be like batman

batman fandom: we want batfam and conventional gotham rogues in the batman movie…like that’s it just don’t white or straightwash anyone

wb demons: the movie’s gunna be about batman fighting deathstroke for 2 hours

wb demons: [drive away every single director from the project]

wb demons: why doesn’t anyone want to go see our movies? 

I made myself mad.

Do you guys realize that they are gonna have such an issue with the amount of robins and/or batgirls one day, that it’s probably going to be cannon that Jason and Dick were Robin at the same time? Or Damian and Tim? Just so Bruce can stay under the age of 40?

One day Damian is gonna be like 19 and DC is gonna swear to us up and down that Bruce hasn’t even hit over the age of 30. All of us are looking at the rest of the family like “bro how are none of them aging?!” And it’s like “oh Tim is 20 though, he can almost drink "lol” and “Dick is in his mid 20’s oh no! Getting too old!!” And “But Jason is just 23” and “Bruce might be 28….and a half”

Worst case scenario, they are gonna introduce another Robin that gets super popular, and everyone is so excited about this one, but unfortunately for this one to stick around they reaaaaaaally need to get rid of the least popular one at the current time after that new one, (Jason or Tim?? Idk) or change up the background of that one “unpopular” Robin so completely, so that that character can still be around…they just aren’t affiliated with the batfamily as much anymore. (Like saying Jason was trained by someone else, etc., who knows man)

Or even weirder, they are gonna be like “oh well Damian came around at the age of 5, that’s when Bruce-man found out about him, he was still a little jackass that he had to train him out of, along with being re-potty trained because lord knows that change affects kids man.

That last one is a stretch, but I swear, even now at 4-6 robins DC is pushing it, and Batman is pushing it.

Stop adopting Batman.

i am in a state of downright bewilderment because none of the straight people i have talked to thought that there was any queer “subtext” in the Lego Batman movie??? and it’s like??? WHAT MOVIE DID YOU WATCH FAM?? COS IT SURELY WASN’T THAT

hey guys! Really sorry about the lack of content lately. I’ve not had much to draw from. I’m going to see a movie, so in the meantime, tell me some stuff you’d like to see me draw! And not just requests- maybe like what speed draws you’d like to see, or some tutorials or tips, personal questions, would you rathers- anything! I’ve really been at a creative valley, so anything would help, and I’d love to hear from you more! Thanks! 💛


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Imagine…Playing Batman: Arkham City With Spencer Reid

Spencer: We’re kind of like Batman and Catwoman. You know, at work. You’re sometimes annoyed with me at work when we’re on a case and we think differently about the suspect and victim. But when we’re not at work, we’re friends. 

You: Reid, they’re just comic book characters.

Reacting to their S/O Surprising Them in Bed! (SFW!)


  • you know Rin had been feeling bad recently, even though he wouldn’t confess it - you still knew 
  • you decided to surprise him 
  • you collected as many pillows as you could find and piled them up on ya’lls bed
  • and all the extra sheets ya’ll had - you pinned and hooked and hung on the walls and ceiling 
  • it was a cute little makeshift tent 
  • (it looks really cozy) 
  • when he got back - he was certainly surprised
  • but he started laughing and seemed really excited about it 
  • ya’ll popped popcorn and got ice cream and headed back to the bedroom 
  • ya’ll watched action movies like Batman or Avengers, stuff like that - cause they’re his favorites
  • ya’ll cuddled all night, laughing and joking and snacking
  • he kept his tail wrapped around your waist
  • he felt so lucky to have you


  • when is he ever not stressed?
  • but this time it was more than usual
  • and you knew that if you made a big show of trying to spoil him - it’d just stress him out more 
  • (cause he’d keep thinking about having to clean everything up) 
  • So, you simply cleaned while he wasn’t there
  • cleaned everything. top to bottom
  • changed the bed sheets and pillow cases and everything 
  • you did string up white Christmas lights on the walls 
  • (but you’ve been telling him for a while now that you’ve been wanting to do that - so they kinda become a permanent fixture after this night) 
  • he gets home and the Christmas lights are on and you’re lounging on the freshly made bed and you urge him to come lay down
  • you cut on a movie like Phantom of the Opera 
  • and you rub his shoulders and his back while the movie is getting started
  • he’s in love


  • he’s been working really hard lately (like usual) 
  • and as soon as he’d gotten back he’d started studying immediately 
  • you could tell he was exhausted though 
  • so you disappeared for a little bit (he didn’t really notice cause he was so focused on his sutras 
  • when you come back you have a pile of candy in hand and a bag of hot popcorn - freshly popped and a few DVDs
  • you urge and beg and plead for him to stop studying and come spend time with you 
  • and he finally consents 
  • ya’ll watch something like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and ya’ll snack together and honestly it was a really nice time 
  • he’s really lucky to have you 

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ik omg i'm suddenly obsessed with these fuckin assholes again like ??? also i'm so offended that the actual third cap movie was written and stucky af but then they changed it to a hero vs hero movie like batman v superman like??? dark marvel give me the lost gay cap movie

:(((( i know

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


Went and saw the Lego Batman movie tonight and it was so good. It was so good you guys it was so GOOD