be kind to your own blessing


“I see with my own two eyes the blond haired boy running around and organizing things.

You want to lie now?
Are you scared?

I would have given you a present if you hadn’t lied.

Your friends will get your present instead.”

God bless cheritz and Christmas special~

Only in Unknown’s ending MC have another outfit… HMMM

So it’s some kind of that present, ya?

When you see pics of kpop stars looking absolutely ridiculous while taking in huge mouthfuls of food and your first reaction is “OH THANK THE LORD THEY’RE EATING AND THERE’S PROOF OF IT I CAN SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES GOD BLESS”


                 Happy belated Birthday to my homie from the hood @sailor-mochi!!

This drawing is my own way of celebrating your birthday with you this year! I’m truly blessed to have someone as kind and understanding as you! It’s always a nice day or night when it comes to sharing my silly little rants, stupid tweets, deep subjected topics and even all the way to our sponge bob nights of jokes and puns! I hope you had lots of fun on your special day and cheers to many more to come!
         We gotta reach a certain age point together to get that certain cake we want, ‘kay!
                                                Happy aging homie!
Best Multichapter (+50k)

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Breathe Again by @hookedonapirate

Can You Feel It Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue

Dark Horse by @initiala

Definitely Unexpected by @unspoken-and-wild

Every Letter by @bleebug

Falling Slowly by @phiralovesloki

Guilty, Your Honor by @shipping-goggles

Harsh Realms by @blessed-but-distressed

Headlights Fading by @evil–isnt–born–isnt–born

Heart by Heart by @totheendoftheworldortime

Her Dark Works by @dracox-serdriel

His Dark Beauty by @wordsmith-storyweaver

Incarcerus by @qqueenofhades

Lethologica by @lifeinahole27

Lilac Wine by @blowmiakisscolin

Scar Tissue by @pocket-anon

Shower Streams by @accio-ambition

Strangeness-Charm by @bluestoplights

Sweet Salutations by @hookedonapirate

The Beach House by @flslp87

The Difficult Kind by @nowforruin

These Nights Never Seem to go to Plan by @stophookingatmeswan

Unbreakable by @xemmaloveskillianx

Uncharted by liveinloveandlaughter

Walking on Water by @msstarlight

Warm Nights and Firelight by @oubliette14

We Own Tonight by @totheendoftheworldortime

World Unknown by @cutieodonoghue

Wow I can get sexual too by @swanisms

Yours to Keep by @cutieodonoghue

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uncultured swines of literature

member: bless jeon wonwoo
genre; soulmates!au & fluff
summary: how can this bookstore cashier not know about classic literature? why is your finger twitching to julius caesar? and how could your friend think that he’s cute as hell?!

The quaint bookstore on the corner of Pacific Avenue was your place to be. After your morning classes, hearing bells from the door, smelling coffee and old books, and seeing book after book was your own kind of therapy. Because even though the university stressed you out, this was paradise. There were no reminders that you had a paper in a week, no annoying roommate, and there were no immature college students who were trying to host a party every Thursday night. No, instead, this bookstore was your real home away from home. 

As you opened the doors to bookstore, you expected to be greeted by the cheerful cashier who always made your days a little brighter with just her voice. There was none of that though. Instead, there was a boy at the counter who was busy with his sweater. Confused, you approached the boy, and you were going to ask where the other cashier was, but something else caught your attention. 

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letters unread - mmtion - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

NOW COMPLETE. Letters Unread - a westallen arranged marriage fantasy AU. 

I kind of can’t believe it’s finally done!! (70k words later lol) Everyone who’s been reading along and supporting and commenting, I love you so much. @sophisticatedloserchick deserves the entire world especially - your editing and kindness and patience has been such a blessing. much much love. 

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This is your reminder..

This is your reminder to be the change you wish to see in the world. After many centuries of recorded scientific discovery, feats of genius in the artists, theorizing, and education to eradicate the social ignorance that is at the root of inequality amongst billions of individuals of the same kind…the humankind …somehow we have found ourselves in a strange situation that doesn’t quite pay respect to our collective intelligence and capacity to love. In times of sheep and shepherds, the individual is the key to clarity. No one has to give you permission to be an individual. You are preordained and blessed to have the ability to look deep within yourself to discover how you truly feel. You always have the option to do your own research and you should always take advantage of that option even if you feel you are not an expert on any given subject. Your faculties for learning never cease if you never cease to use them…so use them. This concludes your reminder. Enjoy your beautiful life when you can and you can whenever you choose you can.

May your day be radiant and resplendent, filled with joy, peace, and love. May you be bold, authentic, and true to your heart. May you breathe in ease and grace, knowing you are a perfect expression of divinity in human form. May you know your own magnificence and allow your light to shine for all to see! May your health, wealth, and relationships be blessed. May you live your purpose and manifest your vision. And so it is.
—  Niurka, Supreme Influence

when lukas said “i fixed your flat tire” i teared up a bit

because i realized that this kid doesn’t know how to show emotions
and he’s trying okay? he’s trying his damn best because philip is such a blessing, so he fixed the damn tire. like i’m an asshole and i fixed your tire because i’m sorry but i don’t know how to say that just yet

and philip doesn’t tell him “you’re SUPPOSED to be this way”, like his father does, philip challenges him to be his own person, philip kind of represents ~other~ possibilities, like what a wild concept. i can be myself around this kid!!! and now i’m crying

My Grandmothers Sachet

When ever my Grandmother comes to visit, She brings all kinds of goodies for us. Catholic Saint statues, Blessing oils, Resins, and her Sachets.

Inside her sachets are garlic, and sea salt. Its the easiest “spell bag” to make for protecting your home. According to her, It protects against negative energy’s and spirits from entering your home. Keep one of these at the main door of your home, and the back door.

The cinnamon sticks (Which always hangs with the sachet) are a representation of Jesus, But as we know cinnamon has its own magical properties of strength, and protection so any symbol that you decide to use, Will do the job. 

Many Blessings

Xiumin Scenario - ‘You don’t want children’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

You couldn’t count how many times you’d had this argument. It was the same every time, starting out benign and then turning into something way more serious than either of you intended. A harmless comment at a party.

               “So, when are you two gonna have kids?” Someone asked. Minseok’s arm that was slung over your shoulders loosened almost unnoticeably, but you noticed. Your smile became a bit less genuine and you just kind of became numb to the question. It’s not that you couldn’t have kids. You knew you were blessed with the ability to have them (luckier than some), you just… didn’t want them. But Minseok did.

               The drive home was quiet. Him throwing his keys onto the counter wasn’t quiet.

               “Minseok-“ You started, but didn’t get to finish.

               “I hate it. I hate it every time I get asked that.” Not looking at you, pacing around the kitchen. You stood still and stayed silent. Really, what could you say?

               “And you won’t even tell me why.” He said, finally looking at you. There were some tears welling in his eyes and you felt like you could drown in them. When you didn’t say anything, he came at you again, “Do you just not want children… with me?”

               There was a painful pang in your chest at that, and you felt your own tears coming as you shook your head, “No, that’s not it Minseok. You’d be…”

               “A good father?” He finished for you, “I know. And you’d be a good mother, which is why I just don’t understand-“

               “Can we drop this? I really can’t have this argument tonight.”

               “Argument? Is that what this is?” His mood was leaning more towards angry now and you knew this fight would get worse if it didn’t just end. You laid your coat softly across the dining table.

               “Minseok, please. I’m very tired.” You sighed, both your voice and resolve weak, “Will you come to bed with me?”

               “Tell me why first.” He said, his voice unwavering and surprisingly hard. You blinked at him.


               “Just give me one reason why you don’t want children, and I’ll never bring it up again.” He looked you in the eyes. You could see his wariness hiding behind his stubbornness, almost fearing your answer.

               “I don’t need a reason, Minseok. I’m going to bed whether you’re coming or not.” You spat out, brushing past him and ignoring his calls.

               “(Y/n). (Y/n)!” He followed you up the stairs at your heels. You must’ve lost your balance because your foot slipped off a step and you went sprawling. You yelped and tried to soften the fall as much as possible, knowing full well bruises will be had, but you never hit the hard wood of the stairs. Minseok had you by the waist with one arm and supporting you both with the other. You both stayed silent for a moment before you turned to look at him.

               “Are you ok? You aren’t hurt are you?” He worried over you as his eyes searched for any sign of injury. You couldn’t quite speak yet, too encompassed by the look on his face and remembering why you fell in love with him in the first place.

               “I’m sorry, Minseok. I really am.” You whispered. All the anger and all the fight that was still lingering inside him seemed to vanish and he gave you a small smile.

               “Don’t be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry for.”

If I stay, You stay

my emotions are all over the place tonight, i feel so at peace with myself and my life. I’m happy and feeling very blessed and grateful. I decided to do some writing tonight about my thoughts and why I’m feeling grateful and i wanted to share it. whether it gets read or not I’m glad to be sharing this :)

We all feel like giving up at some point in our existence, whether its because you’ve simple just had a bad day or something in your life occurred and made you want to give up for days, weeks, months or even years. We all deal with this kind of thing in our own way some better than others. Some people may take a small negative occurrence and deal with it like its the end of the world, some people might take a huge negative occurrence and just brush it off like it was nothing. There is going to be a point in ever single persons life where they just want to give up.  Me personally I want to give up on a regular basis, sometimes ill have so much negativity thrown at me all at once and I just bottle it up and all it takes is the tiniest occurrence to happen and I snap, I go in to melt down, I WILL WANT TO GIVE UP! But then something positive, bright and amazing will happen and it puts everything in to prospective. I am here for a reason, the people that are in my life are in MY life for a reason, the things that happen in my life negative and positive happen for a reason. There’s a whole world out there for me to experience, there are so many more adventures waiting for me, so many more opportunity so many more people for me to meet yet. My time isn’t up, even when I feel like it should be its not. In my life right now I have an amazing support system, my family that including my friends. I am surrounded by the people and things I love the most. Music and positive company is all I need in life, I would not survive without my music and my family.

Everyone has that one unique thing in their life that makes them the happiest person alive, it could be absolutely anything But its the only thing in your life that you truly connect with and only you and that one thing can feel that connection.  For me, my true happy place is music, now I know most of my friends, their one unique happy place is music as well but I know for a fact they don’t have the connection I have with music and they don’t feel what I feel when I’m surrounded by music. They will feel something just as strong and powerful as I’m feeling but that’s their personal connection, not mine. My Biggest music influence when it comes to my own happiness is my favourite band Sleeping with sirens and their front man Kellin Quinn. As a band those guys have given me a connection to music I’ve never had before. 5-6 years ago when I first came across them I connected to their music on such an insane level. I discovered them when all this started, when I wanted to give up for the first time, when I was so unhappy I started my journey to rock bottom. And I truly believe if I hadn’t discovered sleeping with sirens at that moment in time I would of hit rock bottom a lot quicker than I did and I truly believe I would of hit rock bottom a hell of a lot worse than I did if I hadn’t discovered them. Musically they just made my heart happy and took me to a place id never been before. Lyrically they hit home, they spoke the words I was trying to get out but couldn’t find, they gave me a place to go where I was truly happy, they gave me hope and a light that I never thought I would have again. Sleeping with sirens saved me.

Kellin Quinn as an individual brought a separate kind of hope and light in to my life. He gives off a message of encouragement, hope, strength and love. During the guys shows kellin has given some incredible speeches before certain songs, the one that I love the most, the one that really hit home and stuck with me was a speech from a show in 2013 where he said “I want you to know you can do anything you fucking want with your life, don’t let anyone tell you different. And I wanna let you know it doesn’t matter how bad things are right fucking now, they will get better. Live your life. Don’t let anybody beat you down so hard that you would take your own life. You live your life and stick your middle finger up and you say “I’m gonna live!” and a very recent speech he gave, he said “ I don’t know why I’m up here sometimes. I tell you one thing; I’m transparent, I’m not good at hiding my feelings, I’m not good at smiling or faking it. If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood, and that’s OK. I wanna tell you something: you’re not alone. If you feel like you’re the only one who understands you, that’s not true. Even the people that are here, that you think are the most confident motherfuckers in this world go through not knowing why they’re here or why they’re alive. I tell you one thing, you know what? I’mma stick it out. And the reason why I’mma stick it out is because I feel like there’s a reason why I am here, other wise I wouldn’t be here. So I’ll make a promise with you, If I stay, you stay. Don’t give up on yourself”  I know for a fact Kellin has saved lives just from those speeches and all the other times he’s given advice. Those speeches to me helped me, they gave me that push I needed at those two separate times. Those two speeches will stick with me forever and I will always live by them and thank Kellin for his words. Along side Kellin’s insanely powerful yet simple words, his song writing and sharing his personal life past and present is so inspiring. Knowing that someone I look up to and so many other people across the world look up to has been through/ is still going through the same depression, anxiety and or life events that are similar to Kellin’s is in a way comforting. It shows you’re not alone and having kellin open up to the world like that is something I and all the other fans will cherish and appreciate forever. He’s shown us it does get better, there are bumps in the road, things will be rocky for a while but there’s another side to this rut and we can get to the other side in one piece.  

Sleeping with sirens and that whole scene of music bring awareness to all these heavy subjects through their lyrics, events, warped tour etc. To the bands that have played warped tour and supported all the incredible sponsors and workshops there and helped push the message of saving lives I am forever grateful and wish to fly over to the US to attend one year. This scene of music is why a lot of people who listen to their music are clean from self harming, seeking help for their depression and or anxiety. This scene of music is why people choose to live! Bands like sleeping with sirens who bring the message of your life is worth living to each and every show is why people believe they are worthy, they are brave, they are strong and they are capable of getting over this obstacle in their life. And I am forever grateful for that. I am forever grateful to them for saving my life. This scene of music is why i am still alive. To music in general it is one powerful, beautiful thing I call my happy place.

To be continued……

The Grace of Elune: Love is a Powerful Force

By Risri Elthron

On Saturday evening, in the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus, Priestess Roraelis Autumnsong presented a lesson on cherishing and loving those close to you. Her hour long talk delved into the unending love that Elune feels for her children. The lesson was concluded with a prayer and blessings for those in attendance.

“Love, of course, is not our own construct, not unique to our cultures. The love we feel for each other is but a fleeting gesture, compared to the love that Elune feels for each and every one of her children. There are many kinds of love to feel- more than just romantic, of course,” the Priestess started reminding everyone to not take your loved ones for granted. “Love for our family, our sisters and brothers. Love for our children, our friends and our allies. There is no great limit on the amount of love we feel- it is as limitless as the stars in the sky. This month, it is important to make this love known- to whomever we decree. It is important to tell those we love how much we do, for they- they may not always be there.”

She continued with a reminder of the Elune and her love, “But we must not forget the love our Mother Moon bestows upon us. Each and every one of us- from the most religious kaldorei to the most ill-mannered human. We are all her children, and no matter what road we go down, her love for us will never end. But as unique and complex as her own children, Elune too, can feel a multitude of love, including romantic.” The priestess shared the Tauren version of the story of the White Stag and the Moon before sharing the Kaldorei version. She then moved into the tale of Belysra Starbreeze and Arvell and how love can destroy.

“The relationship between the Goddess and the natural world is one of the strongest in the world, because of the bond created from their love. Indeed, love can create many beautiful things. It can inspire, enlighten, and create new things. But as the Goddess knows, where there is light, there must also be shadows. Love can also destroy, it can kill, maim, and reap. So deadly is it, it is often compared to letting someone hold and arrow trailed above your heart.”

“Love, is a powerful force, one perhaps that rivals the sheer strength of the Goddess. It can create or destroy, inspire or lead to despair, depending on how you wield it. You all must be very careful when dealing with this weapon.”

Priestess Autumnsong hosts “The Grace of Elune” monthly in the Temple of the Moon. Contact her if you would like to conduct a sermon or attend the next lesson. (Contact @autumnal-eclipse)


Today has been too hard a day for new ideas; but for me, it’s exactly the kind of day to need a love song and someone to hold you close - so i revisited a series of sketches from a high school AU i had wanted to draw back when i first started on Tumblr - because it was exactly the kind of sappy fluff my heart needed right now.

My personal path to love has been blessedly simple and strait forward; sure, there were tears along the way, even the death of the first person to tell me they loved me… but none of that can compare to the difficulty, pain, and fear that others have had to endure on their own paths… If you’ve been as blessed as me, be thankful for it, and be kind and faithful to those who’ve shown you love and kindness. And no matter who you are, or what your path may be, love one another, be kind to each other, and support every single human beings right to seek out whatever definition of love, happiness, and fulfillment they desire.

All of my love and hugs to each of you~ Pidgy <3



I cannot begin to thank you all enough for all of the love and support you have given me! This has been a crazy and wild ride and I can’t believe it! You have given me so much confidence and continue to inspire me each and every passing day. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you, so thank you!

I’ve said it before, but I truly have been blessed with the most kind, interesting, creative, talented and hilarious followers. I am so lucky to know you, even if anonymously. I look forward to your messages, your tags crack me up, your prompts give me ideas and insight I would have never thought of on my own, and you are the reason why I manage to draw everyday :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much!

before i go to sleep, i just want to tell everyone how important you all are. even if life throws rocks at you, you can fight back and you can move on with kindness and a smile. no matter what happens, no matter how disappointed you are with people, never ever stop believing in yourself. you are your own sun, you can do anything, only if you believe it.
also a shoutout to the best people in the world, i just wish i could hug you all. it sucks having friends from all over the world but tbh, i am blessed to call you all friends ❤ @ponytailed @petrasplaining @chasestruth @icedlodge @restlessromeo @falsegcd @lastlockwood @uncrownedkiing @mclesbianic @mcruler

as a resident of the deep american south, i constantly think about cindy & the following:

–referring to every kind of soda as “coke”, whether or not it’s produced by coca-cola
–shocked & appalled when her iced tea isn’t sweetened
–”chicken biscuit” “you mean chicken and biscuits?” “the fuck? it’s a chicken biscuit.”
–putting gravy on everything
–genuinely enjoying grits
–owning 8 different pairs of cowboy boots and insisting they go with everything
–pronouncing “crayon” like kran, “lawyer” like lahw-yur, and “caramel” like karmuhl
”oh, bless your heart.”