanted to go to art school, but the tuition was expensive. It was hard for my family. My mother had to work so I would help her with the chores when I was home. Since then I started to take my responsibility. Now I finally managed to get through the period of being a trainee and debuted. I want to offer them a better life.

Before becoming a trainee, did you have the experience of studying abroad alone?
Seungyoun: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a soccer player. I went through two major changes in my life because of this.  The first is when I decided to go to Brazil alone to play soccer. I got in touch with different kinds of music in South America, so I told my mother that I wanted to be a singer. My mother asked why did I change my mind. I said, “compared to soccer, I like singing more”. At first she could not understand so I kept talking her into it. When I was 16, I was finally able to head towards the direction of becoming a singer.

Having such an experience, are you the type of person who can get used to loneliness and possess a strong personality?
Wenhan: I used to be a careless person because when I was studying in the United States, all I had to do was to mind my own business. We have known each other for about 4 to 5 years since we were still trainees. We had to get along with each other at the very beginning. It has been getting better and better. That is because we started to grow a sense of honor as a team. We still have meetings from time to time where everyone can open up and be honest. We are different people with our own code of conduct. It is better for UNIQ when you restrain yourself.

Who wants to say something about getting along with each other?
Yibo: I am the youngest one, but I am a little grumpy. I have been dancing since I was a little kid. I am the lead dancer in the group so sometimes I have to teach them. Maybe because I have been dancing for a really long time and have a better dancing foundation, I tend to be hard on my brothers sometimes. I then got to know that they all have their own specialties. It took time to practice, so I would put down my judgement and teach them little by little.

Translation Cr: Sammi Abby @ FiveShadesOfGod

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LET ME SHARE MY RAGE W/ YOU, ok so there's this one girls fan acc (she's gorgeous btw) and apparently JK would look at her often during the TRB concert ( i think it was Chicago) and when it was her turn for the hi-touch he pulled her into a bro hug and a lot of girls kept telling her that he was looking at her, and I'm green with envy right now. I will up my game and dress like a hoe if i have to so they will notice me, I'm screaming i tell ya.


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What are some good spells for ridding oneself of tendencies to procrastinate?

If  I knew I probably wouldn’t spend so much time on tumblr.. or maybe I would. Tumblr is sort of a reward an safe space for me.

I know natural-magics has some spells for that over there.

No more asks tonight unless they are easy because I’ve had my personal beer quota of when I stop posting online.

So a lot of you friends on the ol’ Tumblr knew about a really big opportunity I applied for back in March that would’ve sent me to New York City for ten months. I found out yesterday afternoon that I didn’t make the cut. I was very sad, and I still am to a lesser degree, but after some time alone with my thoughts today, I have goals set for myself and am prepared to greet the next five months of the year head-on.

I want to publicly thank my brother (not by blood, but by everything else) Henry A., aka theprickingofmythumbs, for being endlessly supportive.

Mostly for my own referential sake, I’m gonna list my goals here –

Pursue an internship; put on my one-act comedy at a local theatre center; finish the play I’m working on for some friends in time to give it to them as a Christmas gift; finish two other plays, choose one, and try again for that opportunity next March, because why not?

Also, in my desire to shake myself up, I’ve just dyed my hair a light brownish-goldish-red. And I LOVE it. Pics tomorrow when I’m more put-together.

Love ya, nerds.

I always favored the theory of Daring’s destiny being the next Beast, but I never realized the idea had actual canon to support it, until I started reading the books. I’m only not-yet-halfway through A Wonderlandiful World, but Daring turning into a little Beastie creature when the Jabberwock’s magic infects EAH is proof enough for me.

Apple turned into an apple, Raven into a Raven, Cedar into a real girl, Blondie into a key, Humphrey into a brass egg, Briar into a rosebush, Ashlynn into glass slippers, etc. Everyone into something that relates to their name and/or character.

What relation does Daring have to a beast, if it’s not a reference to his destiny being THE beast? It has nothing to do with his name, his -supposed- role in the Snow White story, or his personality, besides the fact that his personality mirrors that of the Beast character, what with his vanity…

So it’s pretty glaringly obvious why Daring became a beast when everyone else became something related to their stories. And I’m so excited about it honestly. I need to read on~