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warnings: mentions of a car crash and some minor injuries but nothing too gory; domestic niall as a future father and amazing husband, cute stuff about clothes 

A/N: i said in the tags of this picture that i would write something about that damn shirt and it may have taken a little turn and become a oneshot but i wrote about that shirt, honestly it looks so good on him 

Being pregnant didn’t leave many options for fashionable clothes.

Maternity clothes were ridiculously expensive and you didn’t want to invest in a wardrobe you’d only get to wear when you were knocked up. So you bought some larger clothes and stole a lot of Niall’s clothes that he only wore occasionally. There were a few staples of his that you stole, his plain cotton shirts and a few pairs his bigger sweats and boxers. He never complained when you wore his clothes, in fact, he encouraged it most times. You were doing a simple grocery store run, something that hardly required a runway ready outfit, but you were finding it hard to get any sort of outfit together. The bedroom looked like a mess and you knew Niall would have a fit, but you were frustrated.

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Viktor Nikiforov | YOI Episode 02 → YOI Episode 10


“Humans weren’t made to be alone, after all, so I was curious at first, thought you just might be an exception—but you seemed so… so miserable.”

In which Yuuri is the god of love and Victor forced himself into exile.

I got stuck in Dancing Daffodils hell, and if you haven’t read that fic yet, I highly suggest you give it a try!! I have just so many feels for it. @grayclouds is simply amazing. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I know many things probably won’t be as accurate, but I needed to get it out of my system. rip