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so this is my first time watching Martin's Interview when the interviewer asks "..why do you think they love each other" (I mean, I saw it couple of times in gifs) but OHMYGOD I'm laughing so hard. He explained everything about 'ppl with the same sex being attracted to each other' etc for a few moment and then it mixed up with friendship and then I started losing it when he did the *TAKE A DEEP BREATH* "yeah.. I dont know..I dont know.." 😂 like, I just cant..

I love that interview, it’s just priceless.
Like, you can see how he starts to freak out in the exact moment the interviewer asks him “ why do you think they love each other so much?”

then he starts to ramble about how two same sex people can be super best bros forever like

then we get to the best part  –> Martin I AM JUST IN IT Freeman. His face at the end is just…

He just wants to run and hide from that question forever. Look at the poor thing.

Sherlock knows that it’s over now.

It has to be. 

And he’s the reason for it. Of course he is.
It’s nothing new.
Nothing new. 

He’s sitting on the couch and stares at the ceiling above him.
He can hear John moving around in the kitchen, with quick, firm steps. He opens a drawer - and closes it with a too loud bang.
Sherlock flinches.

John coughs. 

Somewhere outside, a dog barks loudly.

Suddenly, John’s steps are approaching him.
Sherlock frowns and closes his eyes.
Now comes the inevitable.

John stops. Sherlock can hear him breathing.
And suddenly, he can’t hold it back anymore. “So,” he says quietly. “When will you leave?”

John draws in a deep breath. “Sherlock …”

“Today? Tomorrow? You don’t have to rush, you know? It’s completely allright when you …”

“Sherlock!” John calls out. It sounds angry. But also confused.

Sherlock flinches and finally opens his eyes.
He looks at John.
John frowns deeply. His mouth is a thin, grim line. But his eyes … they have a soft gleaming, that doesn’t really fit into this whole situation …
Then he says, “What makes you think that I will leave?”

Sherlock almost snorts.
What a ridiculous question.
“Because I messed everything up again,” he says in a calm, serious voice. “I made you angry again, I always make you angry. So you will leave. That’s allright. You tried to lead a normal relationship with me, but it doesn’t work. Because of me. It’s not your fault, John …”

John stares at him. The frown on his face disappears slowly. It makes place for an expression of pure surprise. He opens his mouth, then closes it again. He swallows. Then, he finally manages to say something. “Sherlock … my God. Do you … do you really think I’ll leave you - the love of my life - because of an argument? Because of a silly, casual argument? I was just … I was angry, yes, but it’s nothing we can’t talk about. Nothing we can’t sort out. You just forgot to buy toothpaste and toilet paper!”

“Oh,” Sherlock makes and swallows. “But … you already were angry at me two days ago. Because … because I …”

John sits down beside Sherlock and sighs. He rubs the back of his neck and shakes his head. Then he looks at Sherlock very serious.
“Love … I swear, I will never leave you because of an argument. Look, I know we aren’t together for long now, our relationship is still very new, for you and for me, I know. But please believe me, I love you, and I will never leave.”

Sherlock stares at him. He swallows.
A chaos of emotions rage in him. And memories in his head …
He can’t suppress the thought, that’s racing through his mind, “Everybody always leaves,” he whispers.
Redbeard …
Victor …
And -

Suddenly, John leans forward and cups Sherlock’s cheek with one of his warm hands. “I won’t,” he says softly and earnest. “I won’t leave.”
And then he kisses Sherlock.

Sherlock learns to trust again, slowly.
Sometimes, he’s still scared, that John will leave. That one day, he will wake up in an empty flat. Like he did in the past. Sometimes, his old, well-known demons still haunt him and mock him with his fears.
But John is always there.
John doesn’t leave.
He stays.

teen!ballet!lock au where john and all his rugby mates decide to visit the ballet class because the teacher is apparently a bangin’ lady and looks hella fine but john gets a little sidetracked when he’s mesmerised by the long, graceful limbs and dark curls of one sherlock holmes

Try to stop and take a moment to think for John at Bart’s that day. Rolling his best friend over to see lifeless eyes and the growing pool of blood surrounding his pale head with the dark curls now soaking in blood.

The amazing man with the brilliant mind that was now spilling all over the concrete and he was being pulled away.