be matte

I really hope that when Pidge will reunite with Matt he’ll immediately fit in with the crew especially with Lance.
Since Hunk and Pidge seem to be preoccupied with tech stuff that leaves Lance kind of lonely but it turns out Matt is just a perfect company for him and the two become inseparable.
It’s all good except….Lance and Matt bonding makes Keith a little jealous because romantically or not he does want to have a better relationship with Lance and has been trying to achieve this for past 3 seasons while some nerd just walks in “hey, I’m Matt! You must be Lance?” and bam! Best friends 4ever.
So after some brief talk with Lance over breakfast he goes:
“And Lance. Leave the Matt.
to Pidge”

Welcome to the Bounce House, bitches. 

This video was fucking wondrous, and one of my strong favorites from the Between the Games. [x]

 This was a real pain to my hands, but it was worth it in the end! I had fun with this piece and had loads of fun drawing the support team (kudos to them!) 

At this point I just need to draw all the Between the Games videos tbh

I’ll post this on Twitter tomorrow at around 2:00

edit: i forgot to add black in that blank space between matt and kent so jeremy looked like his head was fucking floating. fixed it now tho. 

celebrities read mean tweets: exy edition

  • neil reads all of the tweets with the most stoic expression
  • @/andrewminyard03: i don’t get why people hype josten so much, he’s an idiot”
  • neil: same
  • after a while he starts to answer in different languages just to piss the producers off
  • wymack is watching and asking abby why didn’t he let andrew kill neil with that racquet when they first saw him
  • twenty minutes into the show, neil looks up with bored expression and says “can i get some tweets that aren’t from andrew”
  • no, they’re all from andrew
  • andrew refuses to do it at all and asked about it aaron says that it’s because he’s got enough of nicky, the meanest bitch
  • nicky is so offended he doesn’t send aaron a christmas card
  • kevin always gets the meanest ones and he wants to fight everyone
  • @/nhemmick: kevin day can stick his racquet up his ass, he can’t play in a team for shit”
  • kevin: how ‘bout i stick it up your ass, hemmick? maybe if you’d play it like you mean it i would be able to play in a team you fucki-
  • the producer: mr day this is national tv, can you-
  • kevin: FIGHT ME
  • dan and matt do it together but they don’t get any mean tweets because nicky spams with praises about matt’s handsome face and alvarez spams about dan’s body to die for
  • renee and allison do it together too but it’s just renee reading the tweets with the nicest smile while allison talks about neil in jorts for the whole hour because what the fuck i know he lived under a rock but come one josten COME ON
  • (after the show all of the people that sent mean things about renee apologized because she’s a total sweetheart how could they ever tell her something like that also andrew threatened to break their legs so there’s that)
  • nicky fucking laughs at everything he reads
  • @/andrewminyard03: this isn’t hooker convention, this is nicky hemmick’s wedding”
  • nicky: get rekt minyard
  • @/kevinday: nicky hemmick is a brooklyn hipster piece of shit and i’m gonna fight him”
  • nicky: kevin day has a shrine dedicated to jeremy knox and he kisses the pictures before every important game
  • (kevin personally flies from new york to germany two days later and erik has to wrestle him to the ground to stop kevin from breaking an exy racquet over nicky’s head)
  • jeremy knox agrees to do it because he’s sure people won’t be mean to him
  • they are
  • (mostly his former teammates, read: alvarez)
  • jeremy: i didn’t win a team spirit award for five years straight for this
  • jean reads only two tweets
  • “jean moreau sounds llike he has a dick in his mouth all the time”
  • jean: what’s wrong with having a dick in my mouth?
  • jeremy cries behind the scenes
  • “jean moreau looks like this person who doesn’t deserve to be famous but he slipped thru the cracks and ppl were like ‘ok’, i hope he dies”
  • jean slides from the chair to the ground and gets so close to the camera you can only see his mouth
  • jean: god i hope so too
  • that’s it because jeremy drags him out of there
  • no one knows if he was joking
  • kevin calls him ten minutes later to ask if he’s okay
  • jean hangs up on him
  • the producers never ask exy players to do any of it again
  • wymack is glad
Matt 'I-cant-see' Holt

I’m laughing cuz there’s a theory circulating that Matt can’t actually see without his glasses and I’m just here thinking, that boy uses a staff and his bare hands, CUZ HE CAN’T SEE SHIT.

So Matt comes up with this method of LITERALLY SWINGING at everything that comes within a 1 metre radius. AND IF YOU GET ANY CLOSER, HE GONNA SUCKER PUNCH YOU.

I’m so proud of him. Pidge would be so proud of him.

The aliens lost to a fucking human who can’t see clearly and is just swinging around a fucking staff. This is why we love Matt Holt.

Matt Holt’s Road Trip Playlist (that Shiro hates)

-shape of you
-sincerely me
-a heck lot of Disney songs
-the macarena
-a lot of ed sheeran
-so what
-love song
-goat screaming remixes
-making my way downtown song
-eye of the tiger
-don’t stop believing
-all in this together
-tik tok
-the at least one version of the music that plays during rainbow road
-“the one song about closing a goddamn door” “it’s I write sins not tragedies” “that title is both a sin and a tragedy”
-never gonna give you up
-4 jews in a room bitching
-2 player game
-the entire deh soundtrack but in an order that makes him ugly sob
-sincerely me
-pokemon theme

-all star
-tetris theme

-skater boy

-the mario theme

okay but why is no one talking about the fact that jack aka max literally goes up to cast members like matt and just holds their hand and looks up at them with that blank childlike stare and whoever’s hand he’s holding looks down like ???? but is also like hello small adorable child so they stand there like casually on set holding hands HOW CUTE IS THAT