be mine pt. 2


Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch19
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet. The same summer when you try to make him fall in love with you, as you have fallen for him. 

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You peer into the orphanage classroom to find Jungkook working with Hyuk. “Remember, be nice and sweet like unnie,” you whisper to yourself.

Patting your hair down, you skip inside and set down the lunchbox sets on his table with a big smile. “Jungkook! Let’s eat.”

He glances up at you. “Umm… that’s fine, I can drop by hyung’s for a while to eat.”

“I got that chicken katsu set you liked,” you singsong, taking the seat between him and Hyuk so you don’t have to see the latter’s curious stare.

Hyuk sulks. “What’s this, only Jungkook gets lunch?”

“Obviously, unnie also made me get you lunch.” Rolling your eyes, you plop the third lunchbox before him. “It’s yakitori.”

“But I want chicken katsu too.”

“There was only one left!” you snap. Noticing the way Jungkook bites his lip apprehensively makes your smile falter, but you force yourself to keeping up the cheeriness. Nice and sweet, nice and sweet, nice and sweet… “I mean, it’s still chicken and you like chicken, don’t you, Hyuk-oppa?”

He smirks. “It’s too late for you to pretend that you were thinking of anyone other than your boyfriend.”

At that last word, Jungkook flinches, but you pretended not to see it. You break a pair of chopsticks and open his lunchbox, picking up a slice of katsu and dipping it in sauce. “See, it looks so good. Aah…”

He leans away when you bring the piece close to his mouth. “I-I-I can do it myself.”

You shake your shoulders and let out a girly whine. He gapes, discomfited. Toning it down, you pout at him. “Come on, just eat it.” Before he can protest, you pop the katsu in his open mouth. He lets you feed him rice. You take a portion of dressing-drizzled cabbage next. “I asked them to put extra cabbage since it’s healthy.” You feed him the cabbage and Jungkook chews slowly, his cheeks full.

Giggling, you pointed out: “You got some mayo on your face.” He automatically raises his hand to wipe it off, but you catch it. “Use a napkin.” You take one and reach out to dab the corner of his mouth.

Jungkook stands up before you can touch his face. “I just remembered–uh, lunch rush, big reservation, hyung’s restaurant. That is, he asked me to help out.” He nods at you and at Hyuk. “I’ll be back later… Y/N… Hyuk-hyung.” He scrambles out of the room before you can say anything in response.

“… Are the two of you fighting or something?” Hyuk asked. “Did you do something wrong?”

“What?” you frown at him. “Why would you ask that?!”

“Because you’re acting totally weird,” Hyuk stresses.

“I’m not!” you yell. “Just eat your stupid chicken.”

“If Jungkook’s not eating it anyway, I might as well eat the chicken katsu.” Hyuk’s arm shoots out past you and he grabs the lunch box. You glare at him but didn’t snatch it back, not wanting to waste the food.

Sincerely, Me things
  • mike faist nipple rubbin
  • “there’s nothing unrealistic about the love one man feels for another”
  • “kiNKY”
  • “IF I St OppEd SmoK InG  CRac K”
  • synchronized knee wiggles
  • forest expertise
  • “all u gotta DO”
  • “my
  • sis
  • ter’s
  • hot”
  • not gay SURE JAN
  • weird jumping on HEY HEY HEY HEY
  • so many legs
  • seriously mike’s legs are so long how did he not kick them all in the shins every show
  • all u gotta DO pt. 2: return of the DO
  • hetero chest bump

1. I can’t shut up about you. If someone stopped me in the street and asked what I was thinking about, your name would spill out more easily than any of my anxieties.

2. I swear to God, every time I listen to a good song you’re the first person I want to tell. Every song has you in it. Every song is about you now.

3. Let’s mix each other’s laundry. If I find your shirt and you get my sweater, we can take each other out of our own clothes.

4. When you call me babe, and your voice is still a little sleepy, I swear to fucking god my heart feels it. I feel it behind my eyes, and sometimes even in my fingertips. The love spreads, you know?

5. Let’s stay up till 3 am and make ourselves pasta we can eat out of the pan while we sit on the kitchen counter and talk for hours. We can take pictures of the sunrise through the window while we laugh our six am laugh, because it’s early and we’re a little dizzy with love.

—  Love Thoughts, Pt. 2