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reasons i love kirishima
  • He had the courage to follow his dream despite his own insecurities and the lack of support he had.
  • His hair isn’t naturally red and spiky. I just love that he’s in an anime where crazy hair like that could totally be natural but it’s not.
  • Selflessness and kindness. He just is nice and respectful to everyone and is able to see the good in people (i.e. Bakugo) and he added sleeves to his hero costume so that his quirk wouldn’t hurt others. So sweet.
  • This kind of goes with the last one but his empathy. He’s just so understanding and I’m sure you could trust him not to judge you.
  • The fact that he can be so consumed with emotions when it comes to “manliness” that he cries.
  • His hugs. This isn’t canon but I just know he gives the best hugs.
  • The amount of effort he puts into things. He puts his everything into what he does and you can just tell how passionate he is about being a hero.
  • His eyes. They’re so pretty and expressive and I could just look at them forever.

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Hello, my friend! I had a really weird day that was full of unnecessary levels of stupid, so if you could possibly do #15 with Analogical then that would make me very happy. Thank you!!

15. a gentle “i love you” whispered after a soft kiss, followed immediately by a stronger kiss

Pairings: Analogical (romantic) 

CW: Slight angst (happy ending though)

Logan worries sometimes. He tries not to, but he can’t quite help it. And the thing about Virgil is, he’s very, very attuned to worry. 

“Tell me,” Virgil says one evening. 

He’s sitting on Logan’s bed watching Logan work at his desk, putting the finishing touches on a proposed schedule for the upcoming busy holiday season. 

“Hmm?” Logan’s mind is wrapped up in dates and family members and events and video posting schedules, so at first, he doesn’t really register the question. 

“What you’re worrying about,” Virgil says. “Tell me.” 

That captures Logan’s attention. He looks up from his work with a frown and sees Virgil gazing at him, head cocked at an angle and eyes shrewd and searching. 

Logan frowns. “I don’t know what you–”

“You do.” Virgil waves a hand. “You’ve been worried for a few days now. I’ve felt it.” He smirks. “I’m anxiety, remember? I notice these things.” 

Logan briefly considers telling him he’s wrong. He thinks about asking why he is bringing it up now, of all times, when Logan is so wholly focused somewhere else. But he knows Virgil will detect the deflection, and besides, he’s right. Logan is worried. And Virgil probably knew that asking him now, when Logan’s busy working and his guard is down, is the best way to get him to talk. 

He can’t decide if he’s proud or annoyed that Virgil knows him well enough to know that. 

He sighs, and shuts the planner he’s been writing in, turning his desk chair to face the bed. Virgil’s sitting criss-cross, and he won’t quite meet Logan’s eyes now, and Logan knows that look well enough: Virgil is afraid too. He’s worried about whatever has Logan worried, because in Virgil’s experience, someone being worried about something is usually bad news for him. 

All Logan can do is try to explain himself quickly. He doesn’t want Virgil to be afraid. 

“I’m…confused,” he says at last.


“Yes,” Logan says. At Virgil’s prompting stare, Logan adds, “About us.” 

If he thought the words would comfort the other side, he realizes quickly he was wrong. Virgil’s shoulders draw up a little, his eyes dropping again, and Logan recognizes the defensive gesture right away. Virgil is bracing himself for something bad.

“Okay,” the anxious side says quietly, picking at a loose thread on one of the many rips in his jeans. “So…what about us has you confused?” His voice is carefully casual. 

Logan frowns. He doesn’t know why his own bemusement should be causing Virgil such disquiet. He continues, hoping to shed light on the subject for both of them. 

“I’m confused about why we’re together,” he says. “Given the options at hand, I mean. Patton or Roman seem like they would be the more obvious choice, all things considered.” 

Virgil doesn’t reply. He simply stares at his hands, which are now clasped, white-knuckle tight, in his lap. 

“Patton is the heart,” Logan fumbles on, trying to make himself understood. “So he’d be a natural at this kind of thing. And Roman is the romantic, and dashing, and handsome, even if he is on the annoying side sometimes. Surely one of them would be a better option for a romantic liaison, wouldn’t they?” 

There. It’s out now. He’s said it, and if Virgil decides he’s right…well…Logan wants him to be happy, no matter what that means for Logan himself. He bites his lip, waiting, afraid to breathe as Virgil seems to consider his words, staring at his hands where they are clasped in his lap. 

Finally, after an agonizing eternity, Virgil nods slowly. “You’re right,” he says quietly, and Logan feels something inside his heart shatter, and oh. Oh dear, this is heartbreak, he’s sure of it. It…hurts. He never realized how much it could hurt. 

Logan wants to look away but he can’t. Virgil’s eyes are fixed on his lap and his shoulders are still hunched. He looks upset. Perhaps he is upset that he didn’t realize sooner he had more…suitable options for a romantic partner. Logan can understand that, much as it pains him. 

“Well…” Logan says softly, unsure of what should happen next. “We are in agreement, I suppose.” 

Virgil barks a short laugh, but there is absolutely no humor in it. The anxious side nods, and unfolds himself from the bed, climbing to his feet. “Looks that way,” he mumbles, shoving his hands into his pockets. “M’glad you figured it out, I guess. Thanks for…” he pauses, swallows, and shrugs. “Thanks for being honest with me. I’ll, uh…I’ll just…” he rubs the back of his neck and gestures at the door. 

Logan frowns. Virgil doesn’t seem happy to know about his improved prospects. Shouldn’t he be? “Virgil? Are you…all right?” 

Virgil makes that awful little bark of laughter again and shrugs. “Sure, yeah, great,” he says dully. “It’s always awesome to hear why you’re the last resort.” He smirks, but there’s less humor in the expression than there was in the laugh. “I hope you’ll be very happy with whichever one of them you chose.” 

Logan is so stunned that Virgil actually has his hand on the doorknob before he finally jolts himself into action. “Wait!” he cries, launching himself to his feet and stumbling forward (his legs are wobbly, whether from the long hours of sitting or the residual emotion, he doesn’t know). He grips Virgil’s shoulder and forcibly pulls him back. 

Virgil resists, but not very hard. Still, when Logan has him turned to face him, Virgil refuses to meet his eyes, and keeps his face resolutely turned to the side. Logan’s heart breaks again when he sees the way Virgil’s face is trying to crumple, his lip and chin trembling and his eyes shining with hurt. 

“Virgil,” Logan croaks, reaching up and cupping Virgil’s cheek, easing Virgil’s face toward his own. Virgil lets him but he still won’t meet his eyes. 

“Virgil,” Logan says again, voice stronger now. “I am so sorry. I–I fear I have been unclear.” 

Virgil sighs and shakes his head. “No, you were perfectly clear,” he says, and there’s still that awful dullness in his voice. “And I get it. I do. I…I’m not mad, or…or anything. Really.” He looks up but can’t lift his eyes any higher than Logan’s mouth. He tries a smile; it’s wobbly and frail, and the most heartbreaking thing Logan has ever seen.  

“Virgil, no, you don’t get it,” Logan insists. “I didn’t mean the others were a more obvious choice for me. I meant the others seemed a more obvious choice for you.” 

That gets Virgil’s attention. He snaps his eyes up to meet Logan’s, brows furrowed. “Wh–what?” 

Logan shrugs. Time to lay it on the line. He can’t turn back now. “I’ve just…I’ve never quite understood why you chose me,” he says. “I’m not very good at this kind of thing. Being in a relationship like ours, I mean. I don’t have any instincts for affection or affinity for romance, and I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to dating. With two clearly superior options at your disposal, I just don’t understand why you’d ever pick–”

Virgil cuts him off abruptly, pressing his lips to Logan’s in a soft kiss that has Logan slumping with relief, because everything he needs to know is in that kiss. It’s reassurance and gentle chastisement and declarations of love all in once loving, incredibly soft caress of lips, and all Logan can do is hold on as Virgil speaks to him without words, in a language Logan never realized he knew. He wraps his arms around Virgil’s shoulders and just hangs on, a little surprised (but not really) to feel tears trickling down his cheeks. 

Virgil finally draws back and wipes the tears away, looking not at all surprised to see them on Logan’s cheeks. “I love you,” he whispers gently, and if it were possible for a voice to reach out and cradle a heart, Virgil’s voice, and his words, cradle Logan’s right now. The thought is illogical, but he clings to it nonetheless as Virgil surges up and kisses him harder. When he draws away the second time, he grins and adds, “You idiot.” 

Logan laughs at that in spite of the tears that are still sliding down his face. “Thank goodness,” he whispers. “Because I love you, too, Virgil.”

Virgil smirks at him, and if his lips are still trembling or his eyes are a fraction too bright, Logan doesn’t mention it. 

“I know,” Virgil says. 


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Thoughts on Yamamoto Takeshi? *and also on going to bed at a reasonable time*?


He is one of my favorite characters in KHR!! He’s so talented and kind? The greatest natural-born hitman. I love him so much he deserves the world. He deserves so much love i just guAH I LOVE YAMAMOTO TAKESHI.

also what is sleep

Happy birthday to this perfect little giant angel of mine💛

I hope today is good to you my precious one. Thank you for being a ray or light in this world that can be so dark my Yugy💛 your pure kind loving nature makes the world go round. I have honestly never in my life come across anyone as thoughtful and loving and caring as you the pureness of the way you love and your passion and the way you live and spread joy truly leaves me in awe. heaven really gave us their most perfect angel💛 I know i call you my baby and my son but you have honestly taught me more about life and living then anyone years older then me. You are truly wise beyond your years💛 Your exsistance alone makes my heart do gymanstics you are so precious to me my lil nugget honestly truly my life would be pretty dull if you werent in it. You deserve all the love and happiness this world has to give Kim Yugyeom and so so so much more considering just how much love and happiness you give the world. Happy Happy birthday Baby Yugy I Love You💛💛


Me: “So for asura and charr hairstyles, how about something natural?? Different kinds of manes, curly and straight, layered and poofy. And maybe a normal buzz cut for asura?? And unbraided long hair, just unstyled simple cuts…”

Anet, probably: “So how are we going to defy gravity with the aid of hairgel this time??”

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Sometimes I get worried that I lead people on?? I’m very affectionate and sometimes end texts with “xx” or call people nicknames, I try to not do this if I think the person may like me but it’s really hard for me to not show affection :(( idk what to do!

it’s not a bad thing to be affectionate!! it’s really the opposite – it shows that you have a big heart :) I think what you’re doing is fine – if you think someone may be interpreting your natural kindness the wrong way or starting to like you, just ease up a little or even explain that you’re just a naturally sweet person and you treat everyone with the same kindness you’ve been treating them with. you really don’t have to change – just keep watching out for what you have been!

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Hi, my wish would be anything to help people that needs help (like homeless people, children with nothing to eat, and more).I'm a deredere (because I'm very electric) but I'm also very emotional.I'm always trying to be kind with people and help them.What most make me act is love, because my friends are my life, if they are not happy I'm either. If I don't know someone I'm shy, but as long as we become friends I turn to be extrovert.People say that I'm childish but I'm very mature when I must be

Your magical girl form is white and pale pink. The skirt is just below the knee and very practical. The blouse has short sleeves and you are wearing a nurse’s apron and hat. Your soul gem manifests as the gem of a small bracelet. Your primary weapon is small bombs, which have an uncanny appearance to pills. You also heal very quickly. Your bubbly nature and incredible kindness make you a great partner to have, especially when one considers your no-nonsense attitude when fighting the witches. You enjoy befriending newbie girls to help them make their way into their new job. All who have the fortune of knowing you can’t help but love you, and you one day hope to heal the world of all of its sorrows.

You become a witch under rather unique circumstances. After a long, grueling battle, your soul gem was nearly black. You quickly pulled out your last grief seed to cleanse it, before seeing that your younger battle partner was on the edge of turning herself. Despite her protests, you used the seed to cleanse her gem. You went happily into witchood, knowing that you were able to help one last person. You are now Avanel, the witch of pestilence. Her nature is reclusive. Once a magical girl who wanted to save the world from struggle, this witch spreads illness of both the mind and body. She herself is tormented by this change, knowing that being near any person will likely kill them. Humans under her influence will likely become extremely ill, and may be driven towards suicide. Her labyrinth is huge and dark, likely to allow the witch to hide away. Her minions are spider-like and quiet. Their purpose is to frighten away those who go searching for their master, either will their appearance or their painful sting. Should one be able to locate the witch, they would find a small beggar-looking being, one that is not quite human. She would be holding a bouquet of wilting white roses. She is a rather weak witch, but being around her is dangerous to a magical girl as close proximity allows her to mess with the girl’s thoughts. A particularly headstrong magical girl could defeat her, but a sadder or more timid girl could be overwhelmed by her presence. If killed, she would let out a death rattle, and the roses in her hand would blossom brightly as the labyrinth disappeared.

Thank you for the wish! If you’d like something changed please let me know! This was a challenge for me, since there were so many ways I could write her. You seem like a lovely person, and I’m sure you’ll do great things!

-Mod Mami

The Zodiac Signs After Receiving Flowers

Displays them somewhere in the house and smiles whenever they look at the flowers: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Buys the other person something in return: Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

Tries to refuse to accept them but is clearly happy, makes an effort to become closer with the other person: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

🌼Beautiful things life can give you🌼

🌼 Kind people;

🌼 animals;

🌼 plants;

🌼 music;

🌼 art;

🌼 tea;

🌼 being surrounded by nature;

🌼 the sunrise/sunset;

🌼 deep conversations;

🌼 nightly adventures;

🌼 great friendships;

🌼 books;

🌼 new things to learn;

🌼 fairy lights;

🌼 candles;

🌼 bonfires;

🌼 random acts of kindness;

🌼 making people happy;

🌼 meditation;

🌼 meeting new people;

🌼 exploring new places;

🌼 fruit and veggies;

🌼 awareness;

🌼 crystals;

🌼 soulmates;

🌼 woods;

🌼 deep connections;

🌼 beaches;

🌼 adventures with friends;

🌼 loads of lovely experiences.

Feel free to add more 💕

I really wanna high-five whoever designed the Ultra Recon Squad for Ultra Sun and Moon cause there’s something about their design I really love. As you might have noticed they wear these funky coverings over their eyes. 

At first I figured they were just wearing it to look cool/creepy or to hide their identities. It was bugging me what it reminded me of. Then I realized they are basically wearing their equivalent of snow blindness glasses because the world they come from is so dark!

You can even see in the official art when they are in Ultra Megalopolis they aren’t wearing them!