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The Zodiac Signs After Receiving Flowers

Displays them somewhere in the house and smiles whenever they look at the flowers: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Buys the other person something in return: Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

Tries to refuse to accept them but is clearly happy, makes an effort to become closer with the other person: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

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how did you come up with ur overwatch self inserts design? shes really cool looking

A little bit of inspiration from Fey Yen from Virtual On, because I love robots and I love GIRL robots a lot. 

Otherwise it just kind of came naturally to me that I wanted a character with pointy feet and limbs at floated separately from the base body. I also knew I wanted a magical girl theme for her so that’s how she came about !

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how do you lucid dream? i read about it but if you're having a good lucid dreaming streak then maybe whatever you do will help me!

idk i’ve basically always kind of been able to do what i want in a dream?? lucid dreaming kind of just comes naturally. like part of me is just always aware that i am in a dream. i always know i’m dreaming… i don’t bring that thought into the forefront of my mind bc it destroys the illusion but i’m aware that what’s happening isn’t real. and since it is in my mind then i know i can manipulate it if i want to. sometimes i don’t because it’s going fine as it is but if i really want something to happen i just wish for it really hard and it usually does happen.. it’s kind of a loose control like i can’t change a dream entirely usually and what i want to happen doesn’t always happen. but tonight it just happened more effortlessly like i didn’t have to want it i just had to think it and the dream followed my line of thought. also all my wishes came true.. usually my head’s a bit more fickle.

the biggest thing is just learning to recognize that you’re in a dream. some people do reality checks? idk. i’ve also heard writing down your dreams helps. and than once you realize it’s up to you to try and do something with that.

I have been playing Robobot so much lately. ESP Kirby is now my new fav ability along with the Yo-yo 

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Omg your altean!lance pic reminded me of this post someone made where you can see in a flashback most alteans have dark blue/purple hair and they were like "if your altean!lances hair isnt white might i suggest blue instead of human brown" - what do you think?

hes really cute in blue,,, damn

On the topic of betta fish:

Hi, I live in Thailand (once called “Siam”).

It seems like there is a big, popular understanding about where you’ll find wild “Siamese fighting fish” aka “betta fish” in Thailand.

Apparently, the common North American (and European?) idea is that you’ll find beta fish in places like this:

I can understand this misconception, especially if you’ve never experienced what our monsoon seasons are like, nor have ever seen a rice field before… among many other things.
The fact is, you’ll never see betta fish in such tiny bodies of water. I have seen tadpoles in small puddles like these… and, in shallow gutters/”khlongs”, I have even found little guppies and fresh water crabs. But try as I might (and I have really tried), I have not once found a single betta fish in these kinds of environments.

Betta fish naturally occur in these kinds of environments:

Yes, the water can be shallow (knee-deep), but the territory is often wide, vast, and dense with soft, vertical growing foliage. The water is not stagnant like in a puddle, nor is it barren with wide open space. In this environment, a wild betta fish has many hiding opportunities.

I can only assume that betta fish do not naturally occur in small puddles (be it in the jungle or otherwise), or within Khlongs/gutters–because it is not an optimal environment for them and they cannot survive it. 
Please note that I do not, nor have ever raised betta fish. I have only looked to admire them in the wild and these are my observations. 

As someone who raises a variety of wild/’exotic’ animals, I have found it critical to the animals health and behavior–to recreate their natural environment as closely as possible, while omitting natural dangers from the set-up. 
Doing so will allow your animal to exhibit its full range of natural behaviors, and exist optimally. For you, this means being able to watch your animal preform behaviors and show off colors you might never have had the chance to see, otherwise.
I my opinion, this is much more rewarding than spending time, energy, and emotions into trying to defend a tiny, barren, and stagnant fishbowl set up.