be less shit

* HATAKE .  my irish ass just fell down the stairs at 88 mph & i went through time , trying to get my tea because i forgot it . anyway i’m feeling much more centered / happy , all thanks to you guys helping me out so thank you to @fawkesed , @hanaxgumori , @koukennin , @leafmedic & @legcndaire & @maskednin for sending me some positivity & dog pics . you guys are v sweet & i appreciate you greatly !

Just so you’re all aware, that “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism” line isn’t supposed to mean “do whatever the fuck you want and don’t even try.” It was intended as an acknowledgement that capitalism is inherently flawed, but the response to that was supposed to be opposition and activism; not apathy. The amount of people I see using it as an excuse to continue to support harmful behaviour and practices is a joke. The communist theorists you stole this phrase from would be turning in their fucking graves if they could see how their thinking is being used by apathetic, lazy, pretentious edgelords in order to justify their continued support of the very systems those writers most vehemently opposed.


One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today

I wanted to contribute to the Voltron fandom with some Klance!